Funny Dog Names (250+ Hilarious Ideas)

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Funny Dog Names Ideas

Isn’t it just mind-boggling to settle on a name for your newest furry friend? You want it to be unique, maybe a tad goofy, a name that sparks joy every time you call out to them. Yes, we’re talking about funny dog names.

Choosing a name is no laughing matter (or maybe it should be in this case), but fret not, we’ve got your back. 

Picture this: It’s a beautiful day at the dog park, and you call out “Sir Barksalot!” Heads turn and smiles spread. Wouldn’t you like to be that person?

Then keep reading, as we’ve rounded up a list of dog names so hilarious, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them before.

Funny Dog Names Favorite List

How to Come Up with Funny Dog Names that Suit Your Pet’s Personality

Choosing a name for your new furry friend is a big decision. It’s not just about picking something that sounds good, but also about finding a name that truly reflects your pet’s unique personality. 

So, how do you come up with funny dog names that are a perfect match for your pet’s character?

1. Observe Their Quirks

Every dog has its own set of peculiar habits and traits. Does your dog have a funny way of running, or does it make hilarious faces when it’s sleepy? 

These quirks can be a great source of inspiration for unique dog names. Dogs that love to sleep can be named ‘Snoozer’, or dogs that are always excited can be named ‘Wiggles’.

2. Consider Their Appearance

Sometimes, the funniest dog names are those that playfully comment on a dog’s appearance. Is your dog incredibly fluffy? Maybe ‘Fluffernutter’ would suit them. 

Or perhaps your dog is tiny but has a big personality? ‘Peewee’ or ‘Half Pint’ could be a good fit. These are not just cute dog names, but they also add a touch of humor.

3. Play with Words

Puns, rhymes, and wordplay can lead to some cool dog names. You could name a fast dog ‘Bark Twain’ or a digging dog ‘Doug’.

These names are not only funny, but they’re also memorable and distinctive.

4. Pop Culture References

Is there a funny character from a movie, TV show, or book that your dog reminds you of? Using pop culture references can result in some truly creative dog names. A dog that always gets into trouble could be named ‘Marley’, after the dog from ‘Marley & Me’.

So, what’s in a name? Well, when it comes to your dog, a whole lot of personality, fun, and love! And isn’t that what owning a dog is all about?

Top 20 Funny Dog Names (with Meanings)

1. Sir Waggington

The name is reserved for dogs who have mastered the art of wagging their tails non-stop. A ‘Waggington’ never misses a chance to show their happiness!

2. Bark Twain

For your literate furry friend who’s an aficionado of chewing books. This one’s a punny shout-out to the great author, Mark Twain.

3. Santa Paws

Ideal for the pet who showers you with gifts – be it a slobbered-on toy or a half-eaten stick!

4. Chewbacca

A name designed for Star Wars fans and for that pooch who simply can’t resist chewing everything in sight. 

5. Sir Barksalot

A title befitting a dog who considers barking to be its primary language, greeting you with its adorable ‘bark’ symphony.

6. Dumbledog

The perfect moniker for a wise, old soul trapped in a dog’s body, paying tribute to the legendary Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

7. Wuffle

An endearing name for the pooch whose wagging tail and a friendly woof make your worries ‘wuffle’—vanish into thin air.

8. Droolius Caesar

Inspired by the infamous Julius Caesar, it’s the perfect fit for a drooly dog who rules the household.

9. Wagatha Christie

An ode to the renowned mystery author, Agatha Christie. This is a fitting name for a dog who loves digging up clues and sniffing out backyard mysteries.

10. Fuzz Lightyear

A nod to Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear. It’s perfect for the pup that loves to zoom around with boundless energy.

11. Muttley Crue

An homage to the legendary rock band, Mötley Crüe, this is for the rocking, wild-at-heart pooch.

12. Droolius Caesar

A pun intended for the regal, yet slightly drooly dog who loves ruling over the household, like the famed Roman Emperor.

13. Bark Kent

For the quiet dog who transforms into a superhero when a squirrel appears. A tribute to Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent.

14. Chewie Lewis

After the legendary singer Huey Lewis, a befitting name for your melodious, yet chew-happy dog.

15. Woofgang Amadeus

This one’s for the cultured dog who might just howl Mozart’s symphonies at the moon. 

16. The Notorious D.O.G.

Ideal for the pet with an attitude and maybe a bit of a rebel streak—just like the iconic rapper, Notorious B.I.G.

17. Biscuit Eater

This one is pretty straightforward for the dog who’d do anything for an extra biscuit!

18. Hairy Paw-ter

Named after the famous wizard, it’s a magical name for the dog who’s cast a spell on your heart.

19. Pooch Spiegel

Inspired by the character ‘Spike Spiegel’ from Cowboy Bebop, it’s for the furry friend who’s as adventurous and cool as the space cowboy.

20. Sir Sniffs-a-Lot

A perfect pick for the detective dog in your life who just can’t resist sniffing out all the hidden secrets.

Funny Female Dog Names (with Meanings)

1. Barkarella

Perfect for the diva dog who rules the roost, named after the timeless princess, Cinderella.

2. WuffleLuff

This adorable name is for that cute female dog who can’t help but spread love and warmth with every wag and woof!

3. Lady Puggington

For your sophisticated little pug who has an air of aristocracy about her and demands her meals be served in a silver bowl.

4. Chew-sie Q

The ideal pick for that spirited pooch who just can’t resist chewing on her favorite toys, shoes, or anything else she can get her paws on.

5. Queen Slobberthon

Tailored for that royal lady who has no qualms about expressing her affection in the most drooly way possible.

6. Lassie Gaga

Inspired by the pop diva Lady Gaga, this one’s for the female dog who’s a star in her own right and isn’t afraid to show it!

7. Tail-or Swift

A playful nod to the beloved singer Taylor Swift, it’s ideal for a swift runner with a wagging tail that never goes out of style.

8. Pawdrey Hepburn

An elegant name, in honor of the iconic Audrey Hepburn, perfect for a posh pooch with a penchant for luxury.

9. Virginia Woof

Inspired by the legendary author Virginia Woolf, a fitting title for the dog who pens her adventures by leaving pawprints.

10. Fur-gie

A catchy name, an homage to the pop singer Fergie, just right for your singing, howling ball of fur.

11. Scratchmoiselle

An excellent name for that fashionable female dog who loves her self-care routine, especially those long, satisfying scratches.

12. Chewbacca Barbie

Perfect for the toy-loving dog that can’t resist chomping down on anything and everything – even your childhood Barbie doll.

13. Collar Swift

A fun twist on pop star Taylor Swift’s name, perfect for your super star pooch who loves a fashionable collar.

14. Biscuit Monroe

Named after the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, it’s ideal for a glamorous dog who knows her worth (in biscuits)!

15. Ruffle Puff

This cute name is for the furry girl whose fluffy ruffles and puppy-dog eyes melt your heart every time.

16. Sniffer Lopez

A playful name that nods to singer Jennifer Lopez, this is ideal for the dog who has an impeccable sense of smell.

17. Beyon-bite

Inspired by the influential Beyoncé, it’s a name fit for the female dog who’s as strong and independent as Queen B herself.

18. Pawllywood

The ultimate name for the glamorous female dog who loves to be in the spotlight and could easily walk the red carpet.

19. Canine Dion

A tribute to the iconic singer Celine Dion, it’s perfect for your melodious pooch who loves to howl her heart out.

20. Howler Berry

Paying homage to the renowned actress Halle Berry, it’s a fitting name for your star dog who likes to voice her opinion with a howl!

Funny Male Dog Names (with Meanings)

1. Poochahontas

For the adventurous dog with a love for exploring new smells and trails, this name is a witty twist on the iconic Disney princess.

2. Howlbert Einstein

This moniker, inspired by the great physicist Albert Einstein, is perfect for your clever pooch who loves to communicate through his expressive howls.

3. Snoop Doggy Pup

Drawing from the famous rapper Snoop Dogg, this fun name suits a cool, laid-back pooch with some smooth moves.

4. Butt Sniffer

This one’s self-explanatory and is the ultimate name for your curious pup who can’t resist exploring every smell.

5. Fetcher King

Ideal for the dog who is an undisputed champion of the fetch game, named after the legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

6. Bone Jovi

A play on the band Bon Jovi, this name is a winner for your rock star dog who is always up for a round of ‘Livin’ on a Pawyer’.

7. BowWOWsky

A fun, playful name for the little charmer who’s got everyone wrapped around his paws with his “bow-wow” charisma.

8. Ruff Barker

Is your dog a vocal one? Well, then he’s certainly a Ruff Barker, a nod to the host Bob Barker of ‘The Price Is Right’.

9. Drooliano Puplović

Inspired by the talented soccer player Dušan Tadić, it’s a match for the dog who never lets go of his chew toy, dribbling it like a football.

10. Sir Wag-a-lot

An apt title for the energetic dog who wags his tail so much you’d think it’s powered by a motor!

11. Fleas Witherspoon

A humorous spin on Reese Witherspoon’s name, this is a great fit for your furry friend who makes fleas flee with his sassy personality.

12. Pup Tart

A delicious name for a dog that’s as irresistible as the popular sweet treat.

13. Pugglesworth

The quintessential moniker for a dignified pug who carries himself with a dash of aristocratic charm.

14. Stinky Poochieson

A cheeky title for the lovable stinker who doesn’t mind a roll in the mud.

15. Lick Armstrong

Inspired by the incredible Neil Armstrong, it’s a name fitting for the dog who’s got a long reach with his lick.

16. Pawgustus Gloop

A fun twist on the character Augustus Gloop from Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, ideal for your ever-hungry pup.

17. Sniff Raff

A name for the dog that has a sniffer like no other, always on the hunt for the next great scent.

18. Woof Willis

A nod to the actor Bruce Willis, this one’s for your tough dog who’s not afraid to show who’s boss!

19. Sir Fluffington

This one’s for the majestic, fluff-covered pooch who loves a good pampering session.

20. Rumble Tumble 

An adorable name for the dog who loves playtime and isn’t afraid of a tumble or two.

Funny Names for Small Dogs Ideas List

Funny Names for Small Dogs Ideas List

Small dogs often have big personalities. They’re full of energy, love, and a surprising amount of sass. Their names should reflect their lively nature and small stature. 

So, if you’re looking for a name that’s as unique and humorous as your little canine companion, you’re in the right place.

Here are 50 funny names that are perfect for small dogs:

1. Peanut

2. Noodle

3. Pipsqueak

4. Tater Tot

5. Jellybean

6. Waffles

7. Biscuit

8. Muffin

9. Cupcake

10. Sprinkles

11. Giggles

12. Squirt

13. Pickle

14. Nugget

15. Squeaky

16. Pint

17. Rascal

18. Doodle

19. Snickers

20. Skittles

21. Popcorn

22. Pudding

23. Marshmallow

24. Munchkin

25. Fizz

26. Twinkie

27. Whiskers

28. Scamp

29. Button

30. Sushi

31. Twizzle

32. Nibbles

33. Tootsie

34. Poppet

35. Squiggles

36. Titch

37. Poppadom

38. Snippet

39. Trinket

40. Fidget

41. Bumblebee

42. Dinky

43. Pumpernickel

44. Squash

45. Tadpole

46. Crumpet

47. Wiggly

48. Zippy

49. Pipsicle

50. Squeaker

50 Funny Names For Big Dogs

Big dogs are often gentle giants with a heart as large as their size. They’re full of love, loyalty, and a sense of adventure. 

Their names should reflect their grand stature and playful nature. So, if you’re looking for a name that’s as unique and humorous as your large canine companion, you’re in the right place. 

Here are 50 funny names that are perfect for big dogs:

1. Moose

2. Yeti

3. Sasquatch

4. Godzilla

5. Goliath

6. Mammoth

7. Hulk

8. King Kong

9. Jumbo

10. Colossus

11. Bigfoot

12. Whopper

13. Tank

14. Sumo

15. Thunder

16. Avalanche

17. Everest

18. Sequoia

19. Titan

20. Behemoth

21. Mastodon

22. Hercules

23. Atlas

24. Boulder

25. T-Rex

26. Moby Dick

27. Jabba

28. Gargantuan

29. Leviathan

30. Megalodon

31. Zeus

32. Brontosaurus

33. Pegasus

34. Cyclops

35. Poseidon

36. Kraken

37. Odin

38. Thor

39. Jupiter

40. Apollo

41. Neptune

42. Hades

43. Ares

44. Mars

45. Vulcan

46. Mercury

47. Orion

48. Sirius

49. Draco

50. Ursa

50 Funny Human Names For Dogs

There’s something inherently humorous about giving your dog a human name. It adds a touch of personality and can often lead to amusing situations. Imagine calling out “Kevin!” at the dog park, or telling your friends that “Barbara” chewed up your favorite pair of shoes. If you’re looking for a name that’s as unique and humorous as your canine companion, you’re in the right place. 

Here are the top funny human names that are perfect for dogs.

1. Kevin

2. Barbara

3. Mildred

4. Gary

5. Ethel

6. Stanley

7. Gertrude

8. Herbert

9. Agnes

10. Walter

11. Mabel

12. Harold

13. Bertha

14. Clarence

15. Gladys

16. Eugene

17. Edna

18. Leonard

19. Myrtle

20. Horace

21. Prudence

22. Reginald

23. Maude

24. Chester

25. Blanche

26. Arnold

27. Hilda

28. Percival

29. Wilma

30. Elmer

31. Phyllis

32. Mortimer

33. Gerda

34. Seymour

35. Eunice

36. Clifford

37. Winifred

38. Melvin

39. Doris

40. Rupert

41. Mildred

42. Cornelius

43. Agatha

44. Bartholomew

45. Muriel

46. Norbert

47. Gladys

48. Archibald

49. Brunhilda

50. Humphrey

20 Funny Dog Names Inspired By TV Characters

Television characters can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to naming your dog. They’re often larger than life, full of personality, and can bring a smile to your face whenever you think of them. 

If you’re a TV buff and you’re looking for a name that’s as unique and humorous as your canine companion, you’re in the right place. 

Here are 20 funny dog names inspired by TV characters:

1. Kramer (Seinfeld)

2. Screech (Saved by the Bell)

3. Urkel (Family Matters)

4. Fonzie (Happy Days)

5. Squidward (SpongeBob SquarePants)

6. Cartman (South Park)

7. Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)

8. Barney (How I Met Your Mother)

9. Homer (The Simpsons)

10. Stewie (Family Guy)

11. Kramer (Seinfeld)

12. Poirot (Agatha Christie’s Poirot)

13. Spock (Star Trek)

14. Mulder (The X-Files)

15. Frasier (Frasier)

16. Chandler (Friends)

17. Costanza (Seinfeld)

18. Dwight (The Office)

19. Blanche (The Golden Girls)

20. Tyrion (Game of Thrones)

Each of these names has a touch of humor and a whole lot of personality, just like your dog. So, go ahead and pick the one that makes you laugh the most. 

After all, a funny name can make every call to your dog a moment of joy.

20 Funny Dog Names Inspired by Book Characters

Literature is a treasure trove of unique and memorable characters. These characters, with their distinctive personalities and quirks, can serve as fantastic inspiration when naming your dog. 

If you’re a book lover and you’re looking for a name that’s as unique and humorous as your canine companion, you’re in the right place. 

Here are 20 funny dog names inspired by book characters:

1. Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)

2. Poirot (Agatha Christie’s novels)

3. Quixote (Don Quixote)

4. Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)

5. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

6. Bilbo (The Hobbit)

7. Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes series)

8. Huckleberry (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)

9. Gollum (The Lord of the Rings)

10. Moby (Moby Dick)

11. Pip (Great Expectations)

12. Jekyll (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

13. Frodo (The Lord of the Rings)

14. Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights)

15. Lancelot (Arthurian Legends)

16. Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

17. Falstaff (Shakespeare’s plays)

18. Grendel (Beowulf)

19. Ichabod (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)

20. Raskolnikov (Crime and Punishment)

How to Choose Working Dog Names that Reflect Their Duties

Choosing a name for your working dog is a task that requires thought and consideration. After all, this name will be a reflection of their duties and their unique personality. So, how do you go about this? 

Let’s dive in!

1. Understand the Role of Your Dog

Is your dog a service dog, a police dog, or a rescue dog? Understanding their role can help you choose a name that reflects their duties. Service Dog Names like “Helper,” “Guardian,” or “Companion” can highlight their supportive role.

2. Consider Their Traits

Is your dog brave, loyal, or intelligent? These traits can inspire names. For example, Police Dog Names like “Braveheart,” “Loyal,” or “Einstein” can mirror their courage, loyalty, and intelligence.

3. Reflect on Their Breed

Certain breeds are known for specific roles. For instance, Border Collies are known for their rescue skills. So, Rescue Dog Names like “Savior,” “Hero,” or “Rescuer” can be fitting.

4. Military Dog Names

If your dog is a military dog, names like “Sergeant,” “Major,” or “Captain” can reflect their disciplined and dutiful nature.

5. Think About Their History

If your dog has a unique story or history, this can inspire a meaningful name. For example, a rescue dog who was found during a storm could be named “Stormy.”

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