Funny Hedgehog Names (200+ Cute, Silly & Adorable Ideas)

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When it comes to naming your pet hedgehog, why settle for a boring or mundane name?

These adorable little creatures deserve a moniker that reflects their lively and amusing personalities.

Whether you’re a seasoned hedgehog owner or a new adopter, we’ve got you covered with our collection of funny hedgehog name ideas.

From puns that will make you chuckle to clever references that pay tribute to your favorite TV shows or movies, these names will add a dose of fun and whimsy to your hedgehog’s life.

So, sit back and get ready to be inspired by our list of hilarious hedgehog names that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Funny Hedgehog Names

Funny Hedgehog Names

1. Prickly Patty

Prickly Patty is a funny hedgehog name because it’s a pun on the phrase “prickly personality.” It’s a great name for a hedgehog with an attitude! Also, I think it’s a great way to remind people that hedgehogs have sharp quills all over their backs.

2. Spiky McSpikeface

This name is perfect for a hedgehog that loves to make a statement with its spines. If you’re looking for a name that’s both cute and comical, this is the perfect choice!

3. Hedgie McQuiggles

I really like this name because it has the same initials as “Hedgehog” (i.e., HED). Hedgie McQuiggles has a lot of personality because it’s short and easy to say, so it would be an awesome name for a hedgehog who loves to stand out!

4. Quilla- Quilla

An awesome name for a hedgehog who likes to keep his head down but doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. He can be a bit shy, but he doesn’t mind sticking his nose into other animals’ business, and Quilla- Quilla-Quilla is the perfect name for him!

5. Quilliam

Quilliam is the best name for a hedgehog because of the obvious connection to the quills that adorn its body. It’s also a very regal sounding name, and the thought of a tiny hedgehog strutting around with an air of sophistication is sure to bring a chuckle or two.

6. Sir Quills-a-lot

Names like this evoke images of spiky hedgehogs full of quills. If a hedgehog has a lot of quills or is particularly fluffy, this name will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

7. Captain Spiney

This is one of the funniest hedgehog names around, and it speaks for itself. Not only does it sound cool, but it’s unique and creative. What better way to show off your spiky hedgehog than by naming him after yourself?

9. Fuzzball

This name describes a hedgehog perfectly as it makes him out to be a little ball of fluff in the middle of all his spines. With his soft, fuzzy exterior and friendly nature, this name will fit right in.

10. Jumblehead

While this isn’t a real word, it sounds cool and could work as a nickname for a spiky hedgehog. It could also be used to describe someone who is just a mess or a real jumbled up mess.

11. Hedgehogs Rule

There is nothing cooler than hedgehogs, even if they are just fictional characters. This name speaks volumes about your love for these furry little critters. Hence, they should definitely rule.

12. Knucklehead

Name your hedgehog something that describes what he loves to do most if he has a lot of personality. Knuckleheads love to get into fights and act tough, but deep down inside, they are just really sensitive and loving hedgehogs.

13. Chubby

Maybe your hedgehog has a bit of an overabundance of fat, which is why you call him chubby. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit on the hefty side, especially if it means you have more energy!

14. Knuckie-Doos

Want a name that sounds like it belongs on a knucklehead? How about Knuckie-Doos? It’s adorable yet simple enough to understand. Moreover, it doesn’t seem too hard to remember either!

15. Pudgy

You probably see your chubby hedgehog and think that he has gained some weight. Well, Pudgy is a cute name for this chubby hedgehog. You can use it on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and so on.

16. Fatty

Your hedgehog has a bit of a pudginess about him, which is why you call him Fatty. As the name implies, this is a very easy name to say and spell. It’s a cute way to show off your love for your furry friend.

15. Bobby Bobbin

You may think that this name sounds like a character in a play or movie, but that’s not what this name means at all. You see, it’s short for Bobby Badger, and it means that he likes to burrow a lot.

16. Wiggle

If you’re looking to give your hedgehog a name that’s both fun and unique, you should take a look at Wiggle. The name Wiggle is short for wiggling hedgehog, and you know what that means.

17. Spudgy

You call your hedgehog Spudgy which describes his personality in a nutshell. You can’t get much simpler than this. A spudgy hedgehog is a cuddly, cute, and funny one, which makes you want to pet him over and over again.

18. Snuffles

Snuffles is such an adorable name, and it’s perfect for a hedgehog. Just imagine how cute this little critter will look when you call it Snuffles!

19. Scrappy

Do you remember what you called your puppy when you were a kid? Well, this name is just like that. Your hedgehog will be Scrappy, and it will make him so happy!

20. Boopsy

A hedgehog is just a cute, cuddly creature that loves to make new friends and play. You’ll be happy to hear that this is the name that describes your furry pal best. So that’s why we suggest naming him Boopsy!

Funny Male Hedgehog Names 

Funny Male Hedgehog Names 

1. Snik-Snak

2. Spiny Norman

3. Sonic the Pincushion

4. Pinchy

5. Quills McCoy

6. Pokey O’Prickles

7. Mr. Pricklepants

8. Needley

9. Spike-a-doodle

10. Spiker

11. Porcupine Pete

12. Quillius

13. Mr. Puffles

14. Prickly Paul

15. Kipper

16. Gizmo

17. Spiny Steve

18. Blackie 

19. Chalky Charlie

20. Spud

Funny Female Hedgehog Names

Funny Female Hedgehog Names

1. Snubby

2. Priscylla

3. Quilliamina

4. Spiny Sue

5. Spikerella

6. Prickleberry

7. Pricklepop

8. Quillabelle

9. Scaly Pete

10. Spotty

11. Raspy Jacky

12. Spooky 

13. Roly Poly

14. Ducky

15. Squeak

16. Scratchy

17. Prickly Lady

18.  Blob

19. Snobble

20. Spitty

Unique Names For Hedgehogs


2. Hoggie 

3. Porcupine

4. Snivel

5. Thistle

6. Drool

7. Puff 

8. Zonker

9. Zoggy

10. Popsicle

11. Woodsy

12. Splat

13. Sniffle

14. Plush 

15. Nubs 

16. Stich

17. Sneezel

18. Tossy

19. Pincushion

20. Squirrelly

Harry Potter Themed Hedgehog Names

1. Hedwig

2. Jiggywinkle 

3. Nimbus 

4. Viktor Krum

5. Crookshanks 

6. Dobby 

7. Draco Malfoy

8. Severus Snape

9. Fang 

10. Peeves 

11. Dementor 

12. Buckbeak 

13. Nagini 

14. Norbert 

15. Aragog

16. Fawkes 

17. Kreacher 

18. Hagrid 

19. Grawp

20. Hedley

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