Funny Soap Names to Make Bath Time Fun

Funny soap names 

Did you know that the average person uses over 20 bars of soap per year? With so many options available on the market, it’s no wonder that soap companies are getting creative with their product names.

From “Dirty Hippie” to “Bacon Bar”, funny soap names are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. But why name soap in a funny way? The answer lies in the impact it has on consumers.

A witty or humorous soap name not only grabs attention, but it also creates a memorable experience for the user. It adds an element of fun and personality to an otherwise mundane task, making it more enjoyable and even something to look forward to.

So, let’s dive into some of the funniest soap names out there and see what makes them so unique and appealing.

Funny Soap Names 

1.  Sudsy Shuffle

Get your toes tapping, and your skin squeaky clean, with this cheerful soap! Its playful name suggests a good time, and its light scent will have you dancing around the bathroom in no time.

2. Bubbly Bather

Bubbly Bather is a luxurious soap that will make any shower a bubbly, bubbly affair! Its rich and creamy lather is full of natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple while its subtle hint of lavender aroma will have you in a state of blissful relaxation. Plus, its luxurious bubbles will keep you entertained and laughing, so you can get squeaky clean and still have a good time.

3. Freshly Foamy

Freshly Foamy is the soap that will give any bath an extra jolt of fun and frothy suds! Its light and airy lather is made from natural ingredients that will nourish and pamper your skin while its hint of minty scent will have you feeling refreshed.

4. Suds & Buds

A truly unique soap that brings out the best in you! These sudsy little buds are sure to keep you feeling squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

5. Soapy McSoapface

This revolutionary soap is sure to be the life of the party! With its luscious scent and creamy texture, it’s sure to make you feel clean and refreshed.

6. Soap Opera

This soap is the very definition of drama! Not only will it keep you feeling fresh and clean, but it will also bring out your inner thespian.

7. Suds-It-Up

A perfect name for a soap that bubbles up and lathers quickly! It’s perfect for when you’re in a hurry and need a fast and thorough cleanse. Plus, the fun wordplay of ‘suds it up’ will keep you in good spirits.

8. Scrub-Bubble

This bubbly soap is sure to make you giggle! It’s perfect for scrubbing away dirt and grime while also providing a good chuckle. Plus, its fun bubble-like lather is great for getting squeaky clean!

9. Sudsy Slumber

This bubbly-sounding soap is perfect for a good night’s sleep. Its playful name hints at the idea of sudsy dreams, and its scent is sure to gently lull you into a deep slumber. 

10. Foam & Fortune

Get lucky with this luxurious soap! Not only does it promise to leave your skin feeling soft and smelling great, but its cleverly crafted name also implies you’ll be rolling in foam and fortune. 

Funny soap names list

Funny soap names list

1. Suds & Bubbles

2. Babbling Bars 

3. Sudsy Fudge

4. Soapy Dreams

5. Lather Up!

6. Soap & Wishes

7. Bubble Galore

8. The Sudsatorium

9. Cleansing Chaos

10. Clean Freak

11. Soaparazzi

12. Sudsy Sensations

13. Soapopolis

14. Sudsabunga

15. Sudsicle

16. Soap ‘n’ Dreams

17. Sudsy Souffle

18. Wheels Sensation

19. Sudsy Stroll

20. Foam Frenzy

21. Sudsy Symphony

22. Soapy Soothe 

23. Showcase Suds

24. Soap Flakes

25. Suds Around the Clock

26. Soapy Slumber

27. Suds Galore

28. Soapy Celebrations

29. Sudsy Treats

30. Sudsy Sensations

31. Sudsy Stories

32. Suds & Sudsicles

33. Sudsy Delights

34. Foamy Follies

35. Suds on the Rocks

36. Sudsy Shimmer

37. Suds & Snuggles

38. Soap Splurge

39. Sudsy Sizzle Spree

40. Wipe Out

Funny soap company names ideas 

Funny soap company names ideas 

1. Sudsless Suds 

2. Sudless Lathers 

3. All Wet Soaps 

4. Foamy Fortune 

5. Soap Opera 

6. Soapy Solutions 

7. Bubbly Bliss 

8. Sudsation Station 

9. Soapy Folly 

10. Caked Soap 

11. Sudsless Wonders 

12. Soapy Surprises 

13. Sudsless Bubbles 

14. Sudless Sudsations 

15. Bubble Up! 

16. Luxury Suds 

17. Sudless Bubblicious 

18. Sudless Sin 

19. Cleansing Creams

20. Sudsyland

21. Dreamy Dew

22.  Grime to Shine

23. Symphony 

24. Wash Wizards

25. Shack Dynamite

26. Soapy Splendors

27. Metropolis Sudski

28. Soakers Stripes

29. Jumble Star

30.  Soapy Shenanigans

31. Chuckle

32. Clean Clown 

33. Amusing Scrub

34. Jestful Wash

35. Comic Cleanser

36. Shiny Cheeks 

37. Moon Jumble

38. Boxers Suds

39. Soap Solutions

40. Lux Delight

41. Funky Stunts

42.  Luxury Liquid Lather

43.  Barbers Bath

44. Sudsysaurus

45. Squeaky bubbles

46. Lavish Lathers

47. Bodacious Bubbles

48. Odyssey

49. Paradise

50. Bubbletastic