Funny Owl Names [Wise, Witty & Cute Naming Inspiration]

Owls are known for their wise and mysterious nature, but that doesn’t mean their names have to be serious. In fact, giving your owl a funny and unique name can add a touch of personality and playfulness to the overall experience. Whether you’re naming a pet owl, a stuffed animal, or a character in a story, these funny owl name ideas will provide inspiration and bring a smile to your face.

For example, you could name your pet owl “Hootie McOwlface” or “Owlbert Einstein” for a playful and clever twist on traditional names. If you’re naming a stuffed animal, you could opt for something like “Professor Hootsworth” or “Owliver Twist” for a nod to literature. And for a character in a story, you could choose a name like “Owlette McQuacken” or “Owly McOwlface” for a touch of humor.

No matter what type of owl you’re naming, these funny owl name ideas will add a unique and playful touch to your experience. So, whether you’re naming a pet owl, a stuffed animal, or a character in a story, be sure to consider these creative and hilarious options.

Funny Owl Names

1. Professor Owlbert

This name implies wisdom and knowledge beyond the average owl’s years. It’s perfect for the wise old owl who knows all the secrets of the night. It’s also a favorite among owl owners who want a pet that can amaze and astound guests with its intelligence.

2. Tweetle Dee

Inferring a gossipy or chatty owl with a love for sharing news and stories, this name plays on the phrase “tittle-tattle.” A great choice for the owl that is always looking for companionship and entertainment.

3. Nightingowl

It is an elegant and poetic name for an owl combining the words “nightingale” and “owl”. For the owl who loves to sing, dance, and soar through the night.

4. Owliver Twist

There’s nothing more fitting for a very smart owl with fun tricks up his sleeve than this name. As he twists and turns he may even be laughing to himself, and we know how smart they are!

5. Dr. Whoowl

This name was chosen to honor the famous British sci-fi character Doctor Who.

6. Nixie Owl

A clever and unique moniker for your owl! Nixie has two meanings: It’s the sound made by an animated Nixie LED and it is also the word for a very small amount of time. Nixie owl is both a nickname as well as a scientific name for a certain species of owls.

7. Tootsie Glider Owl

Gliders are birds that can fly backwards with great ease. Imagine a Tootsie glider owl swooping in for a landing on your shoulder. Tootsie Glider is a great name for an owl who loves to soar through the sky. 

8. Captain Hoot

Having a name like Captain Hoot is a great fit for a leadership and decision-making owl.The word captain also means leader and ruler so this nickname would work well for any bird who likes to take charge of the situation or lead the way.

9. Sock Hop Owl

Owls are often known for their sock feet but a Sock Hop owl has a little something extra going on. The Sock Hop owl is a term used for a species of owls that wears socks to protect its talons from rough surfaces.

10. Grandma Winkle

A grandma winkle owl is a fitting name for an owl who loves to sit at the dinner table all night eating and watching over its family.

11. Paddy Whack

They are a type of woodpecker that lives in the United States. There is nothing better than the name Paddy Whack Owl for a fun and flirty owl that makes people smile and have fun.

12. Mr. Jingles

Mr. Jingles is a classic cartoon owl who loves to sing. A Mr. Jingles owl is a fitting nickname for any owl that is bright, loud, and full of personality.

13. Olly the Owlbert

Silly name that can bring a chuckle to anyone’s lips. It’s a combination of the classic name “Ollie” and the name “Albert” which is often used to mean someone who is wise or intelligent. According to its name, this owl is wise and perhaps a bit of an expert.

14. Cuckoo Cloaking 

Cuckoo is an owl with a mysterious side. He loves to keep people guessing and often hides in the shadows. His mysterious nature and love of stealth have earned him this clever name. 

15. Professor Quizziwig

A clever name that combines two terms: quizziwig means “a kind of furry cap,” and Professor is a common pet-owner term meaning a person who cares deeply about animals and wants to help them. It’s a suitable name for a very sweet-natured owl who cares for his friends and family.

16. Dapper Daydreamer

This name is based on the fact that dapper means “well dressed.” With this owl’s dapper appearance and elegant manner, it’s no surprise that he is the owner of the most stylish hat around.

17. Wiseguy

Those owls who love to show off their intelligence would love this name. They are always eager to share their knowledge with their friends and family and usually have a funny story or two to tell. They enjoy nothing more than a good mental challenge, and can usually be found at the center of any intellectual discussion.

18. Feline Fool

This cat-lover likes to dress up as a cat and dance around in silly circles. Playful and flamboyant, it’s the ideal name for an owl like this.

19. Biggie Hoot

From miles away, he has the loudest hoot in the forest. The kind of owl doesn’t mess around when it comes to hooting. When it’s time to hunt, Biggie Hoot is the one you want to call. He’s quick and precise, and never misses a meal.

20. Owl-bert

It is a funny sounding owl name that should make anyone laugh. He wears his hat low on his eyes, and that’s the way his name fits him perfectly. He likes to keep his head low so he can see his prey clearly.

Famous Owl Names

1. Hedwig (Harry Potter)

2. Owliver (Animal Crossing)

3. Athena (Greek Mythology)

4. Archimedes (Disney’s Sword in the Stone)

5. Screech (Saved by the Bell)

6. Tootsie (Looney Tunes)

7. Bubo (Clash of the Titans)

8. Poppy (Kung Fu Panda)

9. Hoo (The Owl Service)

10. Twooty (The BFG)

11. Luna (Harry Potter)

12. Hedley (The Muppets)

13. Eglantine (Winnie the Pooh)

14. Waddlesworth (The Great Mouse Detective)

15. Poodle (Rock-A-Doodle)

16. Hoo-Hoo (The Fox and the Hound)

17. Kaa (The Jungle Book)

18. Mumble (Happy Feet)

19. Claude (Fantasia 2000)

20.  Strig (The Owl House)

Cute Owl Names

1. Twiggy

2. Quill 

3. Moosie

4. Speckles 

5. Mistletoe 

6. Fluffy 

7. Talon 

8. Winky 

9. Poppy 

10. Prudence 

11. Serenity 

12. Tootsie

13. Screech 

14. Hootena

15. Cypress 

16. Wiz 

17. Brie 

18. Ollie 

19. Zorro 

20. Ola

Fantasy Owl Names

1. Athena

2. Luna

3. Ozymandias

4. Noctua

5. Cirrus

6. Aurora

7. Hedwig

8. Aeolus

9. Onyx

10. Skye

11. Mystique

12. Phoenix

13. Anana

14. Fledge

15. Orpheus

16. Dapple

17. Freya

18. Minerva

19. Dusk

20. Rook