Funny Hermit Crab Names (A Collection of Creative Ideas)

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Funny Hermit Crab Names

Hermit crabs are unique and fascinating creatures that make great pets. They are often seen as low-maintenance, budget-friendly alternatives to more traditional pets like dogs or cats. One fun aspect of owning a hermit crab is naming them.

Naming your pet is a personal and creative expression that helps you to bond with your pet. In this article, we will be discussing some funny hermit crab names that you can use for your pet. Whether you’re looking for a silly name or a quirky one, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to laugh, because these names will make you smile. In addition to being a fun aspect of pet ownership, funny hermit crab names also help to make your pet a part of your family and bring some personality to their cage. So, let’s dive in!

Funny Hermit Crab Names

20 Funny Hermit Crab Names

1. Cracky McShellface

It is a hilarious name for a hermit crab. The name takes a play on words from the phrase “Crack a smile,” and the phrase “Jackie McShellface,” which is a play on the old saying “Jack of all trades.” The combination of the two phrases creates a clever and catchy name that any hermit crab would be proud to have! When someone asks you what your hermit crab’s name is, it’s funny enough to get some laughs.

2. Shrimpy McCrabby

Shrimpy McCrabby is an amusing name for any hermit crab! The name is a combination of the words “shrimp” and “crabby,” which creates an incredibly clever pun. You’re sure to get some chuckles when people see the name of your hermit crab. It’s also a great name for a smaller hermit crab since the word “shrimpy” implies a smaller size.

3. Captain Clawdaddy

A fantastic name for any hermit crab! The name is a combination of the words “captain” and “claw,” which is a great play on words. It’s also a great name for a hermit crab that loves to explore and adventure since the word “captain” implies someone who is in charge of a journey. Plus, it’s a super cute and funny name that’s sure to get some smiles!

4. Cuddles McShellface

This hilarious name is for the hermit crab who is always looking for a cuddle buddy! Whether it’s snuggling up close with a fellow hermit crab or finding a warm spot in its shell, this crab loves a good affectionate hug. Also, its name is a clever play on the popular military term “McShellface,” which is a way of paying homage to its tough and rugged armor!

5. Claws-on

This hermit crab takes its name from its aggressive, take-charge attitude. It’s always leading its fellow hermit crabs on adventures, daring them to explore new areas and take on new challenges. The name also refers to its impressive claws, which protect it and allow it to explore new areas.

6. Shellby

A hermit crab is sure to bring a smile to your face! He loves to explore, but he’s never too far from his trusty shell. He’s a bit of a daredevil, always looking for ways to spice up his life. He may be a hermit crab, but he’s never alone – he loves to chat with other hermit crabs, and you can often find him scuttling around in search of a new adventure!

7. Clawsome

Clawsome is a hermit crab with a serious attitude! He loves to strut around, showing off his impressive claws and making sure everyone knows he’s the boss. He’s not afraid to take risks and he’s always up for a good challenge. And his sense of humor is unmatched – you can guarantee a good laugh when Clawsome is around!

8. Sandy

Sandy is a creature of habit. He loves his shell and his surroundings and can often be found in the same spot day after day. But don’t be fooled – he’s not boring! He loves a good laugh and he’s always up for a challenge. He’s a bit of an adventurer at heart and loves nothing more than exploring his new home.

9. Crusty the Crustacean

Crusty the Crustacean is an old-fashioned hermit crab who loves nothing more than an afternoon nap in the sun. He may be a bit slower than the other hermit crabs, but he easily makes up for it with his wit and charm. Crusty the Crustacean loves to bring smiles to all of his friends and is always the life of the party. 

10. Crawly the Crawdad

A lively and energetic hermit crab who loves to swim and explore the depths of the ocean. He’s always up for a challenge and loves to see what he can find at the bottom of the sea. Crawly the Crawdad loves to play with his friends and can often be found giving live performances of his favorite underwater dance moves.

11. Captain Clawdacious

Captain Clawdacious is a name that evokes a sense of swagger and adventure. This hermit crab is ready to take on any challenge and can’t be stopped. He has a tough exterior but a sweet and adventurous heart. His mission is to explore the ocean and all its mysteries.

12. Shelldon the Enlightened

Shelldon the Enlightened is a hermit crab with a curious mind. He is always learning and exploring the depths of the ocean, seeking out new knowledge and experiences. He loves to share his discoveries with other hermit crabs and is always eager to help out a fellow crab in need.

13. Wiggly

The Wiggly is a hermit crab who always loves to have a good time. She loves to dance around and always has a smile on her face. Shelly is always willing to make new friends and loves nothing more than a good laugh. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and she’s always a hit at parties.

14. Sammy Shell-A-Phone

This funny hermit crab name comes from a combination of the words “shell” and “cell phone”. When you think about it, a hermit crab’s shell is like its own personal cell phone in a way – it’s a safe, cozy place for them to hide away from predators and keep its insides safe. This name is a humorous way of acknowledging the hermit crab’s reliance on its shell for protection and shelter!

15. Crabbin Dash

A play on the phrase “cabin fever” pays tribute to the hermit crab’s need to rely heavily on its shell – or “cabin” – for protection. This name is perfect for a hermit crab that is particularly adventurous and likes to explore its environment, having “dashes” of fun along the way!

16. Shellebration

This is a combination of the words “shell” and “celebration” and is a great name for a hermit crab that is always looking for a reason to celebrate. It’s a reminder that even the smallest creatures can find joy in life, no matter how much they rely on their shells for protection and security.

17. Little Lobster

Little Lobster is a hermit crab with a big heart. He loves to play and explore, and he’s always up for an adventure. He’s got a knack for finding the best spots for hiding and loves to make new friends. He’s always ready with a joke and a smile, and he makes sure everyone around him is having a good time.

18. Sheldon 

A hermit crab with a big personality. He’s always up for a good laugh, and he loves to make jokes. He’s got a knack for puns and witty one-liners, so his friends often turn to him for a good chuckle. He’s a bit of an introvert, but he’s never afraid to come out of his shell and make his presence known.

19. Crustaceous Bruce

This hermit crab deserves a name worthy of his incredible crustacean status. We chose to give him the name Crustaceous Bruce, a reference to the legendary Bruce Lee that pays homage to his martial arts skills but with a hermit crab twist. While we can’t expect this hermit crab to perform any high-kicking karate moves, we can guarantee that he will still be a tough little guy!

20. Crabby Patty

Crabby Patty is the perfect name for a hermit crab with an attitude. Although he may look small and cute, this hermit crab is not afraid to let everyone know who’s boss is. He may sometimes be a bit grumpy, but he’s always up for a challenge and will never back down from a fight!

Unique Hermit Crab Names

Having a unique name for your hermit crab can be a fun and creative way to express your personality and your pet’s. This article will provide you with a list of 45 hermit crab names that are sure to make your pet stand out from the crowd.

1. Hammer

2. Periwinkle

3. Whiskers

4. Lenny

5. Reef

6. Nimble

7. Pebble

8. Spiny

9. Squiggles

10.  Digger

11. Spike

12. Winkle

13. Ziggy

14. Flipper

15. Crackle

16. Scuttle

17. Splinter

18. April

19. Splish

20. Hermit

21. Slinky

22. Stripes

23. Mite

24. Salty

25. Clamber

26. Jibber

27. Snappy

28. Giggles

29. Rocky

30. Snippet

31. Wiggles

32. Tiddler

33. Pinchers

34. Glider

35. Chomper

36. Chatter

37. Fluffers

38. Scampy

39. Hidey

40. Twinkle

41. Hermy

42. Tumble

43. Crinkle

44. Grouchy

45. Pipsqueak

Cool Hermit Crab Names

Hermit crabs are unique and fascinating creatures that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They make great pets and one of the best parts of having a hermit crab is getting to pick out a fun and creative name. Here is a list of 45 cool hermit crab names to help you get started!

1. Crabbie

2. Cool Dude

3. Swirly

4. Hermey

5. Raccoon

6. Scampy

7. Nubby

8. Sid

9. Chomper

10. Turbo Shell

11. Creepy

12. Sea Star

13. River

14. Blue

15. Pincher

16. Beachy

17. Coco

18. Herman

19. Tweety

20. Scuttle

21. Speedy

22. Marley

23. Slippery

24. Big Red

25. Hermy

26. Scurvy

27. Shrimpy

28. Clawdini

29. Spikey

30. Crabby

31. Snailman

32. Slider

33. Snapper

34. Beachy

35. Sir Crab

36. Scuttles

37. Biter

38. Peppercorn

39. The Great Hermit

40. Rocky

41. Crabbinator

42. Slinky

43. Chomper

44. Squirmles

45. Pinchy

Cute Hermit Crab Names

If you have recently adopted a hermit crab, you know the importance of finding the perfect name for your new pet. But, with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide. To make it easier, here is a list of 45 of the cutest hermit crab names to help you decide!

1. Tiki

2. Skipper

3. Waddles

4. Barnacle

5. Dottie

6. Craxy

7. Snorky

8. Calypso

9. Boo

10. Sassy

11. Tweak

12. Tiddles 

13. Coral

14. Squidgy

15. Fiddler

16. Tipsy 

17. Clambino 

18. Crabblesworth 

19. Stormy 

20. Sky

21. Crabzilla

22. Mr. Crabbles

23. Krusty

24. Tank

25. Crabulous Carl

26. Tibbles

27. Flip

28. Peachy the Crab

29. Hermitina

30. Sir Crabby

31.  Charlie

32. Crank

33. Snookums

34. Pincherson

35. Shrimp

36. Clamdigger

37. Humpty Dumpty

38. Pebbles

39. Wally

40. Hermitina

41. Mr. Briney

42. Critter

43. Shellster

44. Crabbette

45. Shellboy

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