Funny Swimming Pool Names (100+ Cool Ideas)

Funny Swimming Pool Names 

Prepare to dive into a sea of hilarity as we take you on a whimsical tour of our very own ‘Pool-arium’! Brace yourself to be swept off your feet (quite literally) as you navigate through the ocean of names we’ve compiled for your swimming pool.

Get ready to float in a whirlpool of humor, creativity, and coolness as we splash you with the funniest, coolest, and downright awe-inspiring names that’ll make your swimming pool the talk of the town. So grab your floaties, put on that sunblock, and let’s dive right in.

Funny Swimming Pool Names (With Meaning)

“Looking for a splash of humor to go with your splash of summer fun? Our list of funny swimming pool names will have your guests giggling as they dive into the clear blue (or Pool-Tanic, or Splash-a-lot!). Enjoy our selection of hilarious names that bring a wave of laughter to the party!”

1. Pool-Tanic

This one is pretty obvious – a pun on the famous Titanic ship. It’s an excellent name for any pool that’s trying to be a bit silly, or even a bit daring! The Pool-Tanic could be a pool that has all kinds of wild and unexpected features, like a deep-end that takes you on a wild ride, or a zero-gravity pool experience.

2. Splash-alot

A pool like this can keep the whole family entertained with plenty of activities. You could use this name for a pool that offers a variety of slides, diving boards, and other fun water features. It could be a great way to let everyone know that it’s the place to be for a fun and wet time!

3. Swimming-eese

This one is suitable for a pool that has a lot of shallow areas and a lot of fun activities. It could also be used to describe a pool that is suitable for kids. This is because they can play in shallow areas without having to worry about getting too deep.

4. Chlorine-ator

Those who prefer a clean, safe pool will appreciate this name, which is suitable for a pool with a lot of chlorine. It could also be used to let people know that the pool is well-maintained and is an ideal place to spend time in the water.

5. Pool-ation

Use this name if you want to convey the sense that there are many activities available at the pool, such as swimming lessons, waterskiing, and more. This could also be an effective way to describe a place where people can just relax and enjoy their time in the water.

6. Slip-and-Slide

The name slip and slide makes it sound like there will be some obstacles in the way, but this is definitely not the case. It is used for an easy-to-use swimming pool where the water flows smoothly over the top.

7. Oceanaut

A very worthy choice for those who love the ocean and all its majestic creatures. This clever name combines the words ‘ocean’ and ‘astronaut’, capturing the sense of exploration and adventure that comes with swimming in the pool.

8. Sea of Dreams

As though entering a magical realm of dreams, this funny pool name invokes feelings of wonder and enchantment. Pools that are located in secluded areas will benefit from this name, as it creates an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

9. Pool-Palooza

There will be something for everyone to enjoy at Pool-Palooza, and people are sure to have an enjoyable time. Because this funny swimming pool name is appropriate for a pool that has a lot of activities and attractions. It is also an appropriate name for a pool that is known for its lively atmosphere, as it suggests that the pool is always a pleasant place to be.

10. Water Fun-Plex

Swimming pool owners who want their pools to be fun might love this name. There will be a lot of fun stuff happening at the Water Fun-Plex, and everyone can enjoy themselves. Moreover, this funny swimming pool name is suitable for a pool that offers lots of water activities.

Funny Swimming Pool Names Ideas List

Funny Swimming Pool Names

Wanna add a chuckle to your dip? Give your watering hole an upgrade with these hilarious swimming pool names. From ‘Floatie McFloatface’ to ‘Watery Wrecks’, it’s laughter at every length of the pool.

1. Floatie McFloatface

2. Aquatic palace

3. Aqua-holics Anonymous

4. Big Splash

5. Wavepool Wonderland

6. Wet Spot

7. Pool Party Palace

8. Splish Splashin’

9. Submerged for Life

10. Wading in the Shallows

11. AquaCapades

12. The Deep End Dive

13. Wet ‘n Wild 

14. Watery Wrecks

15. Aqua Adventures

16. Swimming Hole

17. Lazy River 

18. Hydrotherapy Heaven

19. Aqua-Lungers

20. Lap Swimmers Anonymous

21. Slippery When Wet

22. Watery Abyss

23. Aqua Zoo

24. Spherical Swim

25. Dive In

26. Ocean of Fun

27. Aqua-natics

28. Wacky Water World

29. Clear Coast

30. Ripple Effect

31. Splash Zone

32. Soaking Place

33. Fluid Dynamics

34. Dive Bar

35. Laps and Laughs

36. Funtown Pool

37. Big Dip

38. Drowning In Fun

39. Slippery Slope

40. Blue Lagoon

Cool Swimming Pool Names

Looking for a pool name that’s more ‘chill’? Dive headfirst into our list of cool swimming pool names. Get ready to float in the ‘Aquatic Oasis’ or relax in the ‘Chlorinated Getaway’. Totally refreshing.

1. Aquatic Oasis

2. Paradise Pool

3. Plunge

4. Raging River

5. Water Park

6. Chlorinated Getaway

7. Crystal Waters

8. Splashdown Park

9. Ocean view

10. Suburban Oasis

11. Well

12. Tidal Pool

13. Little Swimmers Paradise

14. Fishbowl

15. Swim Haven

16. Refreshing Blue

17. Wavepool

18. Tidal Wave 

19. Shoreline Swimming

20. Swim Zone

21. Surfside Pool

22. Wavy Waters

23. The Big Blue

24. Neptune’s Palace

25.  Hot Tub

26. Waterfall Retreat

27. Water Wonderland

28. Sea Breeze

29. Summer Splash

30. Aqua Vista

31. Deep Blue

32. Wave Wading

33. Aqua Haven

34. Sea Shells

35. Seascape Swimming

36. Underwater Paradise

37. H2Oasis

38. Crystal Clear

39. Aqua Oasis

40. Float Fest