Funny Online ID Names for PS4 (100+ PSN Names)

Funny Online ID Names for PS4

PlayStation 4 is a great system, but the default online ID names are pretty boring. Choosing a new PSN ID can be hard. You want something that is unique and represents you, but you also don’t want to choose something that will get you laughed at by your friends.

Most people just choose the first thing that comes to mind when they create their online ID, and this usually results in a very generic name.
We’ve come up with 100 Funny Online ID names for PS4 that will help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a funny name or a cool name, we’ve got you covered.

100 Cool and Funny Online ID Names for PS4

1. “The Last Jedi” – A Star Wars reference

2. “Saving Private Ryan” – A WWII reference

3. “Star Trek into Darkness” – Another Star Wars reference

4. “The Hunger Games” – A popular YA novel

5. *”Daredevil” – A Marvel superhero name

6. “The Bourne Legacy” – Another movie reference

7. “Man in the High Castle” – An alternate history book

8. “The Avengers” – An MCU title

9. “Lord of the Rings” – A fantasy series

10. “A Clockwork Orange” – A Stanley Kubrick film

11. “Harry Potter” – A popular series of novels

12. “The Dark Knight” – A comic book film

13. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” – The second book in the series

14. “The Hobbit” – Another fantasy novel

15. “Ready Player One” – A science fiction novel

16. “The Martian” – Another science fiction novel

17. “The Fault in Our Stars” – A romance novel

18. “The Maze Runner” – Another YA novel

19. “Percy Jackson” – A fantasy series

20. “The Chronicles of Narnia” – Another fantasy series

21. “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” – The third book in the series

22. “Divergent” – Another YA novel

23. “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” – The fourth and final book in the series

24. Ace_of_Spades – A playing card

25. All_Nighter – Perfect ID name for PS4 gamers who love to play all night

26. Amateur_Hour – For those who are still learning how to play

27. Annoying_Kid – The perfect ID name for that one friend who always seems to be getting on your nerves

28. Baby_Face – A good PS4 ID name for someone who is new to gaming

29. Aiden_the_Great56 – If you are looking for cool PS4 ID name, this one is perfect

30. yolo_swag42069

31. John Cena’s Bae

32. Dank Meme Master69

33. Batman6669

34. The Joker78

35. Harley Quinn85

36. Wonder Woman96

37. Catwoman10

38. Spiderman1112

39. Iron Man1314

40. Captain America1516

41. Thor1718

42. Hulk19202122

43. Angel_of_Death12 – A dark and mysterious sounding name

44. Assassin99 – If you love to play stealthy games, this ID name is for you

45. Atomic_Bomb101 – A powerful ID name for PS4 gamers

46. Batman100 – A cool PS4 ID name for fans of the Dark Knight

47. Beast_Mode7 – For the PS4 gamers who are always ready to take on any challenge

48. Black_Widow8 – Another cool superhero name for PS4

49. Blood_Raven6 – A gothic sounding ID name

50. Blue_Bomber5 – A perfect ID name for fans of the classic game series, Mega Man

51. Boomshakalaka4 – Fun and energetic sounding name which can perfect funny PS4 ID name

52. Cheetah_Speed3 – Fast and agile sounding ID name for a speedy PS4 gamer

53. Death_Adder2 – A dangerous sounding ID name for PS4 gamers

54. Destroyer1 – A powerful and intimidating ID name

55. Diablo_Prince0 – A perfect ID name for fans of the popular game series, Diablo

56. Dragon_Lord69 – Cool and regal sounding ID name

57. God_of_War66

58. Grim_Reaper88

59. Death_Eater6

60. Eggo_Lover3

61. Eleven_O’Clock2

62. Fallout_4ever1

63. Five_Seconds5

64. Flash_Gordon3

65. Four_Leaf_Clover8

66. Frankenstein’s_Monster6

67. Freddy_Krueger5

68. Game_of_Thrones4

69. Ghost_Buster2

70. Gilmore_Girls1

71. Gollum6

72. Good_Times2

73. Gordo_Grande5

74. Harry_Potter3

75. Hermione_Granger2

76. Hogwarts111

77. Cool_Dad – An excellent online game ID name for the guy who always has fun with his kids

78. Drunk_Panda – A cool online ID name for that guy who likes to party and drink alcohol

79. Mad_Frodo – A clever online PS4 ID name for that guy who has an unhealthy obsession with Frodo Baggins and the Lord of the Rings series

80. God_Worm – This one is best suited for the atheist who also happens to be a fan of the Worms game series

81. Boomer_Kitty – A perfect online ID name for that guy who is always sending memes to his friends

82. Little_Girl – For short gamer girls who are just starting to get into gaming and want PSN ID name that is both cute and cool this one is perfect

83. Dummy_ account – An online PS4 ID name for that guy who just made a new account and is still trying to figure things out

84. Pissed_Off_Cunt – This is an ideal online ID name for the guy who gets angry at everyone and everything

85. You_Know_Hogwarts – A hilarious name for PS4 ID for that guy who tries to impress everyone with how much Hogwarts knowledge he has

86. Noob_Slayer – One of the funny PSN names for the guy who loves to play games and slay noobs

87. House_Wife101 – If you can’t find a good online id names for ps4 girl gamers, this common household name will do just fine

88. ZimZoom – A Zim and a Zoom are both zoology terms. However, this online name will look cool enough to be used by any gamer.

89. XxLuvMyKitty – This one’s for the cat lover. You know who you are.

90. Just_My_Junk – This is a pretty standard online name for people who just like to have a little fun and goof around.

91. The_King_Of_The_Game – I like this online name because it’s kind of witty. It would be fun for a male gamer, but it can be used for females as well.

92. Mmm_Meatloaf – This is a classic name for a meat-loving girl, and it’s perfect for any girl.

93. Turds_In_My_Underwear – This online PS4 name for guys is a great way to make fun of your friends, or anyone else, for that matter.

94. I_Hate_Everyone – This is a great online ID name for PS4 gamers who just want to vent their frustrations out on the world.

95. No_Life_No_Problem – This is a great online ID for someone who’s just venting their frustrations with the world.

96. Guardian_Angel36 – A protective and comforting sounding ID name

97. Head_Shot46 – Perfect for PS4 gamers who love first-person shooters and aim for the head

98. Faceless_Queen24 – A cold and emotionless sounding name

99. Frost_Giant16 – A giant of ice and snow, this ID name is perfect for winter themed games

100. Dark_Knight15 – Brooding and dark sounding ID name, perfect for Batman fans

How To Change Your PSN Name on PS4?

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Final Thoughts

There are a lot of great online ID names for PS4 gamers out there. It really just depends on what you’re looking for and what suits your personality. Whether you want something funny, cool, or just plain weird, there’s definitely a name out there for you. So, get out there and find the perfect one for you!