350+ Funny Squid Names (Cool & Hilarious)

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Funny Squid Names

Get ready to meet the most hilarious squad under the sea: our collection of funny squid names! 

These quirky, charming names are perfect for your aquatic friends and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 

From inky escapades to tentacle tales, each name is a splash of fun in the ocean of creativity. 

You won’t believe the playful and witty names we’ve got lined up for you. 

It’s time to add a wave of laughter to your day with names that are as delightful and bubbly as the creatures themselves. 

It’s time to splash into this sea of giggles and find the perfect name for your squid pal.

Best Funny Squid Names (with Meaning)

Let’s dive into the ocean of humor with our top 20 funny squid names. 

Each name here isn’t just a label; it’s a tiny story, a burst of laughter waiting to be shared. 

So, here we go, exploring the quirky side of our tentacled friends:

1. Squidward’s Cousin

Not quite the grumpy character from Bikini Bottom, but has that artistic flair!

2. Inky Dinky 

This little squid leaves a trail of ink and giggles wherever it goes.

3. Squiggle McTentacles

Always found doodling in the sand, this squid is an underwater artist.

4. Captain Calamari

Aye, aye! Here’s the squid that thinks it’s steering the ship.

5. Blinky

With eyes that could outshine headlights, Blinky is always the center of attention.

6. Sir Squish-a-Lot

Nobility in squishiness, this squid is the softest in the sea.

7. Doodle Bob 

Not just a scribble, this one’s a masterpiece in motion.

8. Twisty Turvy 

Loves doing somersaults and backflips, the acrobat of the ocean.

9. Ziggy Stardust

A starry-eyed squid with a flair for the dramatic.

10. Noodle Arms

Its tentacles are as wiggly and unpredictable as overcooked spaghetti.

11. Sushi’s Nightmare

Fast and elusive, this squid is every sushi chef’s challenge.

12. Wanda Whoosh

Speeding through the water, leaving a trail of bubbles and laughter.

13. Ink Floyd

Known for its psychedelic ink patterns, it is a true artist of the sea.

14. Squidly Diddly

Always up to some mischief, the prankster of the deep blue.

15. Octo-Punk

The rebel of the ocean, breaking all the underwater norms.

16. Kraken Kiddo 

Small but mighty, this squid has big dreams of legendary status.

17. Bubble Buddy

Loves blowing ink bubbles and watching them float away.

18. Tentacle Tango

A dancer at heart, swirling and twirling through the water.

19. Squid Vicious

The rockstar of the reef, known for its bold and brash antics.

20. Inkbert Einstein 

The brainiac of the bunch, solving mysteries of the deep.

Funny Squid Names Ideas List

funny squid names ideas

Embark on a journey through a sea of laughter with these 30 uniquely funny squid names. 

We have designed each name to capture the essence of humor and whimsy, perfect for those who enjoy a good laugh.

1. Inky McFast

2. Squishy Doodles

3. Wobble Winks

4. Giggles McFloat

5. Blinky Inkster

6. Twirls McSquirt

7. Splashy McSwirl

8. Jiggly Puffin

9. Swirly Whirly

10. Glowy McShine

11. Zippy Tentacles

12. Squirtle McSplash

13. Wiggly Jiggly

14. Floaty McDrift

15. Squirty Twirl

16. Bubbly Inkwell

17. Swishy McSwim

18. Dazzle Squizzle

19. Fizzy McSquish

20. Twinkle Inkspot

21. Squiggly Wiggly

22. Puffy McSquid

23. Swashy McSquirt

24. Sparkle Fin

25. Squishy McWobble

26. Doodle McSwish

27. Swirly McTwist

28. Glimmer Tentacle

29. Squishy McBubble

30. Ripple McSquiggle

Funny Puns Squid Names

Get ready for a sea of chuckles with these 30 uniquely crafted squid pun names. 

Each name combines playful aquatic themes with clever wordplay, perfect for those who love a good laugh with their oceanic interests.

1. Tent A Ckle

2. Ink Topedia

3. Cala Marvellous

4. Squish Prin

5. Ink Spiration

6. Ten Tickler

7. Squid Addle

8. Ink Witty

9. Squishful Thinking

10. Ink Ognito Mode

11. Squid Pro Joe

12. Inky Dible

13. Squid Nificant

14. Sushi Roller

15. Squidilicious

16. Ink Thusiast

17. Squidly Do

18. Ink Tuition

19. Squid Napper

20. Inky Twist

21. Squid Ease

22. Ink Ounter

23. Squid Tastic

24. Inky Pinky

25. Squid Shift

26. Inkling Doodle

27. Squidoo Vista

28. Inky Pedia

29. Squid Sync

30. Inkredibly Fast

Funny Male Squid Names

Male Squid

With these 30 funny squid names, you can embark on a journey of humor. 

These names are crafted to bring a chuckle, perfectly suited to those playful and charismatic male squids.

1. Inky Ivan

2. Bubbles Bob

3. Wiggles Walter

4. Slinky Sam

5. Gooey Gary

6. Swirls Scott

7. Jetty Jake

8. Ziggy Zack

9. Splashy Steve

10. Twister Tom

11. Glowy Glenn

12. Squiggles Sean

13. Blotchy Ben

14. Swishy Sid

15. Dotty Dan

16. Ripple Rick

17. Squiggle Shane

18. Flashy Frank

19. Swirly Saul

20. Inky Ian

21. Jumpy Jim

22. Swishy Simon

23. Doodle Doug

24. Blotchy Bill

25. Twirly Tony

26. Swirly Stan

27. Gooey Greg

28. Squirty Seth

29. Inky Isaac

30. Jolly Jerry

Funny Female Squid Names

For those seeking whimsical and humorous names for their female squid, this list offers a delightful array of choices. 

It is the perfect way to give these fascinating sea creatures a playful look, as each of their names is infused with a sense of fun and personality.

1. Squiggly Sue

2. Inky Iris

3. Bubbly Bella

4. Swirly Sally

5. Glitter Gail

6. Dotty Daisy

7. Twirly Tina

8. Slinky Sarah

9. Gooey Grace

10. Wavy Wendy

11. Sparkle Sophie

12. Jiggly Jane

13. Squishy Sierra

14. Swishy Samantha

15. Ripple Rosie

16. Twinkle Tabitha

17. Glimmer Gloria

18. Squiggle Savannah

19. Blotchy Betty

20. Swirly Shirley

21. Inky Isabella

22. Jolly Jill

23. Doodle Donna

24. Squirty Sylvia

25. Flashy Fiona

26. Squishy Stephanie

27. Swishy Selena

28. Inky Ivy

29. Jumpy Jessica

30. Gooey Gabriella

Pet Squid Names

pet squid names

Choosing a name for your pet squid can be as fun and playful as the creature itself. 

Ensure your aquatic friend has a name that reflects its personality and charm with this collection of 30 pet squid names.

1. Squish

2. Inkwell

3. Bloop

4. Squirty

5. Blot

6. Swirl

7. Glint

8. Squig

9. Flicker

10. Dabble

11. Swish

12. Glimmer

13. Puddle

14. Ripple

15. Wobble

16. Flit

17. Splash

18. Squirtle

19. Zigzag

20. Tint

21. Whirl

22. Swoosh

23. Drip

24. Twirl

25. Skim

26. Flip

27. Swivel

28. Drizzle

29. Squirtz

30. Shimmer

Giant Squid Names

Giant squids are creatures of mystery and majesty, inspiring awe with their impressive size and elusive nature. 

Naming a giant squid calls for creativity and a sense of grandeur. 

Here’s a list of 30 giant squid names, each chosen to capture the essence of these magnificent sea giants in a fun and unique way.

1. Leviathan

2. Kraken

3. Goliath

4. Titan

5. Behemoth

6. Colossus

7. Neptune

8. Poseidon

9. Oceanus

10. Megalodon

11. Atlas

12. Hercules

13. Titanus

14. Gigantor

15. Monstro

16. Abyss

17. Deep Blue

18. Moby

19. Nereus

20. Triton

21. Orca

22. Thalassa

23. Cetus

24. Aquarius

25. Mariner

26. Nautilus

27. Pacificus

28. Atlantica

29. Oceanica

30. Mare

Good Squid Names

Good Squid Names

Selecting a name for your squid can be a delightful process, reflecting the unique and fascinating nature of these sea creatures. 

Whether you’re looking for something cute, clever, or just plain fun, this list of 30 good squid names offers a variety of choices to suit any squid’s personality.

1. Squidly

2. Inky

3. Squeak

4. Bubbles

5. Squirt

6. Wiggles

7. Splash

8. Squishy

9. Blot

10. Swish

11. Glider

12. Flick

13. Dabble

14. Skim

15. Ripple

16. Swirl

17. Twinkle

18. Glimmer

19. Puddle

20. Flipper

21. Squiggle

22. Tinker

23. Whirl

24. Swoop

25. Drift

26. Zigzag

27. Flit

28. Shimmer

29. Sparkle

30. Float

Unisex Squid Names

When it comes to naming a squid, opting for a unisex name can be a charming and versatile choice. 

These names are suitable for any squid, regardless of gender, and each one brings its unique flavor of fun and whimsy. 

We’ve compiled a list of 30 amusing and adaptable unisex squid names.

1. Squiggle

2. Blinky

3. Splash

4. Wavy

5. Inky

6. Swirl

7. Doodle

8. Flicker

9. Ziggy

10. Slinky

11. Spark

12. Puff

13. Glimmer

14. Twirl

15. Skippy

16. Flip

17. Squirt

18. Bounce

19. Ripple

20. Tickle

21. Whimsy

22. Glint

23. Swish

24. Blot

25. Swoosh

26. Drizzle

27. Squish

28. Dazzle

29. Twinkle

30. Flit

Cute Squid Names

cute squid names

Choosing a name for a squid can be a delightful endeavor, especially when looking for something that captures their adorable and endearing qualities. 

The list below includes 30 cute names for squids that bring out their charm and whimsy.

1. Squish

2. Bubbles

3. Wiggles

4. Squirt

5. Giggles

6. Twinkles

7. Puddles

8. Slinky

9. Doodles

10. Fizzy

11. Snuggles

12. Fluffy

13. Sparky

14. Squiggles

15. Nibbles

16. Jiggly

17. Toots

18. Wobbles

19. Cuddles

20. Blinky

21. Zigzag

22. Skippy

23. Swishy

24. Dippy

25. Floppy

26. Pippy

27. Swoosh

28. Tappy

29. Zippy

30. Poppy

Famous Squid Names

Infusing a bit of celebrity flair into the naming of squids, this list offers a whimsical take on famous names. 

Taking inspiration from well-known characters and personalities, these 30 names were created to fit the playful, charismatic nature of squids.

1. OctoPacino

2. Squidra Bullock

3. CalaMarlon Brando

4. Tentacle Turner

5. Kraken DeGeneres

6. Squill Gates

7. Octavia Butler

8. Squidman Freud

9. CephaloPaul McCartney

10. Squidra Winfrey

11. Tentacle Eastwood

12. Squidgar Allan Poe

13. Kraken King Jr.

14. OctoMom

15. Kraken Obama

16. Squidra Angelou

17. Tentacle Swift

18. Squidgar Degas

19. OctoLennon

20. Squidra Kahlo

21. OctoStreisand

22. Kraken Spielberg

23. Squidman Rushdie

24. Octavia Spencer

25. Squilliam Dafoe

26. Kraken Phoenix

27. Squidman Hawking

28. OctoClooney

29. Squidrick Lamar

30. Kraken Rowling

Beyond the Humor: The Significance of Squid Names in Marine Lore

historic squid

“Did you know that the names we give to squids stretch far beyond just a chuckle? They’re a dive into the deep blue of marine lore and culture.” 

This opening might surprise you, but squid names hold more significance than meets the eye. They’re not just labels; they’re a reflection of our connection with the ocean’s mysteries.

A Glimpse into Oceanic Traditions

In many coastal cultures, sea creatures like squids aren’t just fauna; they’re symbols of the sea’s vast and untamed nature. 

Naming them is a practice steeped in respect and awe. According to Greek mythology, the Kraken, a giant squid-like creature, represented the sea’s power and unpredictability. 

When we name squids, whether humorously or seriously, we’re participating in an age-old human tradition of trying to understand and personify the ocean.

The Science Behind the Name

It’s not all mythology and folklore, though. The scientific community often uses names as tools for identification and classification. 

Occasionally, these names are inspired by cultural lore, though. For example, the scientific name of a giant squid, Architeuthis dux, translates to ‘ruling squid,’ echoing its legendary status. 

This blend of science and story adds a layer of richness to our understanding of these creatures.

Squids in Business and Branding

The business has used squid names creatively for branding.

From ‘Squid Labs’ to ‘Ink Inc.’, these names are catchy, and memorable, and often reflect the innovative and fluid nature of the companies they represent. 

They symbolize adaptability and intelligence, qualities that squids embody.

Emotional Connection Through Naming

We forge a personal connection when we name a squid, whether in an aquarium or in literature. 

It’s a small acknowledgment that this creature, often perceived as alien and otherworldly, has a place in our world. 

Names like ‘Inky’ or ‘Mr. Tentacles might bring a smile, but they also subtly remind us of our fascination and affection for the mysteries of the deep.

The Ripple Effect of a Name

The naming of a squid ripples across many aspects of our lives, from science and culture to business and personal relationships.

They carry the weight of legends, the precision of science, and the warmth of our interactions with the natural world.

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