Funny Star Wars Names | 200+ Jedi Jokes!

Funny Star Wars Names

Ever found yourself in a galaxy far, far away, grappling with the challenge of naming your Star Wars character? It’s no easy task, is it?

You want a name that’s unique, memorable, and carries that unmistakable Star Wars vibe. But where do you even start?

In this guide, we’re going to dive into the world of Star Wars names that are not just unique, but downright hilarious.

Ready to explore the lighter side of the Force? Let’s get started!

Incredible Star Wars Names With Meaning

The Art of Making Star Wars Names: A Journey into the Star Wars Galaxy

Understanding the Universe: The first step in making Star Wars names is understanding the vast universe of Star Wars. From the galaxy of heroes to the darkest corners of the Sith realm, each name carries a piece of this universe’s rich lore.

Inspiration from Fossil Star Wars: Did you know that many Star Wars names, like the star destroyer, are inspired by real-world phenomena and languages? George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, often turned to ancient languages and mythologies for inspiration.

The Process of Making Star Wars Names: The process of creating names for the Star Wars galaxy of heroes is not as random as you might think. It’s a careful blend of creativity, relevance to the character’s personality or role, and adherence to the unique linguistic style of the Star Wars universe.

The Role of Star Wars Heroes: The names of Star Wars heroes often reflect their characteristics or destinies. For instance, ‘Luke Skywalker’ suggests a character with a destiny written in the stars.

The Star Wars Rebels: The names of the rebels Star Wars characters often symbolize their rebellious and resilient nature. They’re designed to resonate with the audience, evoking a sense of familiarity and empathy.

The Star Wars List in Order: When creating a new Star Wars name, it’s helpful to refer to a Star Wars list in order. This can provide inspiration and ensure the new name fits seamlessly into the Star Wars universe.

Funny Star Wars Names (with Meaning)

1. Chewbacca Cheddar

This one’s for all the cheese lovers out there! Chewbacca Cheddar is the perfect name for a Star Wars character who loves all things cheesy. Whether it’s a cheesy one-liner or a cheesy pun, this Wookiee is sure to keep you laughing!

2. Darth Lateralus

A funny name spin on the popular song, this Sith Lord is sure to be one of the more musically inclined. He often finds himself humming the tune of his namesake, and mixing it in with his dastardly plans.

3. Princess Leia Organa-Salsa

Princess Leia Organa-Salsa is a playful Star Wars name for a fiery princess who knows how to spice things up! She makes sure her enemies never forget her and always has a joke or two to liven up a party. She may not have a spice-droid, but she’s always ready to add a little extra flavor to the mix!

4. Admiral Ackbar-B-Q

A classic take on the iconic character, this galactic BBQ master is known for his unique blend of spices and sauces that always leave his customers wanting more. And, of course, he’s always shouting “It’s a trap!”

5. Jabba the Mutt

A hybrid between a Hutt and a canine, this mischievous creature has been known to bark orders and howl at the moon. He loves to play fetch with the Death Star and always sleeps on the good side of the Force.

6. Stormtroopoolooza

This amalgamates the iconic Stormtrooper with a fun summer festival vibe. It shows how having a fun attitude can make even the toughest of situations a little bit more enjoyable. 

7. Admiral Ackburger

This playfully mixes the classic Star Wars character, Admiral Ackbar, with fast food. It’s a fun way to show how even the most important figures in the galaxy have a bit of a silly side.

8. Han Salami

An intergalactic smuggler is known for his ability to slip in and out of any situation with the skill of a seasoned meat slicer! His unique knack for getting out of sticky situations is rivaled only by his love of cured meats. 

9. Jabba the Cute

Jabba the Cute is a take on the classic Star Wars character, Jabba the Hutt. He is a small, cuddly version of the villain who is still just as determined and powerful, but in a much cuter way. His menacing glare and tiny feet are sure to make even the bravest of Stormtroopers turn and run. 

10. Chewbaccahontas

This fun name is a mashup of the beloved Star Wars character Chewbacca and the iconic Disney princess Pocahontas. It’s the perfect name for a strong and independent female Wookiee! 

11. Han Solo Soufflé

Another hilarious name references the famous smuggler Han Solo, but also suggests a light and airy dish. It’s perfect for a space traveler with a sweet tooth! 

12. Sandtrooper Shuffle

A blend of the classic Star Wars Sandtrooper and the dance craze of the ’90s, the Sandtrooper Shuffle is a must-have move for any aspiring Jedi knight. Let your inner Stormtrooper shine through and show off your best dance moves with this name.

13. Grand Moff Fun

Grand Moff Fun was a legendary Imperial leader who had a knack for turning a dull situation into an exciting one. His habit of making lighthearted quips during battles earned him the respect and admiration of his troops. His ability to find the fun in any situation was second to none. 

14. Chewy McChompers

This scruffy looking furball is a classic Star Wars character who always seems to have an appetite. He’s always ready to chomp on something and the name Chewy McChompers perfectly captures his love of snacks. 

15. Obi-Wan Cannoli

This Jedi master is a real sweetheart, and his name is a delicious dessert all on its own. Obi-Wan Cannoli has a way with words and an undeniable charm that make him a natural leader. 

16. Beep-Booper

This droid is a bit of a troublemaker and always getting into sticky situations. He’s always beeping and booping in the wrong places, so the name Beep-Booper is a great fit for him.

17. Admiral Ack-Darth

Admiral Ackbar, of course, being the famous and beloved Rebel Alliance leader who famously uttered the famous line, “It’s a trap!” Darth Vader, of course, being the Dark Lord of the Sith who was a powerful figure in the Galactic Empire. Put them together and you get a military leader who’s both a master strategist and a powerful force to be reckoned with.

18. Luke Skyrunner

This name is a play on words combining the Jedi master’s name with the popular sci-fi spaceship, the Millennium Falcon. Someone with this name would be a master of space travel and an old hand at navigating the galaxy. 

19. Salacious B. Crumb

This silly name puts a spin on the classic “crumb” pun. By adding a first initial and a “B”, this comedic moniker is sure to give any Star Wars fan a chuckle. 

20. Phlurgo O’Ginormous

This hilarious play on words is perfect for a Star Wars fan with a sense of humor. Combining the words “flurry” and “gigantic”, this name is sure to make anyone chuckle. 

Funny Star Wars Names Ideas List!

Funny Star Wars Names Ideas List!

1. Hansel Solo

2. Chewbacca Scruffy

3. Darth Vaderious

4. Yoda Dooda

5. Obi-Wan Kenobiobi

6. Leia WedgeAntilles

7. Wookiee Watson

8. Admiral Ackbarbie

9. Count Dookupee

10. Luke Skywalkover

11. Jabba the Slutt

12. Boba Fettah

13. Jar Jar Binksy

14. Qui-Gon Jinni

15. C-3POmony

16. Padme Amadala

17. Grand Moff Tarkinade

18. Lando Calrissianer

19. Han Flirtolo

20. Jek Porkinsanity

21. Maz Kanata-tata

22. Chewie-Chewbacca

23. L3-37ron

24. Anakin Skywalkers

25. Rey of Sunnyside

26. Finn the Humanator

27. BB-8B

28. Tusken Raiderdan

29. Han Salutey

30.  Yoda Yogurt

Insightful Star Wars Team Names 

1. Rebel Alliance of Hilarity 

2. The Lightsaber Laughs 

3. The Photon Follies 

4. Mos Eisley Laugh Basket 

5. Wookiee Whoopee Cushion 

6. Sith Sithy Sillies 

7. The Jedi Jokesters 

8. Kessel Runny Jokes 

9. The Cantina Clowns 

10. Ewok Giggle Gang 

11. The Dagobah Chortlers 

12. Intergalactic Guffaw Gang 

13. Death Star Jokers 

14. Bantha Banter Brigade 

15. The Imperial Wits 

16. The Chewbacca Chortlers 

17. Corellian Chucklers 

18. Tatooine Tittering Troupe 

19. Alderaan Amusement Architects 

20. Blaster-babble Brigade 

21. Endor Entertainment Express 

22. Naboo Nonsense Nuts 

23. Skywalker Slapstick Society 

24. Coruscant Comedy Club 

25. Droids of Doom Doo-Dah 

26. Kamino Komedians 

27. Hutt Hilarity Horde 

28. Dantooine Cackle Clan 

29. Bespin Bellyachers 

30. The Yavin Yucksters 

31. Mandalorian Mirth-makers 

32. Geonosis Giggle Gang 

33. Cloud City Clowns 

34. Death Star Dead-pan Masters 

35. Utapau Uproar Union 

36. Mustafar Mirth Minions 

37. The Naboo Nodders 

38. Outer Rim Gagsters 

39. Alderaan All-Stars of Comedy 

40. Cloud City Comedy Cabal 

41. Coruscant Crack-up Crew 

42. The Wookiee Wailers 

43. Endor Emporium of Fun 

44. Imperial Impishness Improvisers 

45. Dagobah Daffiness Divas

Dirty Star Wars Names 

1. Greasyslug Jabba

2. Wedge Antilless

3. Admiral Putrid

4. Foul Fett

5. Dastardly Dooku

6. Squalor Solo

7. Noxious Nute

8. Grungy Greedo

9. Putrid Palpatine

10. Revolting Rex

11. Foul Farker

12. Calamitous C-3PO

13. Grubby Grievous

14. Tainted Tessek

15. Disgusting Darth

16. Unclean Unkar

17. Grubby General Grevious

18. Foul Fode

19. Detestable Daultay

20. Noxious Nien Nunb

21. Sleazy Sebulba

22. Unclean URoRRuR’R

23. Squalid Salacious

24. Nauseating Nolaa

25. Disgusting Duros

26. Squalid San Hill

27. Murky Maul

28. Rancid Rancor

29. Disreputable Dromboid

30. Unclean Uffel

31. Noxious Naboo

32. Stained Sly Moore

33. Filthy Fode and Beed

34. Putrefying Passel

35. Grimy Gamorrean

36. Reeking Rex

37. Polluted Plo Koon

38. Disgusting Darth Vader

39. Unclean Uggernaught

40. Noxious Nyna Calixte

41. Foul Fost

42. Reeking Rancor Keeper

43. Grubby Geonosian

44. Fetid Finis Valorum

45. Corrupt C-3PO

Cute Star Wars Names for Your Galaxy of Heroes

In the vast expanse of the galaxy of heroes, names hold a special place. They’re not just identifiers but a reflection of character, history, and sometimes, a touch of humor.

Drawing inspiration from the fossil star wars archives, we’ve crafted a list that’s bound to tickle your funny bone.

Whether you’re making star wars fan fiction or just looking for a chuckle, these names are a testament to the playful side of the Star Wars galaxy of heroes.

  • Chewbarka
  • Darth Jester
  • Luke Skytalker
  • Princess Lay-Z
  • Boba Fettuccine
  • R2-Tea2
  • C-3P-OhNo
  • Han So-So
  • Qui-Gon Gym
  • Lando Cal-Relaxin
  • Admiral Snackbar
  • Mace Window
  • Jabba the Nutt
  • Yoda OneForMe
  • Obi-Wan Cannoli
  • Leia Orga-Nah
  • Darth Waiter
  • Stormtripper
  • Wookiee Cookie
  • Palpa-tickle
  • Luke Warmwater
  • Darth Hater
  • Han Yolo
  • Greedo Cheeto
  • Finn-tastic
  • BB-Great
  • Kylo Ren-t
  • Poe-tic Dameron
  • Rey-diant
  • Solo Cup
  • Vader-ade
  • Chewie Gummy
  • Lando Land
  • Ewok and Roll
  • R2-Detour
  • C-3P-OhDear
  • Boba Fetch
  • Darth Maller
  • Luke Skyrunner
  • Princess Slay
  • Han Solo Cup
  • Qui-Gon Spin
  • Lando Calrissi-Yawn
  • Admiral Snack
  • Mace Windy
  • Jabba the Hutt-Pocket
  • Yoda Soda
  • Obi-Wan Kabob
  • Leia Orga-Nice
  • Darth Vaper
  • Finn-ish Line
  • BB-Late
  • Kylo Rent
  • Poe-tato
  • Rey of Sunshine
  • Solo Dance
  • Vader-tots
  • Chewie Chews
  • Lando Calrissian Cream
  • Ewok This Way
  • R2-BeepBoop
  • C-3P-OhSnap
  • Boba Fettish
  • Stormstumbler
  • Wookiee Mistake
  • Palpatine Wine
  • Luke Skywalker Shoes
  • Darth Baker
  • Han Solo Performance
  • Greedo Burrito