Funny Gnome Names (100+ Unique Ideas)

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Funny Gnome Names 

Shake off the monotony and brace yourself for a wave of hilarity, as we delve into a universe teeming with whimsy, where garden figurines come to life with names that will get your sides splitting!

Yes, we’re talking about gnome names, and not just any, but the funniest ones that will leave you guffawing. From Gnorbert to Booger Blaster, these little fellows have got more chuckles packed into their tiny frames than a stand-up comedy night.

Funny Gnome Names (With Meaning)

Say hello to the gnomes with quirky personalities that reflect in their names! They are a diverse bunch, spanning from adventure lovers like Gnorbert to nap-enthusiasts like Sleepy Snooze. Each one has its unique charm and persona, making them the heart and soul of the gnome community.

1. Gnorbert the Gnome

Gnorbert is a fun-loving gnome who likes to explore, find adventure, and tell jokes. He’s always the life of the party and loves to make everyone smile. His bright personality, funny hat, and silly goggles are sure to make you giggle!

2. Gammy Gnome

He loves to sing old songs and tell stories to Gammy Gnome, a lovable elderly gnome. He’s always ready to show off his dance moves, too! He can often be seen in the garden, tending to the flowers and humming a tune. So, this name sounds like a fun-loving fellow!

3. Fizzle the fuzzy Gnome

It is no surprise that Fizzles is such an adorable and cuddly gnome, who loves to play and cuddle. He’s always up for an exciting game of tag or hide-and-seek and is always ready to give hugs. His favorite thing to do is get cozy and watch the stars at night.

4. Grub the Goblin Gnome

Laughing is one of Grub’s favorite things to do. He loves playing games with his friends, watching silly videos and singing along to his favorite songs. He also has an excellent sense of humor and loves to make people laugh.

6. Lala the Lucky Gnome

A very lucky girl like Lala has a lot working for her. She loves anything that has to do with being pampered, like taking bubble baths or getting manicures and pedicures. Lala loves wearing pretty clothes and watching cute movies. She can sometimes be found dreaming about her next big adventure.

7. Mama Gnome

Mama is very loving and caring. She likes to spend time with her family, doing fun activities and helping her children with their homework. Her favorite thing to do is sing and dance along to her favorite songs. This is a fun name too because it rhymes with mom!

8. Sleepy Snooze

Despite his best efforts, Sleepy Snooze is consistently sleepy and needs a nap. He’s always yawning and always looking for a place to lay down and rest. He’s never one to be able to stay awake for a long period of time and loves to nap throughout the day.

9. Boingy Boingy Bop

These fun-loving garden creatures have a bouncy nature, which may be reflected in their name. Boingy Boingy Bop is the most appropriate name for a gnome who loves to hop around the garden, full of life and energy. 

10. Bashful Bobby

Known as Bashful Bobby, he hides away and observes the world around him. He’s always watching and learning, but he’s too shy to get involved. He loves to observe and soak up all the knowledge he can, but he’s just too afraid to share what he knows. Everyone loves Bobby, but they understand that he needs his space.

Funny Gnome Names Ideas List

Funny Gnome Names Ideas List

Enter the laugh-out-loud world of gnome naming, where humor is the key ingredient! If you thought the fun was over, you’re wrong. We have another exciting list of humorous names that make your gnome the life of the party, and your garden the center of chuckles and giggles.

1. Chuckles

2. Giggles

3. Silly Bill

4. Grumpy Gus

5. Captain Fuzzybottom

6. Gnita

7. Froofroo

8. Bobble Bumbleroot

9. Professor Pickles

10. Knicknack

11. Mr. Wiggles

12. Pipsqueak

13. Gizmo

14. Clumsy Clive

15. Snerdly

16. Minion

17. Cheeky Charlie

18. Prankster Pete

19. Spunky

20. Chuckles McShine

21. Jolly Jolt

22. Rascal

23. Goofy Gander

24. Booger Blaster

25. Sproingy

26. Silly Sally

27. Mr. Snickerfritz

28. Rambunctious Roger

29. Bouncy Ben

30. Captain Gizmo

31. Captain Wiggles

32. Slappy Stumpy

33. Squiggles

34. Fuzzybottom

35. Zip Zoom

36. Wooly Wobbler

37. Stump Jumper

38. Tic Tac Toe

39. Captain Sproingy

40. Wacky Wally

41. Captain Crackup

42. Chortle

43. Snickerdoodle

44. Mr Tickle

45. Captain Giggles

46. Mumbles

47. Clumsy Clement

48. Loopy Louie

49. Crazy Cooter

50. Mischievous Mike

51. Professor Prankster

52. Pee Wee

53. Squeaky

54. Tickle Trouble

55. Prickly Pete

56. Cha-Cha

57. Goofball

58. Blinky

59. Tom Foolery

60. Goofy Gus

61. Tootles

62. Grimace

63. Clumsy Clyde

64. Scrappy Sam

65. Jazzy Jeff

66. Giggles Galore

67. Sniffles

68. Wobbles

69. Kiko

70. Horsie

71. Lulu

72. Doodles

73. Kooky

74. Quirky

75. Giggle Box

76.  Loopy

77. Dizzy Dean

78.  Lovable Louie

79. Chompers

80. Tiny Tim

81. Mr. Poodle

82.  Bigheads

83. Zipper

84. Looney Tunes

85. Bimbo

86. Cheeseball

87. Tweety

88. Yosemite Sam

89.  Elmer Fudd

90. Road Runner

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