Funny Sausage Names (Cute, Fancy & Related Slang Ideas)

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Funny Sausage Names

Did you know that sausages are one of the oldest and most popular processed foods in the world? From ancient Roman times to modern-day barbecues, people have been enjoying sausages in countless ways for centuries.

But did you also know that sausages can be incredibly funny? Yes, you heard that right – we’re talking about Funny Sausage Names!

From cute and creative to fancy and sophisticated, there are plenty of humorous and clever names for your favorite sausages. And let’s not forget about the slang-inspired names that will make you laugh out loud.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at unique Sausage Names and provide you with some cute, fancy, and related slang ideas that will make your next sausage dish a hilarious hit. So get ready to spice up your menu and your sense of humor – it’s time to explore the world of sausage names!

Funny Sausage Names

1. Sizzlin’ Swagger

This sausage is sure to give you a boost of confidence with every bite! It has a bold flavor and a unique texture that will have you swaggerin’ around the kitchen. The Sizzlin’ Swagger will leave you feeling like the king of the grill!

2. Snappy Snapshot

Snappy snapshot is a flavorful work of art. Every bite is a unique combination of succulent spices and savory seasonings. The Snappy Snapshot is sure to capture your taste buds with every bite!

3. Grillin’ Groove

Grillin’ Groove sausage is the perfect choice for any cookout. It’s juicy, flavorful, and has a satisfying snap. Every bite will have your taste buds dancing with delight! Grillin’ Groove sausage is made with only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. It’s seasoned with a unique blend of spices, giving it an irresistible flavor that will have your guests coming back for more. Plus, the perfect texture ensures that you get the perfect bite every time.

4. Frankie Furter

This funny sausage name is a play on the famous character from the 1975 movie classic, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” In the movie, the character of Dr. Frankenfurter is an outrageous scientist who creates a man-made creature from various body parts. It captures the spirit of the movie by implying that the sausage is a creation of some mad scientist. It’s sure to make people laugh when they see it on the menu!

5. Banger Ranger

It is a fun twist on the classic “Ranger” moniker, which is often used to describe someone brave and adventurous. By adding the word “Banger,” it implies that this sausage is a true wild card, ready to add a little spice to your meal. It’s sure to make your guests smile as they bite into this delicious sausage!

6. Wiener Whisperer

An amusing play on words is the name of this sausage “horse whisperer,” which is someone who can soothe an agitated horse. In the same way, this sausage will be able to whisper its delicious flavor into the taste buds of your guests. It’s sure to be a hit with any sausage-loving crowd!

7. Bangerific

Sausage names like this are perfect for a wide range of meat products, from bangers to breakfast links. It combines ‘banger’ with ‘fantastic’, letting everyone know that whatever type of sausage you have, it’s going to be delicious. Whether you’re cooking up a big batch for a party or just a quick snack, this name is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

8. Sizzlin’ Schwein

This name is an homage to the delicious sizzle of a well-cooked sausage. The image of a saucy pork sausage sizzling away in a skillet will make any meat lover smile. The name also includes a nod to the Germanic roots of sausages, with the word ‘Schwein’ meaning ‘pig’ in German. 

9. Fattened Pig

Another humorous reference to the fact that sausages are made from ground pork. It’s a silly reminder that sausages are just an efficient way of using up all the parts of a pig. It’s a reminder that sausages are both delicious and economical.

10. Pepperoni Plunder

It plays off the idea of treasure-hunting pirates in this funny sausage name. It also references the fact that many people enjoy pepperoni sausage as a topping on their pizza. The image of a pirate ship filled with pepperoni is a hilarious thought.

11. Brat-tastrophe

Sausage names like this are funny because it references the fact that bratwurst is a type of sausage, and combines it with the word “catastrophe” to create a humorous play on words. It also implies that eating too much bratwurst can cause a catastrophe for your waistline.

12. Banger’s Bash

Having a party or celebration as the name of the sausage makes it a funny one. Bangers are a type of sausage popular in the UK, and this name implies that the sausage is so delicious and popular that it deserves its bash.

13. Hilarious Hog

This one’s for all the pork lovers out there! Hilarious Hog is a crowd-pleasing sausage that will have everyone in stitches with its juicy, flavorful, and oh-so-tasty filling. Perfect for family gatherings or even just a night in with friends, this one is sure to be a hit.

14. Cheeky Chorizo

A delicious sausage is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! With its savory, spicy flavor and crumbly texture, Cheeky Chorizo is a great choice for adding a bit of flare to your meal. Perfect for tacos, burritos, or in a casserole, this sausage is sure to put a smile on your face.

15. Mischievous Mortadella

Mischievous Mortadella is a playful take on the classic Italian sausage. It has a hearty, smoky flavor and a coarse texture that will tantalize any taste bud. Great for grilling or simmering in a sauce, this sausage is sure to bring a bit of mischief to any meal.

16. Benny the Bratwurst

Benny the Bratwurst is the ultimate party sausage. He’s the life of the barbecue, always bringing the best jokes and the tastiest flavor. He’s a classic bratwurst, made with a blend of pork and spices, and he’s perfect for your next cookout.

17. Sizzlin’ Sammy

Sizzlin’ Sammy is the perfect sausage for a picnic. He’s got a slightly spicy kick that adds just the right amount of heat, and he’s sure to be a hit with everyone at the party. He’s made from pork, beef, and a variety of spices, and he’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

18. Willy the Weenie

Willy the Weenie is the perfect hot dog for your next cookout. He’s got a classic flavor, made with pork and beef and just the right amount of spices. He’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face and make your next cookout a hit.

19. Sizzlin’ Salchicha

This cheeky sausage name is sure to bring a chuckle to your dinner table. Taking inspiration from the Spanish word for sausage, Salchicha, this name captures the crispy, delicious flavor of a freshly grilled sausage. Plus, the alliteration of the ‘S’ sound and a hint of Spanish flair make this a fun and unique name for your favorite sausage.

20. Wienerific

This punny name is sure to make your dinner guests giggle with delight. The word ‘Wiener’ references the classic hot dog, while the suffix ‘-ific’ implies something truly delicious. This combination of words creates a fun, lighthearted name for a hot and juicy sausage.

Other Names For Sausages (Slang Names)

Other Names For Sausages (Slang Names)

Sausages have a variety of slang names, such as bangers, dogs, and brats. Some of these slang terms have become so commonplace that they are used to refer to any type of sausage, regardless of its origins or ingredients. 

The use of slang terms has become so widespread that it is often used to refer to any type of sausage, regardless of its origins or ingredients. This is because the names of sausages vary widely from region to region, and slang terms are used to give a general idea of what type of sausage is being referred to let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Banger

2. Tube Steak 

3. Bangeroni 

4. Bockwurst

5. Snorker

6. Brat

7. Frankfurter

8. Wienie

9. Knackwurst

10. Bully Beef

11. Schnitzel

12. Kielbasa

13.  Wiggler

14. Goonch

15. Chorizo

16. Andouille

17. Cervelat

18. Bierwurst

19. Cabanosa

20. Naggot

21. Purl

22. Mortadella

23. Bologna

24. Salami

25. Pepperoni

26. Sausage Roll

27. Banger Roll

28. Chipolata

29. Crepinette

30. Ragwurst

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