500+ Funny Names for Fat People (Hilarious & Entertaining)

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Here we go and welcome the Funny Names for Fat People post for people with bigger sizes. Ranging from puns to thought-provoking names, these nicknames make people find humor in being fat and make it a bit more light-hearted.

In a world where everyone is so obsessed with a perfect body can be toxic, a pinch of humor can be just what is needed. Embracing body positivity doesn’t mean enjoying ourselves and others’ good humor is excluded.

Funny Names for Fat People with Meanings

Funny Names for Fat People List

Here is a list of funny names for fat people that you can use, they will keep you and your friends amused.

  1. Blubberlicious – A joyous chunky body person who happily flaunts their vivid shapes.
  2. Pudgeinator – The ultimate terminator of diets, and a man that celebrates all that is mind-blowing.
  3. Flabtastic – Wearing those extra layers with style and confidence.
  4. Chonkzilla – A super-sized thing that captures all eyes around them.
  5. Mr Fatty – Lover of buttery cookies and warm clothes.
  6. Plumpinator -Enjoying every bite of snacks that magically transforms into a succulent taste.
  7. Chunkasaurus Rex – A prehistoric oversized fathomless monster.
  8. Pudgy Puffball – Opaque and soft, with a heart as big as their appetite.
  9. Rolls Royce – ride in style by adding layers and layers of fluff.
  10. Biggie Fries– Transforming every meal into the big imagination.
  11. Chubby Chomper – Exceed all the snacks with amusement and energy.
  12. Fluffernutter – Sweet, Nutty, And Yet So Fluffy.
  13. Arco Bueno – Round, robust, and prepared to brawl.
  14. Wobbly Warrior – A menace of joists with a teetering swagger.
  15. Butterball Bomber – Dropping delicious, buttery bombs wherever they go that taste like heavenly clouds.
  16. Girth Vader – Bold, intimidating, drawing you in with their immense gravity.
  17. Lard Lad – Proudly flashing their belly fats to all the world.
  18. Plump Princess – Astoundingly chubby and bewitching.
  19. Snack Attack – The ever-number predator on the food list.
  20. Big-Belly-Tornado – Twirling through life with zero balance and a huge appetite.
  21. Biscuit Boss – Taking the art of eating biscuits with prudence to the next level.
  22. Chunky Monkey – Friendly and mischievous one who loves bananas and ice cream.
  23. Muffin Topper – distinguish us from the rest with their extra yummy doughy tops.
  24. Pudgy Picasso – Making artworks from food and fun.
  25. Big Mac Daddy – Gazing down on the fast food empire from a Maccas throne of power.
  26. Chubby Cherub – Little angels with chubby cheeks spreading love and laughter all around.
  27. Porky Picasso – A creation that defines porky perfection.
  28. Chonkmaster – How to flourish and thrive like a chonker in town.
  29. Belly Bonanza – Where your stomach meets its match, watch it explore endless choices of the tastiest of tastes.
  30. Plump Pizzazz – Making sure that the entire chubby process is fun.
  31. Cuddle Chunk – Everything you need for hugs and hugs, with extra padding for comfort.
  32. Plump Romeo – Wrapping up their fans in a big hug with all their love.
  33. Biggie Smalls – An oxymoron of sorts, but one that is simply irresistible.
  34. Chunky Charmeleon – Changing colors and forms with every meal, yet always making you smile.
  35. Butterball Beauty – Radiant and glowing, and very tempting by its buttery softness.
  36. Pudgy Paladin – Their chubbiness being their weapon of mass adoration gets wielded.
  37. Fluffy Fury – Unleashing a storm of cuteness and fuzzy anywhere they go.
  38. Pudgy Pantry – A fan of well-cooked foods and of more than generous proportions.
  39. Plump Princess – Good-looking, heartwarming, and nicely plump!
  40. Munchie Monsters – Eating snacks famously with massive voracity.
  41. Roundabout Royalty – The kings and queens of circularity; here to rule over everyone with elegance and fitness.
  42. Fatty Fighter – A fighter of the fatty state, who always wins.
  43. Pudge-Princess – Royal and splendid, soft and sensual.
  44. Snack Sultan – The master of snacks and confectionery, the king of a kingdom loaded with yummy food items.
  45. Pudgy Picasso – Unleashing their artistic talents in the kitchen at each meal.
  46. Flabbily Fabulous – Proudly flabby and fabulously so.
  47. Doughboy – Soft, squishy, and oh-so-cute.
  48. Snackerator – A magician who, with a snap of snack a finger, produces delicacies.
  49. Pudge the Popstar – Attention seeker of the small and big stages of life with their plump and aloof personality.

Fat People Nicknames to Avoid Body Shaming

Fat People Nicknames to Avoid Body Shaming

Instead of nicknames based on physical appearance, here are some alternative ideas that are creative and will avoid body shaming:

  1. Chubby Cheeks
  2. Cuddle Buddy
  3. Sweetheart
  4. Snuggle Bug
  5. Big Hugger
  6. Happy Hugger
  7. Jovial Jester
  8. Curvy Cutie
  9. Joyful Giant
  10. Lovely Lump
  11. Bighearted
  12. Gentle Giant
  13. Plush Pal
  14. Squeezy Sweetie
  15. Cheerful Chubster
  16. Kindly Companion
  17. Big Bear
  18. Caring Cuddler
  19. Plus-Size Prince/Princess
  20. Affectionate Angel
  21. Snack Sharer
  22. Comfort Keeper
  23. Giggle Giver
  24. Caring Comforter
  25. Snuggle Muffin
  26. Smiling Sweetheart
  27. Heartwarming Hugger
  28. Gracious Giant
  29. Kindhearted Companion
  30. Belly Buddy
  31. Snuggle Snatcher
  32. Snugglekins
  33. Bighearted Buddy
  34. Caring Cuddlebug
  35. Sweet Squeeze
  36. Cheerful Cuddler
  37. Warmhearted Companion
  38. Snuggle Bunny
  39. Plush Playmate
  40. Huggable Hero/Heroine
  41. Cozy Companion
  42. Kind Cuddler
  43. Snuggle Monster
  44. Jolly Jester
  45. Snuggle Soulmate
  46. Cuddle Champ
  47. Sweet Snuggler
  48. Tender Teddy
  49. Caring Companion
  50. Heartwarming Hugger

Fat Male Names

Fat Male Names

Here we have a list of 50 Fat Male Names that will keep you amused. These names can be used for your male buddies in a light-hearted way.

  1. Bigby Brawnsworth
  2. Chunk McGravy
  3. Rotundus Rex
  4. Beefcake Brogan
  5. Jumbo Joviality
  6. Stout Stalwart
  7. Girth Galore
  8. Portly Pete
  9. Heavyset Hank
  10. Plumpington Ponder
  11. Chunky Chaz
  12. Pudgy Paladin
  13. Burly Burke
  14. Chubby Chuckles
  15. Husky Hugo
  16. Robust Rocco
  17. Tubby Thornton
  18. Falstaff Finn
  19. Brawny Biscuit
  20. Fatty Fergus
  21. Lush Lumpkin
  22. Mighty Magnus
  23. Chonky Chester
  24. Chunkster Charlie
  25. Beefy Bode
  26. Rotund Roland
  27. Stoutheart Samson
  28. Plumpkin Percy
  29. Pudge Puncher
  30. Hefty Hector
  31. Tubby Tad
  32. Broad Bruno
  33. Chunkalicious Chuck
  34. Portly Preston
  35. Sturdy Stu
  36. Bulky Bertie
  37. Rotundus Ramon
  38. Brawny Brent
  39. Chunkzilla Chet
  40. Pudgy Preston
  41. Beefy Baldwin
  42. Plump Pierre
  43. Husky Harold
  44. Chubby Chip
  45. Jumbo Jake
  46. Tubby Terry
  47. Chunky Chandler
  48. Plentiful Paulie
  49. Brawny Bryce
  50. Hefty Harold

Funny Fat Female Names

Funny Fat Female Names

From Chunky Charlotte to Curvy Clara we have a list of funny fat female names that you can use in any setting.

Just remember that these names are meant to be funny, not mean.

  1. Big Bertha
  2. Chunky Charlotte
  3. Rotunda Rose
  4. Plumpalicious Polly
  5. Curvy Clara
  6. Jumbo June
  7. Rubenesque Ruby
  8. Voluptuous Vivian
  9. Portly Penelope
  10. Buxom Beatrice
  11. Chubby Chelsea
  12. Pudgy Penelope
  13. Chunky Cherise
  14. Plus-Size Priscilla
  15. Fluffy Fiona
  16. Stout Stella
  17. Bountiful Bonnie
  18. Curvy Candace
  19. Robust Rhonda
  20. Big Bella
  21. Chonky Cheryl
  22. Queenie Quirky
  23. Husky Henrietta
  24. Plushy Pearl
  25. Curvaceous Carmen
  26. Bodacious Bridget
  27. Pudgey Peggy
  28. Rotund Rosa
  29. Thick Thelma
  30. Chunky Charlene
  31. Brawny Brenda
  32. Sturdy Stacy
  33. Fleshy Felicity
  34. Plentiful Patty
  35. Curvy Clarissa
  36. Jolly Jessica
  37. Buoyant Barb
  38. Lush Lorraine
  39. Puffy Penelope
  40. Chubby Cindy
  41. Biggie Bridget
  42. Bubbly Bianca
  43. Curvy Cathy
  44. Brawny Belinda
  45. Chunky Chanel
  46. Portly Paula
  47. Rubenesque Rachel
  48. Voluptuous Valerie
  49. Plump Pamela
  50. Hefty Hannah

Fat Names for Animals

Fat Names for Animals

Animals have many different forms and each deserves a name that talks about their character and looks. 

This list is full of adorable names that either match or just fit pets and wildlife who look cute and chubby.

  1. Chubby Cheeks
  2. Rotund Rover
  3. Fluffy Fudge
  4. Pudgy Paws
  5. Chunky Cheddar
  6. Tubby Tiger
  7. Plump Paws
  8. Roundy Raccoon
  9. Fatty Feline
  10. Squishy Squirrel
  11. Bouncy Bun
  12. Doughy Duck
  13. Porky Piglet
  14. Jolly Jellybean
  15. Butterball Bunny
  16. Plushy Panda
  17. Chonky Chicken
  18. Tubby Tabby
  19. Roundy Rabbit
  20. Pudge Penguin
  21. Chubby Chipmunk
  22. Fluffy Flan
  23. Rotund Rat
  24. Plump Puppy
  25. Squishy Snail
  26. Chunky Chinchilla
  27. Pudgy Parrot
  28. Bouncy Bear
  29. Doughnut Dog
  30. Porky Pony
  31. Jolly Jumbo
  32. Butterball Beaver
  33. Plushy Polar
  34. Chubby Chimpanzee
  35. Tubby Turtle
  36. Roundy Robin
  37. Pudgey Platypus
  38. Fluffy Ferret
  39. Rotund Raccoon
  40. Plump Peacock
  41. Squishy Seahorse
  42. Chunky Corgi
  43. Bouncy Bunny
  44. Doughy Dalmatian
  45. Porky Puffin
  46. Jolly Jaguar
  47. Butterball Budgie
  48. Plushy Piggy
  49. Chubby Calf
  50. Tubby Toucan

Funny Fat Names for Superheroes

Funny Fat Names for Superheroes

Even superheroes need a good dose of laughter. Check out this list where the caped hero who went a little overboard with the meals could be found. 

Whether it is a pun or a completely silly name, these give a lighter flavor to the world of superheroes.

  1. Captain Chub
  2. Flabulous Flash
  3. Super Snacker
  4. Chunky Champion
  5. Rotund Ranger
  6. Plump Protector
  7. The Mighty Muncher
  8. Big Belly Bandit
  9. Chubby Crusader
  10. Blubber Boy
  11. Plus-Size Powerhouse
  12. Pudgy Paladin
  13. Tubby Titan
  14. The Incredible Inflater
  15. Fat Man Flyer
  16. Jiggly Justice
  17. Stout Sentinel
  18. The Plump Avenger
  19. Girth Guardian
  20. Super Size Savior
  21. Big Buffoon
  22. Chonky Challenger
  23. The Round Rescuer
  24. Heroic Husky
  25. Portly Power
  26. Pudge Protector
  27. Bulk Buster
  28. Captain Chunk
  29. Rotund Rocket
  30. Super Snuggler
  31. Chubby Crusader
  32. Doughboy Defender
  33. The Great Gobbler
  34. Plump Powerhouse
  35. Hefty Hero
  36. The Colossal Conqueror
  37. Big Bonanza
  38. Mighty Munchkin
  39. Brawny Bulk
  40. Tubby Titan
  41. Captain Chubalicious
  42. The Big Blaster
  43. Super Snack Slinger
  44. Chunky Champion
  45. The Rotund Renegade
  46. Plus-Size Patriot
  47. Chubby Chameleon
  48. The Fluffy Fighter
  49. Big Belcher
  50. Captain Cuddle

Funny Fat Names for Celebrities

Under a spotlight, even a simple fake laugh is comedic; rich or famous. It’s in the lineup of celebrity names that live up to their status and may be making lots of people laugh or, worse, take their pictures.

Be it the names of the actors or musicians they will make you laugh out loud.

  1. Beyonchunk
  2. Pudgy Perry
  3. Leonardo DiCapacious
  4. Flabby Fallon
  5. Plump Pitt
  6. Oprah Plumpfrey
  7. Chunky Clooney
  8. Krispy Kardashian
  9. Biggie Baldwin
  10. Queen Latifah Chubby
  11. Will Smithefty
  12. Jennifer Heavylopez
  13. Hefty Hemsworth
  14. Chrissy Teigenchunk
  15. Dwayne “The Rock” Husky
  16. Rebel Fluff Wilson
  17. John Candy Cena
  18. Kirstie Alleyoop
  19. Pudge Diesel
  20. Chubby Chase
  21. Portly Portman
  22. Chris Prattacus
  23. Kate Winslarger
  24. James Cordough
  25. Adele Chunkins
  26. Robust Reba
  27. Chubby Schumer
  28. Biggie Smalls Smith
  29. Fat Damon
  30. Chunk Norris
  31. Amy Schumerbutter
  32. The Notorious B.I.G. Mac
  33. Jonah Hillton
  34. Pudge Diddy
  35. Rosie O’Donut
  36. Puff Daddy Yankee
  37. Melissa McFluffy
  38. Oprah Whimsy
  39. Chunky Cumberbatch
  40. Portly Portia
  41. Rebel Wilsonburger
  42. Fluffy Foxx
  43. Kevin Jameson
  44. Plus-Size Portman
  45. Husky Halle Berry
  46. Jack Blackberry
  47. Biggie Biggs
  48. Fluff Rock
  49. Rosie O’Dougherty
  50. Big Sean Connery

Fat Names for Fictional Characters

Imaginary worlds are filled with different characters, and this list should name those who are graceful and chubby like a cuddly bear.

It doesn’t matter which character you create or inspires you, these names provide that little playful reference to the characters of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Bigby Brawn
  2. Rotunda Rosie
  3. Chunk McGravy
  4. Beefcake Bob
  5. Jumbo Jenny
  6. Plumpington Ponder
  7. Chubby Charlie
  8. Tubby Tina
  9. Flabby Fred
  10. Biggie Belle
  11. Portly Percy
  12. Pudge Pamela
  13. Rotund Robert
  14. Blubber Bertha
  15. Curvy Carl
  16. Stout Stella
  17. Chunky Chuck
  18. Pudgy Patty
  19. Plump Paul
  20. Husky Hannah
  21. Chonky Chester
  22. Girthy Gladys
  23. Hefty Harold
  24. Chunkster Cheryl
  25. Plus-Size Pete
  26. Rotund Roxanne
  27. Biggie Boris
  28. Chubby Charlotte
  29. Fluffy Frank
  30. Big Bertram
  31. Pudgy Penelope
  32. Portly Pierre
  33. Plump Penelope
  34. Tubby Tommy
  35. Chonky Cindy
  36. Chunky Chuckles
  37. Rotunda Rex
  38. Curvy Cathy
  39. Biggie Bruno
  40. Stout Susan
  41. Chunky Chip
  42. Pudgy Pam
  43. Flabby Felix
  44. Chubby Chelsea
  45. Jumbo Jack
  46. Plump Priscilla
  47. Hefty Henrietta
  48. Tubby Ted
  49. Big Bertha
  50. Chunky Charles

Fat Names for Chubby Mascots

Mascots are the adorable icons of brands and teams sometimes they are rounder.

Mascots could not be complete without representing their teams’ missions through their names, so dive into the pool of funny names for these cute mascots.

  1. Pudgey Pete
  2. Chubby Cheeks
  3. Rotund Ralph
  4. Chunky Charlie
  5. Plump Panda
  6. Big Bobble
  7. Tubby Tiger
  8. Fluffy Floppy
  9. Pudgy Paws
  10. Jumbo Jester
  11. Roundy Ronnie
  12. Beefy Bear
  13. Curvy Cat
  14. Chunkster Chipmunk
  15. Girthy Giraffe
  16. Chonky Chick
  17. Biggie Bunny
  18. Portly Penguin
  19. Tubby Turtle
  20. Blubber Buddy
  21. Plump Piglet
  22. Puffy Puppy
  23. Flabby Fox
  24. Hefty Hippo
  25. Chubby Chickadee
  26. Rotunda Raccoon
  27. Chunky Chimpanzee
  28. Plushy Platypus
  29. Biggie Bison
  30. Stout Squirrel
  31. Chunky Chicken
  32. Tubby T-Rex
  33. Pudgy Panda
  34. Jumbo Jaguar
  35. Bouncy Bear
  36. Curvy Cow
  37. Roundy Raccoon
  38. Fluffy Ferret
  39. Portly Parrot
  40. Chonky Chinchilla
  41. Biggie Bulldog
  42. Plump Platypus
  43. Husky Hedgehog
  44. Tubby Tabby
  45. Chubby Chipmunk
  46. Rotund Rabbit
  47. Chunky Cheetah
  48. Puffy Penguin
  49. Beefy Bat
  50. Flabby Falcon

Cute Names for Fat People

The beauty comes in all shapes and this list of best things about those with a little extra weight. 

Whether it is for a friend or a family member, or simply for fun, these names speak for the happiness and tenderness of overweight people.

  1. Cuddle Muffin
  2. Snuggle Bunny
  3. Pudgy Pie
  4. Squishy Sweets
  5. Fluffy Teddy
  6. Plump Poppet
  7. Snack-a-Lot
  8. Bouncy Bundle
  9. Chubby Cuddle
  10. Sweet Chunk
  11. Curvy Cutie
  12. Cuddly Cakes
  13. Huggable Honey
  14. Jolly Jellybean
  15. Puffy Pumpkin
  16. Rotund Rascal
  17. Cozy Cuddler
  18. Squishy Snuggles
  19. Chunky Cherub
  20. Snack Attack
  21. Chubby Chum
  22. Plushy Peach
  23. Snuggle Bug
  24. Cuddle Bear
  25. Fluffy Frump
  26. Snack Master
  27. Pudgy Pudding
  28. Sweetie Pie
  29. Squishy Squirt
  30. Chubby Bunny
  31. Plump Plum
  32. Snuggle Pie
  33. Cuddle Cupcake
  34. Sweetheart
  35. Bouncy Biscuit
  36. Chunky Chum
  37. Puffy Pillow
  38. Snack Snatcher
  39. Cozy Cushion
  40. Huggable Hunk
  41. Jiggly Jam
  42. Squishy Snack
  43. Cuddly Cake
  44. Plushy Puff
  45. Snuggle Snack
  46. Chunky Chick
  47. Snuggle Nugget
  48. Pudgy Poppet
  49. Bouncy Bun
  50. Cuddle Chunk

Funny Names for Fat People Generator

If you have run out of Funny Names for Fat People then you can use our name generator here which will output random names for you.

 Just click ‘Generate Name’ to get a bunch of random names you can use – it’s so easy.

When to Use These Names

Are you trying to make life more humorous in all situations? 

Here are perfect names for chubby individuals who can bring laughter and joy:

  • Writing and Storytelling: Use some of these names to make your stories more funny.
  • Pet Naming: Give your cute pet a nickname that brightens up everyone’s days.
  • Creative Projects: Motivate the humorous sites like memes, skits, or cartoons using these names.
  • Private Jokes: Use jokes between close friends, provided that everyone is fine with the jokes being used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are these names meant to offend or insult overweight individuals?

The motive behind these names is just poking fun and everything is light-hearted. We celebrate diversity and are oriented toward acceptance of all body types.

Q2. What if I can’t find the perfect name on this list?

Have fun and come up with original funny names. The list only gives certain hints, and creative possibilities are almost endless.

Make sure you use the names generator if you have run out of names.

Q3. Are there any names on this list that might be considered offensive?

While we still strived to make them funny and not offending, humor is a matter of taste. What is funny to one person, another may see as rude. We advise you to act wisely and not use those names that could hurt or offend people.


Finding laughter sometimes is the best cure, so here are more than 500 Funny Names for Fat People to choose from. We’ve got chubby mascots, fictional characters, celebrities, superheroes, and even pets – all shapes and sizes that remind us of how funny and cute they can be.

It is important to be reminded that humor should be funny and should not hurt someone’s feelings so be aware of that.

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