Funny High School Names (200+ Creative Fake Names)

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Funny High School Names (120+ Creative Fake Names)

High school is a time of our lives that is both exciting and challenging. For many of us, it’s a time when we begin to discover our identities, make new friends, and experience all sorts of adventures.

One way to add some humor and creativity to your high school experience is by coming up with a funny high school name.

Whether you’re looking for a name for a fictional school in your story, or you just want to have fun with your friends, a funny high school name can be a great way to lighten the mood and inject some laughter into your life.

Let’s explore some ideas that will have you and your friends laughing out loud.

Funny High School Names (with Meaning)

How to Come Up With the Perfect High School Name?

Understand Your School’s Identity

The name of your school is often the first thing people hear about it. Whether it’s an online high school or a traditional brick-and-mortar institution, the name sets the tone. Think of it like naming a baby; it’s a big deal, right?

Know Your Audience

Are you aiming for an urban academy vibe or something more traditional like a junior high? Knowing your target audience helps you tailor the name to their expectations. Would you name a tech-savvy school “Old Town Academy”? Probably not.

Consider the School’s Programs

If your school specializes in summer programs for high school students, for example, consider incorporating elements of that into the name. How about “Sunnyvale Summer Scholars High”? Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Check for Unintended Meanings

Always check if the name has any unintended meanings or associations. Remember, you don’t want to end up on the NJHighSchoolSports list of schools with funny or inappropriate names. Imagine the horror of finding out your school’s acronym spells out something embarrassing!

Test the Waters

Before finalizing, test the name with a small group. This could be a focus group of students, teachers, or even parents. Does the name resonate with them? Does it make them want to wear it proudly on a school jersey?

Legalities and Trademarks

Last but not least, make sure the name isn’t already trademarked or copyrighted. The last thing you want is a legal battle over a name, right?

Funny High School Names (with Meaning)

1. Bookworm High School

This high school would be all about reading and writing. The students would be encouraged to read as much as possible and to write their own stories.

The school grounds would be decorated with bookshelves and reading nooks, and the mascot would be a giant bookworm. Students would have the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops with authors and editors, and the school’s motto would be “Read to Lead”. 

2. School of Rockers

School of Rockers would have a rock and roll vibe. The student body would be encouraged to be wild and reckless, and the classes would focus on music and performance. The school would have its own recording studio, and the mascot would be a giant rock and roll star. The school’s motto would be “Let’s Rock!”.

3. Bathe-Urs School

This is a play on the words “bathe” and “bearers.” It’s a great name for a high school because it implies that the school is a leader in education and knowledge, while still keeping it lighthearted and fun. Plus, it’s a great way to remind students to stay clean and hygienic while they’re at school! 

4. Note-A-Reds

A combination of the words “note” and “reds.” It’s an amusing name for a high school since it implies that the students are focused on their studies and taking notes in class. It also implies that the students have a lot of energy since the color red is associated with passion and excitement. 

5. School of Superheroes 

This is a great name for a high school because it celebrates the heroic qualities that many high school students have. It’s a reminder that high schoolers can be brave and powerful, even in the face of adversity.

It’s also a fun name, and the mascot could be a superhero or a team of superheroes that represent the school’s values. It would be a great way to remind students to be their heroes and to stand up for what they believe in.

6. The Dweebies School

The Dweebies is a name that perfectly encapsulates the awkwardness of high school where everyone is trying to fit in but ultimately feels like they don’t.

It’s the perfect way to describe those kids who are a bit geeky, nerdy, and clumsy, but also endearing. The term is also associated with a certain kind of humor, which is important in high school since laughter is often the best medicine.

7. Mavericks

Marverick’s name has a slightly rebellious connotation to it and is a great way to describe those students who are a bit different and don’t quite fit in with the crowd. Mavericks are people who go against the grain and try to forge their paths. They tend to be independent thinkers and often have their own distinct, sometimes quirky, style.

8. Smarts School System

Smarts School System is for those students who are exceptionally bright and excel in academics. They are the ones who always seem to get the best grades and are at the top of their class.

Not only do they have brains, but they also often have a great sense of humor and can joke around and make light of any situation. They are an important part of any high school environment, as they provide a great balance of brains and wit.

9. Fighting Flamingos High School

This high school was founded by a group of students who wanted to have fun, be free and show their style and personality. They chose the mascot of the Flamingo because of its vibrant colors and its ability to stand out. It was also chosen to represent the individualism that the students wanted to embrace.

The “fighting” part of the name is to represent the school’s competitive spirit and passion for success. The student body would be encouraged to express themselves and their unique personalities, and the school’s motto would be “We Fly High!” 

10. Brainiacs Academy 

A high school was founded by a group of students who wanted to focus on academics and intellectual pursuits. They chose the name “Brainiacs” to represent their commitment to academic excellence.

The “brainiacs” are expected to push one another to reach their highest potential. With the Brainiacs motto of “think smart, think hard,” it is easy to see why this school is a great choice for students looking to excel in the classroom.

11. Daredevils

The students in this high school were interested in taking risks, thinking outside the box, and having a little fun along the way. This name was chosen to represent the students’ adventurous and daring spirit.

This high school encourages its students to take risks, try new things, and find out what they are truly capable of. The Daredevils mascot shows the willingness of the students to take on challenges and push their limits.

12. High School of Cluelessness

A school name perfect for those who are still figuring out who they are and where they fit in. With classes focused on identity, self-expression, and decision-making, the High School of Cluelessness will provide students with the tools they need to make the right choices and discover who they are.

The school would also be a great resource for parents who are looking for ways to support their children as they navigate their teenage years.

13. Read-E-Marks

In this name, the words “read” and “remarks” are played off each other. It’s a great name for a high school because it implies that the students are serious about learning and working hard. Moreover, it’s a good way for students to make sure they read and are mindful of what they say.

14. Marvellous Monkeys

Who says learning has to be boring? Not the Marvellous Monkeys! This crew of primates is all about finding ways to make school and learning a fun, exciting experience. With chattering conversations and plenty of activities, the Marvellous Monkeys strive to make school a place where everyone can have fun and still get their studies done. 

15. School of Moo-sic

For all the cow-loving teens out there, this would be the perfect high school! As a student at Mooology, you would be able to rock your moo-tastic shirts, attend music-centered classes such as Moosic Appreciation and Cow-cert Band as well as earn a degree in Mooology.

If you gather ’round the lunchroom for some moo-milk and some mooburgers, then you’ll be ready to move on with the rest of your day as soon as you finish your snack!

16. Academy of Wok and Roll

This high school would be a great place for all the noodle-loving teens out there! Students would rock their wok-tastic outfits, attend classes with culinary-centered lessons such as Stir-Fry 101 and Egg Roll Fundamentals, and earn a degree in Wok-onomics.

Head to the lunchroom for some steaming-hot fried rice and chow mein, and you’ll be ready to roll on with the rest of your day!

17. Institute of Hip-Hop-erations

Hip-hop-loving teens would love this high school! During classes with dance-centered lessons such as Breakdancing Basics and Beat-Boxing Bootcamp, students would wear hip-hop-tastic gear and earn a degree in Hip-Hopology. Afterward, you can rap along with some chicken wings and pizza in the lunchroom.

18. Fabulous Foxes

A smiling bunch of foxes is all about having fun and learning while in high school. From the students to the teachers, everyone is always looking to have a good time while staying focused on the task at hand. Whether it be in the classroom, the cafeteria, or the hallways, the Fabulous Foxes always know how to make school a blast. 

19. High School of Dreamers

The High School of Dreamers is for students who have big dreams and need a place to make them a reality. With a focus on creativity, innovation, and collaboration, this school would give students the space to think outside the box and come up with bold new ideas.

Classes would be interactive and hands-on, helping students to develop their skills and hone their talents. It would be the perfect place for students to take their dreams and make them into reality.

20. Joyful Jaguars

Always ready to have a good time and learn something new, the Joyful Jaguars are a group of students and teachers who enjoy the school experience. With a positive attitude and plenty of activities, the Joyful Jaguars strive to make school a place where everyone can have a good time and still get all their work done.

Whether it’s in the classroom, the cafeteria, or the hallways, the Joyful Jaguars always know how to make learning a fun experience.

Creative High School Names Ideas List

Creative High School Names Ideas List

In a world where education is evolving, why should school names be any different? Gone are the days of generic “Central High” or “Township School.” Welcome to the era of creative high school names that inspire curiosity and spark imagination.

Here’s a list of creative high school names that break the mold and set the stage for an innovative learning experience.

  1. Quantum Academy
  2. Zenith High
  3. Nova Nexus
  4. Pinnacle Prep
  5. Odyssey School
  6. Polaris Point
  7. Infinity Institute
  8. Ethereal Academy
  9. Luminous Learning
  10. Ignite High
  11. Nebula Nook
  12. Zen Zone
  13. Radiant Ridge
  14. Apex Academy
  15. Utopia University
  16. Lyric Lab
  17. Mosaic Montessori
  18. Harmony Hall
  19. Virtuoso Village
  20. Catalyst Charter
  21. Serenity School
  22. Synergy Summit
  23. Elysium Estates
  24. Arcadia Academy
  25. Enigma High
  26. Phoenix Prep
  27. Vortex Valley
  28. Solstice School
  29. Horizon High
  30. Celestial Central

Fake High School Names for the Story

Fake high school names for the story

Here are some fictional high school names to get you started. Whether you’re writing a story about the trials and tribulations of high school life or the adventures of a group of teenagers, these 45 high school names are sure to bring a unique and creative flair to your story. Let’s explore them together.

  • Fusion Academy
  • Excelsior High
  • Grandview Prep
  • Alpha Academy
  • Lighthouse High
  • Rosewood Academy
  • Excelsior Prep
  • Metropolis High
  • Brightwater High
  • Horizons Academy
  • Liberty Academy
  • Crestwood Prep
  • Quantum High Scool
  • Knightwood Academy
  • Evergreen High
  • Sunstone Academy
  • Woodland Hills High 
  • Victory Academy
  • Silver Lake High
  • Oceanview High
  • Concord Sunrise Academy 
  • Skyline High School
  • Princeton Academy
  • Crestview Academy 
  • Morningstar High
  • Academia de las Artes 
  • Milestone Academy
  • New Horizons Academy
  • Summit Prep
  • Academy of the Arts 
  • Crystal Lake High
  • Valleyview Academy
  • Freedom High
  • Eaglewood High
  • Excelsior Academy
  • Renaissance High
  • Emerald Heights Academy
  • Summit High School
  • Solaris Academy
  • Mountainview High School 
  • Everstone Academy
  • Horizon Prep
  • Emerald Academy
  • Central High Hills School
  • Valleyview High

Inappropriate Names For High Schools

Inappropriate Names For High Schools

When it comes to naming a high school, you’d think the process would be straightforward. However, some names just miss the mark entirely, causing raised eyebrows and even public outcry.

From names that evoke negative connotations to those that are just plain awkward, we’ve compiled a list of inappropriate names for high schools that will leave you wondering, “What were they thinking?”

1. Devil’s Den High

2. Bad Grades High

3. Lazy Learners High

4. Stoners Academy

5. Cheaters High

6. Slackers High

7. Altered State High

8. Dumbbells High

9. Scoundrels High

10. Philanderers High

11. Sex education School

12. Troublemakers Academy

13.  Drug dealership institute 

14. Lackadaisical High

15. Partiers High

16. Scandalous High

17. No-Effort High

18. The Controversial Institute

19. Gossip High

20. Bullies together High School

21. The Unmentionables High

22. Juvenile Delinquents High

23. Unruly High School

24. Detention Hall High

25. Uncontrollables Schooling 

26. Cyber Criminals Den

27. Rebellious High School

28. Teens Gone Wild School

29. Disrespectful High

30. Uncouth High

31. Juvenile Delinquents School

32. Undesirables High

33. Unruly Kids High

34. Vice High School

35. Sinners High School

36. Ignorance High School

37. Disrespectful Institute

38. The Thugs 

39. Unruly Teens High

40. Gangs High Academy 

41. Inappropriate High

42. Immoral High School

43. Unlawful High Academy 

44. Delinquency High

45. Nefarious School System

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