200+ Funny Names for Christmas Party (Yuletide Chuckles)

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Funny Names for Christmas Party

The Christmas season is known for its joyous and whimsical spirit, and one of the best ways to inject a bit of holiday cheer into any gathering is to dress up with a humorous and festive name.

Whether you’re hosting an office Christmas party, a family gathering or a virtual Christmas hangout, a clever and fun name can help make the event even more enjoyable. 

From puns to pop culture references, there are plenty of creative and silly Christmas party names to choose from.

Our Favorite Funny Names for Christmas Party

Best Funny Names for Christmas Party

1. “Mistle-toes”

This name plays on the word “mistletoe,” which is often associated with kissing during the holiday season.

2. “Jingle Bell Rock”

The name refers to the popular Christmas song “Jingle Bell Rock.”

3. “Nog Off”

Named after the popular holiday drink “eggnog,” which is often enjoyed during the holiday season.

4. “Holly Jolly Hour”

Based on the popular Christmas song “Holly Jolly Christmas,” it’s a year-round event.

5. “Wrap Attack”

This name is a play on the common holiday activity of wrapping presents, which is often done during the holiday season.

6. “Santa-bration”

An acronym for “celebrate,” and a fun way to acknowledge Santa Claus’ presence.

7. “Deck the Halls with Booze and Balls”

Inspired by the Christmas song “Deck the Halls,” this name includes alcohol and games.

8. “Elfing Around”

Elves are a popular holiday figure that is often associated with Santa Claus and his workshop, hence the name.

9. “Sleigh All Day”

This name is a play on the popular Christmas song “Sleigh Ride,” and incorporates the idea of having a fun and festive time at the party.

10. “Frosty’s Fun House”

Taken from Frosty the Snowman, this name illustrates the idea of the party being fun and lively.

11. “Jingle Juice”

Inspired by the popular Christmas song “Jingle Bells,” this name combines drinking with the holiday season.

12. “Tinsel Tinis”

Playing on the popular holiday decoration of tinsel and including the idea of martinis.

13. “Sugar Plumb Fairy-tale”

Based on the popular holiday figure the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker, this party name is meant to invoke a magical and enchanting atmosphere.

14. “Mistletoe Martini Mixer”

This name is a play on the popular holiday tradition of kissing under mistletoe, and incorporates the idea of enjoying martinis at a party.

15. “Candy Cane Cocktail Hour”

A play on the popular holiday candy canes, incorporating the idea of enjoying cocktails.

16. “Gingerbread House Hoedown”

It’s an homage to gingerbread houses and includes the idea of having a lively, energetic atmosphere.

17. “Fleece Navidad”

Taken from the popular Christmas song “Feliz Navidad,” this name symbolizes a cozy, comfortable party.

18. “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice”

Playing off of the popular expression “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, that’s what little girls are made of,” the name incorporates the idea of the party being sweet and enjoyable.

19. “Holly Jolly Jingle Jam”

This name is a play on the popular Christmas.

Christmas Party Funny Names for Adults Ideas List

Christmas Party Funny Names for Adults Ideas List

1. Frosty the Boozing Man

2. The Nutcrackers

3. Christmas Spirits

4. Rudolph’s Red-Nosed Revelers

5. Yule Logs

6. The Jingle Bells

7. Santastic!

8. The Mischievous Elves

9. Joy to the World Warblers

10. The Ho-Ho-Hos

11. Mistle-Tones

12. The Snow Bunnies

13. Deck the Halls with Beverages

14. Caroling with Cocktails

15. The Naughty List

16. The Wassailers

17. The Reindeer Games

18. The Tinsel-Tinis

19. The White Christmas Singers

20. All Wrapped Up

21. The Eggnoggers

Dirty Christmas Party Names

1. Santa’s Naughty Elves

2. Jingle Bell Rockers 

3. Holly Jolly Sinners 

4. Yule Be Sorry 

5. Stocking Full of Coal 

6. Reindeer Games 

7. Naughty and Nice 

8. Vixen’s Vixen’s 

9. Miracle on 34th Streetwalk 

10. Egg Noggers 

11. Party Like a Snowman 

12. Bah Hum-Bug 

13. We Three Kings of Holiday Cheer 

14. Santa’s Sleigh Ride 

15. Fa-La-La-Lawbreakers 

16. Deck the Halls with Booze and Balloons 

17. Naughty or Nice?

18. Reindeer Wranglers 

19. Christmas Tree Trimmers 

20. Mistletoe Mischief Makers

Funny Code Names for Christmas Party

1. The Yule Loggers 

2. Tinsel Tangoers 

3. Nutcracker Dozen 

4. Mistletoe Mavens 

5. Reindeer Reigners 

6. Santa’s Squad 

7. Jingle Bellers 

8. Holiday Hipsters 

9. Festival Feasters 

10. Snowman Soiree 

11. Wrapping Wonders 

12. Christmas Carolers 

13. Noggin Nosh 

14. Wreath Warriors 

15. Gingerbread Goofs 

16. Sleighers 

17. Eggnog Express 

18. Star Gazers 

19. Chimney Climbers 

20. Festive Frolickers

Elegant Christmas Party Names 

An elegant Christmas party name sets the tone for a sophisticated and festive gathering, conjuring images of sparkling lights, refined decorations, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Enchanted Eve
  2. Mistletoe Soirée
  3. Winter Wonderland Gala
  4. Holly Jolly Jubilee
  5. Silver Bells Ball
  6. Festive Fête Elegance
  7. Starlight Celebration
  8. Noel Nightfall
  9. Tinsel Town Affair
  10. Glittering Gala
  11. Snowflake Symphony
  12. Crimson Cheer Gathering
  13. Gilded Gift Gala
  14. Yuletide Elegance
  15. Twilight Tidings
  16. Velvet Vespers
  17. Luminous Holiday Lounge
  18. Poinsettia Promenade
  19. Merriment & Mistletoe
  20. Crystal Christmas
  21. Serenade of Snow
  22. Sapphire Santa Soiree
  23. Radiant Reindeer Reception
  24. Caroling Champagne Night
  25. White Winter Hymnal
  26. Golden Garland Gathering
  27. Evergreen Elegance
  28. Angelic Affair
  29. Pearls and Plaid Party
  30. Frosty’s Formal Feast

How Can You Craft Your Own Hilarious Christmas Party Name?

Creating the perfect, laugh-out-loud name for your Christmas party can be as fun as the party itself!

But how do you strike that fine balance between festive, funny, and fabulous? Let’s unwrap some tips and tricks:

Start with a Spark of Christmas Spirit

Think about what makes Christmas special for you. Is it the twinkling lights, the jolly figure of Santa Claus, or perhaps the joy of unwrapping presents?

Use these images as your starting point. For instance, a name like “Jingle Bell Rockstars” combines the classic Christmas song with a fun, modern twist.

Play with Words

Who doesn’t love a good pun? Puns can be a great way to inject humor into your party name.

How about “Frosty the Dough-man” for a party where Christmas treats are the main attraction? Puns are like the secret sauce – they add that extra zing!

Mix and Mingle with Pop Culture

Why not blend Christmas themes with popular movies, songs, or sayings? Imagine a party named “Yule-tide Avengers.” It’s unexpected, a bit quirky, and sure to get a laugh.

It’s like adding a dash of paprika to a classic recipe – suddenly, it’s exciting and new!

Use Rhetorical Questions

Ever thought about rhetorical questions as conversation starters? A party name like “Who Stole the Christmas Cookies?” not only tickles the funny bone but also sparks curiosity.

It’s like opening a gift – you can’t wait to see what’s inside!

Keep It Simple and Sweet

Remember, the best names are easy to remember and say. “Santa’s Laugh Parade” is simple, but it paints a vivid picture.

It’s like your favorite Christmas jingle – catchy and heartwarming.

Stir in a Dash of Personal Touch

Does your group have an inside joke or a shared experience? Tailoring your party name to reflect your unique bond can make it more meaningful and amusing.

For instance, “The Great Gingerbread Incident of 2023” could be a hilarious nod to a past event everyone remembers fondly.


Funny names for a Christmas party can add a playful and light-hearted atmosphere to the event.

By incorporating popular holiday traditions, figures, and songs, these names can also add a festive and seasonal touch to the party.

Whether it’s “Jingle Juice” or “Frosty’s Fun House,” these funny names can help make any Christmas party a memorable and enjoyable occasion.

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