250+ Funny Raven Names (Spark Joy & Laughter)

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Funny Raven Names

Ravens, with their sharp intelligence and mischievous personalities, deserve names that capture both their essence and their ability to surprise us.

Imagine a name that sparks laughter every time you call out to your feathered friend. Isn’t it delightful to think of your raven’s name bringing a smile to everyone’s face?

These clever creatures, known for their playful antics, surely merit a name that’s as witty and vibrant as they are.

Funny Raven Names (with Meaning)

Our favorite pick

1. Raven Lunatic

This name is a humorous twist on the phrase raving lunatic, suggesting a playful, perhaps slightly wild nature. It’s perfect for a raven known for its energetic antics and unpredictable behavior, embodying the mischievous spirit of these intelligent birds.

2. Caw-nan Doyle

Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, this name playfully suggests a raven with a keen, detective-like intelligence. It’s ideal for a bird with a particular knack for solving puzzles or being exceptionally observant.

3. Beaky Blinder

A witty take on the popular TV series Peaky Blinders, this name could suit a raven with a striking appearance or a commanding presence. It evokes an image of a stylish, assertive bird, perhaps one that struts around with a sense of authority.

4. Edgar Allan Poe-ly

This name pays homage to Edgar Allan Poe, famous for his poem “The Raven.” It’s fitting for a raven that seems to embody the mysterious and poetic qualities often associated with Poe’s works, perhaps a bird with a penchant for dramatic flair.

5. Caw-culator

Perfect for a raven that seems particularly methodical or analytical, this name humorously suggests a bird with a calculating, thoughtful nature. It could fit a raven that pauses to assess its environment or seems to strategize its actions.

6. Feather Locklear

A playful twist on the name of actress Heather Locklear, this name is suitable for a raven with an elegant, glamorous aura. It’s ideal for a bird that seems to carry a certain grace or charm, captivating all who see it.

7. Russell Crow

A pun on the actor Russell Crowe’s name, this is a fitting name for a charismatic raven, perhaps one that seems to have a commanding presence or a knack for being the center of attention.

8. Beak-a-boo

Inspired by the classic children’s game peek-a-boo, this name is ideal for a raven who enjoys interactive play or has a habit of appearing and disappearing playfully. It’s perfect for a bird that loves engaging with its human companions.

9. Squawkward

Combining “squawk” and “awkward,” this name suits a raven with a quirky, somewhat clumsy charm. It’s ideal for a bird that often finds itself in comical situations or moves in a delightfully awkward way.

10. Caw-fee Break

A witty play on coffee break, this name could be for a raven that seems to take frequent pauses in its activities, as if taking a break. It’s a humorous nod to the bird’s contemplative moments, perhaps when it’s perched quietly, observing its surroundings.

Famous Raven Names

1. Huginn and Muninn

These ravens serve Odin in Norse lore, traversing the globe to gather and relay information, with Huginn symbolizing thought and Muninn embodying memory.

2. Bran the Blessed

A central figure in Welsh legends, Bran, whose name translates to “raven,” is revered as a giant and a king, embodying protection and guardianship.

3. The Morrígan

In Irish mythology, this war and fate goddess frequently appears in the guise of a raven during battles, influencing their outcomes.

4. Pallas

Associated with Greek mythology, the story of Pallas involves a transformation where ravens turn from white to black, signifying mourning for Pallas’ death.

5. Badb

Part of Irish lore, Badb, as an aspect of the Morrígan, often manifests as a raven in war, sowing fear and confusion among warriors.

6. Apollo’s Raven

This myth from Greek folklore tells of a white raven sent by Apollo that changed to black as a result of delivering unwelcome news.

7. Fala

In Scottish tales, Fala is a raven known for its wisdom, often acting as a messenger or guide between the earthly and the ethereal realms.

8. Raven (Native American)

Revered in numerous Native American traditions, the Raven is seen as a creator and a trickster, instrumental in shaping the world and humanity.

9. Yatagarasu

A revered figure in Japanese tradition, Yatagarasu, the three-legged raven, is seen as a celestial guide, leading figures to their destinies.

10. Kalvaitis

In the lore of Lithuania, Kalvaitis stands as the deity of ravens, often depicted amidst these birds and representing nature’s darker elements.

11. Grímnir’s Ravens

Norse myths often show Grímnir, a form of Odin, accompanied by ravens, typically Huginn and Muninn, as symbols of his all-knowing nature.

12. Corax

This name, linked to the raven constellation in Greco-Roman mythology, ties to a tale of a raven dispatched by Apollo on a failed mission.

13. Gwydion

In the Mabinogi, a cornerstone of Welsh mythology, Gwydion is portrayed as a skilled magician who can transform into a raven, exhibiting cunning and guile.

14. Macha

As part of Irish mythology and linked to the Morrígan, Macha connects with themes of war and sovereignty, often depicted in raven form.

15. Taleisin’s Ravens

The legendary Welsh bard Taliesin, known for his prophetic abilities, is frequently associated with ravens, symbolizing magic and foresight.

16. Raven Banner

Historically used by Norse leaders, this flag, often featuring a raven, was a talisman for Odin’s favor and a harbinger of victory in battle.

17. Veles

Within Slavic mythology, Veles, a deity of the underworld and magic, is frequently connected with ravens, bridging the mortal and spiritual realms.

18. Lugus

This Celtic deity, linked with arts and commerce, is often associated with ravens, considered his sacred animals.

19. Genius Cucullatus

In the Gallo-Roman religious context, these deities, frequently depicted alongside ravens, represent a melding of Celtic and Roman beliefs.

20. Corvus Corax

Beyond myth and legend, this is the scientific designation for the common raven, renowned for its intelligence and adaptability, a symbol of the species itself.

Cute Raven Names Ideas List!

Cute Raven Names Ideas List.

Discover the charm and whimsy of our feathered friends with this delightful list of cute raven names. Each name is carefully chosen to reflect the adorable and endearing qualities of these intelligent birds, adding a touch of sweetness to their mysterious aura.

  1. Beaky
  2. Cuddles
  3. Fluffy
  4. Peep
  5. Sparkle
  6. Twinkle
  7. Bubbles
  8. Snuggles
  9. Puff
  10. Winky
  11. Giggles
  12. Button
  13. Doodles
  14. Jolly
  15. Muffin
  16. Pippin
  17. Squish
  18. Tootsie
  19. Zippy
  20. Binky
  21. Coco
  22. Fizzy
  23. Hootie
  24. Lolly
  25. Munchkin
  26. Nibbles
  27. Puddles
  28. Ruffles
  29. Squeak
  30. Whiskers

Funny Raven Names Male

Get ready to chuckle with our collection of funny male raven names. Each name is a playful twist, perfect for a raven with a personality as bold and humorous as his plumage.

  1. Mr. Beakman
  2. Sir Cawsalot
  3. Edgar Allan Crow
  4. Quoth
  5. Feathers McFly
  6. Wingman
  7. Beak-a-boo
  8. Crow-magnon
  9. Squawkbox
  10. Captain Caw
  11. Talon-ted
  12. Beakster
  13. Wingston
  14. Squawksworth
  15. Caw-nival
  16. Peckasso
  17. Tweetums
  18. Ravenous
  19. Cawfee
  20. Caw-stonishing
  21. Flapjack
  22. Caw-Blimey
  23. Beak-a-boo
  24. Pecktrick
  25. Clawsome
  26. Sir Pecks-a-lot
  27. Tweeter
  28. Caw-ndor
  29. Flapper
  30. Caw-lvin

Funny Raven Names Female

Brighten your day with our list of funny female raven names. These names blend wit and whimsy, perfect for a raven with a cheeky and spirited demeanor.

  1. Ravena McBeak
  2. Caw-lotta
  3. Beaky Blinders
  4. Miss Quoth
  5. Squawk-a-doodle-doo
  6. Featherina
  7. Cawly Simon
  8. Pecky Sue
  9. Wingrid
  10. Beaktrice
  11. Miss Peckles
  12. Caw-risma
  13. Squawkarella
  14. Flapbeth
  15. Caw-line
  16. Peck-a-boo
  17. Tweetheart
  18. Cawmen
  19. Cawlette
  20. Beak-a-licious
  21. Squawky
  22. Caw-nelia
  23. Peckatrice
  24. Ravenclaw
  25. Flappy Bird
  26. Beakiful
  27. Caw-lia
  28. Squawkette
  29. Caw-lissa
  30. Featheryn

Raven Names In Mythology

Dive into the mystical and legendary world with our list of raven names inspired by mythology. Each name echoes tales of old, embodying the rich history and lore associated with these majestic creatures.

  1. Muninn
  2. Huginn
  3. Bran
  4. Morrigan
  5. Badb
  6. Omen
  7. Valkyrie
  8. Ragnarok
  9. Odin
  10. Gwydion
  11. Corvus
  12. Pallas
  13. Yatagarasu
  14. Apollo
  15. Lugh
  16. Macha
  17. Nemain
  18. Fala
  19. Veles
  20. Branwen
  21. Fenrir
  22. Mimir
  23. Erebos
  24. Anansi
  25. Hel
  26. Stribog
  27. Freya
  28. Alectryon
  29. Ah Tzul
  30. Griffon

Raven Names Dnd

Embark on a fantasy adventure with our collection of raven names perfect for Dungeons and Dragons. These names are crafted to fit the magical and adventurous world of DnD, bringing an extra layer of enchantment to your campaign.

  1. Shadowbeak
  2. Nightwing
  3. Featherfall
  4. Darktalon
  5. Myst
  6. Stormcrow
  7. Blackwing
  8. Spellbeak
  9. Ravenlore
  10. Ironfeather
  11. Moonplume
  12. Crowbane
  13. Whisperwing
  14. Magefeather
  15. Grimbeak
  16. Skyshadow
  17. Talonspell
  18. Voidfeather
  19. Necrow
  20. Arcanebeak
  21. Eldercrow
  22. Frostplume
  23. Sablewing
  24. Starbeak
  25. Thundercrow
  26. Warbeak
  27. Nightplume
  28. Mysticclaw
  29. Silverbeak
  30. Dreadwing

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