Funny Woodworking Business Names (100+ Creative Suggestions)

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Funny Woodworking Business Names 

Have you ever heard a piece of wood chuckle? Or maybe a carpenter’s ruler trying to tickle you with a pun? No? Then prepare yourself to be saw-prised.

Yes, you’ve drilled it, this is all about “Funny Woodworking Business Names”. Buckle up, as we dive into a forest of humorous, inventive, and grin-inducing names, that will make you say “Wood You Believe.

Funny Woodworking Business Names 

Funny Woodworking Business Names (With Meaning)

Some things in life, like a perfectly carved piece of wood, can make you marvel at the beauty in simplicity. But when you add a dash of humour, it turns into a perfectly balanced piece of art. Here, we’ve taken the usual and made it unusual, made the mundane into a memorable masterpiece.

1. Hammer and Nails…And Laughs 

This is a fun name for a woodworking business because it incorporates the two main tools of the trade, hammer, and nails, but with the added bonus of humour. There may be a few laughs along the way, and the work may not be all business.

2. Saw-It-All

It encompasses all the services that a woodworking business might provide, which makes it a great name for the business. There is no limit to how big or small the business can handle, and there is no limit to the size of the projects.

3. Wood You Believe

This is a humorous take on a woodworking business. It gives the idea that the business can do amazing things with wood, and that the customer might have to see it to believe it. Moreover, it incorporates the word you which refers to the customer. Hence, the customers are the people who will be the main focus of this business.

4. Wood Sheds

Woodworking is another great business name, even though it might seem odd for a woodworking shop. However, it shows that there will be a lot of wood in the business, and the woodwork will be focused on construction.

5. Hardwoods Studio

A woodworking business name can include the hardwoods studio, and this means that the shop will specialize in doing woodwork. Also, it can be seen as a way of saying that the customer’s project will be a good one.

6. Giddy Carpenter

With this woodworking business, you can experience the joy and satisfaction of woodworking. It also has a playful and fun tone that appeals to customers who are looking for something special. 

7. Sawdust Serenity

If you have a business that focuses on lumber, then you should use the name Sawdust Serenity. This means that the business focuses on the beauty of the wood itself, as well as its history.

8. Cottage Craftsman

Using the word cottage craft will convey the idea that the business will offer wood projects based in cottages. Thus, they are more romantic, and customers will appreciate this. Also, the wood will be of high quality.

 9. Saw It Coming Woodworking 

Bringing a little humour to the woodworking business with a pun on the phrase “saw it coming” is a great idea. Since woodworking involves a lot of sawing, this phrase is very applicable and allows customers to see the fun side of the business.

10. Saw and the City

A woodworking business name that evokes the raucousness of the popular hit TV show, Sex and the City. Here, customers can expect to find only the highest quality woodworking materials, tools, and products. The shop has a range of items that can be used for a variety of projects, from furniture to home decor. Additionally, the staff is experienced and friendly, so customers can rest assured that they’ll get the best advice and assistance when working on their woodworking projects. 

Funny Woodworking Business Names Ideas List

Funny Woodworking Business Names Ideas List

In this part, we dive deeper into the forest of funny names, shedding light on those that don’t necessarily need an explanation, but will certainly carve a place in your memory. Get ready to tap into your funny bone as we embark on this journey of jest and jigsaws.

1. Hammerhead Joinery

2. Sawdusty Solutions

3. Wood-Be-Good

4. Carpenter’s Ink

5. Hammer & Nailers

6. Chiseled Creations

7. Saw It All

8. Sawdust & Nails

9. Woodsmith’s Workshop

10. Wood Wonders

11. Wood-A-Rama

12. Tapping Timbers

13. The Saw Shack

14. Wood and Nailers

15. The Sawdust Factory

16. Woodcrafty

17. The Nailery

18. Sawdust Sorcerers

19. Woodscapes

20. Furniture Fixers

21. Sawing Solutions

22. Wood City

23. Saw Dusty Dreams

24. Wood Worx

25. The Sawing Shed

26. Sawed-Off Creations

27. Hammer & Saw Sharpening

28. Wood Workshop

29. Crafty Woodcuts

30. Woodmill

31. Wood-Be-Done

32. Carpenter’s Corner

33. Sawdusty Science

34. Handy Hammering

35. Woodshop Whippers

36. Homely Handyman

37. Wood Worshipers

38. Sawdusty Specialties

39. Woodsy Wonders

40. Fine Woodworking

41. Wood-Meister

42. Home-Based Woodworker

43. Sawdust Seamstresses

44. Craftsmen Carpentry

45. Wood-Be-True

46. Wood Whittlers

47. Woodman’s Workshop

48. Woodshack

49. Woodhouse Creations

50. Woodworking Magicians

51. Wood Benders

52. Wood-A-Tude

53. Wood Millers

54. Wood-Be-Right

55. Wood Studio

56. Sawdusty Solutions

57. Wood-Be-Creative

58. Wood-Whiz

59. Woodwork Wonders

60. Hammerhead Joiners

61. Wood-Be-Dreamers

62. Wood-Doctor

63. Woodsy

64. Wood-We-Make

65. Handy Hammering

66. Wood-Be-Gone

67. Woodysmith

68. Splinters & Splatters

69. Sawoff Solutions

70. Wood-Be-Done

71. Going Nuts for Woodworking

72. Woodmillers

73. Wood-Be-Good

74. Cut It Out Woodworks

75. Wood-R-Us

76. Sawdusty Solutions

77. Quality Carpentry

78. Wood It Be Nice

79. The Woodsmiths

80. Sawdusty Scientists

81. Hammer & Nailers

82. World of Woodworking

83. Sawdusty Solutions

84. Woodworking Magicians

85. Woodhouse

86. Sawdusty Specialties

87. Woodwork Wonders

88. Wood-a-holic

89. Woodmania Works


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