Funny Tiny House Names (100+ Cool Ideas)

Funny Tiny House Names 

Ladies and Gentlemen, roll up, roll up! We have a main event you simply won’t believe. A veritable smorgasbord of the tiniest, the funniest, the cutest, and the most peaceful tiny house names you could ever imagine!

No, it’s not a joke, it’s not a dream, it’s your definitive guide to Tiny House Nomenclature! So, sit back, prepare to laugh and say “awww”, and welcome to our fabulous cavalcade of tiny house titillations.

Funny Tiny House Names

Funny Tiny House Names (With Meaning)

Got your giggle pants on? Fantastic! Here, we’re going to explore the whimsical world of tiny houses. We’re diving headfirst into the absurd, the punny, the ironically grandiose! These aren’t just chuckle-worthy names for your tiny castle, oh no, these are conversational pieces, badges of honor in the vast sea of tiny home living. Each name is a testament to the endless creativity and humor that comes with small-space living. So let’s jump into the riotous realm of funny tiny house names!

1. Igloo House

A house that’s cozy and small would benefit from this funny tiny house name. You can imagine living in a warm, snug little igloo surrounded by snow. Also, living in an igloo would give you a unique view of the outside world from the inside.

2. Little Big House

This tiny house name is all about contrast. Despite its small size, this house feels big and spacious because of its clever design and clever use of space. It’s also easy to see that the house has been thoughtfully designed to meet the owner’s needs.

3. Ho-Ho House

Who said you need a lot of space for a house? This funny house name proves you can live in a tiny home on a tight budget. A ho-ho house is small but it’s got heart and character. And who says you need to be rich to have a nice house? This tiny house has character, charm and style.

4. Nook

This tiny house name is all about coziness. The Nook is a little corner of the world where you can curl up with a good book and relax in peace and quiet. Whether it’s a tiny studio apartment or a tiny house, The Nook is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

5. Tin Can House

A tin can house is a small but sturdy structure that can be used as both a shelter and shelter for outdoor gear. It’s super cheap but made out of high quality materials, so it will last for years. The tin can house also provides a lot of storage space, making it a great option for people living in small spaces or on the go. A fun design choice is to paint the exterior of your tin can house however you want.

6. Tiny Tower

This name speaks for itself. The Tiny Tower would be a miniature version of a tower, with a small footprint and a big impact. It would provide big benefits in terms of saving energy and resources, while still being a cozy and comfortable place to live.

7. Shell House

A shell house is basically a tiny home built within a regular house, making it more durable and safer. This home is ideal for people living in rural areas as they can move around without too much worry about their home. The home can be expandable, providing extra space where the need arises. Ideal name for tiny house, right?

8. Thimble

If you love Monopoly, this tiny home is the perfect fit. It’s a fun and whimsical home that will make you feel like you’re playing the board game in real life. Its cozy interior and small size will make you feel like you’re living in a giant thimble!

9. Tiny Cessna

This tiny home is actually a small airplane! And it’s one of the smallest planes on the market. This home could hold only two people, and comes with its own enclosed cockpit which has a bed, a closet, and a storage space.

10. Lilliput

This funny tiny home is named after the race of tiny people featured in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. If you want to experience living in a fairy tale, this place is the perfect place for you!

Funny Tiny House Names Ideas List

Funny Tiny House Names Ideas List

What’s in a name? Well, in the case of tiny houses, a name can be a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek reflection of the home’s size, style, or even its owner’s personality. Brace yourself for the journey into the depths of humorous and meaningful tiny house appellations.

1. Little Hut of Fun

2. Tumbleweed Towers

3. Pint-Sized Palace

4. Mini Mansion

5. Nano Nest

6. Small Shack of Joy

7. Tiny Terrific

8. Itty Bitty Bungalow

9. Mini Manor

10. Shrunken Shack

11. Smallville

12. Micro Manor

13. Wee Wonder

14. Thimblehold

15. Tiny Townhouse

16. Petite Pad

17. Mini Mansion

18. Teeny Cottage

19. Nano Nest

20. Mighty Little Mansion

21. Smaller Smalls

22. Little Luxury

23. Pocket Palace

24. Itty Bitty Bungalow

25. Tiny Tower

26. Charming Chateau

27. Lilliputian Lodge

28. Small Space

29. Mini Mansion

30. Tiny Abode

Peaceful Tiny House Names 

Sssh, do you hear that? It’s the soothing whisper of peaceful tiny house names, each one a tranquil oasis in the clamor of the big, wide world. These names are imbued with serenity and quietude, transporting you to a world where the hustle and bustle are but distant memories.

1. Sunrise Cottage

2. Cozy Cabin

3. Nestled Nook

4. Lakeside Retreat

5. The Hideaway

6. River Rock Haven

7. Tranquil Treehouse

8. Wilderness Lodge

9. Oceanic Oasis

10. Mountain Meadows

11. Heavenly Hideaway

12. Happy Haven

13. Autumn Cottage

14. Sunshine Sanctuary

15. Starry Skies

16. Nature’s Retreat

17. Valley View

18. Forest Paradise

19. Sweet Solitude

20. Meadow Vista

21. Sandstone Sanctuary

22. The Bungalow

23. Alpine Abode

24. Rustic Refuge

25. Summer Getaway

26. Woodland Haven

27. Garden of Eden

28. Lakeside Haven

29. Quiet Cove

30. Paradise Point

Cute Tiny House Names

Cute Tiny House Names

These cute tiny house names are brimming with affection, warmth, and a dash of playfulness. It’s not just about diminutive dimensions here, these names are about creating a sense of belonging and comfort that’s as snug as a bug in a rug. Hold on to your heartstrings, as we dive into this endearing world of cute tiny house names!

1. Little Dreamer

2. Home Sweet Home

3. Honey Hut

4. Bungalow

5.  Roost

6. Tiny Timbers

7. Love Shack

8. Wee Escape

9. Abode

10. Farmhouse

11. Oasis

12. Dreamcatcher

13. Getaway

14. Nest

15. Cozy Corner

16. Hideout

17. Chateau

18. Nestery

19. Escape

20. Cute Crib

21. Posh Pod

22. Haven

23. Little Acorn

24. Refuge

25. Little Castle

26. Little House on the Prairie

27. Tiny Paradise

28. Hidey Hole

29. Little Gem

30.Mini House