Funny TikTok Names | 100+ Hilarious Handles to Make You LOL

Funny TikTok Names

All social media platforms have their own lingo and ridiculous nicknames, but there’s something about TikTok that makes it stand out. The app boasts millions of users and has an incredibly active community, with an average of 6 million users uploading new videos every day.

With so many new users joining this app, you need a unique and attractive username. There are many funny names you can choose from, such as puns, pop culture references, and silly wordplay.

Whether you are looking for something funny, clever, or just plain wacky, there is a TikTok name that is perfect for you!

Funny TikTok Names

1. TikFoolery

This TikTok name is a great play on words, combining the popular social media platform with a bit of good-natured silliness. It implies a lighthearted and wacky approach to the content shared, perfect for anyone who loves to have a laugh and make people smile. Whether its funny videos, comical sketches, or clever pranks, this TikTok name is sure to make an impression.

2. Laughter Frenzy

The perfect fit for anyone who loves to laugh and spread joy on tiktok. It conveys the idea of being overwhelmed with joy and hilarity, which is what a great TikTok account should be all about.

3. Brain-Fart Guru

An excellent handle for a TikTok account dedicated to funny and creative content. Brain-Fart Guru is a tongue-in-cheek reference to a moment of inspiration but also implies that the videos will be a bit silly and off-the-wall. They might be a random “brain fart” of an idea, but they’re guaranteed to make you chuckle.

4. Jokes-on-a-Stick

If you’re looking for a clever and lighthearted way to make people laugh, this is the perfect name for you. Jokes-on-a-Stick is a reference to the classic carnival treat, implying that the videos on this channel will be a tasty treat for the viewer. It’s a great way to show that you have a knack for delivering jokes with a clever twist.

5. TheLaughMachine

Another great name for a TikTok account that focuses on making people laugh. Whether it’s through jokes, skits, or just silly videos, this account is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. With this name, it’s clear that fun and laughter are the top priorities. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your comedic chops and make people smile.

6. Bookworm Boogie

This TikTok username pays homage to the classic “worm” dance moves, but with a nerdy twist! It’s perfect for anyone who loves books and music and loves showing off their grooviest moves.

7. Hashtag Happening

A perfect username for someone who loves to be part of the latest trends. Whether you’re the first one to try a new dance challenge or you’re all about the latest fashion, this username will let everyone know that you’re all about having fun and staying in the know! Plus, it has a great ring to it!

8. TheFunZone 

An interesting funny name for an account that is all about having a good time. Whether it’s through funny videos, music, or other activities, this account is sure to be a source of entertainment for TikTok users. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your creativity and make people laugh. So if you want to be the life of the party, this is the name for you.

9. Bizarro

Best suitable for someone who likes to make silly and off-the-wall videos on TikTok. It references the comic book character Bizarro, an imperfect clone of Superman who does things backward and has a quirky sense of humor. With this name, you can show off your creative and humorous side, making fun and unique videos that are totally out of the ordinary!

10. Alarm Clock Snoozer 

This is a perfect name for someone who loves to hit the snooze button in the morning, getting just a few extra minutes of sleep before having to face the day. They love the feeling of being able to hit the snooze button one more time before finally getting out of bed. They may even be known to set their alarms a little earlier than they need to, just to get in a few extra snoozes! 

11. Cereal Sprinkler 

A fun name for someone who loves to sprinkle their favourite cereals onto everything they eat. This person is usually the one who adds a little crunch to their salads, soups, and even ice cream! They don’t just sprinkle cereals on their food, they often add them to their drinks or baking creations for an extra crunchy surprise.

12. Big Boi Beats

For any music lover, this TikTok name is perfect! It’s a funny play on words, taking the phrase “big boy beats” and flipping it around. Changing the gender pronoun gives it a unique spin that’s sure to make people laugh. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your creative side and stand out from the crowd on TikTok!

13. Grandmaster of Swipes 

This one is for all the TikTok addicts out there! What better title is there for someone who spends all their time swiping through the app? Swipe left for a funny video, and swipe right for a dance challenge. This TikTok user has it all figured out!

14. Super Duper Star 

For everyone who is working hard to become a TikTok star most suitable name! Everyone dreams of going viral, and this user has the potential to do just that. With the right mix of comedy, dance, lip-sync, and talent, this user will be the toast of TikTok town in no time!

15. Grandmaster of Swipes

This one is for all the TikTok addicts out there! What better title is there for someone who spends all their time swiping through the app? Swipe left for a funny video, and swipe right for a dance challenge. This TikTok user has it all figured out!

16. Quirky Quinoa Queen

Another TikTok username that is the best fit for the health-conscious foodie who loves to have a bit of fun. It implies that they have a good sense of humor and aren’t afraid to show it off. Plus, it’s a great way to share their love of healthy eating! Whether they’re whipping up a delicious quinoa-based meal or just having a good time, this username is sure to bring a smile to the faces of their followers.

17. Salsa Sizzler

If someone loves to spice things up, this username is perfect for them. Not only does it reflect their penchant for spicier foods, but it also implies that they’re always ready for a party. Whether they’re shaking their hips to some salsa music or enjoying a spicy home-cooked meal, their followers are sure to look forward to their latest creation.

18. Meme Maestro

This hilarious TikTok name is perfect for any content creator who loves to make their followers laugh with their creative and wacky meme-making skills. They always come up with the funniest and most relatable memes that their followers just can’t get enough of!

19. The Joke King

If a user brings the laughs with their spot-on jokes and puns he may call himself the joke king. Whether it’s a topical punchline or a classic quip, they always know how to make their followers chuckle. With this TikTok name, you can expect plenty of laughter and good times!

20. King of Swish

A funny name for any TikTok user who loves to show off their awesome skills and talents. It implies that this person is the king of swish, meaning they are the go-to person for impressive tricks and cool moves. Whether it’s a complicated dance move or a creative use of the app’s editing tools, this person is the ultimate pro at creating amazing content.

21. Master of Disasters

This one is for the person who loves a good prank. Whether it’s trying out the latest TikTok challenge or devising inventive ways to make others laugh, the Master of Disasters is always up for a laugh. Whether they’re failing spectacularly or succeeding in the most unexpected way, they always bring the fun.

22. Cooking Diva

For someone who loves to cook and bake can call themself cooking Divas. They’re the one who always has something delicious to share and is always bringing something new to the table. They probably have a signature dish they’re known for and take great pride in showing off their culinary creations!

23. Scrunchie Queen

A funny TikTok name that could be used to describe someone who loves to rock their scrunchie hairstyles. Whether it’s a low ponytail or a top knot, this user is sure to have the trendiest, funkiest, and most colorful scrunchies. They might even show off their unique and creative ways of styling their scrunchie looks. From a half-up, half-down style to a classic French braid, they have all the tips and tricks to make sure that their scrunchie looks are always on point!

24. Glitter Guru

Best suitable for someone who loves to add a touch of sparkle and shine to their looks. Whether it’s a subtle dusting of glitter on the eyes or a full-on glittery makeup look, this user is sure to show off all the best ways to incorporate glitter into a variety of looks. They might even demonstrate how to make your own homemade glitter makeup or how to take your glitter look from day to night. Their account is sure to be full of inspirational and creative ideas for the everyday glam lover!

25. Dancing Queen Bee

This is a funny TikTok name for someone who loves to dance and is always the life of the party! They could be the person who always has the newest dance moves, is always showing them off, and brightens up any room with their presence. Their friends probably call them the “Dancing Queen Bee” because they’re always the ones leading the charge on the dance floor! 

Funny Girl TikTok Usernames

Funny girl tiktok usernames

With the rise of TikTok, funny girl usernames have become increasingly popular. These usernames are often witty and creative, adding a little bit of personality to the person’s profile.

Many of these usernames also play on word or sound puns. They can also be a little bit risqué, or they can be playful and clever. Whatever the type, funny girl usernames can be a great way to stand out and make your profile memorable. Here are a few that we created after brainstorming for hours;

1. ShopaholicSamantha

2. DanceyDarling

3. GiggleGoddess

4. SillySamantha

5. SweetSmiles

6. JokesterJane

7. MischiefMaker

8. FunkyFashionista

9. GigglyGirl

10. JokeyJulie

11. BustaJokes

12. LaughingLiz

13. HappyHannah

14. CuteKitty

15. PranksterPixie

16. FunTimeFran

17. ClowninCathy

18. SassySara

19. PlayfulPam

20. JokingJenna

21. CrackinKimmi

22. WittyWendy

23. GigglesGalore

24. JokeJunkie

25. SmileyStephanie

26. Viral Vixen

27. PunnyPrincess

28. JoyfulJosie

29. FunLovingFiona

30. WackyWendy 

31. LaughingLynn

32. GagsGinger

33. GrinGrace

34. ClowninCarla

35. SassySeahorse 

36. ChucklingCharlotte

37. CleverClaire

38. Witty_WonderWoman

39. HumorHolly

40. SillySue

41. MischiefMaggie

42. LaughingLola

43. PunkinPolly

44. JokeyJane

45. FashionistaFrenzy 

46. SnickerStephanie

47. CongenialCarol

48. FunkyFiona

49. WiseCrackingWendy

50. JovialJade

Funny Boy TikTok Usernames

Funny boy tiktok usernames

If you’re looking for a funny tiktok username, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of 50 of the funniest tiktok usernames to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a punny name, a clever reference, or something just plain silly, this list has something for everyone. So, grab your phone and get ready to have a laugh!

1. YungLOLster

2. GigglyGuru

3. FunkyFool

4. ComedicComrade

5. WackyWhiz

6. SillySamurai

7. AmusingAce

8. JocularJester

9. LaughterLord

10. HilariousHero

11. GeniusGoblin

12. GigglyGoliath

13.  Cheeky_Chappy

14. JokingJuggernaut

15. Mischievous_Miles

16. TheLaughingLion

17. ChucklingCzar

18. ChucklesChamp

19. HahasHercules

20. AmusingAdept

21. Wowzers_Wes

22. TeasingTitan

23. TheLaughingLamb

24. ChortlingChief

25. SnickeringSultan

26. PlayfulPrince

27. PranksterPrince

28. MischievousMogul

29. JovialJames

30. FunnyFella

31. RambunctiousRomeo

32. GrinningGorilla

33. TitteringTornado

34. JocundJoker

35. MerryMakingMongrel

36. RambunctiousRalph

37. LaughingLizard

38. TeeheeTom_

39. Chortling.Cheetah

40. JokingJaguar

41. _SmirkSteve

42. ChucklingCommander

43. JestingJellyfish

44. MischievousMiles

45. Merriment_Mark

46. SnickeringSnake

47. Jovial Jocular

48. Snigger_Simon

49. MirthfulMarmoset

50. Tittering_Toucan