Funny Business Names In The Philippines: 100+ Hilarious Ideas

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Funny Business Names In The Philippines

A business name can make all the difference in attracting customers and standing out in a crowded marketplace. In the Philippines, some entrepreneurs have taken the creative route by choosing funny, quirky, or pun-filled names for their ventures. These names not only capture the attention of potential customers, but also reflect the unique personality and identity of the business.

In this article, we will showcase some of the most memorable and humorous business names in the Philippines, serving as inspiration for your next venture. From “Lolo’s Grill and Chill” to “The Dough-Nut Worry Be Happy,” get ready to laugh and be inspired as you read through these creative names.

Funny Business Names In The Philippines

1. Tindahan ni Juan

This hilarious business name is a pun on the Filipino phrase “Tindahan ni Juan”, which means “store of Juan”. It’s a play on words because “Tindahan” sounds like “tinda”, which means “to sell”. It’s a funny way to say that you can find everything you need at Juan’s store.

2. Lutong Pinoy 

Lutong Pinoy (literally “dirt-colored people”) is a slang term for Filipinos who were born in other countries and immigrated to the Philippines. You can also use this business name to make fun of Filipinos who come from another country and end up settling in the Philippines.

3. Jumbo Coffee

Jumbo coffee is not your typical type of coffee. In fact, it’s an adult beverage that consists of very strong coffee. So if you are looking for a funny business name, then this is it!

4. Wala-Lang Kang Wakas

A popular Filipino saying. Wala-lang kang wakas means “you have nothing left to lose” which means that you can be risky. Also, its funny to play off of the different ways that people pronounce this Filipino phrase.

5. Pata-Solo

If you want to get more customers, then this is the best business name to go with. Pata-solo is a combination of the Filipino phrases for “patawad” (be patient) and “pag-asa” (hope). So the meaning behind this business name is to be patient and hope for customers.

6. The Galing-Galing Grill

This name is great for a Filipino restaurant serving delicious barbeque. The word “galing” in Tagalog means “excellent,” so naming your business this way shows customers that you are confident in the quality of your food. It also implies that you serve the best Filipino barbeque around! 

7. Kung Kita Kang Mahal

Similarly to the English saying “for better or for worse,” this is another very popular phrase in the Philippines. This name is very romantic, and it is very fitting for a bakery or restaurant business.

8. Taba-Taba Bakery

Basically, this is the Filipino word for money, which is a good name for a business or product that people want to spend their money on. It is very fitting for a restaurant that specializes in serving food for a reasonable price.

9. Abot Kamay

When choosing a business name, you have to consider the target audience. The word “abot” means “early.” This is why the name “Abot Kamay” is very good for a restaurant or store that serves coffee drinks.

10. Kung Fu Tea

If you are looking for an alternative business name, you should probably check out this one. “Kung Fu Tea” is extremely catchy and appropriate for a store that sells Chinese products such as tea, soup and sauces. This name makes sense for an Asian business serving Asian drinks, right?

11. Noon at Night

Due to its meaning of “happy hour” and “afternoon,” this name is perfect for a bar or nightclub. This is a perfect name if you want to attract potential customers that are looking for a good deal.

12. Cravings

Do you like sweets? This is probably the best business name you can think of! You should definitely check out this name if you own a dessert shop or restaurant. Besides being romantic, it may be appealing to your customers as well.

13. Kilig Ko

An excited or giddy feeling is expressed through this pun. It’s a great name for any business, especially one that’s focused on providing a fun and memorable experience. It’s funny because it’s not just about the business, but about the feeling that customers get when they’re there. It’s a great way to make a business stand out.

14. Kulang Sa Saya

It’s a humorous take on the phrase “Kulang sa Saya”, which means “not enough fun”. It’s a great name for any business that’s trying to provide a fun experience. It’s a subtle way of conveying the message that customers will come away feeling like they’ve experienced something unforgettable.

15. Mang Inasal

Even though it doesn’t directly translate into English, this is still a great name for a Filipino restaurant or fast food joint. People love this because they love their fast food and don’t want to wait for a long time.

16. Mango Salsa

There is no doubt that this will be a memorable business name for you. This is a very creative name for a restaurant that specializes in Mexican cuisine. The best thing about this name is that it is not too long, making it easy to remember.

17. Konkrete

For a construction company, this would be an excellent name. It’s a humorous play on words that refers both to the nature of the business and the Filipino slang word “konkreto” which means “good” or “solid”. It’s a great way to show that your construction business is reliable and high-quality.

18. Buko Boys

Choosing this name for a coconut-based business is a great idea. Buko is the Filipino term for coconut and the name evokes images of fresh, flavorful coconut treats. 

 19. Lakandula

In some parts of Asia, this is the Filipino word for “shop” or “store.” This is very good for a restaurant that sells different types of food and beverages. For example, the restaurant can be named “Lakandula Cafe.”

20. The Laughing Mart

In fact, this is the perfect name for a coffee shop since laughing is a common reaction among people when they have a good time drinking coffee. It will surely make you smile every time you enter this store.

Funny Store Names Philippines

1. Grin and Bear It

2. Funplex

3. Put a Cork in It

4. Funky Fungus

5. Giggling Gecko

6. Funky Feet

7. Yolo You Only Live Once

8. Chipper Chaps

9. Sweet Nothings

10. Joke Factory

11. Jolly Joker

12. Giggling Goat

13. Laughing Llama

14. Smileyville

15.  Funkytown

16. Cheeky Chicken

17. Crazy Clothes

18. Jokers R Us

19. All Wrapped Up

20. Poppin’ Punches

21. The Chuckling Cow

22. Laugh-A-Lot

23. Mischievous Monkey

24. Funhouse of Fashion

25. Funny Hut

26. Kooky Kicks

27. Money Pit

28. Discount Den

29. Funky Fashions

30. Cheap Shop

Cute And Funny Filipino Business Names 

1. Dimples & Smiles

2. Cool Kape

3. Chikinini

4. Wow Bakery

5. I Love Manila

6. Adobo Station

7. Pinoy Pizzeria

8. Palabok Palace

9. Kwek-Kwek Kitchen

10. The Karioka Co.

11. Sisig Spot

12. Tapsilog Express

13. Sinangag Express

14. Buko Loco

15. Pulutan Pub

16. Taho To Go

17. Buko Juice Plus

18. Balut and Bites

19. Puto Bumbong Cafe

20. Lumpiang Hub

21. Chocolate Hut

22. Sari Sari Store

23. Halo-Halo Heaven

24. Fruitas Fresh

25. Litson Manok

26. BBQ Island

27. Kwek-Kwek World

28. Pinoy Fried Chicken

29. Yummy Pinoy

30. The Kainan Store

31. Pinoy Noodles

32. Filipino Fusion Restaurant

33. Manila Munchies

34. Sweet Manila Delights

35. Coconut Craze

36. Adobo Express

37. Tapsilog To Go

38. Barrio Bites

39. Manam Comfort Food

40. Buko Delight

41. Lumpiang Hub

42. Kain Kapatid

43. Sinigang Stop

44. Boodle Fight Cafe

45. Kulinarya Kitchen

46. Isaw Paradise

47. Buko Bar

48. Halo Halo Hut

49. Rice and Shine

50. Banana Split Station

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