Funny Names For Roller Coasters (100+ Creative Ideas)

Funny Names For Roller Coasters Ideas

Ever dreamt of riding the “Hurl-A-Whirl” or taking a spin on the “Barf-O-Matic?” Welcome to the roller coaster paradise, where the rides are as hilarious as they are terrifying.

Dive into our list of hysterically funny roller coaster names that’ll give you a case of the giggles even before the ride takes off. Fasten your seatbelts, folks. It’s about to get absurdly fun.

Funny Names For Roller Coasters (With Meaning)

Have you ever been on a roller coaster and thought, “Well, this could have a funnier name?” We sure have. Come and laugh with us as we take a dive into some of the most amusing roller coaster names around, along with a hilarious breakdown of their meanings.

1. Churn and burn

This wild roller coaster is sure to turn you upside down and inside out! With an initial drop of over 300 feet and two consecutive loop-de-loops, the Churn and Burn is guaranteed to make you experience the thrill of a lifetime!

2. The Crazy Coaster

Crazy! That’s what this ride is all about. When you first enter the station, you feel like you’re falling into a deep pit with no way out. This ride will have you spinning in circles, upside down, spinning around, and flying through the air. You will be amazed at how crazy this ride gets!

4. Scream Machine

Hold onto your hats, because the Scream Machine is sure to take you on a wild ride! With its steep inclines, hairpin turns, and a few surprise drops, the Scream Machine will have you screaming with delight!

This name was chosen because of the speed at which the train climbs and descends, similar to the sound of a scream.

5. Loopy Looper

Get ready to take a wild ride on the Loopy Looper! With its two consecutive loop-de-loops and a sharp drop at the end, this coaster will have you loopy with excitement.

Moreover, this ride features a special lift hill that is positioned above the first loop allowing the coaster to shoot forward without ever touching the ground. The Loopy Looper was designed to keep children happy and occupied for hours.

6. Storm Runner

If you love high-speed roller coasters that travel at high speeds, then look no further than the Storm Runner! At a top speed of 65mph, this coaster will thrill you to the core! The Storm Runner was designed to give you an intense, but thrilling ride.

7. Thunderbird

Ready for a thrilling ride? Well, it looks like you’re in luck! Because Thunderbird is here to make sure that you enjoy your day out at the park! Most of all, is that this coaster has two different tracks so that you can make the most of your experience.

8. AirTime

Are you a daring daredevil? If so, you need to try out Kingda Ka’s updated roller coaster, AirTime! Take flight as you soar to the top of this twisting, turning, and flipping wooden coaster like never before! As a result of your experience with AirTime, you will have the feeling that you are flying.

9. Shimmering seahorse

A tranquil, serene ride featuring some of the most scenic sights around. As you dip yourself in and out of the water, you will feel like you are riding the waves like a shimmering seahorse.

10. Sky Wheel

As you look down upon the beautiful grounds below, you will feel like you are a king looking down on his kingdom. Whether you’re in the skywheel or an airboat, you’ll feel as if you’re in the middle of the action.

Funny Names For Roller Coasters Ideas List

Funny Names For Roller Coasters Ideas List

Still not had your fill of laughter? We’ve got your back! Get ready to rumble through our rollercoaster name idea list that’s jam-packed with hilarity. From Wobble Wagon to Spin Doctor, we’ve got a range of names that will tickle your funny bone and ignite your imagination.

1. Hair-Raising Express

2. Knee-Knocking Coaster

3. Twist & Shout

4. Spin roll

5. Xcelerator

6. The Hurl-A-Whirl

7. Corkscrew Chaos

8. Spin & Vomit

9. The Viper

10. Cyclone

11. Bone Rattler

12. Incredible Hulk

13. Crazy Train

14. Wipeout Wilds

15. Barf-O-Matic

16. The Whip

17. Spine Bender

18. Wacky Worm

19. Brain Scrambler

20. Terror Twist

21. Tilt-A-Whirl

22. Wobble Wagon

23.  Slingshot

24. Cliffs of Insanity

25. The Mangle

26. Nausea Nook

27. Heart Attack Hill

28. Screamin’ Demon

29. Roller Boogie

30. Brain Drain

31. Stomach Churner

32. Spinner

33. G-Force Gully

34. Teacups of Terror

35. Tunnels of Terror

36. Flume

37. Batwing

38. High Flyer

39. Black Hole

40. Insanity Falls

41. Drop of Doom

42. The Vortex

43. Flip Out

44.  Tornado

45. Roller-Coaster of Terror

46. Hangover

47. Freefall

48. Roller-Coaster of Fear

49. The Whiplash

50. Crazy Legs

51. The Slicer

52. Spin Doctor

53. Dark Ride

54. Mind Eraser

55. Roto-Rooter

56. Octopus

57. Swarm

58. The Brain Twister

59. Mind Bender

60. Roller-Coaster of Fright

61. Shock Therapy

62. Wheel of Death

63. Head Banger

64. Rattler

65. Roller-Coaster of Madness

66. Super Slide

67. Twisty-Turny-Thingy

68. Mind Melt

69. Whip Lash

70. Wall Crawler

71. Wrecker

72. Corkscrew

73. Space Shot

74. Thrill of a Lifetime

75. Hurler

76. Big Bad Boogie

77. Twirler

78. Vomit Comet

79. Wild Cat

80. Crazy Cruise

81. Roaring Rocket

82. Out of Control

83. Super Swoop

84. Shredder

85. Spinning Spectacular

86. Splatter

87. Whoosh Wonder

88. Screeching Slide

89. Wacko Whirl

90. Scream-O-Matic