350+ Funny Roller Derby Names (Stand Out in the Rink)

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Funny Roller Derby Names

Get ready to roll into a world of laughter with our collection of hilarious roller derby names!

These names are not just a bunch of letters on a jersey; they’re a ticket to fun and a way to show off your playful side.

From puns that’ll have you chuckling to clever wordplays that’ll make you do a double-take, we’ve got it all.

Perfect for adding a dash of humor to your team or just for a good laugh, these names are guaranteed to bring smiles and high-fives all around.

So, lace up your skates, let your hair down, and let the good times roll! 🤣🛼🎉

Our Favorite Pick.

Funny Roller Derby Names (with Meaning)

1. Bambi on Ice

Ideal for the skater who’s still finding their feet, or for anyone who loves a good Disney reference. It’s a humorous nod to those moments when staying upright is a challenge, but the spirit is unbreakable.

2. Crash Test Dummy

Perfect for the fearless skater who’s always ready to take one for the team. This name is a fun way to celebrate the bravery (and occasional bumps and bruises) that come with the sport.

3. Jam on Toast

A delightful choice for the jammer who spreads their skills smoothly across the track. It’s a playful and lighthearted name that brings a bit of breakfast fun to the roller derby rink.

4. Block Ness Monster

For the blocker who’s a legend on the track, mysterious and formidable. This name combines the thrill of mythical creatures with the strength and strategy of a skilled blocker.

5. Whip Lash

A witty and dynamic name for a skater who’s quick and agile, especially when delivering or receiving a whip. It’s a clever play on words that reflects speed and impact.

6. Sassy Squatch

Perfect for the skater with a big personality and an even bigger presence on the track. This name is a humorous twist on the mythical Sasquatch, blending mystery with a dash of sass.

7. Slamwich

Ideal for a skater who’s always in the thick of the action, sandwiched between opponents and teammates. It’s a playful name that captures the essence of being in the middle of the jam.

8. Bruise Springsteen

A rockin’ name for a skater who leaves a lasting impression (and maybe a few bruises). This name is a fun homage to the legendary Bruce Springsteen, with a derby twist.

9. Skate Winslet

For the elegant and graceful skater who commands the track like a star. This name is a charming nod to the talented actress Kate Winslet, with a roller derby spin.

10. Gnarly Quinn

A cheeky and spirited name for fans of the infamous Harley Quinn. It’s perfect for a skater who embodies a playful, mischievous, and slightly rebellious spirit on the track.

Famous Roller Derby Names

1. Deathrow Roller

This name plays on the term “death row,” suggesting a skater who is tough, fearless, and possibly a formidable opponent on the track.

2. Gore-ticia Addams

A clever play on the name of Morticia Addams from “The Addams Family,” this name combines an element of horror (gore) with a pop culture reference, embodying a quirky and dark persona.

3. Nutcracker

Likely inspired by the famous ballet, this name suggests a skater who is elegant yet powerful, capable of delivering strong and impactful moves.

4. Nine Inch Nails

Borrowing from the name of the famous industrial rock band, this name implies a skater who is edgy, intense, and possibly has a love for alternative music or style.

5. Max Penalty

A play on the term used in roller derby for the most severe penalty a player can receive, this name suggests a skater who plays hard and isn’t afraid to push the limits.

6. Peaches & Scream

A fun and playful name, it combines a sweet element (peaches) with a more intense one (scream), possibly indicating a skater who is both charming and fierce.

7. Hanaconda

A blend of a name (Hana) and the word “anaconda,” this name could suggest a skater who is stealthy, powerful, and has a strong grip in the game, much like the constricting snake.

8. Trippie Hippie

This name suggests a skater with a free-spirited, unconventional, and possibly psychedelic persona, drawing on the imagery and culture of hippies.

9. Clit A. Shirley Knott

A name that plays with wordplay and innuendo, suggesting a skater with a bold, unapologetic, and humorous personality.

10. Lady Daddy

This name could imply a skater who combines traditional feminine qualities with a dominant, authoritative presence, challenging gender norms and expectations.

Roller Derby Names List

Roller Derby Names List

Step into the rink with style and attitude with our Roller Derby Names List! These names are crafted to capture the essence of your personality and the spirit of the sport.

If you’re a fierce competitor or a fun-loving skater, this list has something for everyone. Get ready to find the perfect name that resonates with your roller derby persona.

  1. Jammin’ Jade
  2. Velocity Vixen
  3. Thunder Thighs
  4. Skater Scorpio
  5. Rink Raven
  6. Derby Dynamo
  7. Swift Siren
  8. Rebel Racer
  9. Blocker Banshee
  10. Pivot Panther
  11. Lightning Lass
  12. Bruise Berry
  13. Rampage Rose
  14. Tornado Tara
  15. Crash Comet
  16. Slick Shadow
  17. Ramp Riot
  18. Blaze Betty
  19. Twister Tess
  20. Dash Diva
  21. Rumble Ruby
  22. Speedy Sparrow
  23. Fury Flare
  24. Cyclone Cindy
  25. Power Pixie
  26. Storm Surge
  27. Vortex Violet
  28. Chaos Cherry
  29. Brawl Belle
  30. Glide Goddess

Dirty Roller Derby Names

Unleash your bold and sassy side with our Dirty Roller Derby Names. These names are designed to be edgy, a bit risqué, and full of attitude.

Perfect for those who love to push boundaries and stand out in the crowd. Embrace your inner rebel and pick a name that’s as daring as you are.

  1. Sinful Skater
  2. Racy Rebel
  3. Naughty Nymph
  4. Wicked Whirl
  5. Badass Brawler
  6. Sultry Slayer
  7. Daring Diva
  8. Risqué Racer
  9. Cheeky Charger
  10. Sassy Smasher
  11. Flirty Fury
  12. Bold Banshee
  13. Temptress Twister
  14. Vixen Vandal
  15. Rebel Rouser
  16. Foxy Fighter
  17. Wild Whiplash
  18. Spicy Sprinter
  19. Brazen Blitz
  20. Lusty Lightning
  21. Saucy Striker
  22. Dazzling Daredevil
  23. Hotshot Harlot
  24. Prowling Panther
  25. Ravishing Rampager
  26. Seductive Speedster
  27. Thrilling Tempest
  28. Voluptuous Vortex
  29. Enchanting Empress
  30. Bewitching Bruiser

Vintage Roller Derby Names

Take a trip down memory lane with our Vintage Roller Derby Names. Inspired by the classic era of roller derby, these names embody the charm and nostalgia of the past.

Perfect for those who appreciate the roots of the sport and want to pay homage with a timeless name.

  1. Retro Rocket
  2. Classic Comet
  3. Vintage Vixen
  4. Old-School Siren
  5. Nostalgic Nova
  6. Timeless Tempest
  7. Retro Rebel
  8. Heritage Heroine
  9. Antique Angel
  10. Legacy Lightning
  11. Golden Glider
  12. Classic Crusher
  13. Retro Racer
  14. Nostalgic Nymph
  15. Timeless Tornado
  16. Vintage Valkyrie
  17. Retro Riot
  18. Heritage Harlot
  19. Antique Avenger
  20. Legacy Lancer
  21. Golden Goddess
  22. Classic Cyclone
  23. Retro Rampager
  24. Nostalgic Ninja
  25. Timeless Twister
  26. Vintage Vandal
  27. Retro Rumble
  28. Heritage Huntress
  29. Antique Amazon
  30. Legacy Lynx

Disney Roller Derby Names

Add a touch of magic to your roller derby experience with our Disney Roller Derby Names. Inspired by beloved Disney characters and themes, these names are perfect for fans who want to bring a bit of whimsy and enchantment to the track.

  1. Cinderella Cyclone
  2. Belle Blocker
  3. Ariel Ace
  4. Jasmine Jolt
  5. Tinker Tailspin
  6. Merida Maverick
  7. Elsa Edge
  8. Moana Momentum
  9. Rapunzel Racer
  10. Aurora Attack
  11. Mulan Maverick
  12. Pocahontas Pivot
  13. Snow White Surge
  14. Tiana Twister
  15. Vanellope Velocity
  16. Anna Avalanche
  17. Elsa Enforcer
  18. Lilo Lightning
  19. Ursula Unleashed
  20. Maleficent Menace
  21. Cruella Crash
  22. Gaston Grind
  23. Scar Scramble
  24. Jafar Jammer
  25. Hades Hustle
  26. Genie Glide
  27. Simba Sprint
  28. Nala Knockout
  29. Kida Kick
  30. Megara Might

Harry Potter Roller Derby Names

Cast a spell on the track with our Harry Potter Roller Derby Names. Inspired by the magical world of Hogwarts and its characters, these names are perfect for fans who want to bring a touch of wizardry to their roller derby game.

Choose a name that reflects your love for this enchanting series.

  1. Hermione Hitter
  2. Luna Lovegood Lunge
  3. Ginny Grinder
  4. Bellatrix Blocker
  5. McGonagall Maverick
  6. Cho Chang Charger
  7. Fleur Fierce
  8. Tonks Tackle
  9. Molly Menace
  10. Narcissa Nudge
  11. Dobby Dash
  12. Hagrid Hustle
  13. Snape Smasher
  14. Draco Dash
  15. Cedric Cyclone
  16. Sirius Speed
  17. Lupin Lunge
  18. Voldemort Vortex
  19. Dumbledore Drive
  20. Weasley Whirl
  21. Potter Pivot
  22. Malfoy Menace
  23. Granger Grind
  24. Ravenclaw Racer
  25. Hufflepuff Hustler
  26. Slytherin Surge
  27. Gryffindor Glide
  28. Azkaban Assault
  29. Patronus Push
  30. Horcrux Hurdle

Nerdy Roller Derby Names

Embrace your inner geek with our Nerdy Roller Derby Names. These names are perfect for those who love to show off their passion for all things nerdy, from science and technology to comics and video games. Find a name that celebrates your unique interests and intellect.

  1. Pixel Pummel
  2. Code Crusher
  3. Binary Basher
  4. Quantum Quake
  5. Algorithm Assault
  6. Tech Tornado
  7. Data Dash
  8. Geek Goddess
  9. Console Crusher
  10. Sci-Fi Surge
  11. Nerd Nudge
  12. Gamer Glitch
  13. Comic Comet
  14. Manga Maverick
  15. Anime Ace
  16. Cosplay Crusher
  17. Robot Riot
  18. Hacker Hustle
  19. Gadget Grind
  20. Science Surge
  21. Math Menace
  22. Physics Fury
  23. Chemistry Charge
  24. Biology Blitz
  25. Engineering Edge
  26. Software Surge
  27. Hardware Hammer
  28. Network Nudge
  29. AI Assault
  30. Tech Titan

Nurse Roller Derby Names

Celebrate the hardworking heroes of healthcare with our Nurse Roller Derby Names. These names are a tribute to the dedication and compassion of nurses, perfect for those in the medical field or anyone who admires their tireless efforts.

Choose a name that honors this noble profession.

  1. Nightingale Nudge
  2. Bandage Basher
  3. IV Invader
  4. Scrub Surge
  5. Medic Maverick
  6. Stethoscope Smasher
  7. Syringe Surge
  8. Pulse Pummel
  9. Vital Vixen
  10. Caregiver Crusher
  11. Therapy Thrasher
  12. Healer Hustle
  13. Clinic Crusher
  14. Prescription Pivot
  15. Nurse Nudge
  16. Health Hero
  17. Lifesaver Lunge
  18. Wellness Whirl
  19. Recovery Racer
  20. First Aid Fury
  21. Triage Tornado
  22. Emergency Edge
  23. CPR Cyclone
  24. Vaccine Vixen
  25. Surgeon Surge
  26. Paramedic Pummel
  27. Therapy Thrasher
  28. Radiology Racer
  29. Anesthesia Ace
  30. Pharmacist Push

Unique Roller Derby Names

Stand out from the crowd with our Unique Roller Derby Names. These names are all about originality and creativity, perfect for skaters who want a name as distinctive as their style. Dive into this list and find a name that’s as one-of-a-kind as you are.

  1. Mystic Maverick
  2. Zephyr Zest
  3. Nebula Nudge
  4. Echo Edge
  5. Phoenix Fury
  6. Mirage Menace
  7. Odyssey Oracle
  8. Vandal Vortex
  9. Zenith Zinger
  10. Karma Crusher
  11. Nova Nudge
  12. Blaze Banshee
  13. Celestial Cyclone
  14. Tempest Tackle
  15. Infinity Invader
  16. Galaxy Glide
  17. Aurora Assault
  18. Cosmos Crusher
  19. Solstice Surge
  20. Eclipse Edge
  21. Stardust Smasher
  22. Meteor Menace
  23. Quasar Queen
  24. Supernova Surge
  25. Comet Crusher
  26. Lunar Lunge
  27. Solar Surge
  28. Starlight Smasher
  29. Aurora Ace
  30. Nebula Nudge

How to Create a Memorable Roller Derby Name?

Start with Your Personality

Think about what makes you, you. Are you fierce, funny, or a bit of both? Your roller derby name should be a reflection of your persona on the track.

For instance, if you’re known for your lightning-fast moves in your best roller derby skates, consider a name that conveys speed and agility.

Play with Words

Puns and wordplay are always a hit in the roller derby world. They’re fun, clever, and memorable. Think about how you can twist words related to skating or your personality.

Get Inspired by Your Gear

Sometimes, inspiration lies in what you wear. Take a look at your roller derby gear. Does your roller derby jersey have a striking color or pattern? Or maybe your roller star skates have a unique design. Let these elements inspire a name that’s as stylish as your gear.

Check for Uniqueness

You want a name that’s all yours. Do a quick search to ensure your chosen name isn’t already taken by another skater. This step is crucial to maintain your individuality in the derby community.

Make It Official

Once you’ve settled on your name, embrace it fully. Get it printed on your derby gear and introduce yourself with it at games and events. Your roller derby name is more than just a label; it’s a badge of honor that represents your spirit and passion for the sport.

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