Funny Taco Truck Names (250+ Creative Ideas)

Funny Taco Truck Names Ideas

Welcome to the realm of culinary hilarity, where tacos and laughter collide!

Prepare to experience a feast of flavors and a side of laughter as we reveal a selection of amusing taco truck names that will tantalize your taste buds and tickle your funny bone.

Funny Taco Truck Names (with Meaning)

1. Taco Loco

This name gives a sense of wild fun because it literally translates to “crazy taco.” It could be a hilarious suggestion for a taco truck coming to a party or event since it implies a wild ride of yummy tacos ahead!

2. Tacos Under the Sea

With this name, you can look forward to an underwater adventure with tacos that are whimsical and fun! It could be the name of a taco truck that visits the beach or a pool party, as it implies a lighthearted and entertaining atmosphere.

3. Chilly Willie’s

There’s no better place for fiery food than this taco truck! Not only does it serve up some of the spiciest tacos around, but it also has an ice cream stand in the back. Everyone loves it when Chilly Willie rolls up in town, as it’s a great way to cool off after a hot day of taco eating! 

3. To-Shell-and-Back

The taco truck’s name is a play on words expressing the deliciousness of its food. Everyone who tries its tacos is instantly hooked, as they go to-shell-and-back for more. Moreover, the vibrant colors of the truck and its catchy name make it stand out from the rest. 

4. Taco Knights

Taco Knights is another fun taco truck to visit in Long Beach. The menu is filled with taco combinations that you never thought possible. You can even get a taco pizza if you’re feeling up for a challenge. If you’re craving Mexican food, then Taco Knights should be on your list of go-to’s.

5. Twister Tacos

Those who want to get their hands on some tasty tacos should head over to Twister Tacos. Not only does it serve up delicious tacos, but it also has a giant twister game painted on the side of the truck. Everyone loves the fun and unique twist on the traditional taco truck.

6. Taco-Rific

Who doesn’t love tacos? If you’re in the mood for some delicious tacos, then this is the taco truck for you. The truck’s name says it all – it’s taco-rific! Get ready to enjoy a variety of delicious tacos and Mexican specialties. It’s sure to satisfy your hunger and put a smile on your face.

7. The Great Taco Escape

Taking a break from the stress of everyday life is sure to be a pleasant experience with this taco truck. Enjoy a variety of delicious tacos and Mexican-inspired dishes. It’s the perfect way to take a little break from your day and enjoy some tasty tacos. Additionally, the truck’s name is sure to make you smile.

8. Taco-nator

If there was ever a name that perfectly describes what this taco truck is all about, it’s Taco-nator. From the first bite, you’ll understand why. This taco truck specializes in making tacos of all kinds. Stop by for some tasty tacos and take a break from your day.

9. Taco Loco

In addition, to live music and weekly acts, this taco truck is a bit different. There is no better way to spend a Friday night than with a great meal and good tunes. As its name suggests, this taco truck goes all out in terms of the food they serve. The fish tacos are a must-try.

10. Taco-Licious

Delicious tacos are the focus of this taco truck! They serve up tacos with all the fixings and make sure each one is packed with flavor. Furthermore, they offer a variety of extras – from guacamole to sour cream – that make their tacos even more delicious.

Funny Taco Truck Names Ideas List

1. Cuco’s Cantina

2. Taco Time Machine

3. La Taqueria Loco 

4. Cheesy Taco Cabana 

5. Super Taco Truck 

6. El Taco Express 

7. Great Burrito Bandit 

8. Sizzling Taco Shack

9. Flying Taco 

10. Taco-Go-Round 

11. Taco Truck O’Fun 

12. Drifting Taco Truck 

13. Taco-Matic 

14. Saucy Taco 

15. Tasty Taco Truck 

16. Taco Trolley 

17. Taco Bello 

18. Chihuahua Express 

19. Cuco’s Cantina

2. Taco Time Machine

3. La Taqueria Loco 

4. Taco-Rific 

5. The Rollin’ Taco 

6. The El Taco Express 

7. The Great Burrito Bandit 

8. The Sizzling Taco Shack

9. The Flying Taco 

10. Taco-Go-Round 

11. Taco Fiesta 

12. The Taco Wagon 

13. Taco-Matic 

14. The Saucy Taco 

15. The Tasty Taco Truck 

16. The Rollin’ Burrito 

17. Taco Bello 

18. Chihuahua Express 

19. Rolling Salsa 

20. Rolling Taqueria 

21. Crazy Taco 

22. Epicurean Taco 

23. Taco Heaven 

24. Magic Taco 

25. Taco Tornado 

26. Delicious Taco Machine 

27. Hot Taco Spot 

28. Wandering Taco 

29. Sweet & Spicy Taco Hut 

30. Street Taco 

31. Taco Adventure 

32. Hot Tamale Trip 

33. Tex-Mex Express 

34. Taco Heaven

35. Epicurean Taco

36. Taco Expedition

37. Truckery Taco

38. Taco-Mania 

39. Taco-Rama 

40. Taco Rover

41. Amigo Taco 

42. Saucy Taco Shack 

43. Rolling Taco Palace 

44.  Smokin’ Taco 

45. Churro-Go-Round

Badass Taco Food Truck Names

  1. Taco Time Machine
  2. Taco-Go-Round
  3. Taco Express
  4. Great Taco Adventure
  5. Taco Rollin’
  6. Taco Warriors
  7. The Taco Kings 
  8. The Taco Truckin’ Co.
  9. Taco Fiesta
  10. Taco Rocket 
  11. Taco Wagon
  12. Taco Truck Stop
  13. Taco Mobile
  14. Hot Taco Tour
  15. Tacos On The Move
  16. Taco Bandits
  17. Taco Assassins
  18. Carnitas Cruiser
  19. Taco Terminators
  1. Quesadilla Gang
  2. Taco Rollers
  3. Flour Tortilla Bandits
  4. Hot Sauce Brigade
  5. Salsa Slayers
  6. Bold Taco
  7. Guacamole Gang
  8. Nacho Ninjas Tacos
  9. Taco Truckers
  10. Chalupa Cartel
  11. Taco Tailgaters
  12. Taco Truck-A-Rama
  13. Taco-Mania
  14. Taco Truckin’ Express
  15. Taco Truckers Union
  16. Super Taco Truck
  17. Taco Truck Stop & Go
  18. Taco Wrecking Crew
  19. Great Taco Chase
  20. Taco Takedown
  21. Taco Runners
  22. Taco Squadron
  23. Taco Zone
  24. Hot Taco Shack
  25. Fajita Cartel
  26. Taco Truckin’ Revolution

Creative Name Ideas For Taco Truck

1. Taco Truck Delight

2. Taco Tonne

3. Taco Truck Odyssey

4. Taco Temple

5. Taco Town Emporium

6. Truck Outpost

7. Taco Tourist Bus

8. Sizzling Tacos

9. Taco-Licious

10. Taco Trot

11. South of the Border Tacos

12. Rolling Taco Party

13. Tonne Taco

14. Taco Cartel 

15. On the Go Tacos

16. Taco-Go-Round 

17. Mexico-on-Wheels 

18. Taco-land

19. Taco Brothers

20. Chillin’ with Tacos

21. El Taco Bandito 

22. Taco-Mania 

23. Tacos & More 

24. Tasty Taco Tour 

25. La Cocina de los Tacos 

26. Tijuana Taco Truck

27. Taco Bell

28. Taco Village

29. Taco City

30. Taco Bar

31. Taco Zone

32. Tacos De Mi Tierra

33. Taco Mania

34. Mexi-Taco

35. Tacos El Rey

36. Taco World

37. Tacos R Us

38. Taco Del Mar

39. Taco Cabana

40. Taco Haus

41. Original Tacos And More

42. Tacos Chupacabras

43. Tamarindo

44. Taco Y Tequila

45. Tacos Al Lado

Taco Truck Names In Spanish

1. La Taquería de Don Chepe

2. La Taqueria de las Estrellas

3. Taquería El Toro

4. El Mejor Taco

5. El Sabor de los Tacos

6. Los Auténticos Tacos

7. El Taco Loco

8. Los Mejores Tacos del Mundo

9. La Taquería Mexicana

10. El Taco de Plata

11. El Rincón de la Taquería

12. El Rincón de la Comida Mexicana

13. El Camino de los Tacos

14. La Taquería de los Amigos

15. Los Sabores de México

16. El Rey de los Tacos

17. La Taquería Feliz

18. El Carrito de los Tacos

19. El Sabor de México

20. Los Tacos de Oaxaca

21. La Casa de los Tacos

22. El Rincón de los Tacos

23. Los Tacos de la Familia

24. La Rueda de los Tacos

25. El Camino de los Sabores

26. El Taco Sabroso

27. El Reino de los Tacos

28. Los Tacos de la Abuela

29. El Taco de Oro

30. El Gusto de los Tacos

Funny Mexican Taco Truck Names

1. The Saucy Tortilla

2. Taco-Mania

3. Ta-Cool

4. The Spicy Churro

5. Fajita Fiesta

6. The Rolling Burrito

7. Chihuahua Express

8. The Sizzling Chimichanga

9. Taco-Rama

10. Frijole Express

11. Cheesy Quesadilla

12. Cheese Curds Cart

13. Tostada Truck

14. Big Enchilada

15. Hot Tamale

16. Mexi-Go

17. Taco-Tastic

18. El Taco Loco

19. Elote Cart

20. Guacmobile

21. Saucy Quesadilla

22. Nacho Cart

23. Spicy Salsa Bus

24. Flaming Taquito

25. Burrito Bonanza

26. Burrito Brigade

27. Churro Wagon

28. Hot Taco Stand

29. Flying Taco

30. Enchilada Express