200+ Funny Pokémon Character Names (Laughs Behind the Battles)

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Funny Pokémon Character Names

It can be hard to come up with creative and funny names for your Pokémon, and sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

You want your Pokémon to stand out from the rest, but you don’t want something too crazy or too normal. So what do you do?

Check out our list of funny Pokémon character names for some inspiration! We’ve got names for you to choose from, each with a brief description of why it’s funny.

If you love the Pokemon character, this post will help you come up with some great names for your own Pokémon! Let’s begin the list

Our Favorite Funny Pokémon Names

Funny Pokémon Names (with Meaning)

1. Ham sandwich

A classic funny name that can be used for any Pokémon.

2. Mr. Mime

A perfect name for a Pokémon that is always making strange noises and faces.

3. Jynx

A great name for a Pokémon that is incredibly beautiful, but also very mysterious.

4. Farfetch’d

A funny name for a Pokémon that is always carrying around a stick or some other item.

5. Psyduck

Another fun name for a Pokémon that is always confused and doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.

6. Ditto

It’s a great name for a Pokémon that can transform into any other Pokémon.

7. Mewtwo

Name for an elusive and powerful Pokémon that is seldom seen.

8. Magikarp

Very funny name for a Pokémon that is always getting defeated by stronger opponents.

9. Snorlax

Fit name for a Pokémon that is always sleeping and doesn’t seem to care about anything else.

10. Articuno

A good name for a Pokémon that is incredibly rare and hard to find.

11. Zapdos

The best name for a Pokémon is always shocking its opponents with its powerful electrical attacks.

12. Moltres

For a Pokémon that is incredibly rare and hard to find.

13. Dratini 

It’s the perfect name for a Pokémon that’s incredibly hard to catch.

14. Dragonair

A funny one for a Pokémon that looks quite similar to a dragon.

15. Dragonite 

A great name for a powerful and feared Pokémon.

16. Mew 

A perfect name for a rare and mysterious Pokémon that is said to have the ability to transform into any other Pokémon.

17. Celebi

An exciting name for a Pokémon that can travel through time.

18. Bulbasaur 

A funny name for a Pokémon that looks like a plant.

19. Ivysaur 

Definitely the best name for a Pokémon that appears like a plant and is always prepared for battle.

20. Venusaur

We think this is the perfect name for a Pokémon that looks like a plant and is incredibly powerful.

21. Charmander

Pokemon with a fiery spirit and a ready attitude to battle.

22. Charmeleon

That is a great name for a Pokémon that is incredibly powerful and has a short temper.

23. Charizard

Fire-breathing Pokémon would have a suitable name.

24. Squirtle

Another funny name for a small Pokémon that looks like a turtle.

25. Wartortle

Great name for a Pokémon that looks like a turtle and is always ready to battle.

26. Blastoise

Amazing name for a massive Pokémon that looks like a turtle and can shoot water from its mouth.

27. Caterpie

Perfect name for a small and insignificant Pokémon.

28. Metapod

This name is perfect for a Pokémon that can barely move and is very weak.

29. Butterfree

A funny and dreamy name for a Pokémon that is incredibly beautiful and can fly gracefully through the air.

30. Pikachu

A very funny and popular name for a small and cute Pokémon that can store electricity in its cheeks.

Funny Pokémon Character Names Ideas List

Funny Pokémon Character Names Ideas List
  1. Abra
  2. Bellsprout
  3. Machop
  4. Tentacool
  5. Geodude
  6. Ponyta
  7. Slowpoke
  8. Magnemite
  9. Farfetch’d
  10. Hoothoot
  11. Ledyba
  12. Spinarak
  13. Chinchou
  14. Pichu
  15. Cleffa
  16. Igglybuff
  17. Togepi
  18. Natu
  19. Mareep
  20. Flaaffy
  21. Ampharos
  22. Bellossom
  23. Marill
  24. Hoppip
  25. Aipom
  26. Sunkern
  27. Yanma
  28. Wooper
  29. Murkrow
  30. Misdreavus
  31. Wobbuffet
  32. Girafarig
  33. Pineco
  34. Gligar
  35. Snubbull
  36. Qwilfish
  37. Shuckle
  38. Heracross
  39. Sneasel
  40. Teddiursa
  41. Slugma
  42. Magcargo
  43. Swinub
  44. Corsola
  45. Remoraid
  46. Delibird
  47. Skarmory
  48. Houndour
  49. Houndoom
  50. Kingdra
  51. Phanpy
  52. Donphan
  53. Porygon2
  54. Stantler
  55. Smeargle
  56. Tyrogue
  57. Hitmontop
  58. Smoochum
  59. Elekid
  60. Magby
  61. Miltank
  62. Blissey
  63. Raikou
  64. Entei
  65. Suicune
  66. Larvitar
  67. Pupitar
  68. Tyranitar
  69. Lugia
  70. Ho-oh

Cool Pokémon Character Names

Pokémon, the beloved franchise that has captivated audiences around the world, is renowned for its vast array of unique and imaginative characters.

Each Pokémon character not only has a distinct look but also possesses a name that often reflects its nature, abilities, or origin.

  1. Blazeagle
  2. Frostfin
  3. Terraclaw
  4. Shockwing
  5. Mysticquill
  6. Aquaburst
  7. Embermane
  8. Vortexa
  9. Glaciflora
  10. Thundertail
  11. Spectrashade
  12. Ironhide
  13. Galefeather
  14. Lumifrost
  15. Cinderfang
  16. Zephyrbloom
  17. Crystalfin
  18. Pyrospike
  19. Shiverpine
  20. Stormbeak
  21. Etherflame
  22. Solarclash
  23. Moonshimmer
  24. Starwhisker
  25. Radiantreef
  26. Voidclaw
  27. Tempestwing
  28. Coralight
  29. Flarefeather
  30. Nebulash

Creative Pokémon Character Names

Pokémon, a world filled with diverse and imaginative creatures, inspires a sense of wonder and adventure.

Each Pokémon is unique, with characteristics that are a blend of the natural world, mythical lore, and pure fantasy.

  1. Flamelion
  2. Aquafox
  3. Thundertusk
  4. Galehawk
  5. Crystalune
  6. Terradon
  7. Electrowl
  8. Mystifawn
  9. Frostserpent
  10. Solarbear
  11. Lunamoth
  12. Vortexapine
  13. Ignispire
  14. Tempestridge
  15. Glacifern
  16. Nebulynx
  17. Zephyrbeetle
  18. Quartzalcoatl
  19. Volcanhare
  20. Stormcub
  21. Etherwhale
  22. Shadowolf
  23. Starfinch
  24. Riftroo
  25. Pyrogriff
  26. Bloomandrake
  27. Spectralynx
  28. Auroraborealis
  29. Cobaltalon
  30. Miragesting

Funny Pokemon Go Trainer names

In the world of Pokémon Go, where trainers roam far and wide to catch Pokémon, having a unique and funny trainer name can add an extra layer of fun to the adventure.

A humorous name not only sets a light-hearted tone but also makes interactions with fellow players more memorable.

  1. GottaSnagEmAll
  2. PikachuInPajamas
  3. WobbuffetWanderer
  4. SnorlaxSnacker
  5. JigglyPuffDaddy
  6. CharmanderChaser
  7. SquirtleSquatter
  8. BulbaFumbler
  9. MeowthMischief
  10. PsyduckPsychic
  11. MagikarpMarvel
  12. SlowpokeRacer
  13. EeveeEnthusiast
  14. ClefairyComic
  15. GastlyGiggler
  16. VaporeonVagabond
  17. JolteonJoker
  18. FlareonFrolic
  19. UmbreonUproar
  20. EspeonEpic
  21. GengarGuffaw
  22. MewtwoMirth
  23. LugiaLaughter
  24. Hoohaha
  25. RaichuRiot
  26. BlastoiseBlast
  27. MetapodMover
  28. KabutopsKlutz
  29. PidgeyParty
  30. RattataRuckus

What Impact Do Funny Pokémon Names Have on Online Gaming Communities?

Breaking the Ice: The Social Catalyst

First Impressions Matter: Just like a funny T-shirt at a party, a humorous Pokémon name can be an instant ice-breaker.

In the vast ocean of online gaming, where players often meet as strangers, a funny name can disarm initial awkwardness, paving the way for friendlier interactions.

Have you ever chuckled at a name like “SnorlaxSnuggles” and felt an instant connection?

Creating a Relaxed Atmosphere

Laughter, the Universal Language: In the competitive realm of gaming, tensions can run high.

A Pokémon named “GigglyPuff” or “WittyKitty” can serve as a gentle reminder not to take things too seriously.

These names sprinkle lightheartedness into the mix, making the gaming environment more relaxed and enjoyable.

Fostering Community Identity

Shared Humor, Stronger Bonds:

When multiple players in a community adopt funny names, it creates a collective identity.

Imagine a guild where every name is a pun; it’s not just a group, it’s a band of merry jesters, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Funny names become in-jokes, strengthening community ties.

Encouraging Creativity and Expression

More Than Just a Name: Funny Pokémon names often reflect a player’s creativity and personality.

They encourage others to think outside the box, leading to a diverse and vibrant community.

A name like “BlastBurnBob” not only raises a smile but can also inspire others to come up with their unique, creative monikers.

Lightening the Mood During Challenges

Comedy in the Face of Adversity: Tough battles and challenging raids are inherent to Pokémon games.

A hilariously named Pokémon can be a welcome distraction, lightening the mood during intense gaming sessions.

Who wouldn’t crack a smile seeing “FluffyDestroyer” take on a formidable opponent?

Conclusion: A Simple Name, A Significant Impact

The Power of Humor: Funny Pokémon names do more than entertain; they transform the gaming experience.

They build social bridges, create welcoming environments, encourage creativity, and provide comic relief.

Next time you encounter a “SirLaughsALot” in your Pokémon adventure, remember the subtle yet profound impact of a name infused with humor.

Final Thoughts!

There are so many names to choose from when it comes to naming your Pokémon. We hope that our list has helped you in some way to come up with the perfect name for your little friend. 

Do let us know in the comment section below if we missed out on any good names. Also, feel free to share this article with your friends if you found it helpful.

Till then, keep playing and keep catching ’em all!

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