Funny Hair Salon Names to Inspire Your Business

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Funny Hair Salon Names

Have you ever walked by a hair salon and did a double-take because of its quirky name? You know, the ones that make you chuckle or raise an eyebrow.

I’ve certainly had my fair share of those moments, and it got me thinking about all the hilarious and clever hair salon names out there.

So, I decided to compile a list of the funniest hair salon names that’ll have you laughing and rolling your eyes in disbelief.

From punny plays on words to outrageous innuendos, get ready to be amused by these hair salon names. So, let’s dive in and have a good laugh, shall we?

Funny Hair Salon Names

1. Snip Snip Hooray

A fun and catchy name would be perfect for a hair salon as it gives off a positive and lighthearted vibe. It suggests a place where people can come to get their hair cut and styled and leave feeling happier and more confident. It also suggests that every visit is a cause for celebration and that the staff will help people achieve the look they desire.

2. Miracle Makeovers

This is a great name for a hair salon as it implies that the staff is skilled professionals capable of performing miracles when it comes to giving clients a new look. It suggests that the salon is the perfect place to go for a dramatic transformation and that the staff can help people to reach their beauty goals.

3. Hairapy

A creative name is perfect for a hair salon as it suggests that a visit to the salon can be therapeutic. It implies that the staff will create a calming atmosphere where clients can relax and enjoy the experience while being taken care of and given a new look. It also suggests that the salon can help people to feel better about themselves and look their best.

4. Shear Delight

Shear Delight is a great name for a salon because it implies that getting a haircut there will be an enjoyable experience. The customers will feel positive about the salon from the start and know that they can expect a good time with a great haircut. It also implies that the stylists at the salon take great pride in their work and strive to make every customer happy.

5. Hair Raising Styles

Hair Raising Styles suggests that the stylists at this salon specialize in edgy and trendy styles. The name implies that the salon will make your hair look amazing and that the styles they create will truly raise the bar. It’s perfect for those who like to stay on top of the latest trends and like to turn heads with their look.

6. Curl Up and Dye

Curl up and Dye is sure to get a few chuckles! It’s a play on the phrase “curl up and die,” but with the focus being on the salon’s ability to bring life to hair with color and styling.

It’s also a great way to let customers know that they can expect a fun and lighthearted experience when they come to the salon. Plus, the rhyme of the name makes it memorable!

7. Hair You Not

Hair You Not is an ideal name for a hair salon because it emphasizes the fact that customers don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get their hair done. It has a great play on words that makes the name fun and memorable. The name also implies that the salon offers services that customers can’t resist, which is a great selling point for a hair salon.

8. Shear Genius

A clever play on words combining “shear” and “genius”. The word “shear” can refer to the act of cutting hair, so the name implies that the hairstylists at this salon are especially talented at their craft. It suggests that customers will get a fantastic result when they come for a haircut or style.

9. Kinks and Knots

The name implies that the stylists at the salon can help customers with any kind of hair, from those that are wavy and wild to those that are straight and sleek.

No matter what kind of hairstyle you’re looking for, the experts at Kinks and Knots can make it happen.

10. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

A humorous name is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face who visits your hair salon. It’s a funny way to say that your salon specializes in creating styles that will quickly become outdated, but that you can always come back to get a fresh new look. Plus, the alliteration helps make it even more memorable. 

11. Clip n’ Snip

Clip n Snip plays on words and is a great way to make your salon stand out. It suggests that you offer quick, precise cuts and styling for all of your customers. The rhyming also helps to make it more memorable. 

12. Snip Snappy

A clever hair salon name is a play on words, combining ‘snip’ (to cut) and ‘snappy’ (energetic or lively). It’s a way of saying that this salon is all about giving you a great experience every time you visit, where you can get your hair cut quickly and efficiently, but still with the same high-quality results.

13. Frizzy and Fab

This hair salon is all about celebrating those unique and wild hairstyles. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, Frizzy and Fab will help you rock your ‘do with confidence and style. You’ll leave the salon looking fabulous, with your hair perfectly frizzy or perfectly straight – whichever you prefer.

14. Hair-Raising

Hair Raising is all about giving you a crazy, daring do that will make all your friends jealous. From wild colors to unique cuts, Hair-Raising is the place to go if you want a daring ‘do that will raise some eyebrows.

15. Cut & Curls

With Cut & Curls, you’ll be able to get the perfect hairstyle for your face shape and hair texture. This salon specializes in cuts and curls, so you know you’ll always come out looking your best. Whether you’re looking for a simple cut or a fancy curled style, Cut & Curls will help you get it just right.

16. Do or Dye

Another great name for a hair salon is because it has a clever play on words. Not only does it reference the typical hair salon services of cutting and coloring, but it implies that customers will be happy with their results or they can dye it to try something else. The name also implies that the salon offers a wide range of services so that customers can get the look they love.

17. Locksmith

This is a g name for a hair salon that implies that the salon offers services that can help customers unlock their best look. It also implies that the salon has knowledgeable and experienced stylists who can make sure customers get the look they want. Plus, the name implies that the salon is reliable and can help customers get the look they want promptly.

18. Foils and Follicles

A funny hair salon name is a play on words, combining ‘foils’ (the aluminum foil strips used to highlight hair) and ‘follicles’ (the tiny structures in the skin that produce hair). It’s a humorous way of saying that this hair salon is all about ensuring that your hair looks great, whether it’s through highlighting or just growing it out naturally. Plus, it’s a fun name that people won’t soon forget. 

19. Hairapparent

At Hairapparent, we believe that looking good should be effortless. Our salon is designed to make the entire experience of getting your hair done enjoyable and stress-free. We use only the best products and techniques to ensure that your hair looks its best.

20. The Mane Event 

The Mane Event is the premier hair salon for all of your styling needs. Our experienced stylists are here to help you find the perfect cut and color to give you that perfect look. We offer a wide range of services, from classic cuts to more daring looks, that are sure to make you stand out.

21. Mane Attraction

This is another great play on words, as the word “mane” references a horse’s long, flowing hair, and “attraction” references the hair salon’s ability to attract customers.

It’s a catchy and cute way to let customers know that their hair will look amazing when they come to the salon and that they’ll be sure to leave feeling fantastic.

Funny Beauty Salon Names

45 Funny beauty salon names

With the beauty industry booming in recent years, it’s no surprise that the demand for creative and funny beauty salon names is at an all-time high. From puns to alliterations, this list of 45 funny beauty salon names will surely inspire you to come up with a name for your salon or spa.

1. Giggle, Glam & Glow

2. Flaunt & Flair

3. Laugh Lines & Locks

4. Refreshing Reflections

5. Beauty and The Beasts

6. Glamorous Glitters

7. Beauty Junkies 

8. Shear Pleasure

9. Laughter is the Best Medicine

10. Hair-larious

11. Glee & Glitz

12. Hilarious Hairdos

13. All Laughed Up

14. Witty & Wavy

15. Tantalizing Tresses

16. Beauty Chatter

17. Pretty in Prints

18. Gorgeous Giggles

19. Beauty Blast

20. Fabulous Follicles

21. Giggle Grin

22. Hair-larious Salon

23. Style & Smiles

24. Hair-Riffic

25. Divinely Delightful

26. Perfectly Polished 

27. Tickle Me Beauty

28. Luscious Locks Salon 

29. Dazed & Dazzled

30. Heavenly Hairdos

31. Makeover Maestros 

32. Laughs & Layers

33. Frizzy Follicles

34. Snickering Snips

35. Tangled Up in Beauty 

36. Beauty & Blushes

37. Curl Confidence 

38.  Pamper Palace 

39. Blush & Brush

40. Finesse & Frou-Frou

41. Chatterbox & Chignons

42. Get Glammed 

43. Hairapy

44. Salon Sorcery 

45. Luscious Laughter

Funny Hair Salon Puns

Who said going to the hair salon had to be boring? It can be a great way to have a little fun. Here is a collection of 45 funny puns about hair salons that will make your next visit to the salon a little more entertaining.

1. We’ll cut you off at the pass.

2. Brush up on your hair-itage.

3. Cut the frizz before it gets frayed.

4. It’s not just cut and dry!

5. Keep calm and get a trim.

6. Say goodbye to bad hair days!

7. Hair-itage is the best policy.

8. No hair off our back.

9. It’s a snip-it of fun.

10. Don’t let your hair hang low.

11. You’re one snip away from looking flawless.

12. Don’t be a knot-head.

13. It’s time to curl up and dye.

14. You’re in good hands.

15. The fringe benefits of visiting our salon.

16. We do comb-over miracles.

17. Let’s get this party started with a cut!

18. We’ll leave you with a head of hair to be proud of.

19. Look sharp and get a trim.

20. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

21. Welcome to the hair-apy session.

22. Taking the scissors to your style.

23. Take a load off and get a new ‘do.

24. Stop and smell the hairspray.

25. Get it coiffed and get it going.

26. Haircut, rinse, and repeat.

27. Lather, rinse, style, and repeat.

28. We’ll take your mane to a whole new level.

29. Get your hair done and style it right.

30. Don’t be a bang-up.

31. Time to get fabulous – with scissors!

32. We’ll give your hair the royal treatment.

33. Beauty is in the hair of the beholder.

34. Get a style that’s out of this world.

35. Cut it out and look great.

36. A trim is the best way to look sharp.

37. Come for the cut, stay for the style.

38. A great cut makes all the difference.

39. We’re the masters of locks.

40. A head full of style.

41. Get a cut above the rest.

42. A few snips to perfection.

43. Let’s curl up and trim.

44. Ready for your close-up?

45. Let’s get you looking fab-u-lous!

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