Funny Restaurant Names Ideas

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Funny Restaurant Names Ideas

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and just couldn’t stop laughing at the name? Or have you ever been scrolling through Yelp and stumbled upon a restaurant with a name so clever and quirky that you just had to check it out? Well, that’s exactly what this blog post is all about.

We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the funniest restaurant names out there, and we can’t wait to share them with you. So if you’re in need of a good name for your new restaurant or just want to discover some unique and hilarious restaurant names, keep reading!

Funny Restaurant Names

1. Frying Nemo

This is a real restaurant located in the UK and serves up seafood delights. The restaurant is a great place to grab some fish and chips and they have even been featured on the Food Network. And the name is so funny that you can make a name like it for your own food chain that will so attractive to people.

2. The Drunken Clam

Drunken Clam is located in Florida, United States, and is known for its liquor bar and other grille dishes. Its name is a joke about the clams being “drunk” because of the amount of alcohol available there and also used in the cooking process. 

3. Greasy Spoon

This is a diner located in Austin, Texas that serves up classic diner fare. Fried foods or home-cooked meals are the staples of greasy spoons, which are usually from small, cheap restaurants often American diners or coffee shops. Americans have been using the term greasy spoon since at least the 1920s and the British have been using it for more than 60 years. The restaurant is also known for its greasy burgers and milkshakes, and its humorous pun-filled menu. 

4. Fork & Fingers

This is a restaurant located in Australia and serves up a variety of international dishes such as traditional Indian dishes. The restaurant is known for its quirky name and its unique menu. 

5. Burger Urge

This is a burger joint located in Australia that serves up gourmet burgers. The restaurant is well known for its unique name and its delicious burgers. The motto of this food chain is “We must take back our burgers. It is time to take back our burgers: In our kitchen, we create mouthwatering dishes combining local produce with our own unique recipes”.

6. The Codfather

This humorous restaurant in London, England serves up a variety of seafood dishes. It features a theme of Mafia mobsters and its logo features a fish wearing a fedora. Also, it is well known for its punny name. The restaurant serves up traditional fish and chips, as well as some more novel dishes.

7. Bacon Bacon

A coffeehouse that serves bacon in many forms, from bacon burgers to bacon bouquets, offers bacon in lots of different ways. This is a restaurant located in San Francisco and it serves up bacon-themed dishes. Aside from its punny name, the restaurant is also known for its tasty bacon creations. 

8. Bun Appetit

As its name suggests, this is a bakery located in the Philippines and it is famous for its punny name. Among the bread and pastries available in the bakery are artisanal bread and pastries. In terms of popularity, the lobster roll is one of the most popular products of Bun Appetit, which is made up of lobster claws and knuckles

9. The Egg & I

A well-known breakfast place located in the US with a very punny name, this is a morning spot to check out. As they serve up all kinds of breakfast dishes, as well as some unique specialty dishes. 

10. Like No Udde

Like No Udde is an exciting new restaurant located in the US that offers a unique take on traditional American cuisine. The restaurant offers creative twists on classic dishes, using fresh, local ingredients to create dishes that are both delicious and visually appealing. The menu is divided into three categories: appetizers, entrees, and desserts. 


11. The Squealing Pig

This Irish restaurant in Dublin, Ireland offers up traditional pub fare with a fun twist. The interior decor features cartoon pigs in various poses, making it a fun and lively atmosphere. It is also located in Boston United State. Plus, the Squealing Pig offers delicious meals that live up to their tempting name, along with consistently high-quality, delicious food.

12. The Bunyadi

Located in London, England, this restaurant offers up vegan and vegetarian dishes in a unique atmosphere. The entire dining area is decorated with nature-inspired motifs and its name is a play on the word “bunny”.

13. House of Kebab

House of kebab is a Turkish restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey offers up a range of kebabs and other traditional dishes in a fun atmosphere. Its logo is a cartoon of a smiling kebab and its slogan is “A Kebab for Every Occasion”.

14. Atomic Burger

Their food chain is located in India, the US, and many cities in the United Kingdom. Its logo features a smiling burger with a mohawk and its motto is The Future of America’s Taste.

15. No Vacancy

This quirky restaurant in NewDehli, India serves up a variety of meals with a humorous twist. Its interior decor features artwork that is inspired by vintage motels and its logo reads “No Vacancy”.

16. The Fat Duck

This British restaurant in Bray, England offers up a range of dishes with a lighthearted twist. They are famous for their Modern british cuisines. Annetts the owner of this restaurant,  named it after his daughter’s first word, ‘duck.’

17. The Blind Cow

This Swiss restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland offers up a range of traditional dishes with a humorous touch. Its logo features a cartoon cow wearing sunglasses and its slogan is “You Can’t See What You’re Eating”.

18. The Soup Nazi

This is a reference to the famous “Soup Nazi” episode from the hit television show Seinfeld. It could be a great name for a soup restaurant, or any place that takes its food seriously. This resutrant locted in NewYork.

19. The Pig and Whistle

It is a famous resutrant in Unitied kingdom, this name is a lighthearted reference to a classic pub, with pigs being a symbol of gluttony and the whistle being a sign of contentment.

20. The Saucy Chef

This funny restaurant name references the idea of a chef who adds a lot of flavor to his dishes. It could also be interpreted as a chef who is a bit too passionate about what he cooks!


50 Funny Restaurant Names Ideas (List)

1. Bacon Factory 

2. The Sizzling Grill 

3. Spaghetti-O-Mania 

4. Slurp ‘N Burp 

5. The Pizza Den 

6. Tater Town 

7. Waffle Wagon

8.  Fishy Dishy 

9. Sushi Slider

10. Fry Joy 

11. Taco Tequila 

12. The Flaming Grill 

13. The Burger Joint 

14. Wok & Roll 

15. Chicken Chow Mein Palace 

16. Noodle Nirvana 

17. The Nacho Shack 

18. The Hot & Spicy Palace 

19. The Kebab King 

20. The Sloppy Joe Shack 


21. The Grub Hut 

22. Burrito Bunker 

23. Fried Heaven 

24. Clam Shack 

25. The Sushi Bar 

26. The Spicy Grill 

27. The Wing Stop 

28. Taco Mania 

29. Taco Stand 

30. The BBQ Pit 

31. Dumpling Den 

32. Sandwich Shoppe 

33. Pancake Palace 

34. Donut Dive 

35. The Pie House 

36. Jerk Joint 

37. Soup Store 

38. The Sub Shop 

39. The Curry House 

40. Hot Dog Hut 

41. Fajita Factory 

42. The Quesadilla Queen 

43. Ribs & Wings 

44. Salty Snack Shack 

45. The Sizzle Spot 

46. Chowder House 

47. Funky Fries 

48. The Veggie Villa 

49. Falafel Frenzy 

50. Nacho Nook

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