Funny Names For Fat Cats (200+ Creative Ideas)

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Funny Names For Fat Cats

If you’ve ever been the proud parent of a pleasantly plump feline, you know that ordinary names like Whiskers or Fluffy just won’t do. These rotund furballs deserve names as memorable as their larger-than-life personalities and appetites

Naming a fat cat offers a unique opportunity for creativity, and sometimes a dash of humor is just what’s needed to capture the essence of your corpulent companion.

So grab a snack (for you and your tubby tabby), settle in, and prepare to chuckle your way through our list of hilarious and fitting names for your fat cat.

These names are the cat’s pajamas, or in this case, perhaps we should say the cat’s extra-large onesie.

Funny Name For Fat Cats (With Meaning)

How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Fat Cat?

Choosing the perfect name for your chubby feline friend is more than just a whimsical endeavor, it’s a rite of passage that can set the tone for your relationship.

So, how do you go about picking a name that’s as unique as your cat’s personality? Let’s dive in.

Understand Your Cat’s Personality

First things first, spend some quality time with your cat to understand its quirks and characteristics. Is your cat a playful jester or a regal queen? Fat cats fun isn’t just a phrase; it’s a lifestyle. Think about it: would you name a shy, reserved cat “Tiger”? Probably not.

Consider the Cat’s Appearance

Sometimes, the perfect name is staring right back at you—literally. Does your cat have any distinctive features that could inspire a name?

For example, a cat with a round belly and a penchant for lounging might suit the name “Pudding.” It’s like a fat cats surprise when you realize how much their appearance can influence a fitting name.

Cultural and Geographical Influences

Ever thought about naming your cat something that reflects its breed or origin? If you have a British Shorthair, how about a classic English name? Fat cats norwich could be an inspiration if you’re looking for something region-specific.

The “Say It Out Loud” Test

Ever said something and immediately thought, “That sounded better in my head”? The same goes for cat names. Say the name out loud, call it across the room, and see if it rolls off the tongue. If you find yourself stumbling, it might be time to go back to the drawing board.

Make It a Family Affair

Why not make the naming process a democratic one? After all, your cat is a new family member. Gather everyone around and throw some names into a hat. You might end up with something as unique as Fatcats, which could be a fun and inclusive way to decide.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Remember, you’ll be calling this name quite often. Whether you’re summoning your cat for dinner or trying to prevent a minor catastrophe, a shorter name usually works best. Would you rather shout “Sir Fluffington the Third” or simply “Fluff”?

The Humor Factor

Let’s face it, we all love a good laugh. If your cat has a playful and goofy side, why not go for something humorous? Names like “Wobble” or “Chonk” can add a bit of funny fat cats energy to your household.

Funny Name For Fat Cats (with Meaning)

If your feline friend is a bit on the rotund side, you’re in luck, there’s a wealth of humorous names perfectly suited for them.

These names not only capture the essence of your cat’s physique but also come with fun meanings that will make everyone smile.

1. Tubby Tuna

This name is a nod to your cat’s fondness for fish and their less-than-svelte figure. “Tubby Tuna” combines their love for food and their tubby physique in a catchy, amusing way.

2. Chubby Checker

A playful spin on the famous singer Chubby Checker, this name is perfect for a cat with a big belly and a love for twisting around furniture or perhaps even dancing when they think no one is watching.

3. Sir Pudge

Adding ‘Sir’ gives your cat a noble flair, acknowledging their royal chubbiness. Sir Pudge would fit a cat who holds himself with an air of dignity despite his size.

4. Rotunda

This name is a whimsical take on your cat’s rounded shape, reminiscent of grand, rounded architectural features. It’s a name best suited for a feline with a dignified and impressive presence.

5. Butterball

Not just for turkeys, “Butterball” is a lovable name that hints at your cat’s round and soft figure, perfect for the kitty that melts your heart.

6. Dumpling

Dumpling is cute, round, and fluffy, just like your cat. It captures the essence of a cat who is irresistibly adorable and just a little bit stuffed.

7. Lardington

A humorous and slightly posh name, “Lardington” is for the feline aristocrat of fluff. Your cat may be plump, but that just means there’s more of them to love.

8. Pumpkin

A clever portmanteau of ‘plump’ and ‘pumpkin,’ this name is fitting for an orange, chubby cat. It’s especially suitable for a cat who enjoys lazing around during the fall—or any season, really.

9. Pork Chop

If your cat is meaty and substantial, “Pork Chop” is a fun and fitting name that shows you embrace their heftiness while also acknowledging their charm.

10. Jellybelly

Does your cat have a belly that wobbles like jelly? Jellybelly is a playful name that accurately depicts your feline’s jiggly midsection.

Funny Name For Fat Cat Ideas List!

Funny Name For Fat Cats Idea List!

If you’ve got a chubby kitty who’s the life of the party, a humorous name might be the best fit. These cheeky, laugh-inducing names are perfect for cats that have a little more to love.

1. Tubster

2. Doughboy

3. Sushi Roll

4. Roly Poly

5. Love Muffin

6. Burrito

7. Jumbo

8. Belly Dancer

9. Giggleton

10. Pudgemuffin

11. Chunky Monkey

12. Huggable

13. Couch Potato

14. Puffy

15. McFluffy

16. Snugglebunny

17. Cheeseball

18. Big Mac

19. Chubalub

20. Poofy

21. Waddle Dee

22. Blobbert

23. The Notorious C.A.T

24. Loafy

25. Bulkington

26. Blubber

27. Roundster

28. Butterworth

29. Husky

30. Feastie

Cute Names For Fat Cats

When it comes to naming your adorable, chubby cat, you’ll want a name that’s as cute as they are. These monikers evoke a sense of sweetness and charm, perfect for your pudgy pet.

1. Cuddles

2. Mochi

3. Peaches

4. Tater Tot

5. Cupcake

6. Marshmallow

7. Snickers

8. Squishy

9. Biscuit

10. Jellybean

11. Tootsie

12. Muffin

13. Giggles

14. Whiskers

15. Sugar

16. Niblet

17. Dolly

18. Wiggles

19. Buttons

20. Rascal

21. Fluffernutter

22. Snuggles

23. Meatball

24. Boop

25. Popcorn

26. Truffles

27. Sprinkles

28. Paws

29. Snickerdoodle

30. Sparkles

Funny Names For Fluffy Cats

A fluffy cat brings joy and laughter into any home, so why not give them a name that will make everyone chuckle? These funny names are perfect for your fluffball.

1. Furball

2. Fuzzinator

3. Cloud Nine

4. Fluffzilla

5. Hairy Potter

6. Poofmaster

7. Floofenstein

8. Puff Daddy

9. Whispurr

10. Furrball McMuffin

11. Cottonball

12. Fuzzy Wuzzy

13. Nimbus

14. Fluffbutt

15. Hairball Hank

16. Static

17. Furguson

18. Tumbleweed

19. Furrito

20. Fuzzbucket

21. Wisp

22. Floofy McFlooferson

23. Woolly Mammoth

24. Shaggy

25. Quilt

26. Furricane

27. Scruffington

28. Plush

29. Feather

30. Fluff Nugget

Creative Names For Fat Cats

If you want to go straight to the point, these names clearly label your cat as one of the more rotund felines on the block. These straightforward names don’t beat around the bush.

1. Lard

2. Chunk

3. Fats

4. Hefty

5. Bulky

6. Meaty

7. Tons

8. Sizable

9. Stout

10. Tank

11. Mass

12. Grande

13. Oversized

14. Plump

15. Thicc

16. Beefy

17. Gargantuan

18. Whale

19. Stocky

20. Biggie

21. Portly

22. Pudgy

23. Corpulent

24. Brawny

25. Tubby

26. Rotund

27. Elephantine

28. Colossal

29. Mammoth

30. Jiggly

Good Names For Fat Cats

You can opt for a name that not only reflects your cat’s size but also has a dignified or positive ring to it. These are the perfect names for fat cats with style.

1. Baron


3. Regal

4. Elegant

5. Sassy

6. Kingpin

7. Noble

8. Grace

9. Magnificent

10. Charming

11. Dapper

12. Gallant

13. Radiant

14. Marvel

15. Treasure

16. Velvety

17. Splendid

18. Divine

19. Majestic

20. Supreme

21. Lady

22. Sir

23. Prince

24. Queenie

25. Opulent

26. Gorgeous

27. Ritzy

28. Alluring

29. Glorious

30. Fancy

Nicknames For Fat Cats

Perhaps you’ve already named your cat, but you’re in the market for a humorous or affectionate nickname that highlights their chubby charm. Look no further!

1.  Squish

2.  Plumpy

3.  Fatty Catty

4.  Rolly

5.  Pudger

6.  Munchkin

7.  Porker

8.  Goody

9. Biggie Smalls

10. Fluffball

11. Lardo

12. Sumo

13. Heavy D

14. Juicy

15. Chonker

16. Jelly Roll

17. Bigfoot

18. Tonka

19. Pudge-a-lot

20. Whopper

21. Heifer

22. Gravy

23. Thunder

24. Tummy

25. Cuddlebear

26. Baby Huey

27. Buddha

28. Gordo

29. Wobble

30. Tub Tub

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