Funny Truck Company Names for Your Fleet

Funny Truck Company Names

Did you know that the average person sees over 5,000 ads per day? With so many advertisements constantly vying for our attention, it’s important for businesses to stand out from the crowd.

One way to do so is by having a memorable and unique company name. In the trucking industry, there are plenty of companies with traditional names that describe what they do, but why not take a more lighthearted approach?

A funny truck company name can make people remember your business long after they’ve seen it. It can bring a smile to someone’s face, and in a competitive industry, that can be the difference between a customer choosing your company over another.

So, let’s take a look at some hilarious and creative truck company name ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Funny Truck Company Names

1. Big Wheels Keep on Rollin’

This truck company name is a play on the classic rock n’ roll song by the same name. It implies that the company’s trucks will keep on rolling, no matter what kind of road they are on. The idea is that the trucks will keep on rolling and will never stop, no matter the terrain or conditions. Customers can rely on this company to always have their trucks running, no matter what.

2. Stacked Up & Truckin’

The name has a bit of a country feel to it that tells that their trucks are always loaded up with goods and ready to go at a moment’s notice. It also suggests that the company is reliable and efficient, as they always have their trucks filled and on the road. Customers can count on this company to provide safe and reliable transportation of their goods.

3. Highway to Delivery 

This truck company name is a play on the classic rock n’ roll song, “Highway to Hell”. It implies that the company is always on the go and that they are the go-to company for quick delivery of goods. The idea is that they will get the job done quickly and efficiently, no matter what the conditions may be. Customers can count on this company to get their goods delivered in a timely fashion.

4. Clunker Crusaders

This company specializes in reviving old trucks and giving them a new life. It’s the perfect name for a business that takes neglected vehicles and breathes new life into them. Customers can count on the Clunker Crusaders to bring back their beloved trucks and make them look better than ever.

5. Off-Roaders Anonymous

Even if you’re not a truck enthusiast, you’ll get a kick out of this one. This company is dedicated to helping truck owners get the most out of their vehicles by taking them off the beaten path. Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend adventure or a serious off-road expedition, Off-Roaders Anonymous is a perfect choice.

6. Big Rig Towing

The company takes towing to a whole new level. Big Rig Towing specializes in safely and securely hauling trucks of all sizes. With their powerful fleet of vehicles, they can get your truck to its destination quickly and efficiently.

7. Pimp My Ride

If you’re looking for a more stylish ride, then this is the company for you. Pimp My Ride specializes in customizing trucks with all the latest gadgets, accessories, and modifications. From custom paint jobs to lift kits and more, they have everything you need to take your truck to the next level.

8. Road Roaming Rigs

This trucking company name would be a fun and creative way of getting people’s attention. It implies that the company provides service to customers who are looking to have their trucks roam around and explore new roads, which could be an exciting journey for truckers. It also has a bit of a carefree feel, creating an inviting atmosphere for customers to enjoy. 

9. Rollin’ and Groovin’

An interesting trucking company name would be a great way to show that the company is all about keeping the energy up and having a good time. It implies that the company provides its customers with an atmosphere that is full of music, activities, and fun. It also has a bit of a retro vibe, which could be appealing to many customers. 

10. Truck Stop Troubadours

This trucking company name would be a great way to showcase the company’s commitment to providing customers with a fun and entertaining atmosphere. The name implies that the company offers its customers the opportunity to take a break from their long drives and enjoy some music and entertainment while they are stopped at a truck stop. It also has a bit of a classic feel, giving customers the chance to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Creative Truck Company Names

Funny Truck Company Names

1. Wrecks ‘R’ Us

2. Haulin’ Azz

3. Backroad Brawlers

4. Freight Train Express

5. Diesel Dreams

6. Chuggin’ Chariots

7. Hot Wheels Haulers

8. Gear Jammers

9. Turbo Trucks

10. Road Rumblers

11. Big Rigs & Bumpers

12. High Gear Haulers

13. Off-Road Raiders

14. Smokey’s Semis

15. Freight Forcers

16. King of the Road

17. High Octane Haulers

18. The 4×4 Ranch

19. Delivery Dudes

20. Off the Beaten Path

21. Mud Slingers

22. Truckin’ Titans

23. Bumper Bashers

24. Haulin’ Hoosiers

25. Diesel Dynamites

26. Trucks for Towing

27. Backlane Bullies

28. Easy Riders

29. Mud Masters

30. Road Warriors

31. Midnight Movers

32. Trail Blazers

33. Monster Motortrucks

34. Blacktop Express

35. High Steppin’ Haulers

36. Mileage Makers

37. Cargo Crusaders

38.  Off the Beaten Track

39. Crazy Cruisers

40. 4-Wheelin’ Freight

41. Gear Grinders Slappers

42. Speed Demons

43. Trail Towing Titans

44. Big Bertha’s Big Boys 

45. Monster Haulers

Worst trucking company names

Worst trucking company names

1. Crummy Roads Trucking Co.

2. Last Chance Delivery Co.

3. Freight Frustration Co.

4. Unreliable Loads Ltd.

5. Misfit Movers Inc.

6. Tardy Time Transporters

7. Slow Freight Services

8. Unsafe Haulers LLC

9. Road Hazard Express

10. Cargo Carnage Inc.

11. Blown Delivery Systems

12. Deadhead Drivers Corp.

13. Wrecked Wheels Inc.

14. Jittery Delivery Inc.

15. Prolonged Trip Transport

16. Traffic Troubles Truckers

17. Breakdown Brokers Ltd.

18. Detour Dispatch Co.

19. Aimless Directions LLC

20.  Incompetent Interstate 

21. Breakdown Commanders

22. Derailed Deliveries Inc.

23. False Start Logistics

24. Missed Pick-Ups Corp.

25. Interrupted Trip Inc.

26. Unpredictable Routes Ltd.

27. Mishandled Freight Co.

28. Sputtering Stop Trucks

29. Slipshod Shipping Inc.

30. Missed Mileage Movers

31. Shaky Shipping Services

32. Unreliable Road Warriors

33. Poor Planning Haulers

34. Wary Wheels Express

35. Unsatisfactory Loads Co.

36. Route Retreads Inc.

37. Dreadful Delivery Co.

38. Unfit Freight Inc.

39. Undependable Transporters

40. Unsafe Handlers LLC

41. Misguided Movers Ltd.

42. Unstable Shipping Services

43. Haphazard Haulers Ltd.

44. Off-Track Delivery Co.

45. Late Loads Transport

Badass trucking company names

Badass trucking company names

1. Thunder Road Cargo

2. Diesel Haulers

3. Heavy Duty Haulers

4. Titanium Truckers

5. Speed Freight

6. Rapid Express Delivery

7. Rig Runners

8. Raging Roadies

9. Fast Lane Haulers

10. Overdrive Truckers

11. Gear Grinders

12. Outlaw Delivery

13.  Trailblazers Express

14. Bulldog Transports

15.  Beast Movers 

16. Wolfpack Logistics

17. Trucker’s Choice

18. Rapid Freight

19. Logistics Leaders

20. All American Carriers

21. Milemarker Motors

22.  Trucker’s Paradise

23. Maverick Transporters

24. Load Lifters

25. Cutoff Courier

26. Express Haulers

27. Highway Haulers

28. Long Haul Logistics

29. Freightmasters

30. Titan Trailers

31. Roadrunner Haulers

32. Redline Logistics

33. Delivery Depot

34. Silver State Express

35. Platinum Transports

36. Freeway Flyers

37. Maximum Mileage Transport

38. Gearhead Logistics

39. Dirt Road Haulers

40. Delivery Commanders

41. Truckzilla Express

42. Terminus Transport

43. Badass Carriers 

44. High Octane Haulers

45. The Trailblazers 

Female trucking company names

1. Lady Roadsters 

2. She-Truckers 

3. Femme Transporters 

4. Queen Highway Haulers 

5. Glamour Gears 

6. Woman Wheels 

7. Femme Freight 

8. Lady Loaders 

9. Lady Lifter 

10. Lady Logistics 

11. Women Express 

12. Dame Deliveries 

13. Ladies on the Move 

14. Gals on the Go 

15. Girls with Gears 

16. Lady Transporters 

17. Girl Trucks 

18. Women in Wheels 

19. Femme Freighters 

20. She-Trucker Express 

21. Femme Fuelers 

22. Glamour Goods 

23. Lady Logistics 

24. Women’s Way 

25. Lady Linehaulers 

26. Lady Long-Haulers 

27. Dame Delivery Service 

28. Lady Lift & Load 

29. Femme Freightliners 

30. Lady Loaders and Logistics 

31. Girl Gear movers 

32. Women in the Wheelhouse 

33. Girls on Gears 

34. Lady Haulers 

35. Femme Fleet 

36. Lady Logisticians 

37. Gals on the Go Express 

38. Girl Trucker Helpers 

39. Women’s Way of Transport 

40. She-Truckers United 

41. Femme Freight Carriers 

42. Ladies of Loads 

43. Queen’s Highway Haulers 

44. Glamour Gear Forwarders 

45. Women of Wheels And Logistics

Catchy trucking company names

1. Quick Cargo Logistics

2. Rapid Road Haulage

3. Spearhead Express

4. Heavy-Duty Deliveries

5. Speedy Freight Services

6. Accelerated Logistics 

7. Jetstream Logistics 

8. Truckload Solutions

9. Haulage Heroes

10. Cargo Controllers

11. Interstate Freight Solutions

12. Overland Shipping

13. Nationwide Carriers

14. On-the-Move Delivery

15. Freight Forwarders

16. All Wheels Express

17. Direct Transport Services

18. Truck’n Go

19. Reliable Freight Services

20. Cross Country Logistics

21. Coast-to-Coast Haulers

22. Team Loads

23. All Terrain Haulers

24. Freight & Cargo

25. Logistics Kings

26. 24/7 Haulage

27. Fast-Lane Freighters

28. Delivery Pros

29. Quick Loads

30. Reliable Transport Solutions

31. Rapid Dispatch

32. Freight Masters

33. TruckLine Trailers

34. Rapid Transit Cargo 

35. Trucking Masters

36. Heavy Freight Solutions

37. Over the Road Solutions

38.  MileMovers Cargo

39. Express Delivery Service

40. Rush Haulage

41. Fleet Force Logistics

42. Logistics Direct

43. Direct Drive Haulage

44. Ship & Go Logistics

45. Truckin’ Solutions