Funny Hurricane Names: Hilarious Monikers for the Next Big Storm

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Funny Hurricane Names

Hurricane season is upon us and while these natural disasters can be devastating, we can always find some humor in the midst of the chaos.

From Hurricanes Harvey to Irma, names of storms are not only an important tool for communication, but they can also bring a much-needed dose of levity in these dire circumstances.

That’s why we have compiled a list of funny Hurricane names ideas, as a way to inject some humor into the often frightening and unpredictable weather patterns.

So, get ready to chuckle and brace yourself for the next big storm with these hilarious monikers.

Funny Hurricane Names Ideas

Hurricanes can be devastatingly destructive, but they can also be funny! With the help of this article, you’ll find 20 humorous ideas for hurricane names, which can provide some lightheartedness in an otherwise serious situation. From puns to pop culture references, you’re sure to find something to make you smile!

1. Twister

This hurricane name is funny because it brings to mind a twister, the spinning fun ride at carnivals! The name is also fitting because hurricanes are known to be powerful wind storms that can cause a lot of destruction. Plus, the name is kind of catchy and fun to say.

2. Whirlwind

As one might expect from the name of the hurricane, it brings to mind a whirlwind of activity, which is a powerful spinning wind that can pick up objects and carry them away. It also describes the nature of hurricanes, which usually bring strong winds that can cause a lot of damage. It’s an interesting name that conjures up images of a powerful and destructive force.

3. Vortex

Interestingly, the name of this hurricane evokes images of a vortex, which is an area of intense rotation that often occurs in nature and gives the hurricane its name. This name is particularly fitting for hurricanes because they are powerful wind storms that typically cause a lot of destruction. It’s a humorous name that’s easy to remember and fun to say.

4. Soggy bottom

Despite its name, this hurricane in South America is known for providing flooding and heavy rains that may leave areas it passes through feeling soggy and wet as a result of its rains and flooding. Additionally, the name also has a bit of a silly quality to it, which makes it memorable and fun to pronounce at the same time. 

5. Sunnydaze

This name is a bit of a misnomer, as the hurricane brings heavy rains and high winds, not sunshine and good weather. But the name has a cheerful quality to it, which could help lighten the mood during an otherwise frightening storm.

6. Whirlygig

This stormy weather event has earned its name from the unpredictability and rapid changes in its wind direction. It can spin around in circles, move left to right and even reverse its direction. It’s been likened to a whirlygig toy that kids play with, and it tends to surprise even the most experienced meteorologists. 

7. The Great Pretender

A major part of the reason this hurricane has earned its name is that it is often difficult to predict. It can seem like it’s gaining strength and heading towards a particular area, only to suddenly take a sharp turn and head in a different direction. It’s been known to tease and pretend it’s going to hit a certain place, only to change its mind at the last minute.

8. Swirlibird

A tropical cyclone with the shape of a spiral has gained its nickname as a result of the fact that it tends to move in a spiral pattern. It can circle a certain area, moving clockwise or counterclockwise. It’s almost like an exotic bird in the sky, flying in circles and spirals, and it can be mesmerizing to watch.

9. Jitterbug

Hurricane Irma is known for its unpredictability and the erratic path that makes it difficult to predict. It’s quite a wild ride when it comes to tracking this one. One second it’s headed one way, and the next it’s completely changed course and heading in a completely different direction. It’s like a jitterbug dance, but with a hurricane!

10. Oopsy Daisy

This hurricane is known for always coming out of nowhere. It always seems to take people by surprise, like they said “Oopsy Daisy” when they realized it was coming. Even though it’s a bit of an unwelcome surprise, it usually goes away just as quickly as it came.

11. Howl

You will certainly howl with laughter as this hurricane blows through! It’s characterized by strong winds and lots of rain, which can lead to a few uproarious moments! The sound of the wind will have you in stitches and the rain will have you singing in the streets!

12. Chuckle

It is sure to have you in stitches once you see what this hurricane has in store! During this time, there is a lot of wind and rain, which can make for some funny moments, especially when there are strong winds. You will crack up over the sound of the wind and you will be in fits of laughter over the noise of the rain!

13. Giggle

This hurricane is sure to have you giggling with glee! It’s characterized by strong winds and lots of rain, which can make for some hilarious moments. The sound of the wind will have you in stitches and the rain will have you laughing out loud!

14. Grandma

This hurricane was so powerful it had the strength of a hundred grandmas all rolled into one. Everyone was terrified of the wind and rain it brought, but its name made them all laugh. After all, what was scarier than a hurricane with the same strength as your grandmother?

15. Toe Tornado

You could feel the wind lifting your toes off the ground with such force that the hurricane was so powerful! People were so amazed by the sheer strength of this hurricane, they started referring to it as the “Toe Tornado”. Everyone said that if you were ever caught in this storm, even your toenails would be at risk!

16. Chunky Monkey

When the hurricane is so strong it could pick up a chunky monkey and throw it across the ocean! People were shocked at the power of this hurricane, and its name made them chuckle. Sure, the hurricane was destructive, but at least we could laugh at its silly name.

17. Cha Cha

It is sure to get your feet tapping as you listen to this hurricane. Its winds bring about a flurry of activity sure to get your heart beating and your hips swaying. Its rainfall is like a million tiny salsa dancers all boogying together in the night sky. Get ready to Cha Cha!

18. Blustery

Get ready for a wild and tempestuous ride! This hurricane is like a thousand angry bees all buzzing around in a frenzy. Its winds are enough to knock you off your feet and the rain is like a million tiny sledgehammers pounding against your skin. Brace yourself for the blustery storm!

19. Whoopee Cushion

This hurricane is sure to be a noisy one, with thunder, lightning, and high winds! The name Hurricane Whoopee Cushion was chosen to remind everyone to stay alert and stay safe during this storm. It’s also a fun way to remind people to be prepared – just in case the storm causes some unexpected surprises.

20. Hootenanny

It’s a wild storm that brings a hootin’ and a hollerin’ like no other! This hurricane is a mix of wind, rain, and lightning that’ll have you dancing in the streets. You might think it’s a scene straight out of Footloose, but the truth is this hurricane ain’t no party! 

Funny Typhoon Names List

Have you ever wondered why the typhoons that ravage Southeast Asia every year have such odd names? Well, here’s your chance to find out! We’ve compiled a list of 50 of the funniest, most interesting, and even some of the most bizarre typhoon names from the last few decades. From ‘Bebeng’ to ‘Winnie’, this list has something for everyone! So, let’s dive right in and explore the fascinating world of typhoon naming.

1. Windy McWinderson

2. Cyclone Coco

3. Hurricane Hailstorm

4. Squall Splat

5. Spincycle Gargantuan

6. Tempest Toffee

7. Garlic Toaster

8. Wacky Ruckus

9. Thunderclap 

10. Breeze Bluster

11. Monsoon Mischief

12. Hurricane Hoot

13. Cyclone Cackle

14. Tempest Topple

15. Sputter

16. Zephyr

17. Tapdance

18. Wobble

19. Guffaw

20. Boggle Deluge

21. Muckabout

22. Hurricane Hurtle

23. Cyclone Caper

24. Tempest Tizzy

25. Squall Sashay

26. Tiburon 

27. Typhoon Tangle

28. Wiggle

29. Gale Grin

30. Breeze Bop

31. Muddle

32. Hurricane Hoopla

33. Cyclone Chow

34. Tempest Twirl

35. Squall Swirl

36. Vroom-Vroom

37. Typhoon Twinkle

38. Waddle Sirocco

39. Gale Glide

40. Breeze Bounce

41. Monsoon Mash

42. Hurricane Hustle

43. Clatter

44. Tempest Teeter

45. Shimmy

46. Super Storm

47. Traipse Jetstream

48. Wazzle Derecho

49. Gambol 

50. Brouhaha Bumpus

Funny Big Storm Names Ideas

  • Hurricane Chuckles
  • Typhoon Tumble
  • Cyclone Chuckle
  • Tropical Tempest Twister
  • Typhoon Tilt
  • Hurricane Hilarity
  • Cyclone Caper
  • Tropical Tornado Tangle
  • Typhoon Tizzy
  • Hurricane Hoot
  • Cyclone Chuckles
  • Tropical Twister Tumble
  • Typhoon Titter
  • Hurricane Haha
  • Cyclone Cackle
  • Tropical Tempest Topple
  • Typhoon Toot
  • Hurricane Hee-Haw
  • Cyclone Chortle
  • Tropical Tornado Tease
  • Typhoon Tickle
  • Hurricane Hoopla
  • Cyclone Cachinnate
  • Tropical Tempest Tangle
  • Typhoon Tousle
  • Hurricane Hootenanny
  • Cyclone Chuckwagon
  • Tropical Tornado Tumbleweed
  • Typhoon Tugboat
  • Hurricane Hootenanny Hoopla

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