Funny Consulting Business Names (100+ Creative Suggestions)

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Funny Consulting Business Names Ideas

Are you starting a consulting business? Tired of those mundane and boring business names? Well, let’s toss those blues away and dip our toes into the pool of hilarity.

From ‘Think Tankery’ to ‘Consulting Cats’, we’ve compiled an epic list of funny and clever names for your consulting venture. These names are not only memorable and distinct, but they’ll also give your clients a good chuckle. Ready to laugh your socks off? Let’s dive in.

Funny Consulting Business Names (With Meaning)

While we’re all about fun and games, we also appreciate the importance of meaning in a business name. So, we’ve dug deep and come up with some brilliant, witty names that’ll give your consulting firm not only a good laugh but also a great story to tell.

1) Tangible Solutions

This hilarious business name is perfect for a consulting business that is all about finding practical, tangible solutions for their clients. With this name, you can also play on the idea of ‘tangible’ having a double meaning – providing solutions that are not just real and practical, but also have a physical presence.

2) The Brain Trust

A great name for a consulting business that specializes in bringing the best minds together to solve problems. It’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek way to let clients know that your team is full of some of the smartest people in the industry and can come up with the best solutions.

3) Out of the Box Thinkers

If your consulting business is all about thinking outside the box and coming up with new and innovative solutions, this is the perfect name. Not only is this funny and catchy, but it also provides a hint of how your business works.

4) Solutionists

For a consulting business that seeks out the best solutions for its clients, this is a wonderful name. It’s a lighthearted way to tell clients that you are the experts in finding solutions, and that you can help them take on the toughest of challenges.

5) Solutions to All Problems

Clients can come to this company for help finding solutions to their problems. This business name will make sure that you get plenty of exposure because you are the go-to company for creative ideas! Moreover, it’s short and sweet, so it’ll be easy to share.

6. Think Tankery

A funny name for a consulting business that solves problems. With Think Tankery, you can let clients know you have an expert team at their disposal. I think it’s a fun way to emphasize the importance of brainstorming and collaboration in consulting.

7. Laying Down Wisdom

Despite this clever name, the consultants seem to be knowledgeable and wise. It suggests that the consultants can provide valuable advice and expertise that can help clients make the best decisions for their business. So this name can mean a lot of different things. But it can also mean that they have a lot of wisdom to offer, which could be a good thing.

8. Miracle Workers

By using this creative name, the consultants are implied to be able to accomplish the impossible. It suggests that the consultants can provide clients with the solutions they need to get the best results. It also implies that the consultants are skilled, knowledgeable, and capable of working miracles. 

9. The Answer Man

There’s something really clever and funny about this name. It makes the consultants sound like an answer to every question that a client has. So this is a fun and effective name for consultants who can’t resist answering questions and helping their clients.

10. The Fixer

When you think of a fixer, you probably think of someone who is responsible for making things better or easier. A fixer could be anyone who can make a problem disappear or solve a problem. And that’s what a good consultant does. He or she solves problems and then goes away. So that ‘s why this name works well for the consultants and gives some funny impression.

Funny Consulting Business Names Ideas List

Funny Consulting Business Names Ideas List

And here we go! We’ve racked our brains, summoned our inner comedians, and poured over countless puns to bring you this list of delightfully humorous consulting business names. Trust us, these names are no joke. Or, well, they are, but in the best possible way.

1. Idea-Go-Round 

2.  Thought Machine

3. Catch a Brain Wave 

4. Bean Counters 

5. Brainiacs 

6. Brainy Bunch 

7. Mind Benders 

8. Brainstormers 

9. Data Doctors 

10. Analytical Agency 

11. Problem Solvers Inc. 

12. Strategy Ninjas 

13. The Strategic Solutions 

14. Consultant Clinic 

15. Consulting Cops 

16. Smart Solutions Group

17. Reality Checkers 

18. Creative Thinkers 

19. Brainiacs Unlimited 

20. Idea-ologists 

21. Big Picture Agency 

22. Mind Masters 

23. Plan-It Strategically 

24. Think Out of the Box 

25. Solutions Company 

26. Analytics Agency 

27. Brainiacs of Business 

28. Problem Solvers 

29. Strategic Solutions Inc. 

30. Strategists 

31. Puzzle Solvers 

32. Creative Problem Solvers 

33. Consulting Cats 

34. Creative Consultants 

35. Solution Seekers Inc. 

36. Professional Problem Solvers 

37. Business Brainiacs 

38. Consulting Collective 

39. Idea Makers

40. Strategy Gurus 

41. Professors of Problem-solving 

42. Strategic Thinkers 

43. Planning Pros 

44. Idea-ology Factory 

45. Consulting Crew 

46. Solutions Squad 

47. Consultation Company 

48. On-Point Solutions

49. Answers on Demand

50. Solution Providers

51. Bright Futures Consulting

52. Idea Shop

53. The Business Solutions Team 

54. Visionaries Group

55. The Brain Trust

56. Consultancy Co

57. Think-It-Thru 

58. Problem-solving All-Stars 

59. Problem-solving Professionals 

60. Cleverly Creative Solutions

61. The Strategy Architects 

62. Thinkers and Doers 

63. Business Brain Trust 

64. Brain Buster Brigade 

65. Consulting Commanders 

66.Problem-solving Powerhouse 

67. Consulting Crusaders 

68. Creative Cats 

69. Geniuses 

70. The Strategic Specialists 

71. Brainiacs at Work 

72. Brain Bouncers 

73. Minds Behind Solutions

74. Solution Seekers 

75. Helping Guys

76. Business Problem Solvers 

77. Idea Exchange 

78. Strategic Think Tank 

79. Minds of Business 

80. Planning Pioneers 

81. Strategy Saloon 

82. The Masterminds 

83. Consultation Council 

84. Problem-solving Posse 

85. Consulting Cabal 

86. Ideasmiths 

87. Strategic Solutions Society 

88. Thinking Caps 

89. Minds At Work Solutions

90. Cleverly Creative Solutions

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