200+ Funny Names For Chihuahua (Hilarious Ideas)

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Funny Names For Chihuahua

So, you’ve got a new Chihuahua, and you’re stuck on the naming part, huh? It’s like trying to label a piece of art; you want something that captures their unique personality and spunk. 

Funny names aren’t just for giggles; they can be conversation starters, ice-breakers, and even a way to bond with your pet. 

Remember, a name sets the tone for your dog’s life story. So why not make it a comedy? 

Get ready to chuckle, smile, and maybe even snort as we dive into a list of names that are as entertaining as your Chihuahua’s zoomies around the living room.

Funny Names For Chihuahua (with Meaning)

Why the Right Name Matters for Your Chihuahua?

Identity and Personality

Believe it or not, the name you choose sets the stage for first impressions. Would you think a Chihuahua named “Killer” is as cuddly as one named “Snuggles”? Exactly.

Training and Commands

A name that’s easy to say and distinct can make training easier. Imagine yelling, “Stop, Killer!” when your Chihuahua tries to give a chihuahua bite to the mailman. A clear name can make all the difference between effective communication and a confused pup.

Social Interactions

When you’re at the dog park, a unique or humorous name can be a great conversation starter. Ever had someone chuckle at your dog’s name and then strike up a conversation? That’s the power of a good name.

Emotional Connection

The name you choose can reflect your own interests and create a deeper emotional connection. If you’re into fashion, a name inspired by chihuahua clothing brands could be a fun way to express that bond.

Health and Well-being

A dog’s name can actually affect their health. For example, if you have an overweight chihuahua, choosing a name like “Tiny” could serve as a cute, ironic reminder to keep an eye on their diet.

Personal Satisfaction

Let’s face it, Every time you call out that adorable name and see your pup’s tail wag, it brings a smile to your face. Isn’t that what having my chihuahua is all about?

Cultural and Social Sensitivity

While it might be tempting to name a chihuahua dog something like “Taco,” consider the cultural implications and stereotypes you might be reinforcing. Is it respectful and sensitive to the breed’s heritage?

Funny Names For Chihuahua (with Meaning)

1. Taco Belle

This name is a playful twist on the fast-food chain Taco Bell, making it perfect for a Chihuahua with a spicy, lively personality.

2. Sir Barks-a-lot

Ideal for the vocal Chihuahua who loves to make their presence known.

3. Nacho Dog

Your Chihuahua’s name suggests that it is not an ordinary dog.

4. Tequila Sunrise

Perfect for the Chihuahua that brings a burst of energy and color to your mornings.

5. Chewhuahua

A clever play on the breed name, this one’s for the pup who loves to chew on everything in sight.

6. Salsa

This name is for the Chihuahua that adds a little spice and excitement to your life.

7. Burrito

Ideal for the Chihuahua who loves to wrap up in blankets or burrow into cozy spaces.

8. Furrball

The name perfectly describes a small dog with a large and friendly demeanor that is full of fluff.

9. Paws of Destruction

For the little one who may be small but leaves a trail of chaos wherever they go.

10. Tiny but Mighty

This name is for the Chihuahua that may be small in size but is fearless and strong in spirit.

11. Woofy McWoofFace

A humorous and playful name that’s sure to get a laugh from anyone who hears it.

12. Churro

For the Chihuahua that’s as sweet and delightful as this sugary treat.

13. Speedy Gonzales

This name is for the Chihuahua that’s always on the go, running around like they’ve got places to be.

14. Puparazzi

Ideal for the Chihuahua who loves the spotlight and always seems ready for a photo op.

15. Bark Twain

A literary name for a dog with a lot of character, perhaps even one who enjoys a good book by your side.

16. Cinco

For the Chihuahua born on the fifth of the month or who simply loves to party, this name is a nod to Cinco de Mayo.

17. Chico Loco

This name captures the essence of a crazy, energetic little guy.

18. Woofenstein

For the Chihuahua with a larger-than-life personality, almost as if they’re a little monster.

19. Pup Fiction

The chosen name must embody the essence of an adventurous, dramatic, and enigmatic existence for the Chihuahua.

20. Sir Wag-a-lot

Ideal for the happy-go-lucky Chihuahua that can’t stop wagging its tail, this name captures their joyful spirit.

Funny Names For Chihuahua Female Ideas List!

Funny Names For Chihuahua Female Ideas List

Ever looked at your female Chihuahua and thought, You’re too sassy for a simple name like Daisy!? Let’s face it, your little diva deserves a name that’s as fabulous and funny as she is. Ready to tickle your funny bone and honor your dog’s diva status? Let’s go!

  1. Diva-licious
  2. Queen Bee
  3. Sassy Pants
  4. Miss Sniff
  5. Giggles
  6. Drama Queen
  7. Lady Woofington
  8. Snugglepuff
  9. Tinker Diva
  10. Pawsanova
  11. Fifi McFluff
  12. Cha-Cha
  13. Diva Paws
  14. Snickers
  15. Glamourpup
  16. Tiny Diva
  17. Woofy Goldberg
  18. Diva Woofer
  19. Miss Priss
  20. Poochini
  21. Lady Bark-a-lot
  22. Snuggle Diva
  23. Paws Diva
  24. Diva Sniff
  25. Woofarella
  26. Diva Woo
  27. Sniff Diva
  28. Pawsarella
  29. Diva Snuggle
  30. Miss Woof

Unique Chihuahua Names Male

You’ve got a male Chihuahua that’s anything but ordinary. If you’re itching for something as unique as your pup’s personality, you’ve come to the right place.

Names like Sir Woofington and Pawsanova are just the tip of the iceberg!

1. Sir Woofington

2. Pawsanova

3. Zorro

4. Mr. Sniffles

5. Bark Twain

6. Chewbarka

7. Fido Dido

8. Pupzilla

9. Woofenstein

10. Bark Vader

11. Pawsident

12. Sir Barkalot

13. Chewie

14. Puparazzi

15. Dogzilla

16. Pawsident Woofer

17. Sir Sniff

18. Barky McBarkface

19. Puplock Holmes

20. Woofsky

21. Sir Paws

22. Pawslock

23. Sniffington

24. Woofus Maximus

25. Pawsy McPawsface

26. Sir Chewie

27. Barkington

28. Pawsy Woofer

29. Sniffy McSniff

30. Woofus Barkus

Nicknames For Chihuahuas

Nicknames aren’t just for your buddies or significant others; your Chihuahua deserves one too! No matter if it’s Tiny Dance for the pup that prances around or Snuggle Bug for the ultimate cuddler, we’ve got a list of nicknames that will make your heart swell with affection.

  1. Tiny Dancer
  2. Snuggle Bug
  3. Poochie
  4. Little One
  5. Furball
  6. Cuddle Monster
  7. Mini Me
  8. Love Bug
  9. Pawsie
  10. Wiggles
  11. Sniffy
  12. Pup Pup
  13. Baby Woo
  14. Fuzzball
  15. Little Paws
  16. Snuggles
  17. Pooch Pooch
  18. Tiny Woo
  19. Furry Friend
  20. Cuddle Pup
  21. Little Sniff
  22. Pawsy
  23. Mini Woo
  24. Snuggle Woo
  25. Little Love
  26. Poochie Woo
  27. Mini Sniff
  28. Pawsy Woo
  29. Snuggle Sniff
  30. Little Woo

Cute Names For Chihuahuas

Your Chihuahua is a bundle of cuteness that melts hearts wherever it goes. So, shouldn’t its name be just as adorable? If you’re nodding your head, then you’ll love our list of names that are as sweet as your pup!

  1. Cupcake
  2. Twinkle Toes
  3. Sparkle
  4. Sweetie Pie
  5. Honeybun
  6. Lovebug
  7. Buttercup
  8. Snickerdoodle
  9. Tinkerbell
  10. Sugarplum
  11. Cuddlebug
  12. Peaches
  13. Dolly
  14. Bubbles
  15. Angel Paws
  16. Babydoll
  17. Lollipop
  18. Pudding
  19. Sweet Pea
  20. Jellybean
  21. Cinnabun
  22. Tootsie
  23. Muffin
  24. Gumdrop
  25. Pixie
  26. Snugglebunny
  27. Pookie
  28. Doodlebug
  29. Fluffy
  30. Sprinkles

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