250+ Funny Zombie Names (Cute, Hilarious, and Badass Ideas)

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Funny Zombie Names

Are you looking to add a new dimension to your zombie? Why not try giving them some funny names? It’s a simple way to inject some humor into your horror and make your undead horde stand out.

Some examples of funny zombie names could include “Brains McScoop,” “Zombie McZombface,” or “Shuffles McGraw.” These names not only bring a comedic element to the zombies, but also make them more memorable.

But why stop at just naming your zombies? You can also use these funny names as a way to subvert expectations and give your audience something unexpected. After all, who expects a zombie named “Barbara” to be a threat?

So whether you’re a filmmaker, game designer, or just a zombie fan, consider incorporating some funny zombie names into your next project. It’s a small change that can make a big impact.

Funny Zombie Names Generator

Best Funny Zombie Names (with Meaning)

How to Create a Funny Zombie Name?

Creating a funny zombie name is not just about humor, but also about making your zombie character memorable and engaging. If you are writing a book, creating a game, or just having fun with friends, a funny zombie name can add a touch of humor and creativity to your project. Here are some tips on how to create a funny zombie name:

Play with Words

Wordplay is a great way to create a funny and memorable zombie name. For example, a zombie hunter who is always sleepy could be called “Snoozeombie” or a zombie killer who loves to dance could be named “Boogie Monster.”

Use Puns

Puns are always a hit when it comes to funny names. For example, a zombie who is always at zombie wars could be called “Warrior of the Walking Dead” or a zombie who is always lost could be named “Zombielost.”

Rhyme Time

Rhyming words are catchy and easy to remember. For example, a zombie who loves to eat brains could be called “Brain Drain” or a zombie who is always running could be named “Zombie Zoom.”

Alliteration All the Way:

Alliteration, or the repetition of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words, can also make for a catchy zombie name. For example, a zombie who loves to fight could be called “Fighting Fred the Fearsome” or a zombie who loves to sing could be named “Singing Sally the Soulful.”

Add Some Humor:

Adding humor to your zombie name can make it stand out and attract attention. For example, a zombie who is always at the zombies disney park could be called “Zombieland Adventurer” or a zombie who is always cold could be named “Chill Bill.”

Consider the Characteristics

The characteristics of the zombie can also inspire its name. For example, a zombie with white skin could be called “White Walker” or a zombie who is always angry could be named “Grumpy Guts.”

Keep it Short and Sweet

A short and sweet name is easier to remember and more likely to catch the attention of your audience. For example, a zombie who loves to eat could be called “Chow Down” or a zombie who is always happy could be named “Happy Harry.”

Best Funny Zombie Names (with Meaning)

1. Lefty Lou

He’s the zombie that always seems to be off balance and walking to the left. He shuffles along the streets at night, and is always seen with his arm outstretched in front of him as if he’s trying to reach for something. His movements are so peculiar that it’s almost comical.

2. Moaning Maureen

Moaning Maureen loves to moan! It’s her favorite thing to do and it drives her friends crazy. She moans when she’s happy, she moans when she’s sad, she even moans when there’s nothing to moan about! She has a very distinctive moan that can be heard from far away, and it’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

3. Stumbling Steve

This name shows the zombie is clumsy and tends to knock things over as he moves. He’s always getting himself into sticky situations, but it’s always good for a laugh. There’s nothing boring about him, even though he’s clumsy!

4. Stiffy Sally

She moves like a robot, and her arms and legs never seem to bend. She’s a bit of an oddball, but she’s always good for a smile. So the name Sally is the perfect fit.

5. Gloomy George

It may be a zombie, but he’s still a bit of a downer. He’s always moping around and it’s hard to get him to smile. He loves to moan and complain, and it’s hard to get him to do anything else. Despite his gloomy personality, he’s still a lot of fun to be around.

6. Rockin’ Rob

Zombies who love to dance are well suited to this name. He can be seen shuffling along the streets, rocking out to his own private soundtrack. He’s always up for a good dance-off, and he’s sure to put on a show!

7. Chuckles Chuckles

What a funny one this is. He’s always making people laugh with his silly antics and jokes. Even if they don’t appreciate his humor, they’ll still get a kick out of him. This is just one of those names that will have you rolling on the floor.

8. Muddling Mummy

This zombie is always a bit confused, wandering aimlessly and muddling through life – or undeath – without a clue! He’s always accidentally bumping into things, shuffling around in a daze, and trying to find his way back home. He’s harmless enough, but definitely not one to trust with your brains!

9. Brainless Baron

Computers, science, and other things may be the domain of the Brainless Baron. But he doesn’t know jack about being a good person – and that’s exactly what makes him so dangerous. He’s evil – pure evil! He’s got no heart or morals, and no respect for anyone or anything. He’s a monster, and all the world’s afraid of what he’ll do to them!

10. Spooky Scarecrow

Seeing this zombie will strike fear into anyone’s heart! He lumbers around cackling, crowing and generally terrorizing anyone who dares to cross his path. Also, he’s a bit of an idiot, so don’t be fooled.

11. Meanie

Picking on others is one of his favorite activities. He’ll walk up to you, start talking fast, and punch you in the face all of a sudden. He’s the meanie, and he needs to be put away.

12. Grumbling Ghouls

There’s never a moment when these zombies stop grumbling. Whether they’re trudging through the graveyard, shuffling through the woods or simply standing around, they’re always complaining about something. From their ragged clothes to their lack of brains, nothing is ever good enough for them.

13. Lumbering Lurchers

These zombies are always on the move, lurching from one place to the next in search of brains. They’re slow and methodical, but always seem to be heading somewhere.

14. Soggy Sniffles

Warmth-seeking zombies, soggy sniffles love it when people get too close. They can be dangerous, as they’ll quickly eat up people that get too close.

15. Slowpoke Sal

I feel like this zombie is barely even there because he moves so slowly. He often gets left behind in the zombie horde, but he’s okay with that. Therefore, this name applies to him.

16. Dork

The most boring zombie, Dork just keeps on walking forward and doesn’t really pay attention to what’s going on around him.

17. Scrappy

These zombies love to scavenge around and look for food. Sometimes they’ll even try and get into abandoned buildings, which makes them a bit of a nuisance.

18. Unlucky Lucy

Lucy never seems to catch anything, including brains. Additionally, she is slow, so most zombies are able to outrun her.

19. Tired Terry

Terry walks around with a big sigh, just like all zombies do. And they always make a big deal about it so it fits this zombie too!

20. Hungry Hungry Bill

Bill is just hungry all the time, so he’ll go after any living human that gets close enough. This makes him one of the most dangerous zombies.

Cute Zombie Names Ideas List

Cute Zombie Names Ideas List

Looking for a name that’s as adorable as it is eerie? You’re in the right place! Our list of Cute Zombie Names is perfect for those who want their undead to be as cute as a button. From “ZomBae” to “BooBoo,” these names are so cute, they’re scary!

1. Deadra

2. Brains McGee

3. Chewy

4. Grim Goulash

5. Rotting Rachel

6. ZomBarbie 

7. Moansy

8. Zom-Bunny

9. Zom-Princess

10. Ghoulia

11. Rob Zombie

12. Zombiella

13. Decayman

14. Rotty

15. Mummy Boo

16. Pox

17. Zombina

18. Grimmy

19. Creepy Carl

20. Rot-Man

Minecraft Zombie Names

Are you a Minecraft aficionado looking to add a personal touch to your zombie encounters? Say no more! Our list of Minecraft Zombie Names will make your pixelated adventures even more thrilling.

1. Zombie Captain

2. Night Creeper

3. Slime Spitter

4. Undead Hunter

5. Zombie Brute

6. Ghoul Haunter

7. Corpse Crawler

8. Infected

9. Skeletal Lurker

10. Putrid Plunderer

11. Rotting Fodder

12. Moaning Marauder

13. Ghastly Ghast

14. Soulless Stalker

15. Infectious Intruder

16. Unspeakable Terror

17. Clawing Corpse

18. Mindless Monster

19. Deathly Drifter

20. Ghoulish Mutant

Famous Zombie Names

Ever wondered what the most iconic zombies in pop culture are called? We’ve got you covered! Our list of Famous Zombie Names pays homage to the undead legends that have haunted our screens and imaginations for decades.

1. Bub (Day of the Dead)

2. Shaun (Shaun of the Dead)

3. Edward (I Am Legend)

4. R (Warm Bodies)

5. Big Daddy (Land of the Dead)

6. Dr. Braineaters (Return of the Living Dead)

7. Zed (Zombieland)

8. Zombie (Dawn of the Dead)

9. Tarman (Return of the Living Dead)

10. Bloated Woman (The Mist)

11. Zombie Ryan (Resident Evil: Apocalypse)

12. Zombie Shakespeare (Shaun of the Dead)

13. Dr. Logan (Resident Evil: Extinction)

14. Zombie Priest (28 Days Later)

15. Zombie Wolf (The Wolf of Wall Street)

16. Tallahassee (Zombieland)

17. Zombie Dalai Lama (Shaun of the Dead)

18. Colonel Sebastian (Resident Evil)

19. Zombie Santa (Santa’s Slay)

20. Zombie Elvis (Zombieland)

Zombie Girl Names 

Who says zombies can’t be feminine and fierce? Our list of Zombie Girl Names is perfect for the undead diva in you. From “Zombella” to “Ghoulia,” these names are as fabulous as they are frightening.

1. Savannah

2. Celeste

3. Shauna

4. Lucinda

5. Moira

6. Abigail

7. Olivia

8. Katrina

9. Raven

10. Cassandra

11. Isabella

12. Ashley

13. Belinda

14. Juliet

15. Lilith

16. Ember

17. Dahlia

18. Harmony

19. Trinity

20. Rebecca

Left 4 Dead Zombie Names

Are you a Left 4 Dead enthusiast looking to know your enemy better? Our list of Left 4 Dead Zombie Names dives deep into the lore, giving you the names and backstories of the most terrifying foes you’ll face.

1. Boomer

2. Hunter

3. Smoker

4. Witch

5. Spitter

6. Charger

7. Jockey

8. Tank

9. Mudman

10. Crawler

11. Bloater

12. Floater

13. Splasher

14. Glutton

15. Gasser

16. Quitter

17. Mauler

18. Burner

19. Lurker

20. Grinder

Cool Zombie Names

Want your zombie to be the talk of the apocalypse? Check out our list of Cool Zombie Names. These names are so rad, they might just bring your zombie back to life—figuratively speaking, of course.

1. Zombrarian

2. Boogeymancer

3. Rotting Rage

4. Brainglutton

5. Dead-Eye

6. Gravewalker

7. Undead Overlord

8. Bloodsucker

9. Corpse Crusher

10. Necronomicon

11. Zombie King

12. Ghoulgoyle

13. Bloodthirster

14. Toxicshade

15. Zombie Chomper

16. Grave-Robber

17. Undead Noxious

18. Flesh-Eater

19. Carrion Creature

20. Zombie Jeepers

Dying Light Zombie Names

If you’re a Dying Light player, you know how crucial it is to know your enemies. Our list of Dying Light Zombie Names will not only make your gaming experience more immersive but also give you the upper hand in survival.

1. Infected Adam

2. Putrid Pete

3. Rancid Roger

4. Decayed Dave

5. Necrotic Nick

6. Ghastly George

7. Corrupted Carl

8. Cadaverous Chris

9. Pestilent Paul

10. Mouldy Mike

11. Putrefying Phil

12. Contaminated Chris

13. Desiccated Dan

14. Fetid Frank

15. Contagious Clive

16. Foul Fred

17. Putrescent Pat

18. Carrion Clyde

19. Slimy Steve

20. Festering Fred

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