Funniest Names for Plants (Cute, Catchy, and Scientific Names)

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Funny Names for Plants

Have you ever walked into a garden or greenhouse and just been overwhelmed by the sea of green? All the plants seem to blend together, and it’s hard to tell them apart. That’s where funny names for plants come in!

By giving your plants unique and humorous names, you can easily differentiate between them and add some personality to your garden.

But where do you even start with finding the perfect name? Don’t worry, this blog post will provide a solution by discussing some hilarious and creative options for naming your plants. So next time you’re feeling uninspired in the garden, let these funny names inspire you to add some character to your greenery.

Funny Names for Plants

1. The Prickly Peter

This one’s a real character! With its prickly stems and sharp thorns, it’s definitely not one to mess with. But it’s also one of the most beautiful plants around, with its delicate leaves and vibrant colors, so it’s definitely worth having around.

2. The Lazy Susan

This plant is as laid back as they come. It’s happy to stay in one spot and take it easy, while still providing a splash of greenery in any space. Its wide, round leaves make it the perfect addition to any home.

3. The Sneaky Sam

The Sneaky Sam could be a good funny name for a plant because it implies that the plant is sneaky and mischievous. It implies that the plant may be stealing resources from other plants or hiding from predators. It could also be used for a plant that is difficult to spot in its environment as if it is sneaking around.

4. Cactus Bactus

“Cactus Bactus” is a delightful moniker for greenery, a pleasing blend of two words that are synonymous with plants – cactus and bactuses. It’s a jocular way to address flora and a brilliant conversation starter for a flower enthusiast or for a garden.

5. Planty McPlantface

Introducing “Planty McPlantface”, the perfect name to bring a smile to any gardener! This uproarious moniker is a playful spin on the popular internet sensation “Boaty McBoatface”, and its alliterative charm makes it both unforgettable and endearing. Who knew a name could bring such joy!

6. Photosynthesis Shmotosynthesis

“Shmotosynthesis” could be a perfect pick for the green-thumbed gardener, as it hilariously mocks the complexity of photosynthesis, while still paying its due respect. So, don’t be “shmoto” about it – bring this peculiar plant home to your garden!

7. Petal Pusher

A playful plant with a playful name, Petal Pusher is pushing boundaries and having a blast doing it. Whether it’s pushing petals around or just standing out from the crowd, this plant is always up for an adventure.

8. Ferociaus Fern

The seemingly contradictory pairing of ‘ferocious’ and ‘fern’ makes Ferocious Fern an amusing moniker for a plant – one that is sure to stick in the memory of all who hear it! With its bold and unexpected nature, this name is sure to bring a smile to all who encounter it.

9. The Incredible Succulent

It is a unique and extraordinary plant that will have you in stitches. Its name implies that it’s out of this world, yet the reality of succulents is nothing if not impressive. You’ll be tickled pink to know that this incredible plant will have you in fits of laughter – it’s truly incredible!

10. The High Priestess of Prickles

The mysterious, majestic, and oh-so-prickly High Priestess of Prickles can be your funny-looking cactus or succulent’s nickname. Whether you’re writing a blog post about a prickly plant or just giving your houseplant an endearing moniker, you can’t go wrong with this one.

11. Philodendron Van Winkle 

This is a great name for a plant that loves to climb. It’s a reference to the famous story “Rip Van Winkle,” implying that this plant could climb to the top of any tree or wall.

12. Tickle Me Plant

It is a funny and playful plant that’ll bring a smile to your face! Just like its name suggests, this plant loves to be tickled, and its hilarious name will make you chuckle. Perfect for anyone looking for a light-hearted addition to their garden!

13. The Magical Beanstalk

It is an ideal name for a lively plant, evoking the comical story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Its name has a whimsical, enchanting aura – perfect for a plant with a cheerful disposition.

14. Chatty Chrysanthemum

The Chatty Chrysanthemum, with its ability to ‘talk’ and its cheerful, showy personality, is a hilarious name for any plant! Its unexpected humor and clever wordplay is sure to make anyone smile, as it captures the spirit of the lively, colorful chrysanthemum flower.

15. Perky Palm

It has a personality that’s anything but dull. Its name suggests a cheerful, upbeat aura that is sure to make anyone smile. Even if the plant isn’t a palm tree, it’s still sure to bring some joy to any room.

16. Giddy Geranium

A ‘Giddy Geranium’ is the perfect name for a marvelous, merry plant. It combines the spirited ‘giddy’ and the fragrant ‘geranium’, creating a delightful and humorous association sure to put a smile on any face.

17. Lazy Lemon

A Lazy Lemon tree brings a zing of zest, with an effortless approach to providing a delectable bounty of bright yellow lemons. Enjoy the ease of care and abundance of fresh, juicy fruit that requires minimal maintenance.

18. Nosy Narcissus

Nosy Narcissus is a brilliant moniker for a plant, a gentle reminder of the bright and vivid narcissus flower. This playful appellation also hints at the plant’s nosy nature, adding a humorous twist to its highly visible presence.

19. Jolly Jade

Jolly Jade, the plant with the playful alliteration and bright, cheerful name! Its name alone is enough to bring a smile to your face, conjuring up visions of a vibrant green. So, bring some joy and happiness to your garden, and don’t forget to add a Jolly Jade!

20. Jazzy Jasmine

 A plant with a sunny personality and a harmonious purpose! This lively and fragrant name evokes the sound of jazz and the aroma of jasmine, making it perfect for a cheerful moniker. Not to mention, its practical uses as a decorative and medicinal flower make it all the more meaningful.

Funny Names for Monstera plant

1. Monstera Deliciosa

2. Plantosaurus Rex

3. Beastly Monstera

4. Monstera Mayhem

5. Perforated Planty

6. Chlorophyll Chomper

7. Leaf Lunatic

8. Swiss Cheese Plant

9. Tropical Terror

10. Vining Vine

11. Fruitful Foliage

12. Shadow Shambler

13. Leafy Legend

14. The Green Goblin

15. Jurassic Jungle Plant

Funny Scientific Names for plants

1. Gloriosus Vincerae (Glorious Weed)

2. Humorous Muscari (Laughter Muscari)

3. Salaciae Ridiculae (Silly Sage)

4. Risus Bambusae (Laughing Bamboo)

5. Repens Divertiti (Silliness-Loving Groundcover)

6. Crazium Pinus (Mad Pine)

7. Trychophyllum Haemorrhoidalis (Hemorrhoid Plant)

8. Lutra Caprizans (Foolish Otter)

9. Frolicking Cruciferae (Merry Mustard)

10. Gleeful Leguminosae (Cheerful Legume)

11. Drollus Adansonia (Silly Baobab)

12. Fungi Comicalis (Funny Fungi)

13. Carnivorous Buffonii (Clownish Pitcher Plant)

14. Tomentosa Facetiae (Funny Fuzzy Bush)

15. Facetiosum Sinuosum (Mischievous Bendy Plant)

Cute Names for Plants

1. Daisy 

2. Fern 

3. Poppy 

4. Petunia 

5. Buttercup 

6. Marigold 

7. Rose 

8. Lavender 

9. Ivy 

10. Daffodil 

11. Sunflower 

12. Daisy Daisy 

13. Tulip 

14. Orchid 

15. Hollyhock

Funny Pun Names for plants

1. Cactus McCactusface

2. Evergreen Menace

3. Poisine Ivy

4. Basil Brush

5. Daisy Dukes

6. Aloe Y’all

7. The White Birch

8. Succulent Schwarzenegger

9. Rosey Posey

10. Pansy Parker

11. Lavender Lavigne

12. Sage Advice

13. Petunia Pantsuit

14. Dandelion Dior 

15. Marigold Monroe

Rude Plant Names that Exist

1. Bastard Cabbage

2. Hooker’s Evening Primrose

3. Bastard Toadflax

4. Vipers Bugloss

5. Skunk Weed

6. Slut’s Wool

7. Bastard Balm

8. Stinking Goosefoot

9. Bastard Toadflax

10. Stinking Corydalis

11. Nipplewort

12. Stinking Spurge

13. Bastard Garlic

14. Devil’s Tongue

15. Chokecherry

16. Dead Nettle

17. Vomitwort

18. Sourgrass

19. Snake Mallow

20. Prickly Sow Thistle

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