Funny Sword Names (100+ Unique Ideas)

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Funny Sword Names

What do you get when you mix a dash of humor, a sprinkle of wit, and a heap of cutting edges? Yes, you guessed it!

We’re diving into a compilation of funny sword names that’ll tickle your funny bone and possibly inspire fear in your virtual foes. So, prepare to sharpen your wit and unsheathe your laughter as we slash our way through the most hilarious blade monikers ever known.

Funny Sword Names (With Meaning)

Are you ready for a bellyful of chuckles and epic battle moments? Let’s chop through these comical sword names that hold more than just humor. They pack meaning, power, and an irresistible charm that could even make a troll smirk!

1. The Chopper

This sword is the perfect tool for slicing through enemies like a hot knife through butter. It’s sure to provide some comic relief in the heat of battle, as its name implies. Moreover, its sharp edges make it an excellent choice for taking out any pesky foes.

2. Silver Slasher

Any knight in shining armor would be proud to own this sword. Its silvery finish makes it highly visible, and its sharp edges can quickly slice through enemies that get too close to you. It’s great for clearing out large groups of monsters at once.

3. Executioner

There is no need to tell you what this sword does: it executes people. This one just cuts them up. And then it executes them. No wonder it’s named after the Grim Reaper! So, if you’re looking for a blade that will help you dispatch your foes quickly and efficiently, look no further than this sharp and shiny sword.

4. Bloodseeker

If you thought the Executioner was the best sword in the game, this one will definitely have you second guessing. Not only does it give you a huge damage boost, but it also lets you instantly turn into a werewolf and gives you some health regeneration. Despite its use for slaying large groups of monsters at once, remember: being a werewolf too long will cause you to become one!

5. Battle Edge

Any adventurer’s arsenal would benefit from this sword’s abilities. With its sharp edges, this weapon will do serious damage to the enemy, making it an excellent choice for finishing off wounded foes.

7. Slicer of all Evils

This humorous sword name is a play on the phrase “slayer of all evils,” implying that the sword is so powerful it can take on any challenge and succeed. The tongue-in-cheek idea is that even the most powerful evil forces would be no match for this mighty weapon. 

8. Splitter

If you’re looking for a sword that adds a little flair to your battle style, this is the one for you. Despite its name, its unique design makes it a sure-fire hit with any would-be hero because of its ability to slice through any enemy. Additionally, its sharp edges make it an excellent choice for taking out any pesky foes.

9. Divider of Destiny

This is a humorous take on the phrase “divine destiny,” suggesting that the sword is so powerful that it can decide the fate of those who cross its path. The tongue-in-cheek suggestion is that the sword is so powerful that it can even influence someone’s destiny.

10. Cutlass of Courage

Playing off the phrase “sword of courage,” this sword name indicates that anyone who wields it will be courageous and strong. The idea behind this name is that the sword gives its wielder the courage to face any challenge.

Funny Sword Names Ideas List

Funny Sword Names Ideas List

1. Slicer of Souls

2. Biter of Bad Guys

3. Smiter of Foes

4. Chopper of Chaos

5. Knight’s Bane

6. Edge of Eternity

7. Vorpal Dagger

8. Glittering Edge

9. Assassin’s Edge

10. Beheader of Beasts

11. Excalibur

12. Exsanguinator

13. Black Ice

14. Widow Maker

15. Frozen Fury

16. Cutlass of Carnage

17. Steel Storm

18. Shadowblade

19. Mordenkrad

20. Draconic Destroyer

21. Mad Mauler

22. Thunder Blade

23. Golden Lance

24. Splitter of Skulls

25. Slasher of Evil

26. Terror’s Tip

27. Blade of Justice

28. The Howling Sword

29. Dragonslayer

30. Ice Breaker

31. Razor’s Edge

32. Shadow Slasher

33. Biter of Bones

34. Dancer of Death

35. The Unforgiving Sword

36. The Unyielding Sword

37. Flayer of Flesh

38. Dragon’s Tooth

39. Demon’s Bite

40. Avenger

41. Steel Fist

42. Valiant’s Blade

43. Knight’s Shield

44. Infernal Sword

45. Striker of Doom

46. Dark Destroyer

47. Necromancer’s Sword

48. Mystic’s Edge

49.  Vengeful Blade

50. Merciless Blade

51. Guardian’s Sword

52. Swift Blade

53.  Usurper’s Edge

54.  Skull Splitter

55.  Sword of Kings

56. Sword of Power

57. Sword of Triumph

58. Sword of War

59. Sword of Fire

60. Sword of Ice

61. Sword of Vengeance

62. Sword of Fury

63. Sword of Death

64. Sword of Shadows

65. Sword of Light

66. Sword of Truth

67. Sword of Destiny

68. Sword of Doom

69.Sword of Life

70. Sword of Souls

71. Soul Reaper

72. Iron Hand

73. Soul Stealer

74. Demon’s Bane

75. Goblin’s Bane

76. Beast Slayer

77. Dragon Slayer

78. Wolf Slayer

79. Ogre Slayer

80. Demon Slayer

81. Hunter’s Edge

82. Avenger’s Edge

83. Lich’s Edge

84. Slayer of Evil

85. Blade of the Ages

86. Blade of Heroes

87. Blade of Legends

88. Blade of Champions

89. Blade of Immortals

90. Blade of Ancients

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