Funny Porta Potty Names (200+ Unique Ideas)

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Funny Porta Potty Names Ideas

Are you tired of the same old bathroom talk? Well, flush those boring conversations away and dive into our list of hilarious porta-potty names.

From the Royal Throne to the No-Tell Hotel, we’ve got the quirkiest names that’ll make you laugh so hard, you’ll need a restroom yourself.

Funny Porta Potty Names Favorite List

How Can You Choose a Funny Porta Potty Name for Your Next Gathering?

Choosing a funny porta potty name isn’t just about random humor; it’s an art that requires a touch of creativity and an understanding of the occasion. So how do you come up with a name that will leave your guests chuckling? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Know Your Audience: Who Will Be Using the Porta Potty?

Family Gathering? Why not try something wholesome and playful like “The Throne Room”?

Corporate Event? Consider a witty name like “The Executive Suite.” Get the picture?

2. Think About the Event Theme: What’s the Occasion?

Outdoor Concert? “The Rock’n Roll Relief Room” might do the trick!

Wedding? How about “The Loo of Love”?

3. Consider the Location: Where Will the Porta Potty Be Placed?

By the beach? What about something like “The Sandy Sanitation Station”?

In a forest? How’s “Nature’s Nook” for a chuckle?

4. Play with Puns and Alliterations: Who Doesn’t Love a Good Pun?

“Pee Palace,” “Toilet Town,” “Dapper Dumper.” Do you see a pattern emerging? It’s all about making it memorable!

5. Add a Dash of Whimsy: Why Not Let Your Imagination Run Wild?

Think outside the box! “Poop Deck” for a nautical-themed event? Sure, why not!

Experiment with different ideas. Short, long, complex, simple – variety is the key.

6. Get Feedback: What Do Your Friends and Family Think?

Don’t be shy to ask for opinions. Two heads (or more) are often better than one.

Funny Porta Potty Names (with Meaning)

Have you ever thought your porta potty might deserve a more, shall we say, regal title? Look no further! Our collection of amusing porta potty names with meanings will have you christening your own ‘Thunderbox’ in no time.

1. Royal Throne

This regal porta potty is fit for a king (or queen!). Its royal features include a grand seat, a powerful flushing system, and luxurious interior that’s sure to make any visit feel like a royal one.

2. The Loo-La

Luxurious and practical, this porta potty offers the best of both worlds. The interior has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind, with a spacious seating area, a strong flushing system, and even a music system to provide some entertainment while you go!

3. Poop Palace

There’s no better way to describe this porta potty than as a luxury palace. Featuring a regal interior, a spacious seat, and a powerful flushing system, it’s fit for royalty. No matter what number you go, you’re sure to feel like a king or queen.

4. The Potty Stop

There is no doubt that you will make a statement when you pull up in this porta potty. It looks like a real stop sign, complete with a bright yellow exterior and the classic black lettering. Just one look and you’ll know you’ve found the right place to make your stop.

5. Lavatory Lounge

What better way to relax than in a plush lavatory? This model comes equipped with extra plush seats and a relaxing water feature. If you need to relieve yourself, but don’t want to be disturbed, you can lock the door for privacy.

6. Potty Paradise

Don’t let the name fool you; there’s plenty of room inside this portable toilet. There are extra-spacious seats, including a special ottoman seat, and the bathroom is completely tiled. Not only does this bathroom look great, but it is also very functional for its large size.

7. The Toilet Express

It is like a rocket ship! It can take you to the bathroom in no time, with its powerful jets and turbo speed. And when you’re done, you can land safely and easily – just pull the lever and you’re good to go!

8. Bottomless Pit

This porta potty has an endless capacity, so you never have to worry about it getting full. It’s the perfect solution for those times when you just don’t have time to find a regular bathroom. Just hop in and you’ll have plenty of room for whatever your needs may be.

9. Toilet On Wheels

If you’re out in public and need to take care of business right away, then this is the ultimate solution. A simple push of a button and the toilet rolls itself to the side, exposing a clean bathroom floor for you to do as you please. This is one of the most convenient toilets we’ve ever seen. There are actually two toilets on wheels in this house. For guests who want to avoid taking the regular toilet, this can be a lifesaver. Both toilets fold up for easy storage when not in use.

10. Zero Gravity Toilet

In the past, if you wanted to travel in style you had to spend thousands of dollars on airline fees or rent a luxurious vacation home that was designed like a five star hotel. Now, anyone can do it because they don’t have to pay for airport fees or luxury vacation homes. All you need is a zero gravity toilet, and thanks to these toilets, you can now experience zero gravity living all by yourself!

Funny Porta Potty Names Ideas List

Funny Porta Potty Names Ideas List

Who said bathrooms have to be boring? Add a sprinkle of humor to your next event with these side-splitting porta potty names! From the ‘Pee-troller’ to ‘Vomit Town’, these names are guaranteed to turn a trip to the loo into a laugh fest.

1. Pot of Gold

2. Thunderbox

3. Porcelain Throne

4. Bowser’s Loo

5. Piddle Palace

6. Royal Flush

7. Little Stinker

8. The Outhouse

9. Hot Seat

10. The Crapper

11. Small Latrine

12. Throne Room

13. Dunny Den

14. The Loo

15. Toilet of Terror

16. Poop Deck

17. The Crappit

18. Loo of Doom

19. Porcelain Piranha

20. Porcelain Perch

21. Toilet Tent 

22. Poop Parlor `

23. Loo-vatorium 

24. Pee-tery 

25. Loo-ver’s Lunge

26. The Brown Outlet

27. Bad News Room 

28. Commode Corner 

29. Toilet Retreat 

30. Sanitary Stop 

31. Dumpster Diving

32. Pee-troller

33. Poop Pad

34. Potty Party

35. Nasty-Acre

36. Bum Banishment

37. Pee-troller

38. Slop Shack

39. Slop Stop

40. Stench Station

41. Swirly Sanctuary

42. Swirly Suite

43. Loo-drome 

44.  No-Tell Hotel

45. U-Rinal 

46. Porcelain Express 

47. Water Closet

48. Wee Wee Room

49. Whiz Wharf

50. Widdle Waddle

51. Crappuccino

52. Pee-pod 

53. Whiz-Bang 

54. Dumpster Dive

55. U-flush-it 

56. In a Pinch

57. The Bum Pit

58. Pee-tery’s Nightmare

59. Tosspot Corner

60.  U-rin-a-spill 

61. Thunderdome

62. Loo of Doom

63. Outhouse Outlaw

64. Poop Pot

65. Reeking Refuge

66.  Odeon

67. The Pew

68. Stinky Palace

69. Splash Zone

70. Poop Zone


72. Polluter

73. Toilet Store

74. Wetland

75. Vomit Town

76. Brown Bunker

77. Trashy City

78.  Pee Parlor

79. The Dumpster Diving

80. The Flush Factory

81. Gunk Gallery

82.  Loo-ditorium

83. Plop Plop Palace

84. Pooperscooper

85. Reeking Retreat

86. Royal Room of Relief

87. The Slop Stop

88. Thunderbox

89. Water Closet

90. Number Two Station

Creative Porta Potty Names

These creative names can add a unique touch to any portable toilet setup, turning an ordinary amenity into an exciting and memorable experience.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or an outdoor festival, these imaginative names can elevate the ordinary porta potty into a conversation piece.

  1. Convenience House
  2. Relief Beach
  3. Private Tent
  4. Cleaning Station
  5. Small Tower
  6. Bathroom Pool
  7. Secure Fortress
  8. Small Palace
  9. Royal Bathroom
  10. Neat Dumpster
  11. Nice Closet
  12. Nature’s Corner
  13. Stylish Cove
  14. Open Bay
  15. Seat Area
  16. Jungle Area
  17. Clean Place
  18. Neat Town
  19. Bathroom Place
  20. Witty Woods
  21. Elegant Estate
  22. Nice Peak
  23. Smart Cliff
  24. Brave Grove
  25. Bathroom Land
  26. Royal Resort
  27. Bathroom Beach
  28. Wonder World
  29. Toilet Area
  30. Fun Field
  31. Royal Reef
  32. Grassland Park
  33. Small Wonderland
  34. Clean Site
  35. Respectable Domain
  36. Small Place
  37. Strong Town
  38. Neat City
  39. Luxury Land
  40. Nice Place
  41. Room of Charm
  42. Party Peak
  43. Leisure Land
  44. Clean Sanctuary
  45. Wonder Woods
  46. Vanity Valley
  47. Relief Ranch
  48. Harmony Hall
  49. High Lounge
  50. Strange Place

Public Porta Potty Names

These names encompass various public locations and events where porta potties might be placed, from urban centers to recreational areas. Certainly Here’s a compilation of public porta-potty names that range from fun to functional.

  1. City Convenience Cabin
  2. Downtown Duty Depot
  3. Urban Relief Unit
  4. Metro Morning Stop
  5. Public Privy Place
  6. Civic Comfort Cove
  7. Townie Toilet Tower
  8. Suburban Sanitation Station
  9. Park Place Potty
  10. Festival Flush Fort
  11. Street Side Suite
  12. Public Park Pavilion
  13. Neighborhood Necessity Nook
  14. Traveler’s Toilet Tent
  15. Crowd Comfort Castle
  16. Event Ease Estate
  17. Quick Stop Quarters
  18. Boulevard Bathroom Bay
  19. Roadside Relief Ranch
  20. Highway Hygiene Hut
  21. Plaza Poop Place
  22. Market Morning Mansion
  23. Community Commode Cove
  24. Parade Pee Palace
  25. Family Fun Facility
  26. Beach Break Bathroom
  27. Vacation Vanity Van
  28. Arena Access Area
  29. Stadium Sanitation Site
  30. Concert Convenience Center
  31. Festival Facility Field
  32. Carnival Comfort Closet
  33. Ballpark Bathroom Bay
  34. Sports Sanitation Station
  35. Race Relief Ranch
  36. Trekker’s Toilet Tent
  37. Fairground Flush Fort
  38. Gathering Grounds Grove
  39. Kids’ Comfort Corner
  40. Recreation Relief Room
  41. Adventure Ablution Area
  42. Walker’s Washroom Woods
  43. Jogger’s John Jungle
  44. Travel Toilet Territory
  45. Restful Roadside Ranch
  46. Tourist Tinkle Tower
  47. Pedestrian Potty Place
  48. Visitor Vanity Van
  49. Motorist Morning Mansion
  50. Camper’s Commode Cove
  51. Spectator Sanitation Site
  52. Marathoner’s Morning Mansion
  53. Fan Facility Field
  54. Player’s Privy Place
  55. Event Attendee Ease Estate
  56. Audience Ablution Area
  57. Game Goer’s Grove
  58. Show Stopper Suite
  59. Concert Comfort Cabin
  60. Performance Potty Pavilion
  61. Expo Ease Estate
  62. Shopper’s Stop Station
  63. Diner’s Duty Depot
  64. Student Sanitation Suite
  65. Teacher’s Toilet Tent
  66. Parent’s Privy Place
  67. Commuter’s Comfort Cove
  68. Biker’s Bathroom Bay
  69. Walker’s Washroom Woods
  70. Runner’s Relief Room
  71. Hiker’s Hygiene Hut
  72. Picnicker’s Poop Place
  73. Swimmer’s Sanitation Station
  74. Fisherman’s Flush Fort
  75. Boater’s Bathroom Bay
  76. Driver’s Duty Depot
  77. Pedaler’s Potty Pavilion
  78. Bus Stop Bathroom
  79. Train Station Toilet
  80. Airport Ablution Area
  81. Harbor Hygiene Hut
  82. Marina Morning Mansion
  83. Ferry Flush Fort
  84. Dockside Duty Depot
  85. Beachgoer’s Bathroom Bay
  86. Sunbather’s Sanitation Station
  87. Surfer’s Suite
  88. Sailor’s Stop Station
  89. Tour Guide’s Toilet Tower
  90. Explorer’s Ease Estate
  91. Adventurer’s Ablution Area
  92. Camper’s Commode Cove
  93. Climber’s Convenience Cabin
  94. Skier’s Sanitation Site
  95. Snowboarder’s Suite
  96. Golfer’s Grove
  97. Tennis Player’s Toilet Tent
  98. Football Fan’s Facility
  99. Baseball Buff’s Bathroom
  100. Soccer Spectator’s Station

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