Funny Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Are you looking for some fun and playful names to call your boyfriend? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got some ideas for you!

First of all, it’s important to keep in mind that the name you choose should be something that both you and your boyfriend find amusing and affectionate. It’s not about making fun of your partner or belittling them in any way, but rather adding a bit of playfulness and levity to your relationship.

With that in mind, here are a few funny names you can consider calling your boyfriend

20 Best Funny Names To Call Your Boyfriend

1. Snuggy Bear

There is nothing cuter than a nickname that is just perfect for your boyfriend, which shows how much you like him as a cuddly, huggable person. Whenever you call him this, you will never have to worry about him being too far away from you!

2. Snuggle Bug

Snuggle Bug can be a good name if you are considering funny names to call your boyfriend, because it conveys a sense of warmth, comfort and love. It also emphasizes the idea of being close and cuddly, which can be a great way to show your boyfriend that you care about him and are invested in your relationship. Plus, it’s just a cute name!

3. Snickerdoodle

I think this is a fun and playful nickname you can use for your boyfriend. If you give him a snickerdoodle cookie as a gift, it’s a great way to show him that you think he’s as sweet and delicious as a snickerdoodle cookie.

4. Chocolate Chip

You can give your boyfriend this cute nickname that shows him how much you love him and how much you care about him. As a sweet and delicious treat, this is a fun way to let him know that you think he is as sweet and delicious as a chocolate chip cookie!

5. Chief Buttercup

If your man is always sweet and kind to you, then this name is perfect for him. You’re going to be the one to receive flower bouquets and little gifts from him just to let you know how much he loves and appreciates you. You’re lucky to have him as your Chief Buttercup!

6. Spicey Man

Spicey Man is a funny nickname to call your boyfriend because it implies that your boyfriend is a spicy, exciting person. It can be used to show your appreciation for your boyfriend’s humor, wit, and charm. Additionally, it can be applied in a playful way to tease your boyfriend and keep the relationship fun and light-hearted. Spicey Man can also be used as a playful way to spice up the relationship and add some excitement.

7. Captain Cuddles

It is a suitable nickname for your guy if he loves cuddles, or if he is one of those guys you would want to receive cuddles from. You can always count on him to wrap his arms around you and provide comfort and security for you. Also, it’s a funny way to show him that you appreciate all the snuggles he gives you and that you’d happily be his cuddle buddy any day. He is your Captain Cuddles.

8. Sir Smooch

You might want to give this name to the guy who loves giving you kisses and affection as well as hugs. Every time he comes around, you can expect to be showered with smooches! Plus, he’ll always be the cutest person in the room, so you can call him your Sir Smooch and know that you have the most adorable person by your side.

9. Commander Hugs

This name is for the guy who loves to give hugs and show his affection. He’s your Commander Hugs, always there to make you feel loved and appreciated.

10. Big Daddy

It is the perfect name for a man who loves to take care of you and make sure you are taken care of. As your Big Daddy, he’s always there to provide you with the protection and support you need at all times.

11. King of Fries

There is nothing better than a nickname for your guy if he enjoys eating fries at the end of the day after a long day at work. It’s no secret that he is your King of Fries, always ready to treat you to some tasty fast food whenever you want it!

12. Professor Cuddle

In the world of funny names, I have come up with a name for a guy who loves to snuggle and snuggle up with you. He’s your Professor Cuddle, always there to provide warmth and comfort.

13. The Donut King

You can give this nickname to your guy if he loves donuts, so it would be perfect for him if he likes to eat them. He is your Donut King, always there to satisfy your sweet tooth with tasty sweets!

14. Marshmallow

You can call your boyfriend this name because it’s a super cute and adorable name to call him. As a sweet and lovable marshmallow, it is a nice way to remind him that you think he is sweet and lovable, just like a marshmallow. Aside from that, it is also a bit of a funny name that adds a bit of playfulness to the relationship.

15. Darling bae

Darling bae is an affectionate nickname that can be used to refer to a boyfriend. It is a combination of two words: “darling”, which is an old-fashioned term of endearment, and “bae”, which is a slang term used to refer to someone who is close to you and whom you care about deeply. This term of endearment is a way to show your partner that you love them and find them incredibly special.

16. Jelly Bean

If you want to call your boyfriend a jelly bean, it will sound fun and unique. There is nothing like a jelly bean to remind him that you think he is sweet, just like a jelly bean, and that your relationship is anything but boring.

17. Sugar Daddy

This is a funny name to call your boyfriend if he’s always taking care of you. It’s a meaningful way to show him how much you appreciate all the things he does for you, and it’s sure to make him laugh.

18. Sweet Stuff

There’s nothing sweeter and more unique than calling your boyfriend by this name. This is an excellent way for you to remind him that you find him to be a sweet person and that you like him just the way he is.

19. Peanut Butter

Does your boyfriend make your heart melt like peanut butter? If so, Peanut Butter is the most appropriate name for him. It’s a funny and unique name that will make him smile every time you call him that.

20. Pumkienpie 

Pumpkin pie is an adorable and fun nickname to call your boyfriend. It is a cute way to show your love and affection for him. It is also a unique nickname that is sure to make him smile. The name is also an allusion to the traditional Thanksgiving treat which can be a reminder of all the sweet memories you share together. This nickname is just right for the special guy in your life and will make him feel loved and appreciated.

20 cute funny names to call your boyfriend

1. Honey Bun

2. Sunshine

3. Snuggly Wiggly

4. Snickerdoodle

5. Cute Cupcake

6. Cuddlebug

7. Goo Goo

8. Sweetheart

9. Love Muffin

10. Teddy Bear

11. Cutie Pie

12. Honey Bunny

13. Puppy Love

14. Munchkin

15. Sugarplum

16. Peaches Lollipop

17. Snickerdoodle 

18. Sweet Cheeks

19. Hottie McHotterson 

20. Boo Boo

20 Funny cheesy names to call your boyfriend

1. Cheddar Cheeks 

2. Big Cheese 

3. Mr. Fondue 

4. My Munchkin 

5. Brie-tastic 

6. Swiss Supreme 

7. Mozzarella Master 

8. Gouda Guy 

9. Cutie Queso 

10. My Smiley Cheese 

11. Parm-tastic 

12. Roquefort Romeo 

13. Sweet Curd 

14. My Little Grilled Cheese 

15. Camembert Cutie 

16. My Blue Boy 

17. The Mac Daddy 

18. Mr. Cheese-a-holic 

19. Queso Lover 

20. My Gruyere Knight

20 funny sweet names to call your boyfriend

1. Pooh Bear

2. Mr. Cutesy Wootsy 

3. Cutie Patootie 

4.  Gorgeous King

5. Sweet Cheeks 

6. Pudding Pop

7. Sexy Beast 

8. Booger Bear

9. Love Nugget

10. Bun Bun 

11. Dumpling 

12.  Goofball

11. Goofy Cuddle

12. Sunshine 

13. Love Muffin 

14. Snookums 

15. Cuddle Bug 

16. Smoochie Poochie 

17. Silly Billy

18. Fuzzy Wuzzy

19. Gum Drop 

20. Numskull


Having a funny name for your boyfriend can be a great way to show your love and affection for him. It can be a fun way to express how you feel about him and make your relationship even more special. It doesn’t matter if you call him something silly or something endearing, as long as it has a special meaning to you both.

Whatever name you choose, make sure it’s something that you both find endearing and that it has a special meaning to the two of you. Whether it’s something silly, sweet, or a combination of both, you can be sure that a funny nickname will add a lot of laughs and smiles to your relationship.  Above all, it’s important to make sure that your boyfriend is comfortable with whatever name you decide to call him.