Funny Mexican Restaurant Names

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If you’re a fan of Mexican food, you’ll appreciate these clever and unique Mexican restaurant names. From “Taco Terror” to “The Salsa Bandits,” these restaurants know how to add a little humor to their branding.

But have you ever stopped to wonder how these restaurants come up with their names? Do they brainstorm for hours on end, or do the names just come to them naturally?

Which one is your favorite? Are you drawn to the more playful names, or do you prefer a more traditional approach?

Whatever your preference may be, one thing is for sure: these funny Mexican restaurant names are sure to put a smile on your face and add some levity to your dining experience.

Funny Mexican Restaurant Names

1. The Burrito Palace 

2. The Chimichanga Shack 

3. La Salsa House 

4.  El Camino

5. El Mariachi

6. Taco Tavern 

7. El Queso Diner 

8. Tortilla Town 

9. Churro Shack 

10. Enchilada Emporium 

11. The Nacho Palace 

12. Tamale Den 

13. La Casa de Burritos

14. El Taco Stand 

15. The Huevos Hut 

16. El Pollo Loco 

17. The Jalapeno Joint 

18. La Salsa Salsa

19. Salsa Cantina 

20. Hot Sauce Hut 


21. The Tortilla Tower 

22. Pico de Gallo Palace 

23. Refried Beans Cantina 

24. The Picante Parlor 

25. Fajita Fiesta 

26. La Taqueria 

27. The Chorizo Café 

28. The Mole Mansion 

29. Quesadilla Quarters 

30. The Nacho Nook 


31. Tamale Terrace 

32. Guacamole Galore

33. Burrito Bungalow 

34. Enchilada Café 

35. Tortilla Teahouse 

36. The Jalapeno Junction 

37. Sopa Station 

38. The Elote Express 

39. Chile Con Queso Cantina 

40. The Churro Chalet 

41. The Taco Truck 

42. Chipotle Corner 

43. Barbacoa Bar 

44. Queso Quesadilla 

45. Poblano Parlor 

46. Flautas Factory 

47. Empanada Emporium 

48. The Burrito Bar 

49. Jalapeno Jam

50. Aguachile Arcade 

51. The Taco Tiki 

52. The Gordita Grill 

53. The Chimichurri Corner 

54. Chili Relleno Room 

55. The Nopaleria 

56. Elote Emporium 

57. Tequila Tango

58. The Churrito Café 

59. Pescado Palace 

60. The Mole Motel 

61. Chilaquiles Corner 

62. The Guacamole Garden 

63. The Tamaleria 

64. Churro Delight 

65. Queso Quarters 

66. The Gordita Gallery 

67. The Fajita Fiesta 

68. The Flauta Factory 

69. Chipotle Corner 

70. La Cantina

71. Habanero Hut

72. The Taco Tower 

73. The Enchilada Express 

74. The Pupusa Palace 

75. Churros y Mas

76.  Enchilada Express

77.  Chorizo Chalet 

78. The Huevos Hut 

79. Pico de Gallo Parlor 

80. The Jalapeno Joint

Creative Names for Mexican Restaurant in English

  • The Salsa Shack
  • Fiesta Flavorz
  • La Cocina Mexicana
  • The Burrito Barn
  • Taco Town
  • El Mariachi Grill
  • Sizzling South of the Border
  • Zesty Mexican Cuisine
  • El Nacho Grande
  • The Taco Palace
  • Que Pasa Mexican Kitchen
  • Chimichanga Station
  • Mexico Lindo
  • Mexicali Blues
  • The Mexican Spot
  • El Burrito Express
  • El Jalapeno
  • Fiesta Fiesta
  • Hot Tamale
  • La Casa de Tacos
  • Salsa Fiesta
  • La Familia Cantina
  • Casa de Chili
  • The Burrito House
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Tamale Terrace
  • Tacos-R-Us
  • La Taqueria
  • Fajita Flats
  • El Nacho
  • Guac-a-Mole
  • Margarita Manor
  • Jalapeno Junction
  • Churro Palace
  • Fiesta Cantina
  • Queso-Quesadilla
  • El Verde
  • Chili Cazuela
  • Pico de Gallo
  • La Cocina Mexicana

Cool Mexican Restaurant Names with English Translation

  • El Jardin de los Sabores (The Garden of Flavors)
  • La Casa del Mole (The House of Mole)
  • El Rincón Azteca (The Aztec Corner)
  • La Cocina del Sol (The Kitchen of the Sun)
  • El Gran Café Mexicano (The Great Mexican Café)
  • El Sabor de México (The Flavor of Mexico)
  • El Baile de los Platillos (The Dance of the Dishes)
  • La Fonda de las Flores (The Inn of the Flowers)
  • La Cueva Mexicana (The Mexican Cave)
  • El Paladar Mexicano (The Mexican Palate)
  • Las Fajitas Locas (The Crazy Fajitas)
  • El Sabor de la Tierra (The Flavor of the Land)
  • La Casa del Chile (The House of Chile)
  • El Mariachi (The Mariachi)
  • La Parrilla de los Reyes (The Grills of the Kings)
  • El Rincón de los Milagros (The Corner of Miracles)
  • La Cantina del Corazón (The Cantina of the Heart)
  • El Sabor del Mar (The Flavor of the Sea)
  • La Casa de los Tacos (The House of Tacos)
  • El Paraíso de los Tamales (The Paradise of Tamales)
  • El Sabor de Boca (The Taste of the Mouth)
  • La Cocina de México (The Kitchen of Mexico)
  • Amigos Cocina Mexicana (Friends Mexican Kitchen)
  • El Torrente de Salsas (The Stream of Sauces)
  • Tierra Caliente (Hot Land)
  • La Casa de los Tacos (The House of Tacos)
  • Fuego de Jalapeños (Fire of Jalapeños)
  • El Gusto de los Tostadas (The Taste of the Tostadas)
  • El Corazón de los Frijoles (The Heart of the Beans)
  • La Feria de la Comida Mexicana (The Mexican Food Fair)
  • La Cosecha de los Chiles (The Harvest of the Chiles)
  • La Sombra de los Antojitos (The Shadow of the Snacks)
  • El Oasis de Los Gorditas (The Oasis of the Gorditas)
  • La Fiesta de los Tamales (The Party of the Tamales)
  • Los Sabores del Mariachi (The Flavors of the Mariachi)
  • El Tesoro de los Quesadillas (The Treasure of the Quesadillas)
  • La Cocina del Agave (The Kitchen of the Agave)
  • El Paraíso de los Nachos (The Paradise of the Nachos)
  • Los Colores de los Enchiladas (The Colors of the Enchiladas)
  • El Sabor de la Frontera (The Taste of the Border)

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