Funny Train Names for Your Next Journey

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Funny Train Names

“Ever sat on a train, staring blankly out the window, mindlessly absorbing the names of stations as they whizz by? We get it. The daily commute or the long cross-country trek can be a real drag.

But imagine if, between ‘Dullsville Central’ and ‘Snooze Junction’, a hilariously named station pops up, giving you a chuckle and brightening your journey.

It’s a tiny, light-hearted solution to the monotony of rail travel, but isn’t it the small joys that make all the difference? Dive into our list of ‘Funny Train Names’ – because let’s face it, we could all use a good laugh on our daily ride!”

Funny Train Names Favorite List

What’s the Origin of Humor on the Rails and Why Do Funny Train Names Exist?

A Whistle-Stop Tour of Train History:

Ever wondered why train stations like “Dingle Bingle Hill” or “Giggleswick” have those names? Some are historic, stemming from local legends or translations. Imagine naming a station after a quirky town event, like the Great Tomato Toss!

Making Tracks with Comedy:

Trains have a weighty history, right? They transformed economies, expedited love letters, and even fueled wars. But amidst all this gravitas, why the odd laugh?

Isn’t humor a delightful way to sprinkle joy in mundane journeys? And, honestly, wouldn’t you rather tell your friends you’re off to “Silly Lane” instead of “Main St Station”?

Beyond the Chuckle – A Social Connector:

Humor-infused names aren’t just for a quick laugh. They can become conversation starters, fostering connection amongst strangers.

“Ever been to ‘Lost’, dear traveler?” It’s fascinating how a quirky name on a platform can be the missing link to human interaction in an increasingly digital world.

In the Mind of Name-Choosers:

Think of town mayors or local committees debating station names. Don’t you feel they must’ve had a moment of “Why so serious?” Maybe they thought a bit of levity could lighten up the heavy duty of daily commuting.

Trains: Not Just Moving Bodies, But Stirring Souls:

Trains are more than just steel, coal, and schedules. They are narratives, stories in motion. And what’s a good story without a dash of humor?

Just as authors use humor to lighten intense plots, train namers might’ve thought of stirring joy amidst the journey’s monotony.

Funny Train Names (with Meaning)

Journeying by train is not just about reaching a destination; sometimes, it’s the quirky station names along the way that leave an indelible mark. Here’s a roundup of 20 amusing train names, each with its own unique story.

Dingle Bingle Hill:

Derived from an old folk tale where townspeople allegedly rang bells to ward off mischievous spirits, the name is a playful nod to that legend.


Believe it or not, this charming name has old English roots, with “wick” meaning village. Over time, local dialect and playful iterations gave us the amusing “Giggleswick.”


Located in Scotland, this station often has travelers intrigued. Legend has it that the founder named it as a humorous jab, suggesting one could get “lost” in the village’s beauty.

Silly Lane:

This one owes its name to an old English term for a stream, ‘sylig’. Over the years, pronunciations morphed, and Silly Lane was born, much to the amusement of tourists.


While it might sound like a dog’s haven, Barking in East London gets its name from Anglo-Saxon roots, meaning “birch tree place.”


Located in East London, this name stems from the old days when the city’s dredged mud was “chuted” here. Over time, Mudchute became a term of endearment.

Nowhere Else:

Found in Tasmania, the name sparks curiosity. Rumor has it that early settlers, after searching for land, proclaimed, “There’s nowhere else like it!” thus coining the name.


Found in Dorset, England, this name traces back to the river Piddle. “Hinton” means a farm on a hill, so it’s essentially a farm near the River Piddle. Quirky, right?

Toast Rack:

Named after a mining site that resembled stacked toasts, this Australian train station is an ode to miners’ morning breakfasts.


This Missouri-based station got its name when postmasters found all their original names had been taken, leading one to remark, “That’s peculiar!” And so, the name stuck.

No Name:

Situated in Colorado, when officials noticed a minor clerical error left the place unnamed, they humorously labeled it “No Name.”


In Alaska, the name is derived from an Aleut word, “Eekeek,” signifying “two eyes.” It’s a playful and concise adaptation of its origin.


A town in Greece, its intriguing name is unrelated to theatrical performances but instead, refers to the town’s location – at the base of a mountain.

Spread Eagle:

Found in Wisconsin, it’s named after the Spread Eagle chain of lakes, resembling an eagle with outstretched wings, offering a picturesque image.


Positioned in Georgia, the name humorously signifies its geographical position – the highest point on the railroad between Savannah and the Chattahoochee River.

Bumble Bee:

Located in Arizona, it’s believed to be named after nearby Bumble Bee Creek. The origins are fuzzy, but some say the buzzing bees in the area contributed.

Egg and Bacon Bay:

Situated in Tasmania, local folklore suggests early explorers found wild eggs and bacon plants here, leading to this mouth-watering moniker.


Found in Arizona, this town was initially called “Y” due to two major highways crossing here. When state laws required town names to have at least three letters, the cheeky choice became “Why.”

Crotch Lake:

Located in Ontario, Canada, the lake, and subsequent train stop was named for the shape of the water body which, from aerial views, looks a bit, well, like a crotch.


Nestled in Maryland, it’s said that the town got its name when two surveyors claimed the same piece of land “by accident.”

Funny Train Names Ideas List

Funny Train Names Ideas List

From the rhythmic clatter of train tracks to the fleeting glimpses of landscapes, train journeys have a charm of their own. But the destinations? Some have a quirky twist in their names, adding a dash of humor to your travel tales. Here’s a roundup of 30+ amusing train names:

  1. Tickle Kock Bridge
  2. Butt Hole Road
  3. Bald Knob
  4. Muff
  5. Llanfairpwllgwyngyll
  6. Blowhard
  7. Catbrain Lane
  8. Frying Pan
  9. Lockermouth
  10. Climping
  11. Broken Wind
  12. Crapstone
  13. Dull
  14. Looneyville
  15. Nasty
  16. North Piddle
  17. Peculiar Park
  18. Rest and Be Thankful
  19. Sandy Balls
  20. Scratchy Bottom
  21. Shitterton
  22. Slap Out
  23. Soggy Bottom
  24. Spitewinter
  25. Three Kocks
  26. Tomnavoulin
  27. Ugley
  28. Upperthong
  29. Wetwang
  30. Whiskey Dick Mountain
  31. Wideopen
  32. Wigglesworth
  33. Windy Nook

Cool Names for Trains

Trains, as a symbol of journey and adventure, deserve names that resonate with grandeur and intrigue. Here’s a list of cool names that evoke a sense of wonderment and excitement for every railway journey.

  1. Celestial Voyager
  2. Iron Serpent
  3. Midnight Marauder
  4. Terra Cruiser
  5. Sonic Phoenix
  6. Galactic Glide
  7. Whispering Pegasus
  8. Thunderstruck Express
  9. Quantum Quest
  10. Neptune Navigator
  11. Mystic Merlin
  12. Lunar Lynx
  13. Chrono Chaser
  14. Vortex Vagabond
  15. Solar Sentinel
  16. Tempest Traveler
  17. Obsidian Odyssey
  18. Electra Endeavor
  19. Polar Pathfinder
  20. Sapphire Streak
  21. Dreamweaver Dash
  22. Aero Arrow
  23. Windrunner Whistle
  24. Valkyrie Voyage
  25. Titan Tracker
  26. Aurora Aviator
  27. Zenith Zipper
  28. Silhouette Streamer
  29. Horizon Hawk
  30. Tidal Titan
  31. Comet Courier
  32. Ember Explorer
  33. Golden Gryphon
  34. Prism Pioneer

Creative Names for Trains

All aboard the imagination express! As we chug through the vibrant tapestry of train history, certain names stand out, not for their geography or function, but for the sheer creativity behind them. Here’s a collection of 30+ inventive train names that are sure to spark your curiosity.

  1. Whistle Whisperer
  2. Rumble Rhythms
  3. The Dreamstream Express
  4. Journey Jester
  5. Serenity Shuffler
  6. Time Twister
  7. Celestial Choo-Choo
  8. Odyssey Overdrive
  9. Sunset Synchrony
  10. Lunar Locomotive
  11. Horizon Hopper
  12. Night Nimbus
  13. Prairie Pulse
  14. Mystic Mover
  15. Gleaming Galloper
  16. Tranquility Trekker
  17. Velvet Voyager
  18. Whimsical Wanderer
  19. The Glimmer Glide
  20. Dawn Drifter
  21. Starlight Strider
  22. Cloud Cruiser
  23. Eternal Ember
  24. The Timeless Traveler
  25. Golden Gaze Glider
  26. Pensive Pioneer
  27. The Wandering Wisp
  28. Soothing Shift
  29. Daydream Driver
  30. Celestial Caravan
  31. Whirlwind Wayfarer
  32. Oceanic Odyssey
  33. The Reverie Ride
  34. Infinity Igniter
  35. The Lullaby Line

Unique Names for Trains

Trains have always been emblematic of journeys, connections, and adventures. As we venture through tracks less traveled, let’s christen our carriages with names that spark curiosity and wanderlust. Here’s a list of 30+ unique names for trains.

  1. Twilight Voyager
  2. Celestial Express
  3. Whispering Willow
  4. Odyssey Glider
  5. Lunar Locomotive
  6. Dawn Chaser
  7. Nebula Navigator
  8. Phoenix Flyer
  9. Solar Sprinter
  10. Mystic Mariner
  11. Echo Endeavor
  12. Horizon Hopper
  13. Velvet Voyager
  14. Pegasus Pursuit
  15. Tempest Traveler
  16. Radiant Rider
  17. Terra Trekker
  18. Starlight Soarer
  19. Wanderlust Wagon
  20. Quantum Quest
  21. Dream Drifter
  22. Aurora Aviator
  23. Serenity Shuttle
  24. Orion Odyssey
  25. Galactic Glide
  26. Whispering Wind
  27. Zephyr Zoomer
  28. Midnight Marauder
  29. Solstice Seeker
  30. Celestia Cruiser
  31. Daydreamer Dash
  32. Nova Nomad
  33. Ethereal Explorer

Popular Names for Trains

Trains have always been a symbol of journeys, adventures, and connections. From the elegant streamliners of old to the cutting-edge bullet trains of today, their names often capture the spirit of the era, the region, or the very essence of travel itself. Here are over 30 popular names for trains from around the world:

  1. Orient Express
  2. The Flying Scotsman
  3. Shinkansen (Bullet Train)
  4. The Polar Express
  5. The Rocky Mountaineer
  6. The Royal Scotsman
  7. Blue Train
  8. The Ghan
  9. Trans-Siberian Express
  10. The Hogwarts Express
  11. The Mallard
  12. TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse)
  13. The Jacobite
  14. Glacier Express
  15. Golden Eagle
  16. The Overland
  17. The Indian Pacific
  18. Thalys
  19. Pendolino
  20. Rajdhani Express
  21. Duronto Express
  22. The Sunset Limited
  23. The California Zephyr
  24. The Red Arrow
  25. Maglev (Magnetic Levitation Train)
  26. The Caledonian Sleeper
  27. The Belmond Andean Explorer
  28. The Eurostar
  29. The Acela Express
  30. The Intercity Express (ICE)
  31. Coast Starlight
  32. The Canadian
  33. The Downeaster

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