500+ Funny Insult Names (Ultimate List for Roasting Friends)

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Funny Insult Names

From time to time, the strongest friendship can be sparked by a friendly poking fun at times. So, if you want to become the best roaster and master of funny insult names, you have come to the right place.

The Rules of the Roast

Before we dive in, let’s set some basic roasting rules:

  • Know your audience: What flies with one friend might not go along with another. Know their humor in advance.
  • Keep it light: Roast sessions are meant to be hilarious, not to hurt anyone. Try discrediting with stupidity or dumb statements.
  • Timing is everything: A casual joke with friends is not the same as attacking someone physically when they are already low.
  • Be a good sport: You have to be able to dish it out, as well as take it.

Funny Insult Names with Meanings

Funny Insult Names List

Dive into this selection of Funny Insult Names with meanings.

These hilarious names will have your friends laughing away.

  1. Stinky Sneaker: A person who smells rather than someone who adds spice to a relationship.
  2. Pimple Popper: A person who keeps picking at zits.
  3. Butt Trumpet: We know a person that is always the victim of farting.
  4. Breath Bomb: A person with breath so offensive it makes you want to gag.
  5. Booger Brain: A someone, who is not very smart.
  6. The Sniffler: A person who has a runny nose all the time.
  7. Lint Lord: A person who always has fuzz stuck on her dress.
  8. Crusty Curmudgeon: A person who is upset, cranky, and clings to old ideas.
  9. Hairball Hustler: A person with untidy and unkempt long hair.
  10. Dribble Monster: A person who is drooling a lot.
  11. Belching Barnacle: A person who lets out a loud burp.
  12. The Hiccup King: A person who hiccups too frequently.
  13. Clumsy Clown: The person who is uncoordinated and accident-prone.
  14. Doofus Deluxe: Character like that. Idiot and dummy.
  15. Dorkosaurus Rex: A certain kind of person who is socially awkward and is also nerdy.
  16. Whiny Wiener: An excessively complaining person.
  17. Drama Llama: The one who is just too much of a drama queen and overdoes the attention-seeking.
  18. Know-It-All Noodle: A guy who talks as if he knows everything.
  19. Waffle-Stomping Wombat: That is someone clumsy and unsteady-footed.
  20. Tattletale Timmy: A person who very often tells on others.
  21. Trash Talker: A person, who spends his time on provoking others and bragging.
  22. Big Baby: Someone who is sensitive and cries easily, person.
  23. Space Cadet: Someone who seems to be mentally absent or off the wall.
  24. Copycat: I am a person who is an automatic follower and a constant mimic.
  25. Worry Wart: The person who broods and worries the whole day.
  26. Nervous Nelly: Extremely restless and nervous creature.
  27. Cry Baby: Someone who is overly sensitive and easily cries.
  28. Mess Monster: A person owning a permanent messy room.
  29. Stink Bug: A person continually practicing bad hygiene.
  30. Sluggo: A sluggish and slow-moving somebody.
  31. Turtle Toes: A person walking slowly.
  32. Slobber Monster: A person who has extreme dribbling.
  33. Weirdo: Someone strange and unlike others.
  34. Bozo the Clown: A silly fellow.
  35. Goofball: A pretty fun and clownish individual.
  36. Funky Monkey: A person who smells badly and is difficult to be with.
  37. Captain Clueless: Someone who is a slow learner.
  38. Meathead: It means a fool who is strong physically but weak intellectually.
  39. Scatterbrain: Someone who can’t remember the simplest things and always gets easily distracted.
  40. Chatterbox: An individual who talks much more.
  41. Snooze Button Samurai: Someone who hits the snooze button is a regular occurrence.
  42. Germ Gremlin: A person who hardly or never washes their hands.
  43. Hot Mess Express: Someone who is always a mess and sloppy everywhere.
  44. Fidgety Fred: A person who is all over the place.
  45. Picky Peggy: A person who is picky in all food-related matters.
  46. Grumpy Gus: Grumpy is a person with a permanent frown.
  47. Tardy Tammy: The one who never shows up on time.
  48. Sassy Sally: These are people who have a sarcastic or cheeky attitude.
  49. Scaredy Cat: Easily frightened person.
  50. Blabbermouth: This could be a person who tells secrets or somebody who does gossiping.

Dirty Insult Names Ideas List

Dirty Funny Insult Names

This list provides you with some offensive names that you can sometimes use when you argue with your friends as a playful type of fighting.

  1. Swamp Monster
  2. Sloppy Sloth
  3. Snot Rocket
  4. Trash Goblin
  5. Dirt Burglar
  6. Hairball Hustler
  7. Walking Mud Pie
  8. Slobber Monster
  9. Crusty Critter
  10. Sneeze Machine
  11. Slimeball
  12. Stinky Sock Puppet
  13. Compost King/Queen
  14. Booger Bear
  15. Germ Gremlin
  16. Fart Squirrel
  17. Garbage Guzzler
  18. Walking Belch
  19. Snot Goblin
  20. Mud Monkey
  21. Poop Factory
  22. Dribble Monster
  23. Moldy Sandwich
  24. Sweat Sock Smuggler
  25. Fart Knocker
  26. Earwax Enthusiast
  27. Toe Jam Junkie
  28. Pimple Popper
  29. Lint Lord
  30. Dung Beetle
  31. Burp Beast
  32. Snot Sniffer
  33. Human Garbage Can
  34. Worm Wrangler
  35. Maggot Muncher
  36. Swamp Donkey
  37. Trash Panda
  38. Snot Blossom
  39. Moldy Muffin
  40. Hairball Hustler
  41. Belching Baboon
  42. Goober Goblin
  43. Stinky Sea Slug
  44. Scab Snatcher
  45. Fart Fanatic
  46. Slobber Slug
  47. Walking Sneeze
  48. Butt Trumpet
  49. Poop Chute
  50. Fart Blossom

Insulting Names For Friends

Funny Insult Names Friends

From time to time, what your friends cry out loud for is a really funny nickname, which is just an insult, of course.

Get ready for some friendly banter with some strange nicknames taken from the worst to the best of your mates.

  1. Fuzz Face
  2. Noodle Brain
  3. Turnip Head
  4. Waffle Butt
  5. Meat Popsicle
  6. Captain Clueless
  7. Dingleberry Detective
  8. Human Hiccup
  9. Hairball Hustler
  10. Pigeon-Toed Pickle
  11. Fart Fanatic
  12. Snot Sniffer
  13. Butt Trumpet
  14. Booger Bandit
  15. Stinky Sock Enthusiast
  16. Moldy Muffin
  17. Crusty Curmudgeon
  18. Walking Brain Freeze
  19. Sneeze Weasel
  20. Pimple Popper
  21. Lint Lord/Lady
  22. Walking Wedgie
  23. Slobber Slug
  24. Sweat Sock Sommelier
  25. Blubbering Barnacle
  26. Salad Dodger
  27. Drool Bucket
  28. Dribble Monster
  29. Eyebrow Enthusiast
  30. Waffle-Faced Weasel
  31. Soggy Biscuit
  32. Window Licker
  33. Human Speed Bump
  34. Poop Nugget
  35. Trash Goblin
  36. Swamp Monster
  37. Fart Squirrel
  38. Germ Gremlin
  39. Moldy Cheese Whiz
  40. Hairy Ham Hock
  41. Turkey-Necked Noodle
  42. Soggy Waffle
  43. Fuzzbucket
  44. Captain Underpants
  45. Wombat Wrangler
  46. Flubber-Gutted Fuzzball
  47. Scrambled Egg Brain
  48. Waffle-Stomping Wombat
  49. Plop Monster
  50. Pancake Platypus

Creative Insulting Nicknames

Creative Funny Insult Names

Instead of the usual boring nicknames, turn them into the one-of-a-kind fabulous ones they should be. 

Let your imagination fly: watch their odd quirks, rare talents, or just characters, using this witty mockery to insult the people with creative names.

  1. Lord/Lady Lint-Licker
  2. Grand Duchess of Dingleberries
  3. The Sultan of Soggy Socks
  4. Baron/Baroness of Booger Burglary
  5. Grand Master of Garbage Disposal
  6. The Wailing Walrus of Wedgies
  7. Queen of the Compost Heap
  8. Grand Wizard of Waffle-Faced Weasels
  9. Supreme Overlord of the Hairball Hustlers
  10. Chief Magistrate of Meat Popsicles
  11. Grand Poobah of the Pimple Poppers
  12. Royal Custodian of Crust
  13. Hierophant of the Hairy Ham Hocks
  14. Supreme Commander of Snot Rockets
  15. Grand Duchess of Garbage Guzzling
  16. Duchess of Drool Buckets
  17. Chieftain of the Cheese Weasels
  18. Grand Vizier of the Vapor Trails
  19. Baron/Baroness of the Butt Trumpets
  20. Supreme Leader of Salad Dodgers
  21. Archduke/Archduchess of Awkwardness
  22. Oracle of Oddball Opinions
  23. High Priest/Priestess of Perpetual Procrastination
  24. Keeper of the Crusty Socks
  25. Grand Curator of Grime
  26. Chief Choreographer of the Chaotic
  27. Master/Mistress of Mismatched Mayhem
  28. Overlord of Overreactions
  29. High Inquisitor of the Inane
  30. Grand Admiral of Awful Aim
  31. Baron/Baroness of Belly Button Fuzz
  32. Grand Marshal of Mediocre Meals
  33. Grand Poobah of Questionable Quirks
  34. High Priest/Priestess of the Perpetual Hiccups
  35. Chief Navigator of Nosy Nellies
  36. Grand Duchess of Dubious Decisions
  37. Wizard of Waffle Stomping
  38. Supreme Commander of the Sneeze Machines
  39. Tsar/Tsarina of Turnip Heads
  40. Dictator of Dribble
  41. Margrave/Margravine of Moldy Muffins
  42. High Chancellor of Hairball Havoc
  43. Grandmaster of Gibberish
  44. Luminary of Lint Lords
  45. Duchess of Distressing Distractions
  46. Chieftain of the Clueless
  47. Archduke/Archduchess of Awful Advice
  48. Baron/Baroness of Blubber
  49. Grand Exalted Mystic of the Eyebrows
  50. Supreme Leader of Ludicrous Logic

Mean Names To Call Someone

Mean Names To Call Someone

Coming up with an offensive name for someone might be an easy thing to do but we will most likely worry about a ‘swear’ word rather than having something funny

Here is a selection of funny and light-hearted nicknames you can use in a gentle way that wouldn’t affect someone’s feelings.

  1. Soggy Waffle
  2. Noodle Brain
  3. Fuzzbucket Supreme
  4. Pigeon-Toed Pickle-Sniffer
  5. Captain Clueless
  6. Hairball Hustler
  7. Turnip Trucker
  8. Salad Dodging Squirrel
  9. Walking Brain Freeze
  10. Waffle-Faced Weasel
  11. Fart Fanatic
  12. Snot Sniffer
  13. Butt Trumpet Maestro
  14. Booger Bandit
  15. Stinky Sock Enthusiast
  16. Moldy Muffin
  17. Crusty Curmudgeon
  18. Sneeze Weasel
  19. Pimple-Popping Pro
  20. Lint Lord/Lady
  21. Walking Wedgie
  22. Slobber Slug
  23. Sweat Sock Sommelier
  24. Blubbering Barnacle
  25. Dribble Monster
  26. Eyebrow Enthusiast
  27. Waffle-Stomping Wombat
  28. Scrambled Egg Brain
  29. Soggy Biscuit
  30. Window Licker
  31. Human Speed Bump
  32. Poop Nugget Polisher
  33. Trash Goblin
  34. Swamp Monster
  35. Fart Squirrel
  36. Germ Gremlin
  37. Moldy Cheese Whiz
  38. Hairy Ham Hock
  39. Turkey-Necked Noodle
  40. Flubber-Gutted Fuzzball
  41. Captain Underpants
  42. Wombat Wrangler
  43. Plop Monster
  44. Pancake Platypus
  45. Dingleberry Detective
  46. Human Hiccup
  47. Meat Popsicle
  48. Snot-Slinging Sasquatch
  49. Belching Baboon
  50. Poop Chute

Food-Based Insult Names

Food Based Insult Names

Where people get to be compared to the least edible foods in the most creative ways, the options are limitless.

Here’s a batch of funny insult names based on food:

  1. Moldy Muffin Monarch
  2. Stale Pretzel Pretender
  3. Overripe Banana Buffoon
  4. Soggy Cereal Sultan
  5. Burnt Bagel Baroness
  6. Rancid Raisin Rascal
  7. Wilted Watermelon Wimp
  8. Expired Eggplant Emperor
  9. Hairy Hotdog Hustler
  10. Moldy Meatloaf Monster
  11. Fermented Fruitcake Fanatic
  12. Curdled Custard Commander
  13. Slimy Seaweed Sovereign
  14. Rotten Ravioli Royalty
  15. Spoiled Spaghetti Sovereign
  16. Mushy Macaroni Misfit
  17. Stale Saltine Sovereign
  18. Greasy Grits Grifter
  19. Soggy Sandwich Sovereign
  20. Pickle-Nosed Pimento
  21. Hairy Ham Hock Hustler
  22. Squashed Squash Sovereign
  23. Crushed Cracker Captain
  24. Melted Milkshake Mishap
  25. Burnt Biscuit Buffoon
  26. Flatbread Floozie
  27. Tangled Taffy Tyrant
  28. Chewed Churro Chump
  29. Cheesy Chump Champion
  30. Gummy Bear Goon
  31. Soggy Soup Sufferer
  32. Rancid Ramen Rajah
  33. Moldy Marshmallow Maven
  34. Slimy Sardine Sovereign
  35. Expired Eggplant Enthusiast
  36. Crusty Cornbread Captain
  37. Waffle-Faced Weasel
  38. Soggy Spinach Simp
  39. Limp Lettuce Lord
  40. Stinky Sushi Sovereign
  41. Fried Failure
  42. Boiled Brussel Sprout Bandit
  43. Mashed Potato Misfit
  44. Chewed up Chow Mein Chump
  45. Crumbly Cookie Crone
  46. Rotten Rice Regent
  47. Greasy Noodle Know-Nothing
  48. Slimy Salmon Scamp
  49. Hairy Hummus Hustler
  50. Decayed Donut Dork

Insulting Names For Animals

Insulting Names For Animals

The animal world is filled with weird animals for which it would be a funny insult if you applied them to a person.

  1. Pigeon-Toed Platypus
  2. Hairless Hamster Hustler
  3. Whiny Weasel Wrangler
  4. Screeching Seagull Sniffer
  5. Slobbering Salamander Sovereign
  6. Flailing Flounder Flunky
  7. Slinking Slug Sultan
  8. One-Eyed Newt Noodle
  9. Buzzing Bumblebrain
  10. Sneezing Squirrel Sovereign
  11. Scrawny Shrimp Simp
  12. Clucking Chicken Chucklehead
  13. Balding Barnacle Boss
  14. Squawking Seagull Sovereign
  15. Slippery Salamander Slacker
  16. Goggle-Eyed Goldfish Goofball
  17. Brainless Barnacle
  18. Waddling Walrus Wonder
  19. Stumbling Sloth Supreme
  20. Dopey Dodo Dunce
  21. Feral Flea Fiend
  22. Shaggy Sheepdog Shambles
  23. Belching Buffalo Blunderer
  24. Howling Hound Hooligan
  25. Hairy Hippo Hustler
  26. Hissing Hyena Heckler
  27. Drooling Dung Beetle
  28. Bumbling Bumblebrain
  29. Squealing Squirrel Snacker
  30. Sloppy Sloth Slacker
  31. Squawking Seagull Sniffer
  32. Grunting Gorilla Goon
  33. Twitchy Tadpole Tyrant
  34. Blinking Bat Buffoon
  35. Crawling Cockroach Creep
  36. Scurry Squirrel Snoozer
  37. Whiny Wasp Wuss
  38. Molting Maggot Maven
  39. Hairy Hog Hustler
  40. Slithering Slug Scoundrel
  41. Whining Windbag Weasel
  42. Snarling Snake Snide
  43. Squeaky Mouse Sneak
  44. Gaping Goldfish Gawk
  45. Flailing Fish Flop
  46. Screeching Seagull Shrieker
  47. Bloated Blowfish Braggart
  48. Scrounging Seagull Scavenger
  49. Babbling Baboon Blunderer
  50. Fumbling Frog Floozy

Insult Names Based On Appearance

Insult Names Based On Appearence

We are all different, and unique on our own, some with funnier quirks than others. Find some inspiration from these insults which are based on appearance.

  1. Freckle-Faced Fuzzbucket
  2. Unibrow Untamed
  3. Gap-Tooth Grinner
  4. Squinty-Eyed Spectacle Snafu
  5. Knobbly-Kneed Noodle
  6. Balding Barnacle
  7. Scrawny Sausage Stick
  8. Double-Chinned Doughnut Devourer
  9. Thunder Thigh Titan
  10. Knobbly Knuckle Know-It-All
  11. Big-Eared Bat Boy/Girl
  12. Bucktooth Beaver
  13. Chubby Chipmunk Chewer
  14. Lanky Legume
  15. Wobbly Walrus Waddle
  16. Tiny-Toed Teacup
  17. Cross-Eyed Calamity
  18. Hairline Houdini
  19. Noodle-Armed Nuisance
  20. Pimple-Popping Princess/Prince
  21. Eyebrow Enthusiast
  22. Muffin-Topped Menace
  23. Goofy Gopher Grin
  24. Bowling Ball Belly
  25. Four-eyed Freak
  26. Pizza-Faced Pimple Popper
  27. Bird-Legged Blunder
  28. No-Neck Noodle
  29. Tree Trunk Thunder Thighs
  30. Toothless Terror
  31. Wobbly Waddle Wonder
  32. Greasy-Haired Gorilla
  33. Snaggletooth Slobberer
  34. Potbelly Penguin
  35. Dimpled Dumpling
  36. Nosy Nellie
  37. Noodle-Necked Nuisance
  38. Pale-Faced Phantom
  39. Twiggy-Legged Troublemaker
  40. Wart-Faced Wonder
  41. Beady-Eyed Beadle
  42. Sweaty Sock Sniffer
  43. Garlic Breath Ghoul
  44. Bony-Butted Buffoon
  45. Hairy-Backed Howler
  46. Pigeon-Toed Platypus
  47. Bumpy-Faced Booger Brain
  48. Butt-Chinned Blunderer
  49. Cabbage Patch Faced Kid
  50. Flabby-Armed Floozie

Occupation Insults Names

Occupation Insults Names

There are cases, where you meet people who take up a job that naturally leads to funny nicknames You can roast them with these:

  1. Professional Pickle-Sniffer
  2. Lint Lord/Lady
  3. Bellybutton Fuzz Fanatic
  4. Professional Earwax Enthusiast
  5. Toe Jam Juggler
  6. Failed Flunky of the Fiasco Factory
  7. Bureaucratic Barnacle Brain
  8. Keyboard-Clicking Know-Nothing
  9. Paperclip-Counting Penny-Pincher
  10. Watercooler Whining Windbag
  11. Cubicle-Dwelling Clod
  12. Janitorial Jellybean
  13. Sandwich-Stacking Sloth
  14. Pencil-Pushing Paperweight
  15. Corporate Couch Clown
  16. Spreadsheet Scamp
  17. File-Finding Failure
  18. Mailroom Misfit
  19. Telemarketing Terror
  20. Coffee-Fetching Catastrophe
  21. Lunch Break Lothario/Lady
  22. Breakroom Booger-Picker
  23. Photocopier Paper Jammer
  24. Cubicle Cricket Connoisseur
  25. Meeting-Snoozing Snoozefest
  26. Watercooler Whispering Windbag
  27. Keyboard Cowboy/Cowgirl
  28. Powerpoint Princess/Prince
  29. Email Emoji Enthusiast
  30. Spreadsheet Supervillain
  31. TPS Report Tyrant
  32. Lunchroom Leftover Looter
  33. Corporate Ladder Leech
  34. Slacker Supreme
  35. Clock-Watching Champ
  36. Office Gossip Ghoul
  37. Out-of-Office Olympian
  38. Reply-All Rampage
  39. Conference Call Calamity
  40. Deskbound Dodo
  41. Filing Cabinet Fiend
  42. Breakroom Banana Bandit
  43. Coffee-Stealing Creeper
  44. Paper Shredder Shred-Head
  45. Overly-Perfumed Pencil Pusher
  46. Office Olympics Overlord
  47. Stationery Stockpiling Squirrel
  48. Keyboard Catastrophe King/Queen
  49. Ergonomically Challenged Elf
  50. Cubicle Coughing Culprit

Questionable Intelligence Nicknames

Questionable Intelligence Nicknames

Let’s face it, some people aren’t blessed with the biggest of brains. Poke fun at their lack of intelligence with these names:

  1. Brain Fog Bog Monster
  2. Waffle-Brained Wonder
  3. Dull-Witted Dodo
  4. Numbskull Noodle
  5. Flubber-Brained Floozie
  6. Empty-Headed Eggplant
  7. Turnip-Headed Twit
  8. Peanut-Brained Pinhead
  9. Lightbulb-Dim Lummox
  10. Bubble-Headed Buffoon
  11. Walking Waffle Wreck
  12. Cabbage-Headed Clod
  13. Noodle-Brained Nincompoop
  14. Brainless Barnacle Babe
  15. Vacant-Eyed Vegetable
  16. Doorknob-Level Genius
  17. Waffle-Stomping Wombat
  18. Meat Popsicle Maestro
  19. Window-Licking Wonder
  20. Soggy Biscuit Brain

More Giggles:

Funny Insult Names Generator

How do you roast your bestie and avoid being mean? Our Funny Insult Names Generator perfectly combines imaginative jabs in the newest series of funny nicknames.

 Just click ‘Generate Name’ to get a bunch of random insult nicknames that you can use right away.

Where These Funny Insult Names Can Be Used

The greatness of these friendly insults is that you can use them for different occasions. 

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Banter with the Best Buds: What could be better than a casual tea time with your best friends to tease each other playfully?
  • Inside Jokes: Keep coming up with inside jokes that last by turning a one-time insult into a recurring nickname. Be sure it is something rather lighter, however, your friend finds it funny.
  • Multiplayer Games: Competitive gaming is always something that is happening online or when friends are playing board games, and it is always accompanied by banter, which is fun.
  • Texting or Social Media: Put a stupid joke in the comment of your friend’s social media post or text him/her quickly with a funny nickname.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it okay to use these insults with my friends?

Certainly, provided that everyone is ready for it and everyone can realize that it’s just a joke. If you are unsure, gently drop in the mild insults and see how your friend reacts.

Q2. What if my friend gets genuinely upset?

For starters, say sorry and stop the insulting. Roasting is only fun when everyone is having a good time. If you’ve hurt someone’s feelings it is very important to stop and apologize.

Q3. I’m not very good at coming up with insults on the spot, what can I do?

This list is a great starting point. Keep a few of your favorites in mind for when the perfect opportunity arises. With practice, the insults will flow more naturally.

Q4. Are there any insults that are off-limits?

Do not hurl insults that contain someone’s race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, severe insecurities, or intimate problems.


This wraps up the list of 500 funny insult names. And now you will be able to take a massive shot at your friends who will be laughing and it will all be because of these hilarious names. 

Just keep in mind, that these are funny-natured digs, so start writing your jokes and get ready to go crazy on some real banter.

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