30 Funny Names For Milkshakes (Catchy and Hilarious Ideas)

Funny Names For Milkshakes

Have you ever looked for funny names for milkshakes but found none? Well, in this article we have a list of the most unique and funniest names for your shakes. It includes a wide range of different categories from celebrity-inspired to puns

Milkshakes are a sweet, tasty drink that can be enjoyed anytime. You might consider naming your milkshake after an existing character or coming up with a punny name for the drink (for example, Nutella from the Bay).

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

30 Funny Names For Milkshakes

1. Angel’s Milk

This milkshake is so angelic that you have to name it after an angel. Angel’s Milk is the perfect milkshake for those who have a soft spot for angels.

2. Bahama Mama

The name of this milkshake is inspired by the song, “Bahama Mama” by Harry Belafonte. You’d love this drink if you love dancing and the Caribbean.

3. Banana Split

If you know someone who enjoys banana splits, this milkshake is perfect for them. The name is self-explanatory.

4. The Only One

There is nothing like this milkshake, so you’ll only want to make it for one person. It’s a great way to express your feelings for a person.

5. Heaven In A Cup

It’s the perfect milkshake if you’re trying to win someone’s heart. The name is so sweet that it makes you want to go to heaven.

6. Minnie’s Milkshake

The Minnie Mouse milkshake gets its name from the famous cartoon character. The name is perfect for a kid who loves Minnie Mouse.

7. Mr. Peppermint

This name is funny because it gives the milkshake a personality. If you like to add character to your milkshake, this is a great option.

 8. Blue Steel

A milkshake with a blue color has a memorable name. If you give your shake Blue Steel will make your milkshake unforgettable.

9. Kisses that Kill

If you love corny names for milkshakes, this is the best name for you. Kisses that Kill may sound like a deadly poison but it is actually a milkshake.

10. Mother of Dragons

We think this is a great milkshake name for Game of Thrones fans. It is also a pun on the popular slogan “Mother of Dragons” that many Games of Thrones fans use to describe Daenerys.

11. Ginger Ale

For a sweet and spicy drink, Ginger Ale is a perfect funny name for a milkshake.

12. The Blonde Milkshake

If you are a brunette and you have a blonde friend, then this hilarious milkshake name would give you a good laugh.

13. Brangelina

If you are a huge fan of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, then Brangelina is a milkshake name that you should consider. This hilarious name is perfect for those who are fans of Pitt and Jolie.

14. Build-A-Willy

When you want to name your milkshake something that sounds funny and rhymes at the same time, “Build-A-Willy” is a great choice.

15. Atomic Cherry Milkshake

This is a very simple name that is perfect for those who enjoy milkshakes with a cherry flavor. While it’s not a pun, the name is still very cool!

16. Blue Eyes

As the name suggests, this milkshake packs a punch! The blue color of the drink makes it look so inviting and irresistible to have.

17. Appletini

An apple-based milkshake name. This might be the favorite milkshake at your house if you love apples.

18. Bananarama

For banana lovers, Bananarama is the perfect milkshake name. Those who enjoy banana flavors will definitely love this Funny name for milkshakes.

19. Oreo Cookie Milkshake

There is nothing better than Oreo cookies and this is why the Oreo cookie milkshake name is perfect for anyone who loves this yummy cookie.

20. Gutter Milkshake

As the name suggests, a gutter milkshake is perfect for those who love to get down and dirty. You just need to add your milkshake in a mason jar and add some gutter glasses. It is also a good funny name for milkshakes.

21. Brown Cow

This name evokes the image of a chocolate brown and creamy milkshake. It’s a great name to give to a milkshake you enjoyed on a farm. Just imagine being in the country with a garden around you, and the picture becomes clearer.

22. A Very Special Sprinkles

If you want to get creative with your milkshakes, create your own recipe and name it after something really special like “A Very Special Sprinkles.”

23. Berry Ice

For those who enjoy berries and ice cream, this is the name for those. Whether you like to make your milkshakes at home or you want to try a new berry milkshake at a restaurant, this name will always remind you of berry and ice cream.

24. Blueberry Dream

The name makes you feel like eating a dream. This milkshake is the perfect treat for blueberry lovers.

25. Grinch Shake

What could be better than a milkshake to sip on during the holiday season? Make it extra special by naming it after the Grinch from the movie.

26. Baywatch Shake

Baywatch is an iconic TV show about a group of people that are on the beach for the sake of saving lives.

27. Chocolate Almighty

This funny name is perfect for chocolate lovers. A chocolate lover would be in heaven with this milkshake. It’s hard to believe that chocolate can get any better but with the Almighty, it does.

28. Bananas Foster Milkshake

A creamy milkshake named after one of the world’s most famous desserts. You can serve it with sliced bananas and you have yourself a delicious treat.

29. Bee’s Knees

It’s a  great name for a milkshake for those who are a fan of puns. It may not be the most creative name for milkshakes, but it is still an awesome one.

30. The Shaking Fists of Fury

It would be a great name for a milkshake at a superhero-themed party. This is the perfect combination for a unique milkshake for adults and also a unique funny name for milkshakes.


If you want to get creative with your milkshakes, you can create your own recipe and name it after something really special. There are some amazing funny milkshake names out there, but these 30 milkshake names are just the best!

We hope you enjoyed reading our article about milkshake names. Which milkshake name do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.