Funny Smart Light Names

Funny Smart Light Names Ideas

Lights, comedy, action! Do your smart lights have more personality than a bowl of goldfish, but no name to match? It’s time to switch things up!

Sit tight, prepare to giggle, and get ready to light up your life as we dive headfirst into our compilation of hilarious, fun-loving, and utterly charming smart light names.

Let the brightness meet the funniness, and you’ll never look at your smart light the same way again!

Funny Smart Light Names (with Meaning)

1. Brighter Side

Clearly, this light name implies that it can add brightness to a room. It also implies that even when things seem dark, some light can be found. The Bright Side is appropriate for a lamp or light fixture in a family room or bedroom. It can provide both soft light for relaxing, as well as a bit of light to start the day off right.

2. Sunbeam Surfer

This light name is a fun way to add a bit of summery vibes to your home. There’s something ominous about the name: it implies a light that’s always on the lookout for the finest waves, or in this case, the most exquisite lighting. Sunbeam Surfer is ideal for a living room, bedroom, or outdoor patio that needs a burst of brightness.

3. Night Owl

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? It would make sense for the light to be called Night Owl if that is the case. A night owl is someone who is wide awake at night and this light’s name suggests that it will keep you company during those late hours. This light would be great in a bedroom or even a reading corner.

4. Light Bulb Moment

In line with its name, this light can be used to inspire creativity and great ideas. Light bulb moments occur occasionally, and this light’s name implies that it can help us achieve them.  Light Bulb Moment is fit for a study, library, or home office.

5. Star Gazer

By this light’s name, you are meant to appreciate the beauty of the stars. Ideal for a room with a view or for a room that needs some stargazing. This light is sure to put you in a pleasant and romantic mood.

6. Wise Glow

Wise Glow is a clever name for a smart light. Lights with this name are considered wise and capable of thinking for themselves. They also provide a warm, welcoming glow to any space. Moreover, the name implies that the light provides comfort and security for you and your family. 

7. Brainy Bulb

Brainy Bulb is a funny, but equally intelligent name for a smart light. As mentioned in its name, it is capable of providing bright, brilliant illumination. In addition to this, it is very intuitive in that it provides useful information like the current time or a timer to its user.

8. Glamour Glow

For a smart light, Glamour Glow is a fun name. It’s a light that provides an elegant, glamorous glow that will surely bring glamour to your room. This is the ideal light for those who want to have a glamorous look in their home.

9. Enlightened Edison

The name Edison was already the name of a famous inventor, which is a bit funny in this way. So, this smart light features an Edison-style design with modern LED technology.

It can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times and adjust its brightness depending on the amount of natural light in the room. Additionally, it’s energy-efficient, so you can save on electricity costs.

10. Lightify

Lightify is a funny name, but the meaning behind the name is too meaningful not to be shared. It basically means a great source of light that can give you complete power and strength.

And of course, the name also implies that the light has many features, such as it serves as an alarm clock and timer.

Funny Smart Light Names Ideas List

Light up your life with laughter and intelligence! Discover our hilarious and clever collection of smart light names that will illuminate your home with joy and wit.

From ‘Watt’s Up?’ to ‘Smarty Pants,’ these luminous gems will leave you chuckling every time you flip the switch

Funny Smart Light Names Ideas List

1. Lighten Up

2. Glowing Genius

3. Bright Delight

4. Shimmering Scholar

5. Wit Light

6. Brainiac Beacon

7. Intelli-Lite

8. Funny Flash

9. Clever Candle

10. Wise Illuminator

11. Wisdom Glow

12. Brainy Blaze

13. Bright Idea

14. Intelligent Illumination

15. Sparking Sense

16. Jokey Glow

17. Giggling Glint

18. Hilarious Halogen

19. Chuckling Chandelier

20. Laughing Lamp

21. Smarty Sparkle

22. Amusing Ambiance

23. Cheery Chandelier

24. Smirking Spot

25. Jovial Jubilee

26. Joyful Jamboree

27. Jolly Janitor

28. Giggling Glare

29. Puckish Parasol

30. Playful Pendant

31. Grinning Globe

32. Merriment Mood

33. Humorous Hue

34. Cleverly Lit

35. Facetious Fixture

36. Witty Wall Sconce

37. Sarcastic Shade

38. Quirky Quasar

39. Amiable Atmosphere

40. Fanciful Flare

41. Charming Chime

42. Whimsical Whirl

43. Prankish Portal

44. Impish Illumination

45. Mischievous Majestic

46. Waggish Wardrobe

47. Frivolous Flicker

48. Jesting Jaunt

49. Humorous Halo

50. Sprightly Streetlamp

51. Vivacious Votive

52. Lively Lantern

53. Sparkling Star

54. Amiable Aura

55. Frolicsome Fixture

56. Fantastic Fluorescent

57. Impertinent Incandescent

58. Merry Maker

59. Intelligent Illuminator

60. Brainiac Brightener

61. Mindful Mood

62. Smarty Spotlight

63. Shining Sense

64. Intellectual Lights

65. Wisely Lit

66. Brainiac Blinding

67. The Brainiacs

68. Twinkle Toes

69. Smarty Sparkle

70. Insightful Illumination

71. Cleverly Lit

72. Cheery Chandelier

73. Shimmering Scholar

74. Facetious Fixture

75. Scintillating Sconce

76. Witty Wall Sconce

77. Vivacious Votive

78. Perceptive Panel

79. Insightful Igniter

80. Savvy Shine

81. Cunning Candle

82. Joyful Jamboree

83. Astute Ambience

84. Knowledgeable Lamp

85. Illuminating Intelligence

86. Brainy Blaze

87. Light Show

88. Brainiac Beacon

89. Sagacious Glare

90. Firefly