Funny Names for Fat People – Humor Meets Body Positivity

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Funny Names for Fat People Ideas

Do you have a fat friend? Or maybe you’re fat yourself. You know what? It’s okay to be fat. I mean, it’s not okay to be fat, but it’s okay to admit that you’re fat.

To encourage positivity and humor among individuals with diverse body types, share these amusing names for people with larger body sizes.

This approach fosters an environment where everyone is appreciated and loved, regardless of their body shape.

The best names to call large people

Here is a list of funny fat people names to call your fat friend:

Funny Names for Fat People (with Meaning)

1. Jumbo

It’s short, simple, and to the point pic for fat names. What’s not to love about this name for an oversized person?

2. Jelly Bean

Another short and sweet name that’s also fun to say. This is also a great alternative to using the word fat when you’re talking about someone who’s fat.

3. Scooter

You can call someone a scooter if they’re fat and a bit slow at moving. If you want to make it even more playful, you can just say scoot.

4. Blubber

This is a fun name for someone who’s a heavier person. It’s not only a fun name, it’s also a fun word to say. It’s not a very common name, and it’s sure to earn you some looks of confusion.

5. Winnie

We’ve all seen the memes with Winnie the Pooh being fat. This is a great name for anyone who’s fat and resembles the story’s main character.

6. Flabby

Flabby is a fun name for a fat person. It’s a great name that you can use for a fat person that’s a bit older and has a bit of excess skin.

7. Double Wide

When you’re talking about a fat person, it’s important to use words that are short and easy to pronounce so that you can get your point across. You can use this name for a fat person who has a double chin.

8. Poppa Smurf

This nickname is perfect for a fat dad or grandpa. The name is cute and funny, but it’s also friendly and a great way to show that you’re not trying to insult someone.

9. Big Mama

This is a great name for a big, older woman. It will make her feel special and loved. It’s easy to remember and to say, as well as really adorable.

10. Fatso

This is a short, sweet nickname that doesn’t carry any negative connotations. It’s simple, easy to say, and very straightforward. You can use this nickname with all sorts of different people.

11. Hulk

If you have a friend who’s big, hairy, and enormous, this is the perfect nickname for them. Usually, it’s not a good idea to call people fat, but this nickname is different. It’s funny, cute, and friendly and it will probably make your friend laugh.

12. Big ‘n’ Buff

This is a great name for a fat guy. It implies that they aren’t just fat, but they’re also pretty buff.

13. Lardass

This is a funny name for a fat person, but I guess it could also be an insult for someone who is really fat.

14. Cruise Control

If you’re talking about a fat person who doesn’t move fast, this is a great nickname.

15. Odie

Odie from Garfield the comic is a great name for a fat person. It’s a great way to insult someone and make them mad.

16. King Kong

This one is perfect for sumo wrestlers or anyone who has a big belly.

17. The Big Guy

This one is funny because you can throw it at a fat guy who really thinks he’s “the big guy”.

18. Fatty

Another very insulting name, but it’s funny in a way because you can say it to a fat person who can’t get mad at you.

19. Jiggly

I’m not sure when this word became so popular, but it does describe a fat person perfectly.

20. Koo Koo

It might be a little insulting but it’s still funny.

21. Waddles

A classic fat person name that everyone is familiar with. It’s funny, simple and it fits the bill.

22. Big Chief Almighty

This is a funny name that is used to describe a fat person.

23. Grub

If you want to show someone that you really think they’re fat, then this is the way to do it.

24. Jell-O

We all know that Jell-O is a jiggly, gooey dessert. And if you’re fat, you’re like jiggly and gooey.

25. Sausage

It’s funny, it’s corny, and it’s perfect for someone who is not only fat but also a little bit tubby.

26. Fatty Patty

You can chant Fatty Patty over and over and the fat person won’t get embarrassed because they will love being called Fatty Patty.

27. Josephine

Josephine, Joe-Fat, or Joe-Hoe will make your friends laugh at your size, but they will also love you and know that you are awesome.

28. Cookie

Cookie is a great name if you are fat and enjoy cookies. I mean, you can’t just lie around eating cookies all day and be proud of it. Make your friends laugh at you, but love you.

29. Bubba

Call yourself Bubba and people will laugh and love you! Bubba is a funny name for a fat friend. It has a bit of a southern flavor, but it’s still funny because it makes fun of your fatness.

30. Bert

Bert sounds like a very fat, full-figured name. It’s also a great funny name for a guy.

Fat People Nicknames to Avoid Body Shaming

Fat People Nicknames that Avoid Body Shaming

Instead of nicknames based on physical appearance, here are some alternative ideas that are creative and avoid body shaming:


  • Panda Power
  • Majestic Moose
  • Cuddly Koala
  • Fierce Cheetah
  • Soaring Eagle

Food-inspired (without focusing on size):

  • Spicy Salsa
  • Sparkling Soda
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Cheesy Pizza
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie

Fictional character-inspired:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Groot Guardian
  • Hermione Hero
  • Hulk Heart
  • Elsa Enchantress


  • Mountain Majesty
  • Ocean Oasis
  • Sunshine Smile
  • Forest Friend
  • Galaxy Guardian

Positive trait-inspired:

  • Courageous Comet
  • Joyful Jester
  • Brilliant Brainiac
  • Creative Comet
  • Kindness Keeper


  • Use alliteration: Marvelous Maya, Dazzling Diana, Fantastic Frankie
  • Use rhyme: Speedy Stevie, Joyful Joan, Charming Charlie
  • Use inside jokes or shared references: Pizza Master Pete, Karaoke Queen Kim, Board Game Baron Brian

Creative Fat Nicknames For Friends

“Biggie Smalls”

“Fluffy McFlufferson”

“Jumbo Shrimp”

“Heavyweight Champion”

“Big Mac”


“King Kong”


“Chunky Monkey”

“The Big Cheese”

Fat Female Names

FAT Female Nicknames
  • Jolly Jumbo
  • Curvy Queen
  • Plush Princess
  • Biggie Belle
  • Chubby Charmer
  • Voluptuous Vixen
  • Fluffy Diva
  • Generous Goddess
  • Rotund Royalty
  • Luscious Ladybug

Instead of focusing on weight-related names, how about considering playful and light-hearted nicknames that celebrate your uniqueness?

For example, you could play around with names that reflect your love for food or your larger-than-life personality.

How about names like “Majestic Munchkin,” “Bighearted Belle,” “Plush Powerhouse,” “Curvy Comedian,” “Glorious Galumph,” “Jovial Juggernaut,” “Voluminous Vixen,” “Bodacious Beauty,” “Grandiose Goddess,” or “Stellar Stunner”?

These names can reflect your confident and fun-loving nature without resorting to potentially hurtful weight-related terms.

Funny Names for Your Weight Loss Journey

Funny Names for Fat People - Ideas List

Starting a weight loss journey can be a serious commitment to yourself. But who says it cannot also be entertaining?

Adding some humor to your workout routine can make it more enjoyable and less intimidating.

And, it’s proven by every weight loss trainer.

So, lets have some fun with coming up with imaginative names for your weight loss journey.

Remember, laughter is the best calorie burner!

1. “Slim Shady”

2. “Waist Away”

3. “Pound Patrol”

4. “Flab-u-less”

5. “Shrinking Violet”

6. “Belly Bailout”

7. “Lard Logistics”

8. “Chunky Dunkers”

9. “Waist Watchers”

10. “Fat Chance”

11. “Thigh’s the Limit”

12. “Lean Queens”

13. “Scale Tippers”

14. “Bulge Battlers”

15. “Pudge Purge”

16. “Muffin-top Movers”

17. “Cellulite Shifters”

18. “Jiggle Gigglers”

19. “Paunch Punchers”

20. “Gut Busters”

21. “Flab Fighters”

22. “Wobble Warriors”

23. “Butter Busters”

24. “Chubby Checkers”

25. “Pound Hounds”

26. “Scale Scalers”

27. “Belly Busters”

28. “Waistline Warriors”

29. “Thick Thigh Thieves”

30. “Weight Waiters”

Funny Names That Celebrate All Sizes

In the spirit of body positivity and embracing diversity, we’re about to embark on a journey of laughter and self-love.

What’s that about, you ask?

Well, we’re celebrating all sizes with a dash of humor!

Sounds like a winning formula, right?

Our society is gradually shifting towards body positive therapy, recognizing that every body size is beautiful.

This shift is not just about acceptance, but also about finding joy in our unique forms.

So, why not add a sprinkle of humor to this beautiful journey?

Without further ado, let’s dive into our list of funny names that celebrate all sizes.

Remember, these names are all about spreading positivity and laughter, so let’s keep the vibe light and fun!

  • 1. “Curvy Crusaders”
  • 2. “Bountiful Babes”
  • 3. “Size Wise”
  • 4. “Plump and Proud”
  • 5. “Bodacious Bodies”
  • 6. “Full-Figured Fancies”
  • 7. “Ample Angels”
  • 8. “Round and Radiant”
  • 9. “Hefty Heroes”
  • 10. “Chubby Charmers”
  • 11. “Voluminous Vixens”
  • 12. “Big and Beautiful”
  • 13. “Sizeable Sweethearts”
  • 14. “Plush and Plentiful”
  • 15. “Broad and Bold”
  • 16. “Wide and Wonderful”
  • 17. “Thick and Thriving”
  • 18. “Generous Gems”
  • 19. “Stout and Stunning”
  • 20. “Grand and Glorious”
  • 21. “Pudgy and Perfect”
  • 22. “Robust and Radiant”
  • 23. “Hearty and Handsome”
  • 24. “Bulky and Brilliant”
  • 25. “Wholesome and Hearty”
  • 26. “Substantial and Striking”
  • 27. “Lush and Lovely”
  • 28. “Brawny and Beautiful”
  • 29. “Husky and Happy”
  • 30. “Girthy and Glowing”
  • 1. “Chunky Yet Funky”
  • 2. “Curvy Diva”
  • 3. “Slim Jim Dandy”
  • 4. “Petite Sweet”
  • 5. “Biggie Smiles”
  • 6. “Tiny Dancer”
  • 7. “Broadway Broad”
  • 8. “Lean Queen”
  • 9. “Pudgy Buddy”
  • 10. “Skinny Minnie”
  • 11. “Plump Rump”
  • 12. “Small Fry”
  • 13. “Wide Pride”
  • 14. “Thin Spin”
  • 15. “Hefty Lefty”
  • 16. “Little Big Man”
  • 17. “Bulky Hulk”
  • 18. “Svelte Belle”
  • 19. “Chubby Hubby”
  • 20. “Mini Mighty”
  • 21. “Brawny Tony”
  • 22. “Slim Shady Lady”
  • 23. “Pint-Sized Powerhouse”
  • 24. “Big Boned Jones”
  • 25. “Skinny Ginny”
  • 26. “Petite Elite”
  • 27. “Large Marge”
  • 28. “Slim Tim”
  • 29. “Plump Lump”
  • 30. “Tiny but Mighty”

Embracing the Humor in Funny Names for Fat People

In a world where body acceptance and self-love are becoming increasingly important, it’s essential to approach the topic of body image with sensitivity and respect.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t infuse a bit of humor into the conversation.

After all, laughter is a universal language that can break down barriers and foster understanding.

When we talk about funny names for fat people, it’s not about making fun of someone’s appearance or body size.

Instead, it’s about embracing our unique characteristics and finding humor in our shared human experiences.

These names, while humorous, can serve as a reminder that our bodies are just one aspect of who we are. They don’t define our worth or our capabilities.

Self-esteem and body confidence are not about striving for an unrealistic ideal of perfection. Instead, they’re about accepting and loving ourselves as we are, ‘flaws’ and all.

When we can laugh at these funny names, we’re not laughing at ourselves or others. We’re laughing at the absurdity of the idea that a person’s value can be determined by their body size.

Humor can be a powerful tool in promoting body acceptance. It can help us to challenge societal norms and expectations about body size and shape.

It can also help us to foster a more positive and accepting attitude towards our own bodies and those of others.

So, let’s embrace the humor in these funny names for fat people. Let’s use them as a catalyst for conversations about body acceptance, self-love, and body confidence.

Let’s remember that everybody is a good body, and everybody has a story to tell. And sometimes, those stories can be pretty funny.

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