Funny Panda Names | 200+ Unique Ideas!

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Funny Panda Names

Ever struggled to find the perfect name for your cuddly panda plushie or perhaps that animated character you’ve been sketching? We’ve all been there, searching for that one name that captures the essence of those adorable black and white creatures.

Dive into our list of whimsical panda names that will not only tickle your funny bone but also resonate with the panda’s true spirit.

Ready to embark on this naming adventure? Let’s make your panda’s name the talk of the town!

Funny Panda Names (With Meaning)

Why Choosing the Right Panda Name Matters

Identity and Recognition

Just as a person’s name gives them an identity, the right name for a big panda or a red panda provides them with a unique identity. Ever noticed how a name can instantly bring an image of that zoo panda munching on bamboo to your mind? That’s the power of a name!

Emotional Connection

Have you ever felt a deeper bond with your pet or a character just because of its name? Naming a hungry panda with a thoughtful name can create a stronger emotional connection between the animal and its caretaker or audience.

Highlighting Characteristics

Names can be descriptive. A wild panda with a playful nature might be aptly named “Bouncy,” while an ultra panda with a majestic aura might be called “Emperor.” Such names give a glimpse into the panda’s personality or appearance.

Enhancing Conservation Efforts

When it comes to conservation, did you know that naming can play a pivotal role? A panda zoo might name a panda to raise awareness about its conservation status. A memorable name can draw more attention to the panda benefits of conservation and the threats they face.

Cultural and Historical Significance

Names can carry the weight of history and culture. For instance, a red panda named after a significant figure or myth can educate people about the cultural stories and legends associated with these adorable creatures.

Funny Panda Names (with Meaning)

1. Chomper (from Ice Age)

This is a reference to the popular animated movie character. Chomper is an aptly-named panda who is always seen with his mouth wide open, ready to gobble up anything that comes his way.

The name given to a panda is quite amusing as it relates to their insatiable hunger and fondness for consuming bamboo. It is also fitting as it is inspired by a well-known animated film, adding to its comical nature.

2. Poppy Panda 

There is something vibrant and big about this panda’s eyes. Poppy Panda is an excellent name for a panda who has big and vibrant eyes.

In addition to being humorous, the term refers to the panda’s natural eye color, which is a bright shade of black and white. It also speaks to the panda’s inquisitive nature and its tendency to take in the world around it.

3. Paddington 

Exploring new places and cultures is one of the things that pandas love to do. This name evokes the panda’s innate curiosity, as it references the character from the famous children’s book series. It is also humorous because it speaks to the panda’s nomadic tendencies and love of venturing into the unknown.

4. Mr. Chow 

Another cuisine-based panda with a hearty appetite for Chinese food.  Mr. Chow is a hilarious name for a panda with a hearty appetite for Chinese food.

This name references the panda’s love of food and its affinity for traditional Chinese cuisine. It is also a great reference to the famous character from the movie series of the same name, which makes the name even funnier.

5. Yogi 

With a heart and interest panda loves to relax and meditate. This funny panda name is based on the love of relaxation and meditation that pandas have.

Yogi is the perfect fit for a panda who loves to take a break and just be. Their calm and peaceful demeanor makes this a great name for a relaxed and zen panda.

6. Professor Panda 

Professor Panda is a fun and witty name for a panda with a love of learning. This name is a play on the idea that pandas are intelligent and enjoy learning, making them ideal for the pursuit of higher education. The name also implies a certain level of maturity and sophistication, which is fitting for a panda that loves learning.

7. Jigsaw 

Jigsaw is a fun and creative name for a panda with a knack for puzzles. This is a great name for a panda that loves to challenge itself with difficult puzzles, as it implies a level of skill and intelligence.

It is also a reminder of how important problem-solving skills are for pandas, as they must use their quick wit and intelligence to survive in the wild.

8. Mochi 

Mochi is a unique and amusing name for a panda that loves the sweet taste of mochi. The name is a regarded to the traditional Japanese dessert which is made of sweet pounded rice and implies that the panda in question is a fan of this sweet treat.

This name is also a reminder of the importance of food for pandas, as their diet primarily consists of bamboo and other plant-based foods.

9. Kung-Fu 

Kung Fu is a funny and clever name for a panda who’s an expert in martial arts. According to tradition, this name is related to the martial arts style which was developed by the Chinese and implies that the panda in question has a high level of skill and discipline. It is also a reminder of the strength and agility of pandas, which has enabled them to survive in the wild for centuries.

10. Su Lin (from the San Diego Zoo)

This is the name of the first panda to ever be brought to the United States, which was sent to the San Diego Zoo in 1936. This name is a reference to the female panda’s Chinese name, which translates to “a little bit of something very cute.”

This name is a fitting tribute to the bravery and resilience of pandas, as Su Lin was the first of her species to be introduced to the west. It is also a reminder of how beloved pandas are around the world, and how they have become an iconic symbol of conservation.

Funny Panda Names Ideas List!

Funny Panda Names Ideas List

1. Shenshu – a panda in Chinese mythology

2. Po – Chinese for “panda”

3. Tofu – Japanese for “bean curd”

4. Wonton – Chinese for “dumpling”

5. Paddington – From the book and movie character

6. Ginko – Japanese for “silver tree”

7. Ching Ching – Chinese for “green”

8. Zao – Chinese for “dry”

9. Panda Express – A popular Chinese food restaurant

10. Wooly – A reference to the fur of a panda

11. Po the Ponderous Panda

12. Belly Bear

13. Ling Ling the Lazy

14. Pandamonium Pete

15. Fang the Fuzzy

16. Picky Peanut

17. Chubby Chomper

18. Groovy Gus

19. Tubby Tog

20. Snoozy Snuggles

21. Pandy (from Winnie the Pooh)

22. Bamboo (Chinese)

23. Ling Ling the Lazy

24. Groovy Gus

25. Tubby Tog

26. Snoozy Snuggles

27. Fang the Fuzzy

28. Picky Peanut

29. The Ponderous 

30. Cake-Pandy

Funny Panda Name Girl 

1. Giggles

2. Fuzzy

3. Poodle doodle

4. Kumari (Hindi)

5. Themis (Greek)

6. Tzu-Tzu (Chinese)

7. Fuggles (English)

8. Peng-Peng (Chinese)

9. Ciara (Irish)

10. Pandy (English)

11. Pani (Polish)

12. Chikita (Spanish)

13. Pangolin (English)

14. Bambu (Italian)

15. Miyuki (Japanese)

16. Pemba (Swahili)

17. Jumba (African)

18. Chang-Chang (Chinese)

19. Petala (Portuguese)

20. Lola (Spanish)

21. Ka-Ka (Chinese)

22. Lang-Lang (Chinese)

23. Kiki (Greek)

24. Ping-Pong (Chinese)

25. Ting-Ting (Chinese)

26. Pooka (Irish)

27. Pemba (Swahili)

28. Mimi (French)

29. Unna (Scandinavian)

30. Kuma (Japanese)

Bored Panda’s Funny Names 

1. Wuzzy Fuzz 

2. Purring Paws 

3. Plushy Fluff 

4. Cuddly Nuzzles 

5. Sweet Pawsome 

6. Prancing Puffball 

7. Squeezy Fuzzy 

8. Fluffy Frolicker 

9. Fuzzy N’ Furry 

10. Wiggly Waggly

11. Panda-monium 

12. Waddling Wink 

13. Cuddly Conehead 

14. Bamboozling Bear 

15. Dapper Dopey 

16. Snuggle Snooker 

17. Boisterous Bouncer 

18. Whimsical Wobble 

19. Slippery Sloth 

20. Groovy Grizzly

21. Wacky Walrus

22. Prankster Penguin

23. Jolly Jellyfish

24. Playful Polar Bear

25. Mischievous Moose

26. Giggle Giraffe

27. Funky Fox

28. Wily Weasel

29. Naughty Narwhal

30. Zany Zebra

Awesome Panda Names 


1. Breezey

2. Blackberry Bun

3. Powderpuff

4. Marshmallow

5. Mr. Pudgy

6. Cloudy

7. Furball

8. Patches

9. Waddles

10. Pudgy Pie

11. Tenderheart

12. Sweetheart

13. Cotton Candy

14. Wiggly Wuzzles

15. Snowdrop

16. Thumper

17. Taffy

18. Spotty

19. Squishy

20. Pansy

21. Domo

22. Little Bear

23. Happy Panda

24. Sunshine

25. Coco Coco

26. Teddy

27. Panser

28. Lovebug

29. Peaches

30. Marshy

Cute Panda Names 

Whether you’re naming a plush toy, a character in a story, or even using these monikers as wifi names for business, a cute panda name can add a touch of charm and whimsy.

Below, you’ll find a list of creative and cute panda names that can be used for various naming purposes, including your wifi network:

  • Splendid Sooty
  • Panda Paw
  • King Boo
  • Bamboo Bear
  • Panda Patch
  • Lively Ling
  • Huggable Huey
  • Pawsome Percy
  • Precious Pete
  • Puddles Puddles
  • Majestic Marley
  • Panda Pal
  • Cloudy Comfort
  • Snuggly Snowdrop
  • Cuddly Cuddles
  • Fizzle Floppy
  • Bouncey Bao
  • Sweet Suki
  • Darling Ding
  • Panda Power
  • Dreamy Daisy
  • Tiptoe Teddy
  • Chubby Chomper
  • Cottontail
  • Fiesty Fang
  • Lovable Lola
  • Fudge Fluffy
  • Wobbly Waffles
  • Joyful Jack
  • Snuggler Snuggles
  • Bamboo Buddy
  • Panda Paws
  • Snuggle Bear
  • CuddlyCub
  • Bamboo Binge
  • Pawsome Panda
  • ChubbyCharm
  • Bumble Bear
  • Snuggly Snowball
  • Panda Pebbles
  • Bamboo Blossom
  • Tumble Teddy
  • Panda Puzzle
  • Whimsy Woo
  • Nibble Nose
  • Fuzzy Fumble
  • Panda Parade
  • BouncyBear
  • Giggly Giant
  • Mellow Muncher
  • Panda Pirouette
  • Bamboo Ballet
  • Cuddle Cubicle
  • Panda Plush
  • Waddle Woo
  • Bamboo Breeze
  • Panda Pancake
  • TickleToe
  • Snuggle Sprout
  • Panda Puff
  • Bamboo Buddy Pro
  • Cuddly Connection
  • Panda Play house
  • Bamboo Bash
  • Pudgy Panda
  • Wiggly Woo
  • Winky Woo
  • Munchy Muffin
  • Playful Pandy
  • Munchy Meadow
  • Playful PandaNet
  • Bumble Bear Biz
  • Snuggly SnowNet
  • Panda Pebbles Link
  • Bamboo Blossom Hub
  • Tumble Teddy
  • Panda Puzzle
  • WhimsyWooWifi
  • Nibble Nose
  • Fuzzy Fumble Firm
  • Panda Parade
  • Bouncy Bear Band
  • Giggly Giant Grid
  • Mellow Muncher Mesh
  • Panda Pirouette
  • Bamboo Ballet Bridge
  • Cuddle Cubicle Cloud
  • Panda Plush
  • Waddle Woo

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