Funny Lizard Names (100+ Hilarious Ideas for Your Scaly Pal!)

If you’re a lizard owner, you probably know that naming your pet can be both fun and challenging. However, if you’re looking for a name that will make you and others smile or laugh, then you’re in the right place. 

Funny Lizard Names

Throughout this post, we’ll provide you with a list of some of the funniest lizard names out there, as well as tips on how to choose a name that fits your pet’s unique characteristics. 

So, whether you’re a new lizard owner or just looking for some inspiration for a new name, sit back and enjoy our comprehensive guide to Funny Lizard Names.

Funny Lizard Names

1. Mr. Gecko Tux

Mr. Gecko Tux is a funny lizard name because he’s a dapper little gent who enjoys strolling around in his finest attire. His friends call him “Mr. Tux” for short, but don’t let his fancy dress fool you – he loves getting out into the wild and having a good time!

2. Scaly Sally

This is a hilarious lizard name that brings a smile to everyone’s face. She loves dressing up in her finest scales and loves to show them off whenever she can. Whether she’s out on an adventure or just enjoying the sun, everyone can’t help but laugh when Scaly Sally is around!

3. Skitter Scatter

Skitter Scatter is a playful lizard name that captures the energetic spirit of this little reptile. He loves to run around, explore new places, and show off his acrobatic skills. He may be small, but no one can deny his enthusiasm when it comes to discovering new things!

4. Yoshi

Yoshi is a mischievous little lizard who loves to cause trouble. He loves to sneak up and surprise people, often saying his signature line “Yoshi!” in a surprise attack. He’s a lovable little troublemaker who will always make you smile.

5. Spotticus

This cheeky little guy is always getting into trouble because of his insatiable curiosity. He loves to crawl around and explore wherever he can, often leaving a trail of little spots behind him. He loves to explore and find new places, and he’ll never pass up a chance to discover something new.

6. Squiggle McSnagglefin

Squiggle is a sly little lizard who loves to play tricks on unsuspecting humans. He’s very good at scurrying away before anyone can catch him, giving him a rather snaggle-toothed grin.

7. Lizzie the Lizard

Lizzie loves the sun and loves to relax on the warmest rocks. She’s got quite an attitude too and always makes sure to let you know who’s boss.

8. Chompsalot

Chompsalot is a voracious little lizard who loves to eat. He’s always up for a challenge and will never back away from a big juicy bug.

9. Sheldon

He may look small, but this lizard has a big personality. He’s always making grandiose plans and coming up with wild ideas. He’s the life of the party and loves to pull off silly pranks. With his charming and whimsical ways, Sheldon will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

10. Tongue-Tied

Tongue-Tied is an iguana with a knack for getting his words all twisted up, and his witty attempts at communicating always lead to some unexpected, sidesplitting results. Even if he stumbles over his words, he always manages to make everyone around him laugh and enjoy his company.

Male Lizard Names

Male Lizard Names

1. Shelly Shellerino

2. Charlie

3. Slick Sid

4. Lonesome Larry

5. Gizzy 

6. Slim Jim

7. Spikey Phil

8. Skipper Skipperson

9. Speedy Speedskin

10. Scampy Sam

11. Chirpy Frankie

12. Slithery Steve

13. Prickly Prickleson

14. Chirpy Chester

15. Leapy Leo

16. Spikey Spencer

17. Jaunty Jack

18. Scampy Simon

19. Bashful Ben

20. Grouchy Greg

21. Chuckles Chuck

22. Skitter Skittleson

23. Wily Will

24. Scaly Sam

25. Slithery Sam

26. Scampy Stuart

27. Soggy McSlitherson

28. Bashful Bob

29. Repti-Ralph

30. Sassy Sasserson

Female Lizard Names

Female Lizard Names

1. Shelly

2. Marley

3. Daisy

4. Georgette

5. Daphne

6. Sasha

7. Jewel

8. Gertie 

9. Clara

10. Bess

11. Lexi

12. Ginger

13. Zara

14. Rosemary

15. Nova

16. Delilah

17. Lila

18. Olive

19. Winifred

20. Pearl

21. Freya

22. Iris

23. Mabel

24. Moxy 

25. Ella

26. Vivien

27. Athena

28. Adelaide

29. Eliza

30. Zuri

Cute Lizard Names

1. Fizzie 

2. Slinky Saffron

3. Flash 

4.  Taco

5. Boomer 

6. Speedy 

7. Spike 

8. Newton 

9. Poco 

10. Gizmo 

11. Scamp 

12. Whisper 

13. Newton

14. Prancer 

15. Ziggy 

16. Chomper 

17. Buster 

18. Rex 

19. Niblet 

20. Skittles 

21. Goober 

22. Pebbles 

23. Scooter 

24. Cleo 

25. Pickles 

26. Wiggles 

27. Tuffy 

28. Snicker 

29. Scampers

30. Nacho

Unique Lizard Names

1. Spike

2. Blaze

3. Cruiser

4. Slink

5. Puddle

6. Glider

7. Basil

8. Toes

9. Zorro

10. Trix

11. Iguana

12. Tango

13. Scales

14. Chameleon

15. Turbo

16. Anole

17. Draco

18. Cinder

19. Garter

20. Viper

21. Cade

22. Skipper

23. Etch

24. Emerald

25. Yoda

26. Climber

27. Newt

28. Horns

29. Wriggle

30. Thorn