300+ Funny Shotgun Names (Clever Gun Name Ideas)

Funny Shotgun Names

Gun enthusiasts have been naming their guns for years, and some of the names are just hilarious. Funny and clever gun names are a way to show your personality and creativity. They can also make your firearm more memorable and easier to identify.

You want a name that is clever, badass, and will make all your friends jealous. You can also choose a name that is easy to pronounce and easy to remember. Some of these names are also appropriate for your gun’s intended use.

We’ve got you covered with 100 funny shotgun names that will make everyone laugh and show off your hunting skills. In those, we briefly explain 30 of them so check out our list of funny names below and get inspired to come up with your own!

Funny Shotgun Names (with Meanings)

Why Naming Your Shotgun Adds a Personal Touch?

Emotional Connection

This heading sets the stage for the emotional aspect of naming your shotgun. It aims to make the reader understand that a name isn’t just a label but an identity that adds sentimental value to the object.

The mention of “Shotgun Willy” serves as an example that evokes a specific personality, making the shotgun more than just a piece of metal.

Fun Factor

This part focuses on the entertainment value that a named shotgun can bring into social settings.

By using terms like “beer shotgun” and “shotgun can beer,” it emphasizes that a named shotgun can be a conversation starter and add a unique twist to social gatherings.

It encourages the reader to think beyond the functional aspect of a shotgun.

Maintenance Aspect

Here, the focus is on the practical benefits of naming your shotgun. The idea is that when you have an emotional connection with an object, you’re more likely to take better care of it.

The term “clean shotgun” is highlighted to drive home the point that a named shotgun is likely to be well-maintained, which in turn makes it more reliable.

Utility Angle

This section discusses how naming your shotgun can enhance your overall experience and proficiency in using it.

The term “shotgun tool” is used to suggest that a named shotgun often comes with personalized accessories, making the experience more engaging and efficient.

Community Aspect

This heading brings in the social and communal benefits of naming your shotgun. It suggests that named shotguns can serve as a bonding factor among friends or community members, offering a shared experience and a great topic for conversation.

Legacy Element

The final heading touches on the long-term impact of naming your shotgun. It discusses how named shotguns often become family heirlooms, carrying a legacy and a story that can be passed down through generations.

Funny Shotgun Names (with Meanings)

1. Levelizer

A great name for a shotgun that levels the playing field, or for a shotgun that levels your shooting skills.

2. Street Sweeper

This is an old-school nickname for the shotgun. It comes from the days when shotguns were commonly used by police officers to clear crowds of people from the street. The name comes from the fact that the shotgun’s spread of shot is so wide that it can sweep across a large area, clearing everyone in its path.

3. Roomba

A Roomba is a more recent nickname for a gun that can be given to a shotgun. It comes from the fact that, like the robotic vacuum cleaners known as Roomba, shotguns can be used to clear a room of all its occupants very quickly.

4. The Punisher

This shotgun is named after the Punisher from the Marvel Universe. The Punisher is a powerful and clever shotgun name that is perfect for taking down criminals or other enemies of justice.

5. Force-me-Enforcer

That conjures up images of a gun that is meant to be used for law and order.

6. PredatorPrey

Perfectly described the name of a shotgun that is designed for hunting.

7. TurnTerminator

Any opponent would be intimidated by such a name and feel fear.

8. Grim Reaper

For a shotgun that is designed to end lives, no one can escape from this one.

9. BabyBeast

A name that perfectly describes a shotgun that packs a serious punch.

10. The Boomstick

This is the perfect name for a shotgun that packs a serious punch. Whether you’re using it for hunting or home defense, the Boomstick is sure to get the job done.

11. DoDestroyer

It is a name that evokes images of a gun that is meant to wreak havoc.

12. GrannyAnnihilator

Named for a shotgun that is designed to take down large games and shows the granny elders’ behavior.

13. Matchoman

Thrilling and funny name for a shotgun that is sure to end any fight and everyone becomes peaceful after that.

14. BabaButcher

An ominous name for a shotgun that is known for its brutality.

15. SlayerSay

It will perfectly describe a shotgun that is designed for hunting.

16. O-Avenger

There is no doubt that this name will strike fear into any opponent’s heart.

17. NanyNightmare

This is a cool name for a shotgun that is sure to cause nightmares and will be flying out sweet dreams.

18. DevilDeathDealer

An appropriate name for a shotgun designed to end lives, with no chance to escape.

19. Devil’s Rejection

A very fun name for a shotgun that is sure to cause havoc and end fights.

20. Reaper’s Wrath

An appropriately named shotgun that is sure to end any dispute.

21. Hades Hellraiser

An apt name for a shotgun that is sure to cause havoc, it will end any dispute.

22. Apocalypse

We say that it is a perfect name for a shotgun that is designed to end lives.

23. NewNuclear

That is the name of this terrible shotgun that is sure to cause havoc and terror.

24. Doomdoom Device

This causes chaos and death in the form of a shotgun so fit name or a shotgun.

25. End of Days

Name of shotgun that is sure to end any dispute and bring peace to the world.

26. Antichrist

It will spread peace and harmony, such a name is perfect for the shotgun.

27. Armageddon

This is a suitable name that will perfectly describe a shotgun that is designed to end lives

28. EndingWorld

With this shotgun, you will end any dispute and bring peace to the world. Hence, this name is the perfect fit.

29. Lulling Last Ride

A shotgun name that will bring peace and harmony. Just like a mother who lulls her child to sleep with a soothing song. 

Funny Shotgun Names Ideas List!

Funny Shotgun Names Ideas List!
  1. Tickle-my-trigger
  2. Bang-bang boomer
  3. Boomer blaster
  4. Crack shot
  5. Dirty Harry
  6. Magnum P.I.
  7. BoobooRambo
  8. Terminator2
  9. The Punisher
  10. Wanted: Dead or Alive
  11. Duck hunter
  12. Bird buster
  13. Clay pigeon popper
  14. Skeet shooter
  15. Paint baller
  16. Airsoft gunner
  17. Laser tagger
  18. Nerf warrior
  19. Foam dart slinger
  20. Super soaker squirter
  21. Water balloon launcher
  22. Snowball thrower
  23. Cotton candy machine
  24. Popcorn popper
  25. Shoo shoo Pizza delivery boy
  26. Ice cream truck driver
  27. MilkmanMaacho
  28. Trashman
  29. GoodGardener
  30. ThoughWasher
  31. Come Bomb worker
  32. Pilot
  33. Police officer
  34. Firefighter
  35. Enemy Treat
  36. Paramedic
  37. NurseWell
  38. DJDoctor
  39. Denting pro
  40. Veterinarian
  41. TeacherPreacher
  42. ProudProfessor
  43. FighterLawyer
  44. MentalJudge
  45. EvilPolitician
  46. King
  47. Horry
  48. TerribleTrouble
  49. Injectyou
  50. CooCooFire
  51. President Obama
  52. NiceVoice
  53. Scaretary
  54. Treasurer Hunt
  55. Prey searcher
  56. MadMusician
  57. DiscoDancer
  58. Act as Fact
  59. Stress giver
  60. Direct Dream
  61. Penny
  62. Screamwriter
  63. BloodyArtist
  64. Painful Ride
  65. SculptorSclupture
  66. Photogenic ghost
  67. ScaryWriter
  68. Airsoft gunner
  69. ComeToMe
  70. WalkyTalky

These are some of the clever gun names that you can use for your shotgun and these are sure to make your gun more interesting.

Badass Gun Nicknames

When it comes to firearms, a nickname can be more than just a name—it’s an identity, a statement, a testament to its power and prowess.

A badass gun nickname can elevate a mere tool of defense to a symbol of might, instilling both awe and a tinge of fear.

If you’re a gun enthusiast, a collector, or someone who appreciates the art of naming, this list is designed to inspire.

Here, we’ve curated highly creative and unforgettable names for your firearms that are sure to leave an impression.

  1. ThunderStriker
  2. ViperVenom
  3. WidowMaker
  4. Hell’s Whisper
  5. Dragon’s Breath
  6. SoulReaper
  7. IronFury
  8. PhantomSniper
  9. ApocalypseCannon
  10. GhostBlade
  11. Valkyrie’s Wing
  12. Titan’s Hammer
  13. Serpent’s Kiss
  14. BulletBard
  15. CelestialHunter
  16. DoomSlinger
  17. ChaosBringer
  18. Nightshade
  19. CrimsonEagle
  20. StormChaser
  21. QuasarBlaster
  22. ShadowFang
  23. Goliath’s Bane
  24. Zeus’ Thunderbolt
  25. Banshee’s Wail
  26. Death’s Symphony
  27. InfernoPulse
  28. TempestRider
  29. Oblivion’s Grasp
  30. Angel’s Tear

Creative Shotgun Names

Ah, the shotgun—a weapon that’s as versatile as it is powerful. If you’re a hunter, a sports shooter, or someone who simply appreciates the craftsmanship of firearms, naming your shotgun can add a personal touch to your shooting experience.

It’s not just a gun; it’s an extension of you, a statement of your personality and style. So why settle for a generic name when you can go for something that truly resonates?

Below is a list of highly creative names for your shotgun, each designed to evoke a sense of awe, wonder, and a dash of whimsy.

  1. ThunderKiss
  2. SoulReaper
  3. Eagle’s Talon
  4. Whispering Doom
  5. Celestial Boomstick
  6. HarmonyBreaker
  7. Mystic Thunder
  8. Phoenix Blaze
  9. Valkyrie’s Call
  10. Titan’s Roar
  11. SerpentStrike
  12. Moonlight Sonata
  13. Dragon’s Breath
  14. WidowMaker
  15. Astral Avenger
  16. Oracle’s Fury
  17. Heavenly Howitzer
  18. Ragnarok Rain
  19. ZenithBlast
  20. ShadowHunter
  21. Elysian Echo
  22. Nemesis Whisper
  23. Chronos’ Chorus
  24. Banshee’s Wail
  25. Divine Retribution
  26. Quasar Quake
  27. Oblivion’s Overture
  28. Siren’s Song
  29. Pandora’s Pop
  30. Cosmic Crescendo

Gun Pun Names

Ah, the allure of a well-crafted name—it’s like the perfect shot, hitting the target with precision and flair. So, why settle for the mundane when you can aim for the extraordinary?

Below, we’ve curated a list of highly creative gun pun names that are not just clever but also packed with personality.

These names are perfect for your in-game characters, paintball teams, or even your pet goldfish—because why not? Let’s lock and load!

  1. BulletPointPro
  2. TriggerTreat
  3. BangForYourBuck
  4. PewPewPioneer
  5. GlockStar
  6. AmmoAmigo
  7. BarrelBard
  8. SnipeHype
  9. RevolverRover
  10. MuzzleMuse
  11. ChamberCharmer
  12. ShotSpotter
  13. BlastMaster
  14. FirearmFable
  15. CaliberCraze
  16. BulletBouquet
  17. GunSlingerSong
  18. PowderPundit
  19. ShellShockSherlock
  20. RicochetRomantic
  21. MagnumMuse
  22. SightlineSage
  23. PistolPoet
  24. SlugSlugger
  25. BulletproofBard
  26. AimGameGuru
  27. QuickDrawQuip
  28. LockStockScholar
  29. TriggerTwister
  30. BoomstickBard

Cool Gun Names List

Guns have always been a symbol of power, precision, and protection. But who says they can’t also be a canvas for creativity and personal expression?

We’ve curated a collection of highly creative names that will add a touch of flair and uniqueness to your arsenal.

These names aren’t just labels; they’re an identity for each piece in your collection. So, let’s dive in and give your firearms the names they deserve!

  1. ViperStrike
  2. ThunderWing
  3. EagleEye Magnum
  4. Serpent’s Whisper
  5. Celestial Reaper
  6. Quantum Quake
  7. Nebula Nemesis
  8. Titan’s Tear
  9. Dragon’s Breath
  10. Phoenix Feather
  11. Midnight Marauder
  12. Astral Avenger
  13. Crimson Cascade
  14. Valkyrie’s Veil
  15. Odin’s Fury
  16. Lunar Lancer
  17. Solar Flare
  18. Cosmic Crusader
  19. Polaris Pulse
  20. Galactic Guardian
  21. Tempest Talon
  22. Spectral Sniper
  23. Ecliptic Enforcer
  24. Shadow Saber
  25. Mystic Mirage
  26. Ethereal Enigma
  27. Vortex Viper
  28. Celestial Scepter
  29. Infernal Incisor
  30. Zenith Zephyr

Final Thought!

In this post, we shared funny shotgun names that are sure to make your gun more interesting. So, if you are looking for some hilarious and clever names for your shotgun, then this is the perfect list for you. 

Do let us know which one of these names was your favorite in the comments section below. Also, if you have any other suggestions for funny shotgun names, then feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

Until next time, keep on shooting!