Funny Snapchat Private Story Names (Make Your Friends LOL)

Funny Snapchat Private Story Names

Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms out there. With over 750 million active users worldwide in 2023 (Source), it has become a favorite among millennials and Gen Z-ers alike.

One of Snapchat’s unique features is the ability to create private stories that only your selected friends can see. These private stories provide an opportunity for you to share your funniest moments with your closest friends.

However, coming up with a funny Snapchat private story name can be a daunting task. Fear not, for we have curated a list of the most hilarious Snapchat private story names to help you out!

Funny Snapchat Private Story Names

1. Taco Tuesday Tales

This is a great Snapchat private story name for all of your friends who love tacos! You can post all kinds of funny snaps with your friends making tacos, having taco Tuesdays, or just enjoying tacos with friends. It’s sure to give everyone a good laugh and some great memories.

2. Lazy Sloth

With this funny story name, you’re implying that you are, like a sloth, very laid-back and lazy. It’s a fun way to let people know you’re not about to be running around all the time, and it also might make them giggle at the same time.

3. Masked Mystery

Humorous story title giving the impression that the author is a mysterious figure. You’ll never be able to predict what your viewers will experience in your story, so keep them guessing. It’s sure to raise a few eyebrows and get some chuckles.

4. Golden Goose

According to this funny story name, you are valuable and surprising, just like the golden goose. It’s a great way to show that you are someone worth watching, and that you will have a few surprises in store for your viewers.

5. Drifter

The name of this funny story implies that the writer is a bit of a free spirit, wandering all over and never settling down permanently. This story name is sure to make people smile and get them curious about what kinds of adventures you’re up to.

6. Silly Selfies

Selfies are all the rage these days, so why not have a private story dedicated to them? Snap funny selfies with your friends and family, and show off your silly side! You can also use it to share funny filters, poses, and other silly things that you can find in the Snapchat app.

7. Funky Foodies

Does your group of friends love to try new and interesting foods? Then this is the perfect private story for you! Take funny snaps of all your crazy food adventures, from trying a new restaurant to making a wacky dish at home. It’s sure to be a hit!

8. Fabulous Fashions

Show off the latest fashion trends with your fabulous friends! Post funny snaps of your latest outfits and share them with your private story. Whether it’s a wild night out or a casual everyday look, your friends are sure to get a kick out of it.

9. Crazy Karaoke

If you and your friends love to sing karaoke, then this is the perfect private story for you! Capture those funny and embarrassing moments when you try to sing your favorite songs, and make sure to post it with a funny caption. Your friends will get a good laugh out of it!

10. Funny Business

Whether it’s goofy faces you make, funny videos you record, or humorous situations you find yourself in, this story is sure to give your friends a good laugh. Because if your friends don’t laugh at your humor, then you’re doing something wrong! Share your hilarious stories on this photo/video-sharing app and watch your friends laugh out loud!

11. Wacky World of [Your Name]

This story title is a great way to show off your wild and wacky side. You can be goofy and cute or wacky and scary – the choice is yours! Be sure to upload a lot of photos and be creative, because your friends will appreciate it!

12.  [Name] Show

A name like this would be ideal for a private story if you love to make people laugh. You can post funny skits, parodies, and sketches that you and your friends create, or even post clips from your favorite TV show or movie.

13. Snappy Snooze-Fest

You’ll love this Snapchat private story name if you’re having a sleepy day. It’s fun and lighthearted, but also gives a nod to the fact that you’re feeling a bit tired, and need to get some rest.

14. Snap Happens

For those silly, funny moments that you want to share with your friends, but not share with the rest of the world. This story name is a play on the saying “shit happens,” and is a great way to express the funny, unexpected things that can happen in life. 

15. Snap-tastic

Keeping your friends in the loop about your cool, awesome personality is easy with this Snapchat story name. And who doesn’t want to tell their friends they’re awesome?

16. That’s Awkward

A title like this would be the best for those occurrences that aren’t exactly as you expected. It’s a great way to laugh off awkward moments and share them with your friends. So why not have a few awkward stories in your Snapchat story?

17. Bloopers & Blunders

Nothing makes you feel like you did something wrong faster than seeing yourself doing it. But then, you might just have to share it with the whole world and see what happens. This Snapchat private story title is all about goofing up and making mistakes. 

18. The Secret Sauce Society

You’ll love this name if you like to keep your private stories private and full of flavor. The image of a clandestine group of people concocting a mysterious sauce is sure to have your friends and family in stitches.

19. Unseen World

 The idea of a world of the unseen suggests a mysterious realm where strange things happen and no one can see what is going on. A great name for those who like to keep their private stories away from the public eye.

20. Spontaneous Sillies

Those funny, unexpected moments that make you laugh are captured in this title. Snapchat private story names are ideal for anyone who wants to share spontaneous, unexpected, or funny moments.

Funny Private Story Names For Girls 

Funny Private Story Names For Girls 

1. Banana Dance Queen

2. The Fluffy Princess 

3. Hair of the Dog

4. Princess of Pretzels

5. Sushi Chef Extraordinaire

6. Texting Queen

7. Crazy Hair Day

8. Funky Fable

9. Shopping Spree Diva

10. Caramel Apple Caper

11. Tattoo Tale

12. The Great Mascara War

13. Roller Skating Queen 

14. Frozen Yogurt Queen 

15. Queen of the Marshmallows 

16. Cupcake Conquest

17. Bubble Gum Bandit

18. Sweet Tooth Sorceress

19. Popcorn Princess 

20. Chocoholic Chronicles

Funny Private Story Names For Boys 

Funny Private Story Names For Boys 

1. A Day in the Life of Tommy Troublemaker 

2. Nick’s Wild Adventure 

3. The Amazing Misadventures of Jake 

4. Dan the Daredevil 

5. Harry’s Hilarious Follies 

6. Sam’s Crazy Concoctions 

7. Pete’s Wild Imagination 

8. Zack’s Super Silliness 

9. The Incredible Antics of Billy 

10. Joe’s Mischievous Mishaps 

11. Tim’s Loony Langour 

12. Charlie’s Unbelievable Escapades 

13. Tom’s Eccentricity 

14. Rob’s Offbeat Outings 

15. Jack’s Loopy Musings 

16. The Outrageous Tomfoolery of John 

17. The Goofy Shenanigans of Dave 

18. Dave’s Stunningly Big Ideas 

19. Wacky Wizard

20. The Wild Story of Mike

Offensive Private Story Names

1. Shamelessly Embarrassing 

2. Too Much Information

3. Unacceptable Behavior

4. Hurtful Words 

5. Outrageous Actions 

6. Cringe-Worthy Moments 

7. Shocking Admissions

8. Uncomfortable Truths

9. Awkward Encounters

10. Offensive Stories 

11. Inappropriate Conversations

12. Insensitive Jokes

13. Tasteless Tales

14. Humiliating Memories

15. Unsavoury Tales 

16. Regrettable Incidents

17. Indecent Secrets

18. Racy Rumours

19. Sordid Snippets

20. Embarrassing Revelations

Funny Snapchat Private Story Names For Gingers 

1. Ginger Spice

2. Ginger-Bread Man

3. Bright-Haired Brilliance

4. Fireball Frenzy

5. Freckled Follies

6. Spicy Snap Stories

7. The Big Ginger Theory

8. The Rusty Man

9. Ginger Twists

10. Gingers Gone Wild

11. Fiery Fox Tales

12. Copper Coils

13. Fire-Locked

14. Hot-Headed Hero

15. Fun with Flame-Colored Hair

16. Tangerine Tease

17. Ginger Snapchats Galore

18. Glowing Ginger

19. The Ginger Ghost

20. Gingerly Giggles

Funny Snapchat Private Story Names For Blondes 

1. Blonde Bombshells 

2. Blondes Have More Fun 

3. Blonde-tastic 

4. Blondes Rule 

5. The Blonde Brigade 

6. Blondes Unite 

7. Blondes Are The Best 

8. Blonde Ambition 

9. Blonde and Fabulous 

10. Blondes Have More Style 

11. Blonde Bombshells On Fire 

12. Blonde And Beautiful 

13. Blonde Goddesses 

14. Blonde and Fearless 

15. Blonde and Brilliant 

16. Blonde Queen’s Court 

17. Blonde Power 

18. Blonde And Bold 

19. Blonde and Daring 

20. Blondes Know How To Have Fun