70+ Funny Zombie Team Names [List of Clever and Witty Name]

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Funny Zombie Team Names

Hey, zombie enthusiasts! Are you looking for a way to show off your love for the undead? Why not create a team and participate in some zombie-themed activities like trivia nights, scavenger hunts, or even just for fun? And what’s the best way to make your team stand out from the rest? You guessed it, a clever and funny zombies team name!

A unique and hilarious team name can make your team the talk of the town and show everyone that you’re not just any ordinary team, but a team of zombies enthusiasts. It can also make your team more memorable and help you win those extra points in trivia or scavenger hunts. Trust me, a good team name can make all the difference.

But coming up with a great team name can be tough, especially when it comes to zombies. That’s why we’ve put together a list of funny and unique zombies team name ideas to help you and your team stand out from the crowd.

From “The Walking Bread” to “Zombie Apocalypse Survivors” and “The Dead-icated Team” to “The Undead Squad”, these ideas will help you create the perfect name for your zombies-themed team. Each name is guaranteed to make your team stand out and show off your love for all things zombies.

So whether you’re a hardcore zombies fanatic or just looking for a fun team name, these ideas will help you create the perfect name for your team. So gather your team and let’s get started on creating the ultimate zombies-themed team name.

And remember, have fun with it! A team name should be something that everyone enjoys and can get behind. So don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with something truly unique and hilarious.

So what are you waiting for? Get your team together and let’s get ready to show off our love for the undead with the perfect zombies team name. Happy hunting!

Funny Zombie Team Names 

1. Brainless Bunch

This fun zombie team name is a playful jab at the lack of brains usually associated with zombies. It’s a humorous way to show that even though zombies may lack intelligence, they still have plenty of heart.

2. Undead Upstarts

An upstart is someone who is new to something or is starting something for the first time. The “undead” part is a funny reference to the undead status of zombies.

3. Wobbling Wreckers

In honor of zombies’ staggered gait, this team name is lighthearted and humorous. It’s a good way to acknowledge their signature zombie shuffle while still keeping it humorous.

4. Ghastly Gluttons

As zombies are constantly hungry, this team name makes a funny pun. It’s a silly nod to the zombie appetite without going overboard on the gross-out factor.

5. Putrid Plodders

For the most part, zombies move slowly. A plodder is someone who goes at a slow pace, and the name is also a reference to how zombies move. This team name is tongue-in-cheek in reference to the slow but steady zombie approach.

6. Cackling Carnivores

Carnivores eat meat and they are typically associated with the carnivorous animal kingdom. As zombies are the opposite of living creatures, this team name fits them well. The name is lighthearted and humorous without being too offensive.

7. Reanimated Rascals

Another one that’s pretty self-explanatory. This team name is inspired by the undead reanimating after their first kill. It’s a fun way to bring some humor into a game like a football, where you can get a little bit of schadenfreude from watching a player who was once a living being now dead.

8. Biting Buggie

Buggies are small, light vehicles often used for transportation. This team name is a playful nod to the size of the buggies while being a bit tongue-in-cheek since zombies do bite.

9. Haunting Horrors

Horror movie names like this are the stuff of horror movies. Zombies are known for being scary and terrifying, so this team name acknowledges that in the zombie genre.

10. Creepy Crawlers

Because zombies are slow and creepy, this team name is perfect to describe their creepiness. Therefore, this team name will be a compliment to the other players on the field by showing them that the opposing team has some very creepy members.

11. Spooky Spuds

Potatoes have been spooked into taking on an unusual attitude, thus the team name. They no longer act like spuds in the way they usually would, which makes them look very scary.

12. Brain Civilians

Despite the name of the team, it suggests these zombies are on a mission to protect the brains of their fellow citizens from the zombie hordes. It’s a humorous way to suggest that these zombies are actually heroes in disguise.

13. Double Tap Club

It’s an allusion to the killing tactic of taking two shots at a zombie to ensure it’s really dead. By doing this, the zombies on this team are showing that they can take no chances against zombies.

 12. Shufflers

The name is meant to convey how this team plays as if they are in a trance, shuffling aimlessly and not even noticing the other players on the field. The name also refers to the team’s habit of constantly shuffling their cards during play.

13. Big Bosses

A nod to the fact that the players who play for this team are the biggest bosses around. They’re also the leaders of the team and are in charge of what goes on while they’re away.

14. Wrecking Crew

Buildings are destroyed by its members, making it the most destructive squad on the field. The name is an allusion to the destructive power of the team and the fact that it will leave the opposition with nothing.

15. Brain Dump Squad

A team like this will be composed of players whose brains will be used by the rest of the squad. As such, they’ll be discarded when the time comes to call on them again.

16. Fatal Attraction Squad

The team’s name implies its intention of getting close to its opponents to attack them, and if possible, kill them.

17. Nail Biters

Players on this team will cause the opposition great pain. They’re also very focused and determined, and they don’t let anything stop them from doing their best.

18. Sickness Squad

Zombies on this team are infected with a disease that causes them to act in strange and even violent ways. So, this team of zombies is a little bit crazy!

19. Skeleton Crew

They are still capable of walking and talking as they are made up of skeletal remains. Their intent is to spread their ghastly infection! They are the ghastly remnants of those who have succumbed to the zombie virus.

20. Deadly Dozen

It consists of swords, guns, and explosives, all deadly weapons. Their intent is to take down the opposition in short order.

Cool Zombie Team Names

1. Undead Revolution

2. Zombie Annihilators

3. Brain Eaters

4. Flesh Feeders 

5. Rotting Revenants

6. Dead Enders

7. Living Corpses

8. Dead Risers

9. Graveyard Gang

10. Hollywood Stars

11. Corpses of Doom

12. Flesh Eaters

13. Undead Legion

14. Lurkers 

15. Zombie Horde

16. Unholy Undead

17. Abominations 

18. Morbid Mob 

19. Soulless Ones

20. Gangsters

21. Scavengers 

22. Flesh Seekers

23. Unholy Cult

24. Dead Risers

25. Bloodsuckers

26. Doomsday Dead 

27. Grim Reapers

28. Dead Souls

29. Zombie Apocalypse 

30. Bloodthirsty Undead

Clever Zombie Names

1. “Walking Deadheads”

2. “Zombies of the Caribbean”

3. “Undead Uprising”

4. “Brain Busters”

5. “Apocalypse Survivors”

6. “Dead-icated Team”

7. “Undead Squad”

8. “Walking Bread”

9. “Corpses Crew”

10. “Dead Nation”

11. “Brain Eaters”

12. “Undead and Loving It”

13. “Shambling Dead”

14. “R Us”

15. “Dead Reckoning”

16. “Walking Wounded”

17. “Survivalists”

18. “Undead Avengers”

19. “Shuffling Corpses”

20. “Necrotic Ninjas”

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