Funny Submarine Names (250+ Ideas)

Funny Submarine Names

You want something that captures its essence but also tickles the funny bone. Trust me, I’ve been there. I once spent a whole weekend brainstorming names for my cousin’s new fishing boat. Not quite a submarine, but close enough, right?

So, why not go for something hilarious? A name that’ll make people do a double-take and then burst into laughter.

Suppose you’re cruising underwater and someone asks, “What’s your sub called?” You reply, “Sub-McSubface,” and just like that, you’re the life of the party.

Funny Submarine Names Favorite List

How Can a Funny Name Turn Your Submarine into the Talk of the Marina?

Icebreaker Effect

Ever notice how a quirky name can be an instant conversation starter? It’s like that friend who walks into a room wearing a pineapple-print shirt; you just have to ask about it. A funny submarine name works the same way. It’s your underwater vessel’s pineapple shirt, breaking the ice before you even have to.

Social Media Buzz

Imagine your submarine’s name trending on Twitter or becoming a meme. Sounds fun, right? A catchy, humorous name is more likely to get shared on social media, and before you know it, your sub is a bona fide internet sensation.

Community Connection

Laughter is universal. A funny name can turn your submarine into a community mascot of sorts. It’s like naming a pet; suddenly, everyone feels a bit of ownership and connection. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the “Sub-McSubface” fan club?

Marketing Magic

You bet it is. A memorable name can be a branding goldmine. Think about it: would you rather take a tour on a sub named “SS-203,” or one called “H2-Oh Wow!”? The latter not only grabs attention but also promises an experience, doesn’t it?

Emotional Hook

Names evoke feelings. A funny name can make people feel happy, intrigued, or even a bit nostalgic. It’s like hearing an old song that takes you back in time. A submarine with a name that tugs at the heartstrings is bound to be the talk of the marina.

Funny Submarine Names (with Meaning)

So, why settle for a mundane name when you can pick one that’s as unique and adventurous as your underwater journeys? These names aren’t just labels; they’re the start of countless stories waiting to unfold beneath the waves.


A playful twist on the infamous “Boaty McBoatface,” this name is cheeky and memorable. Who wouldn’t chuckle at the thought of a submarine with such a self-explanatory name?

H2-Oh Wow!:

This one’s a double whammy. It plays on the chemical formula for water and adds a dash of surprise. Isn’t science more fun when it’s punny?

Yellow SubmaReen:

A nod to The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine,” but with a modern twist. Reen, short for submarine, adds a contemporary flair. Who says you can’t mix the old with the new?


Marrying the world of superheroes with the deep sea, this name is a hit among Marvel fans. Can you feel the power?


Inspired by the sandwich, this name is as delicious as it is amusing. Who knew submarines and subs could have so much in common?

Sushi Sub:

A tasty play on words that’s perfect for seafood lovers. Makes you hungry just thinking about it, doesn’t it?


This one’s for the animal lovers out there. It’s a fun blend of a fish tank and a tanker, making it a quirky choice for a submarine name.

Seahorse Express:

Combining the grace of a seahorse with the speed of an express train, this name promises an elegant yet swift underwater journey.

Deep Blue Sea-nic:

A clever play on “scenic,” this name promises breathtaking underwater views. Ready for the Instagrammable moments?


This pun is as clever as it is charming. It’s nautical and naughty, but in the nicest way possible.

Wet Dream:

This one’s a bit cheeky but guaranteed to get a laugh. It’s a dream come true for those with a sense of humor.

U-Boat or U-Float?:

A rhetorical question that adds a touch of humor. It’s a name that’s both funny and thought-provoking.


For those days when your submarine isn’t performing at its best. It’s a name that’s as relatable as it is amusing.

Sink or Swim:

A classic phrase turned into a submarine name. It’s a reminder that sometimes you’ve got to take the plunge.


A blend of “dive” and “avalanche,” this name is perfect for thrill-seekers. Ready for the adrenaline rush?

Depth Charger:

For those who love speed and depth, this name is an exhilarating choice. Feel the need for underwater speed?

Love Below:

A sentimental name that adds a romantic touch to your submarine adventures. Who says love can’t be found underwater?

Heart of the Ocean:

Inspired by the famous jewel in Titanic, this name adds a touch of romance and mystery to your sub.


A play on the classic “Nautilus,” but with a more passionate edge. Intrigued yet?

20,000 Leagues of Fun:

A modern take on Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” this name promises an adventure filled with fun and excitement.

Funny Submarine Names Ideas List

Funny Submarine Names Ideas List

A funny name can turn your submarine into an underwater sensation, sparking conversations, and even making waves on social media.

So, if you’re looking to add a splash of humor to your nautical adventures, dive into this list of funny submarine names that promise to make your sub the life of the marina.

  1. Sub-McSubface
  2. H2-Oh Wow!
  3. Yellow SubmaReen
  4. Aqua-Thor
  5. Sub-a-Dub-Dub
  6. Sushi Sub
  7. FishTanker
  8. Seahorse Express
  9. Deep Blue Sea-nic
  10. Nauti-But-Nice
  11. Wet Dream
  12. U-Boat or U-Float?
  13. Sub-Par
  14. Sink or Swim
  15. Dive-anche
  16. Depth Charger
  17. Love Below
  18. Heart of the Ocean
  19. Nautilust
  20. 20,000 Leagues of Fun
  21. Sublime Voyage
  22. Divey McDiverson
  23. Sub and Turf
  24. The Mariner’s Chuckle
  25. Subwoofer
  26. Dive-laugh-love
  27. Sub-Text
  28. Sea-cret Agent
  29. Sub-Lime
  30. Diveabetes
  31. Sub-tastic Voyage
  32. Sub-Standard
  33. Dive Hard
  34. The Abyss-olute Best
  35. Sub Zero Humor
  36. Dive and Let Dive
  37. Sub-Atomic Joke
  38. Dive-ine Comedy
  39. Subconscious Humor
  40. Dive-orce Court
  41. Sub-stitute Teacher
  42. Dive-ide and Conquer
  43. Sub-let Apartment
  44. Dive-ertissement
  45. Sub-woo-hoo!
  46. Dive-ine Wine
  47. Sub-Continental Drift
  48. Dive-orce Papers
  49. Sub-Prime Rate
  50. Dive-orcee’s Paradise

Creative Submarine Names

A well-chosen name can turn heads, spark conversations, and even make your submarine the star of the marina or social media.

So why settle for something ordinary when you can opt for a name that’s as unique and adventurous as your underwater journeys?

  1. Sub-McSubface
  2. H2-Oh Wow!
  3. Yellow SubmaReen
  4. Aqua-Thor
  5. Sub-a-Dub-Dub
  6. Sushi Sub
  7. FishTanker
  8. Seahorse Express
  9. Deep Blue Sea-nic
  10. Nauti-But-Nice
  11. Wet Dream
  12. U-Boat or U-Float?
  13. Sub-Par
  14. Sink or Swim
  15. Dive-anche
  16. Depth Charger
  17. Love Below
  18. Heart of the Ocean
  19. Nautilust
  20. 20,000 Leagues of Fun
  21. Sublime Explorer
  22. Abyss Whisperer
  23. Oceanic Odyssey
  24. Neptune’s Nook
  25. Coral Cruiser
  26. Sea Serenade
  27. Fathom Phantom
  28. Poseidon’s Playhouse
  29. Mermaid Mirage
  30. Triton’s Triumph
  31. Atlantis Adventurer
  32. Nautical Nomad
  33. Sub Sonic
  34. Aqua Quest
  35. Deep Dive Diva
  36. SeaQuake
  37. Hydro Harmony
  38. Marine Dream
  39. Wavelength Wanderer
  40. Bubble Trouble
  41. The Kraken Keeper
  42. Ocean’s Eleven
  43. Salty Subber
  44. Sea Siren
  45. Tidal Titan
  46. Aqua Nova
  47. Blue Abyss Bliss
  48. Subterfuge
  49. Sea-cret Agent
  50. Underwater Unicorn
  51. Marine Mirth
  52. Deep Sea Diva
  53. Sublime Serenity
  54. Aqua Enigma
  55. Neptune’s Nectar

Classic Submarine Names

When it comes to naming submarines, there’s something to be said for the classics. These names often carry a sense of history, dignity, and gravitas that newer, quirkier names might lack.

  1. Nautilus
  2. Triton
  3. Poseidon
  4. Neptune
  5. Atlantis
  6. Odyssey
  7. Vanguard
  8. Valiant
  9. Thunderbolt
  10. Sea Wolf
  11. Invincible
  12. Dreadnought
  13. Orion
  14. Typhoon
  15. Seadragon
  16. Corsair
  17. Pegasus
  18. Leviathan
  19. Nereus
  20. Proteus
  21. Thresher
  22. Scorpion
  23. Stingray
  24. Swordfish
  25. Barracuda
  26. Skipjack
  27. Trafalgar
  28. Minerva
  29. Apollo
  30. Zeus
  31. Hercules
  32. Titan
  33. Polaris
  34. Phoenix
  35. Osiris
  36. Anubis
  37. Ares
  38. Athena
  39. Mercury
  40. Jupiter
  41. Saturn
  42. Oberon
  43. Siren
  44. Griffin
  45. Chimera
  46. Kraken
  47. Medusa
  48. Hydra
  49. Gorgon
  50. Cyclops
  51. Harpy
  52. Valkyrie
  53. Excalibur
  54. Galahad
  55. Lancelot