Funny Food Truck Names (300+ Creative Ideas)

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Funny Food Truck Names Ideas

Hungry for some laughter with a side of deliciousness? Get ready to roll into the world of food truck hilarity with our side-splittingly funny food truck names.

We’ve rounded up a smorgasbord of pun-tastic, belly-shaking, and downright ridiculous names that will have your taste buds tickled and your funny bone begging for seconds.

So, loosen those belt buckles, grab a napkin to wipe away the tears of laughter, and prepare to embark on a flavor-filled journey through our names list.

Creative and Funny Food Truck Names List

Funny Food Truck Names (with Meaning)

1. Big Bites On The Block

This fun food vehicle serves up double portions of all your favorite dishes. A must-have for those who don’t mess around when it comes to their meals, Big Bites On The Block is sure to make anyone smile.

2. Flippin’ Flamin’ Fries

Spice up your taste buds with this fiery food truck name! Flippin’ Flamin’ Fries will make sure you never forget their delicious, mouth-watering treats—even if your tongue is on fire! 

3. Bite Me Burger Bus

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cheeseburger or something a bit more daring, the Bite Me Burger Bus is sure to satisfy you. For the bold and daring foodie, this food truck name is a must-try!

4. Tastes like chicken

This lighthearted food truck name is sure to make you chuckle. Tastes Like Chicken will serve up a variety of savory dishes that taste anything but like chicken! Moreover, the owner of this food company likes to make sure customers have a good time at the restaurant!

5. Sloppy Taco Truck

For a hilarious laugh and some tasty food, The Sloppy Taco Truck has got you covered. Nothing beats a mouthwatering taco that’s so sloppy it’s messy! As a matter of fact, their menu includes a variety of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. These dishes are made with care by this food truck owner who knows what they’re doing!

6. Bitch Burgers

If you want to attract attention, then you’ll love this food truck name. The cheeky name of Bitch Burgers is sure to make you stand out in the crowd! The food truck serves up mouthwatering burgers, all of which are made with fresh ingredients by this professional chef. She wants to share her passion for cooking with the world!

7. Chow-Wow

This is one of those food truck names that sounds like a real deal. If you say it, people will automatically know you’re serving authentic Indian cuisine! So, whether you’re looking for a tasty breakfast or lunch option, Chow-Wow can offer you just that.

8. Baconology

The Baconology food truck takes pride in using only the finest ingredients, no matter what food they’re preparing! This bacon-loving truck owner makes it a point to only use the highest quality pork products so that every bite is bursting with flavor.

9. Fryin’ For Fun

There’s no doubt that this fun food truck name will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. It’s catchy and clever, suggesting that their delicious fried food is a fun and tasty way to spend your lunch break. Also, their staff is always smiling and happy to serve up a delicious meal.

10. Batter Up BBQ

With this name, it’s obvious that Batter Up BBQ is all about its food and serving up an amazing experience. Whether it’s their burgers or their chicken tenders, this place makes sure that it’s always cooked to perfection and served with a smile on its face.

Funny Food Truck Names Ideas List

1. Fry Me to the Moon 

2. Bustaurant 

3. The Great Grillby 

4. Grillenium Falcon 

5. Soup-er Truck 

6. Burger Monster 

7. Foodzilla 

8. Waffle Bus 

9. Slice of Heav’n 

10. Hot Dog Hooligans 

11. Munchies Food Truck

12. Rolling Sushi 

13. Street Eats Machine 

14. What the Fries? 

15. Saucy Burrito 

16. Flying Biscuit 

17. Rollin’ Stoned Pizza 

18. Taco Truck Stop 

19. Burgermeister 

20. Poutine Your Mouth 

21. Grillin’ and Chillin’ 

22. Grilled Cheese Experience 

23. Let’s Go Curry 

24. Comfort Cart 

25. Wok N’ Roll 

26. Burger Bus 

27. Cutlus Express 

28. Churro Wagon 

29. D’Lish Dogs 

30. Big Kahuna Burger 

31. Slider Shack 

32. Pie Hole 

33. Hot Dog Hut 

34. Dawg House 

35. Grub Tub 

36. Big Belly Burritos 

37. Food Coma 

38. Grilled Hawker 

39. Hot Line Tamales 

40. Flying Pizza 

41. Funky Taco 

42. Soup Dragon 

43. Chow Wagon 

44. Fry Guy 

45. Asian Cuisine Van

Clever Food Truck Names Ideas

1. Rollin’ Grub 

2. Street Eats 

3. Foodie Express 

4. Roaming Kitchen 

5. Hungry Herd 

6. The Rolling Bistro 

7. Moving Munchies 

8. Roaming Hunger 

9. The Movable Feast 

10. Grub on Wheels 

11. The Grub Machine 

12. The Meal Mobile 

13. Drive Thru Treats 

14. Feeding Frenzy 

15. Food Wagon 

16. Takeout Truck 

17. Grub Tub 

18. Cargo Kitchen 

19. Street Chow 

20. Fueling Station 

21. Comin’ to Ya 

22. Chow Down Express 

23. Vittles Van 

24. Gourmet Go-Round 

25. Street Chef 

26. Culinary Caravan 

27. Chow Vehicle 

28. Epicurean Express 

29. Wheels of Tastiness 

30. Munchies on the Move

Dirty Food Truck Names

1. Grease Monkey Eats

2. Big Momma’s Messy Kitchen

3. Grease & Grime Cuisine

4. Uncle Dirty’s Delicious Delights

5. Naughty Fryer

6. Filthy Burger

7. Sloppy Joe’s Street Food

8. Dirty Dawg

9. Grime & Grub

10. Grime Café

11. Sloppy Chef

12. Dirty Bird

13. Street Eats & Grease

14. Messy Pig

15. Greasy Spoon

16. Tawdry Taco

17. Naughty Nachos

18. Grungy Grill

19. Messy Fingers Food Truck

20. Grease Pit

21. Crusty Grill

22. Slop Shack

23. Filthy Fryer

24. Dirty Dawg House

25. Greasy Eats & Treats

26. Sloppy Sandwich

27. Fucky Fry

28. Uncle Dirty’s Delicious Delights

29. Messy Fingers Food Truck

30. Street Grime & Eats

Food Truck Names That Should Be Banned

1. Churros Truck

2. Cheetos Truck

3. Fries Truck

4. Waffle Truck

5. Chicken and Dumplings Truck

6. BBQ Ribs Truck

7. Cheese Steaks Truck

8. Pizza Rolls Truck

9. Ice Cream Truck

10. Sushi Truck

11. Pastry Truck

12. The Nachos Truck

13. The Hot Dogs Truck

14. Fried Chicken Truck

15. Muffuletta Truck

16. Macaroni Grill Truck

17. Choke ‘n’ Slide

18. The Burger Truck

19. Piggy Truck

20. Pizza Trucks

21. Baked Potato Bar

22. Caffe Roma

23. The Pizza Express

24. The Italian Kitchen

25. The Pizza Inn

26. The Hungry Fox

27. The Pizza Parlor

28. Pizza Hut

29. Little Caesars

30. Steak and Ale House

31. Wingery

32. Flying J

33. Travel Center

34. The Wendy’s

35. The Popeye’s

36. Dunkin’ Donuts

37. Taco Bell

38. The Jack in the Box

39. KFC

40.  Burger King

41. The subway

42. Snack Shack

43. Dessert Truck

44. Hungry Fox

45. Pizza Parlor

Burger Food Truck Names Ideas

1. Belly Buster Burgers

2. Grill Master Burgers

3. Gourmet Grillers

4. Burger Bonanza

5. Meaty Munchies

6. Burger joint

7. Slider Station

8. Sandwiches from BG Truck

9. Cheesy Chuckwagon

10. Burger-N-Fries

11. Burger Barons

12. Burger Broilers

13. All-American Burgers

14. The Burger Freaks

15. Firehouse Burgers

16. Buns of Fun

17. Burger Barn

18. Enormous Burger Bun  

19. Burger Blilli

20. Burger Palace

21. Burger Bites

22. Burger Express

23. Burger Boys

24. Burger Barnyard

25. Belly Buster Burgers

26. Burger Bonanza

27. Burger Bites and Brews

28. Burger Brigade

29. Burger Bash

30. Burger Bistro

31. Grub Hub Burgers

32. Burger Buddies

33. Burger Bonanza Express

34. The Burger Bus

35. Burger BBQ

36. Burger Bonanza on Wheels

37. Greasy Grills cheesy Burger

38. Burger Basket

39. Burger Bash Express

40. Burger Boss

41. Burger Barnstormers

42. Burger Bonanza Grill

43. Burger Bonanza Cruiser

44. The Burger Wiz

45. Three-storey Burger

Funny Hot Dog Food Truck Names

1. Wieners on Wheels

2. Sausage Sizzle

3. Doggy Diner

4. Franks of Fortune

5. Wiener Wonderland

6. Doggone Delicious

7. The Weiner Wagon

8. Dawgs on the Go

9. The Rolling Buns

10. Hog Heaven

11. Hot Diggity Dawgs

12. Hot Doggin’ It

13. The Sausage Station

14. Weenie Beagle

15. Grill ‘n’ Swill

16. The Dog House

17. Bun Run

18. Wiener Express

19. Wiener Roast

20. The Connoisseur of Dogs

21. Hot Dog Diva

22. Hot Dawgs on the Move

23. Pups ‘n’ Buns

24. Dawg Pound

25. Wiener Wagon Express

26. Wiener Man

27. Hot Dog Cart

28. The Dogfather

29. Krazy Kielbasa

30. Bunz ‘n’ Dogz

Funny BBQ Food Truck Names

1. Grill Masters of the Universe

2. The Saucy Pig

3. Grill Billies

4. Hog Wild BBQ

5. Sleazy Ribs

6. Ribs ‘n’ Rumps

7. Barbecue Bonanza

8. Smokin’ Hot BBQ

9. Grill Thrill

10. The Charcoal Corral

11. Sizzle & Smoke

12. Big Daddy BBQ

13. Porky’s Pit

14. Grill-a-holics

15. Smokin’ Down South


17. The Firehouse Grill

18. Out in the Woods

19. Pig Out BBQ

20. Grill FX

21. BBQ Bandits

22. Backyard BBQ Bonanza

23. BBQ & Blues Express

24. The Grill Station

25. Flaming Pig BBQ

26. Grill or Be Grilled

27. Heat Wave BBQ

28. Saucy Bar-B-Q

29. Grillzilla

30. The Grillin’ Jokers

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