30 Funny Mustache Names Ideas To Spice Up Your Beard Grooming

Funny mustache names

Are you looking for some hilarious mustache names? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing 30 of the funniest mustache names ideas that we could think of. Whether you’re looking for a name for your own mustache, or just want a good laugh, these names will definitely deliver. So without further ado, here are 30 funny mustache names ideas to help you get started.

30 Funny Names For Mustache

#1. Flying Saucer

This is a rather unique yet hilarious mustache name that you can use to describe a certain kind of mustache. The flyin’ saucer mustache is characterized by the facial hair being extremely thin and sparse on the upper lip, giving the mustache the appearance of a flying saucer.

#2. Fu Manchu

When you think about funny mustache names, you think about the Fu Manchu. This has got to be one of the oldest most popular mustache names out there and is also one of the funniest.

#3. The Dundee

The Dundee is a mustache name for a mustache with a very skinny curve, which ends up resembling the famous beard and mustache combination of the Scottish actor, comedian, and writer, Billy Connolly.

#4. The Goatee

This is another funny mustache name that is actually a type of facial hair. It is that small patch of facial hair beneath your lower lip, often connecting with the mustache. It is one of the most attractive mustache types you can have.

#5. Tramp Stamp

The Tramp Stamp is another funny handlebar mustache name that you can use to describe a certain kind of mustache.

#6. Horseshoe

Is there any funnier mustache name than the horseshoe? Not really. This is another unique mustache name that is perfect for the truly unique mustache.

#7. The Bandana

This is one of the most unique mustache names out there and is a term that is used to describe a mustache that has not been fully grown out. This is used for a mustache that has only a few hairs on it.

#8. The Scruff

Those who sport the scruffy are typically those who don’t shave regularly. They let their facial hair grow out until it forms a scraggly sort of mess.

#9. Accidental Ponytail

Another hilarious name for a mustache, this one tells the story of your stache trying to grow out and growing on accident. This happens when the mustache is intentionally grown out but is neglected and becomes scraggly and unruly.

#10. Soup Stache

A name for mustache that’s been around for a long time, the soup stache is a thin, almost pencil thin mustache that extends from the corners of the mouth down to the chin.

#11. Whisker Biscuit

It is also another funny mustache name that has been around for a while, the whisker biscuit mustache is characterized by the facial hair being short, thick, and bushy.

#12. Chewbacca

What’s funnier than the name of the famous Star Wars character? Nothing! This is a really cool and funny name that most people like.

#13. Ducktail

This mustache is interesting for its ‘ducktail’ shape. Again, it’s not a very hilarious name, but it’s definitely different from the other ones.

#14. What The Hell Mustache

This mustache name’s self-explanatory, isn’t it? It’s a pretty funny name considering the fact that most people who have this mustache aren’t completely sure what they’re going to do with it. However, it’s a cool name to describe a mustache that’s a little bit crazy or unconventional.

#15. The Pinocchio

Similar to the what the hell mustache, the pinocchio mustache is a little bit crazy, but it’s also pretty unique and cool name for mustache. This mustache is characterized by the facial hair being long in the middle and shorter towards the ends.

#16. Punk

You can give this name to any kind of facial hair if you want to have some fun. The punk rock mustache is characterized by the mustache being extremely thin.

#17. The Zappa

If you are a fan of the late Frank Zappa, then you might want to consider naming your mustache after him. The Zappa mustache is characterized by the mustache being extremely bushy and full.

#18. Chia Pet

A funny mustache name that is often used to describe an overly hairy upper lip. The Chia Pet mustache is extremely bushy and can be long and bushy or short and bushy, however, the bottom line is that it sticks out like a Chia Pet does.

#19. Candy Cane

This is a funny mustache name used to describe the inverted or upside-down version of the toothbrush mustache. The candy cane mustache curves downward and outward at each end in a downward arc.

#20. Quasimodo

You might not know this, but the title ‘Quasimodo’ is originally a name for the topknot worn by a fictional character named Quasimodo. It is usually worn by someone who is very unattractive or crippled.

#21. Soul Patch

The soul patch is another classic type of mustache that is definitely worth being on a list of funny mustache names. This type of mustache is characterized by having a bit of hair on the chin, but not much at all, in the style of a soul patch.

#22. Curly Q

This is more of a funny mustache name than anything, but if your mustache curls up in the middle, then the name Curly Q is just the thing for you.

23. Meat Cleaver

If you want to give a funny name to your mustache, then this is the name to call it. The meat cleaver has got to be one of the funniest names for a mustache that you might ever come across.

#24. Groucho

Yet another mustache name that is used to describe a certain look, the Groucho mustache is one that has the corners of the mouth turned down in a frown-like fashion.

#25. Chewbacca

Chewbacca is definitely a very popular name for a mustache and is also very funny. Imagine Chewbacca without his Chewbacca mustache. Yeah right! That’s why this is definitely one of the funniest mustache names out there.

#26. Spaghetti

It is a unique name for a mustache that many people might not even know about and it is definitely worth considering. It is a very funny name and one that can make you stand out from the crowd.

#27. Mohawk

Another classic mustache name is the Mohawk. But the great thing about this mustache name is, it can also be used as a beard name as well.

#28. Nunchuck

Probably one of the most peculiar names for mustache, it’s not quite funny but it’s definitely unique. If you have a mustache that looks like a nunchuck, then you can describe it as such because that’s exactly what this kind of mustache looks like.

#29. Mr. Potato Head

The Mr. Potato Head mustache is one that is slightly more uncommon. It is characterized by a mustache that is so thin and hairless that it looks more like the pieces of the classic children’s toy than a real mustache.

#30. Goofy

A long, unkept beard with a mustache underneath. That’s the goofy goatee. It’s also a rather funny mustache name.


Well, there you have it. These are the 30 funniest mustache names ever. It is a long list, but it’s one that we think you will find very interesting. If you think that any of the names that we have listed here are funny, then you should definitely check them out. And, of course, if you are a fan of the mustache, then you should definitely be reading this.

So, now that you have read our article, what do you think about these 30 funniest mustache names ever? Tell us in comment section below.

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