Funny Prank Phone Call Names (100+ Inspiring Names)

Funny Prank Phone Call Names Ideas

Why is six afraid of seven? Because seven “ate” nine! But that’s just a joke, not a prank! Now, if you’re all about real mischief and chuckles, welcome to the laugh-out-loud realm of prank phone calls!

Get ready to double over with laughter as we delve into the belly-tickling world of prank phone call names. So, put on your jester hat and let the games begin.

Funny Prank Phone Call Names (With Meaning)

Are you a fan of pranks where the joke’s receiver doesn’t even realize they’re being pranked? Welcome to the ‘unsuspecting’ category, where the giggle-generating names will make your prank more of a hidden comedy gem than an outright slapstick scene.

1. Unsuspecting

According to this name, the unsuspecting recipient will be the one doing the prank. The caller will be trying to catch the person on the other end of the phone call off guard with their antics.

2. Trickster

This is the classic prank phone call that everyone uses. It has a bit of a shady edge to it. If you are looking for a good old-fashioned laugh, then this may not be the right prank call name for you. Moreover, if you use this prank phone call name, make sure you have a decent amount of time before calling someone. Also, keep in mind that it may backfire on you.

3. Sucker

A lot of people may think that using this prank phone call name would be an excellent idea because they would be able to get away with it. However, there is more than one reason why this prank phone call name does not work well. First of all, the word sucker does not suggest a positive image at all. Additionally, the name is quite vague. There is no way of knowing how the prank phone call will play out until you actually perform the prank.

4. Mastermind

When using this prank phone call name, it is key to remember that the mastermind will actually end up being the person who will call you. Therefore, before performing this prank, make sure that you come up with a name that does not sound too similar to any other existing names.

5. Prankster

This prank phone call name is pretty self-explanatory. In a prank call, a prankster calls you as if you were a friend or family member. If you decide to use this name for the prank, make sure that your prank does not end up being too extreme.

6. Tricked-out

The name of this prank phone call sounds pretty cool. After all, you are calling someone and telling them that they look very sophisticated and cool. However, the word tricked-out does not seem to have a positive connotation. But when used as a prank name, it’s quite fun.

7. Phantom Caller

I think you’re going to like this one if you’re a prankster. The Phantom Caller implies that the prankster has the ability to remain anonymous and can easily hide their identity. It’s an ideal name for someone who wants to keep their victims guessing.

8. Annoying alarm

This is such a cute prank name. I don’t know about you, but there are certain times at which I really hate being woken up by an alarm clock. So I would love to call someone and tell them how annoying that alarm clock is.

9. Joke Caller

If you’re bored at work, call your boss and let them know that you’ve got a really funny joke for them. Then hang up. Wait for the hilarity to begin. Then tell them that you don’t want to tell them over the phone, so instead of a joke, you’d like to invite them out.

10. Secret Lover

Have you ever been in love with someone and wished that they could know about it? If that’s the case, then this secret lover prank name is suitable for you. As soon as your victim hears the phrase “secret lover,” he or she will most likely think that you have a crush on them.

Funny Prank Phone Call Names Ideas List

Funny Prank Phone Call Names Ideas List

If you love intricate pranks where every detail matters, this section is for you. Be a mastermind of mirth with these fantastic prank names, carefully selected for the genius prankster in you.

1. Captain Oblivious 

2. Professor Fumble 

3. Annoying Jester 

4. Inspector Gadget 

5. Chief Baffoon 

6. Dr. Discombobulator 

7. Bumfuzzler 

8. Surprise Your Boyfriend

9. Mad Scientist 

10. Misdirector 

11. Colonel Clueless 

12. Agent Provocateur 

13. Practical Joker 

14. Captain Confounder 

15. Mr. Mischief Maker 

16. Agent Discombobulate 

17. Inspector Discombobulate 

18. Professor Oblivious 

19. Sheriff of Silliness 

20. Commander Chaos 

21. Major Mayhem 

22. Major Muddler 

23. Major Bamboozler 

24. Agent Blunderbuss 

25. The Jester 

26. Wizard of Weird 

27. Doctor Dilemma 

28. The Amuser 

29. Emoji Call 3 

30. Lampshade Caller

31. Professor Bozo 

32. Lord of Laughter 

33. Professor Baffoon 

34. Instigator 

35. Colonel Flummox 

36. Agent Mischief 

37. General Bamboozle 

38. Captain Clueless 

39. Sergeant Slapstick 

40. Officer Oblivious 

41. Admiral Amusement 

42. Major Muddler 

43.  Riddler 

44. The Master of Pranks 

45. Professor Puzzler 

46. Confuser 

47. Daffynator 

48. Commander Confounder 

49. The Funster

50. Troublemaker 

51. The Befuddler 

52. General Mischief 

53. Doctor of Disorder 

54. Phone Fool

55. Prank King

56. Loony Caller

57. Colonel Cluck

58. Prince Guffaw 

59. Mr. Zany 

60. Ridiculous Caller 

61.  The Disrupter

62. Mr. Pranko

63. Prank Whisperer

64. Clown Prince 

65. The Clown 

66. Professor Quagmire 

67. Lord of Lunacy 

68. Captain Muddlehead 

69. General Quagmire 

70. Colonel Quandary 

71.  Agent Jokestar

72. Beguiler 

73. Befuddler 

74.  Merrimaker 

75. Bummer

76. Baiter 

77. Ribber 

78. Teaser 

79. Yuckster 

80. Taunter 

81. Fake Call 

82. Farter 

83. Japer 

84. Funster 

85. Dr. Quandary 

86. Quipper 

87. Fake Name

88. Idiot

89. Goof 

90. Madcap Mike