Funny Names For a Boat

Funny Names For A Boat

If you’re in the market for a new boat and want to give it a humorous and memorable name, then you’re in the right place.

But let’s be real, a good boat name is more than just a source of entertainment for your friends and fellow marina-goers. It’s a crucial part of your boat’s identity and can even bring you good luck on the water. After all, a boat is not just a mode of transportation, it’s a symbol of adventure and freedom.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of the funniest and most creative names for your boat. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice captain, we’ve got something for everyone. Just remember to put some thought into it – after all, you don’t want to end up with a boat called “The S.S. Mistake”!

Funny Names For A Boat

1. The Titanic II

This one is sure to get a few laughs as the Titanic II is a tongue-in-cheek name to remind you that you’ve got your own boat, so you don’t have to worry about a disastrous voyage. Also, you can have a bit of fun with the irony of having a boat named after the most famous shipwreck in history.

2. Salty Seadog

A great name for a boat that loves to explore the seas and have a bit of fun along the way. Additionally, your boat’s clever name is sure to give your friends a chuckle.

3. Sea Witch

This name is suitable for those with a penchant for adventure. The Sea Witch conjures up images of a mysterious and powerful force of nature that you can channel when you’re out on the water. Plus, you’re sure to inspire a few tales of folklore with this one.

4. Poseidon

If you’re looking for a name that’s both impressive and fun, The Poseidon is a terrific option. It’s sure to make you feel like the ruler of the seas when you’re out on the water. You’ll be sure to turn a few heads with this one.

5. Sailing Maniac

Sailing fanatics will love this that lets everyone know how serious you are about the sea and sailing. Moreover, it’s sure to inspire a few laughs due to its unique and slightly outrageous name.

6. Fishy Fin

For a boat that’s fishy in more ways than one, not only does it conjure up images of the sea, but it also refers to the captain’s ability to finagle his way out of any sticky situation.

7. Jolly Roger

It is a classic name for any seafaring vessel. The iconic skull and crossbones flag is the most obvious way to let everyone know who’s at the helm. Hence, it is sure to be an easy choice if you’re looking for a traditional name.

8. Soggy Sailor

Boats that have made their way through rough waters deserve a name like the Soggy Sailor. You’ll get soaked, so be prepared but you’ll be a hero for getting through it with style. 

8. Splashy Seaman

Introducing the Splashy Seaman, a boat with a splashy name that’s bound to bring a smile to your face. And with all those waves crashing on the front of the boat, we reckon it’s the right name for your boat.

10. Seadog Supreme

We recommend The Seadog Supreme if you want a name that screams “experienced sailor.” Any seafaring vessel with this name will be able to handle any situation.

11. Sea Queen

As a name fit for royalty, it is appropriate for a boat that’s the queen of the seas. Because there’s no better way to be the king or queen of your own vessel than by calling yourself the Sea Queen.

12. Wave Rider

This name perfectly encapsulates the freedom of being on the open sea, and the feeling of riding the waves with ease. It also implies a sense of adventure and exploration, as you go off in search of new and exciting places. And also, it just sounds really cool and catchy! 

13. Salty Sailor

 It evokes a sense of fun and mischief, as you take on the elements and explore the depths of the sea. Further, it’s a fitting nod to seafaring life and all the stories it brings. Any boat that loves the ocean and all the adventures it holds will be happy with this name.

Great Escape

Anyone who enjoys the idea of leaving it all behind and disappearing into the open ocean will love this one. It assumes a sense of freedom and the unknown, as you explore the vast ocean and all the possibilities it holds.


People who love to hit the water will find it suitable since it implies an element of energy and excitement. So the name for a boat that likes to move fast and stay on the go. Whether you’re looking to race around the lake or just cruise on a peaceful day, Waverunner will make sure you get there in a hurry!


Aquaholic is the ideal boat name for anyone who is addicted to water. It suggests an unquenchable desire for time spent on the sea, and is sure to draw attention from other boaters. Whether you’re a fan of fishing, sailing, or just taking a leisurely ride around the harbor, it is a good name for your watercraft.


An elegant and luxurious vessel deserves a name like Yachtsee. Its combination of ‘yacht’ and ‘see’ gives it a sense of class and adventure that can’t be denied. When you’re headed out on a long-distance excursion or just want to spend a day lounging on the deck, Yachtsee will make sure you arrive in style.


Each time you climb on board the boat, it’s like you’re embarking on a new adventure, just like a movie sequel! Whether you’re just taking a day trip, or planning a long-distance trip, Sea-quel will take you to places and experiences you never imagined. Hence, it is one of the most appropriate names for your boat.

Neptune’s Nook

Suitable for a boat that loves to explore the ocean depths. With Neptune’s Nook, you can explore the mysterious and majestic underwater world, and see all the hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface.

Ship of Fools

It’s a fun and catchy name for a boat that’s out on open and gets a bit wild and crazy. No matter whether you’re out for a night of partying or a casual cruise, Ship of Fools is always up for a good time!

List of Unique Boat Names To Add Fun

1. Captain Calamari

2. Sunkissed sailors

3. High tide therapy

4. Anchors Away Away

5. Sea Ya Later

6. Floundering Fool

7. Take a dip

8. Not So Ship Shape

9. Wave goodbye.

10. Rock the boat

11. Submarine sandwich

12. Wet and wild

13. Oar-atingly Awesome

14. Floating on Cloud Nine

15. Aye, Captain

16. Sea Hag 

17. Nautical by nature

18. Boaty McBoatface

19. Shore Leave

20. Sailing Far and Wide

20 Funny Boat Names For A Pontoon

1. Lakey McBoatface

2. Pontoon of Fun

3. Watery McBoatpants

4. Flotation vacation

5. Love Pantoon

6. S.S. Goofy

7. Sea La Vie

8. Pontoon-a-Go-Go 

9. Drifter’s Delight

10. The party barge

11. Nauti-Business

12. Subparty

13. Wave dancer

14. Rock the boat 

15. Tug Life

16. Pontoon Platoon

17. Yacht See Yacht Do

18. Floatfather

19. Aqua Force

20. Pontoonzilla

20 Funny Names For A Small Boat

1. Iconship of joy

2. Half-Sunken Treasure

3. Sailin’ Salty

4. High Seas Pirate

5. Shipwreck adventurer. Tippy Canoe

7. Dinky Dinghy

8. Captain’s Cutlass

9. Sea Sprite 

10. Nautical Napper

11. Lazlobsterer

12. Seafarer

13. Rockin’ Raft

14. Squid Jiggin’ Sally

15. MINI-Yacht

16 Anchors Away

17. Aquatatio18. Tippy-Tippy-Tinin

19. Little Skipper

20. Tiny Sea Warrior

20 Funny Names For A Fishing Boat

1. Reel-y Big Deal 

2. Fishin’ in the Dark 

3. Hook, Line & Sinker 

4. Gone Fishin’ 

5. Catch of the Day 

6. Hook & Reel 

7. Bait & Switch 

8. Catch Me If You Can 

9. Nauti-Tackle 

10. Captain N’ the Codfather 

11. Fishin’ Fool 

12. Gone Fishin’ Again 

13. Kraken Krusher 

14. Fish Tales 

15. One Fish, Two Fish 

16. Hooked On You 

17. Fishing Time

18. Reelin’ & Dealin’ 

19. Fishin’ Frenzy 

20. Catch of the Day